Libya, a year later: a short memory

Libya, a year later:

One of the effects of weapons of mass distraction is erase the memory, even of recent developments, it is losing track. And it ignores the fact that a year ago, on 19 March, the naval bombardment of Libya, officially began “to protect civilians.”
In seven months of aviation United States / NATO to carry out missions of attack which 30mille 10mille with more bombs and missiles 40mille. In addition to Libya, infiltrated the special forces, including thousands of commands camouflables Qatar easily. And it wasn’t Fund and arm into the tribal areas against the Government of Tripoli, as well as Islamist groups as terrorists only a few months earlier.
The operation as a whole, said the Ambassador of the United States.UU. to NATO, was led by the United States: firstly through command of Africa, then through the NATO United States. It was demolished and the Libyan State Gaddafi and killed, by the assignment of the company a “revolution of inspiration” – as defined Panetta Defense Secretary–that the United States are proud of having supported the creation of “an Alliance against the tyranny and freedom like no other.” Now we see the results. The unitary State is disintegrating.
Cyrenaica, in which two thirds of Libya, oil it proclaimed independence in fact and in his head, has been to Al – Zubair Ahmed al – Senussi. Emblematic choice: is the great-grandson of King Idris, who was on the throne of Great Britain, and the United States, acknowledged that in the years 50 and 60, you military bases and oil fields. Privilege delete when King Idris was introduced in 1969. The great-grandson is safe for their return. Also Fezzan, where deposits of other greats, wants to be independent. Tripoli, is that the deposits which are on the coast of the capital. Well, the big oil companies, in which Libya Gaddafi recognized that narrow profit margins, searchable optimally by local leaders, opposition to playing one against the other.

a short memory

CNT leader Abdel Jalil speaks of “conspiracy” and threatened to “use force”, but this is not a champion of the independence of Libya: is convinced that the period of Italian colonialism in Libya was “an era of development.” Meanwhile, the UN Security Council extends by one year their “support for the Mission in Libya”, welcome to the “positive developments”, which “improve the prospects of one.” “Democratic, peaceful and prosperous” However, cannot avoid expressing “concern” at “continuing illegal detentions, torture and extrajudicial executions.”The work of militias armed, fed by “divide and rule” policy of the new empire. Armed militias are used to light other fires of war in other countries, as evidenced by the fact that Tripoli is a training camp “Syrian rebels”.
In Libya, the first victims are immigrants from sub-Saharan Africa, persecution, are forced to flee. Niger, 200-250mille returned, thus losing the revenue stream that kept millions of people. Many of them, driven by desperation, trying to cross the Mediterranean in Europe. Those who lose their lives, as the last five castaways buried in Lampedusa, are also victims of the war that began a year ago. Thus, we have now lost the memory.
Manlio Dinucci
On Tuesday, 20 March 2012 of Il Manifesto Edition

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