Libya – The Qatar flag burned in Libya (April 7, 2012)

The Qatar flag burned in Libya!!!!!!!!!!


Libya - The Qatar flag burned in Libya (April 7, 2012)

ALGERIA ISP / Kanat According Mchachiya, the rebels protested against Qatar in the city of Tobruk. They accuse  Qataris have arm and fund militias to control and they even accuse Libya to assassinate General Abdul Fateh Younes and their requisition archives of the intelligence service of the Libyan 

Demonstrators burned the flag of Qatar and they Qataris asked to leave Libya. 
The honeymoon is over between Libya and Qatar! The Libyans are waking up!



3 comments on “Libya – The Qatar flag burned in Libya (April 7, 2012)

  1. I am very angry today, our king Juan Carlos I has gone to Qatar demanding more petrol. I don´t want this bussines!!!! I want a nice world, I want out all this rats.

    • I am furious with Press TV (Iran) for their disgusting revolting rabid betrayal but lets us see how the qatari criminals + occupiers of Arabia can SATISFY the consumers of naTo.

      Allah Maummar Wa Libya Wa bess

  2. Kick the scum OUT of our Libya.
    Please tell of brave, EXTREMELY brave resistance to bar
    the presstitudes MSM aka money slave media)
    We in our Ummah should chase them out and charge them with war crimes
    Journalist exposes intl. media war on Syria CNN
    After 12 hours, a plume of smoke rose from the area where the camera was directed to. CNN and Al Jazeera crew were the first to arrive at the scene.

    When CNN correspondent, Arwa Damon, went live to talk about the explosion, which had struck a pipeline in the city, the news channel broadcast some images that had been shot by the camera before the blast.

    The coincidence lead Lutf to the conclusion that the CNN crew had known about the explosion before it even happened.

    “I was able to figure out the live streaming of a camera, which showed that the CNN is involved in the explosions of oil pipelines in Homs. At first, I did not know who’s filming it, but, later on, I discovered that the fixed camera was for the CNN. And Al Jazeera was also involved in this matter…,” he said.

    Through this, our correspondent concluded, the CNN was trying to make believe that the Syrian government was shelling Homs.

    Our reporter said Al Jazeera, with the help of some correspondents in Homs, also faked gunshots during live calls with its reporters to falsely show that the Army is shelling the city

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