LIBYA: Final report of the Libyan (31/03/2012):

In Libya Sabha all patriotic defense of the Green Strength of hope planted early removal or elimination of terrorists and traitors of the NTC-NATO

Patriots Touareg and Taboos libaracion plan the Libyan
mercenaries and traitors of the NTC-NATO

Global warning, eyewitnesses in the city of Sabha, reported that the city hospital the NTC-NATO bandits have entered and are running to the wounded of the Tabu tribe, regardless of whether they are civilians or patriots of Green Resistance  …

– At present reported that warplanes bombed NTC-NATO and Tijar Sabha, there are dozens of civilian deaths. Tabu elders say it is not possible to reach peace after this. The elders accuse the ethnic cleansing NTC and rape of women by foreign mercenaries.

They demand international investigation. Libyan Defense Minister Al Juvali has resigned.

– In Sabha, the command group of mercenaries “Saika” sent Sabha Benghazi came under sniper fire Taboos. Several of these NTC-NATO terrorists were killed and wounded. In the last 3 days are reported dead and 230 wounded 428 of varying severity in the ranks of the mercenaries and traitors of the NTC-NATO 

– Taboos fighters have returned to areas that have left during the truce with the rebels.

– Bandits “rebels” withdrew from the region Touyouri, this town in the area of El Karama was brutally bombed.

– A pregnant woman was killed by rebels of the NTC-NATO for refusing to reveal the positions of the combatants Taboos.

– The border with Tunisia in Raes Jadir, the “rebels” fled to Tunisia after the events in Sabha.

– A woman named “Fatima”, called the television channel of the NTC “Kanat Libya” to report that the “rebels” loot and invade their homes in the area to Sakra Sabha when they know that there are women. They have stolen. The reporter of the television station call and cowardly censorship hangs without explanation.

– The terrorists “rebels” in the south blew the power plant of Sabha, causing blackouts in the city of Marzak, WEDEN and Traghen.

– The city of Umm, Katroun Elaraneb and under the control of Fighters known Toubous.

The convoy moved to Misrata Sabha has been the target of an ambush that resulted in significant mercenaries and traitors “rebels” Misrata eliminated and wounded.

– The city of Sabha Hijara is devastated after the aircraft NTC-NATO bombed indiscriminately, this city has become a trap for the ‘rebels’

– City Katrun is under the control of the green strength and ALL.  Sabha city is under the control of the tribe loyal Toubou

 – Tobruk city is under the control of Green Strength and ALL.

– We report that a convoy of nine trucks artillery mercenaries left the city of Ajdabia and headed for the city of Sabha.

– Bandits ‘rebels’ Ragdaline Jamile and Zawiya and Zouara face near El Assa near the Tunisian border, although not reported casualties

– The fight is ongoing, while the NTC-NATO try to get more mercenaries in various parts of Libya and bring the foreigners. But the problem for them is that the fighting between the Resistance and Green NTC-NATO mercenaries are everywhere, to Tripoli.

 – Members of the tribe captured two bandits Taboos “rebels” near a Sebha:

Omar Ibn al-Said and Mustafa Al-Amin of the rat-battalion “The Dardir”

Beasts “rebels” firing like crazy on the civilian population

Evidence horrible: Beasts “rebels” who raped and killed recognized or killed dozens of civilians that was planned so ordered by the leadership of the NTC-NATO

Libya’s humanitarian Catastophe the West does not care about the fate of the Libyans, their only interest is the plundering of their resources

Statement Alqmazvh tribe of what is happening in the Sabha

Resistance GREEN, cheerful and combative

celebrate the victories of Touareg fighters and Tabu in Sabha, who hate repeating NTC – NATO 


Polisario, MNLA, the Green strength of Libya, Mali and North Africa in urgent need of the unit plan

By: Larry Jones

– The Polisario Front, the MNLA (Tuareg), the Libyans of the Green strength, and Africans in North Africa, whatever persuasion or country (including Mali) the need to quickly begin developing a plan for unit. If succeedes Azawad MNLA in forging the history of the struggle to make to be put aside, and then Azawad and Mali have to work together, along with the Polisario Front, the Green strength, and any other entity in the north Africa. It has to happen, and here’s why.

There are three groups that are eyeing Africa for its abundant resources, Europeans and Americans, the Arabs and Israelis. When it comes to Africa, the three groups work together. Do not believe otherwise.

The Saudis and Gulf Arabs now know that Africa has discovered more oil than the Arab Gulf States. And is most precious and minerals than any other continent on earth.

 Therefore, the battle for now and in the distant future is the battle for Africa. And THIS is what the Brother Leader Muammar Gaddafi was trying to tell all of Africa. Unfortunately, as Muammar Gaddafi declared himself the Libyans were not sophisticated enough to understand this fully, and expressed sadness that never really fully understood the principles in the Green Paper.

 I am a stranger. But there is a saying: “Sometimes, the man who was sitting in the stands, you are watching the match played in the field, you can see the game better than the people who are playing the game.”

 Now, I’m not saying that I can see this issue better than the North Africans. But, I can see. And North Africa, including states who prefer to be friendly with Europe and America better wake up and fast-to unify.

Unless unifies North Africa, Europe and America, Gulf Arabs and Israel will be working hard to de-stabalize North Africa and the rest of Africa.

I have a personal conviction that African unity should begin with the unit in North Africa. Maybe it will happen otherwise. But it is the strategic Mediterranean Sea. There is a desert culture that can be taken advantage of good manners.

Africa must unite. If not, then Europe and America, Gulf Arabs and the Israelis are going to pick apart Africa.

North Africa has a duty to protect and unify the continent. That’s just my opinion.

Allah, Muammar, Africa wa Bas! 


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  1. Thanks for the info! I wish you an early victory of the Resistance fighters of the Green and Peace Libya. Rats still have lost – morale is broken.
    Muammar Gaddafi’s ideas never die!

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