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Annan: genocide in Iraq and peace in Syria? by Hassan Hamade


Annan: genocide in Iraq and peace in Syria?


by Hassan HamadeThe former Secretary-General of the United Nations (1997-2006) and Nobel Peace (2001), Kofi Annan, was commissioned by his successor, Ban Ki-moon, and their counterparts in the Arab League, Nabil Al-Arabi, to negotiate a peaceful solution to the crisis with Syria. But Kofi Annan, is the best person to do this? In view of its important responsibility in the genocide of more than half a million Iraqi children,

Mr. Annan,
“The white man brought civilization of lying to heights never arrived” [l’homme blanc a élevé hauteurs atteintes à jamais du mensonge civilization.]

I guess you are with this quote from a great intellectual and historian of the island of La Réunion, Jean-Charles Angrand and family. It follows from the latter in a letter sent to Professor Jean Ziegler – half years ago, to the Coordinator of the United Nations Commission for the fight against hunger and the right to food.
You probably know that the United States to the idea of the right to food within the overall framework of human rights is a negative rotunda, despite the fact that are taken into account, above all by that power which does not conform to oscillate this banner throughout the world.
At this point, he would insist on the Jean-Charles Angrand clarify the debate on political issues and economic and social problems, especially when one of the weapons of mass destruction more used, the weapon of hunger and malnutrition. As to the question slogans repeatedly say, are just for propaganda. Is not Winston Churchill who said: “To be protected, the major projects require guard of lies”?

Hassan Hamade questioned. 

I think, Sir, this quote reminds him something, even a lot of things… from the justified by a steady stream of lies, the Iraqi tragedy, to unleash war and to organize the blockade against the cradle of human civilization. The sanctions Committee, which was commissioned by the oil “for food” – a title that characterises the upper cynicism and human sadism – has been the scene of a genocide under his supervision. In the true sense of the word, the name of those who received the action of Marc Bossuyt, the then President of the Commission of human rights of the United Nations and main Professor of international law. In fact, during his first term as Secretary-General of the United Nations (1 January 1997 – 31 December 2000), was the number of deaths by the sanctions, Iraqi children, for lack of food, medicines and medical treatments tailored to 550,000 children in the younger age. It is obvious that the macabre “against” in 2000 stopped working, but was in the murders committed by the “programme”, in March 2003 with the country led by the invasion of Iraq by the Anglo-Saxon Coalition and its allies broke.
We speak only of death of children and babies, and ignore the other categories of persons who have suffered almost the same fate. But the history of its Committee of sanctions and the responsibility in the genocide, probably deserves a bit of light, even more than now accused of other equally difficult problems is that they could affect the strategy of the blood thirsty rule directly. Frankly, Mr. Kofi Annan, was only inseparably connected with the name of this tragedy, which still has not been studied for tailor-made international justice.
“In connection with these murders in mass, Jean Ziegler, and Hans von Sponeck Convention-Christophe (the latter had led from Baghdad, the oil for food” “) party, dass…””He was distracted from his mission and was used as a weapon of collective punishment of the population on the basis of the lack of food and medicines”, “gradually starting in 1996, the programme” oil for food… and this is in clear contradiction with the structure of the Security Council the programme defined although even the structure itself is a human erroreven it is a shame.

Scammers in the upper part of the “agenda”

Mr. Kofi Annan, who knew all the practices and abuses in various cases of “programme”, in the first place with the Committee on this “program” principle, which was in charge of study contracts for companies that were trying to get a job there.The director of this Office was nominated by you for the post, at the request of the Americans, despite the suspicion that weighed on him. In fact, has been finally accused by the District Court in New York before retiring, and in Cyprus, where it is now “happy days we spent”, in the words of Jean Ziegler. He was his protégé, Mr. Kofi Annan. They have ensured you the necessary coverage for his sordid talent. At the same time have failed to protect the “agenda”, which has aggravated abuses, however, that compared to the world this infernal machine with the most corrupt administrations. All of this at the expense of the Iraqi people, that them has been prescribed a systematic destruction Protocol. It is enough to give two or three examples of crimes committed by this administration, headed by which exercised his art as a form of false Africa.
His animated behavior of a sanctions Committee to make life hell for Iraqis, was beaten by cruel methods of the invention to his infernal work correctly. For example, the Committee refused categorically hospitals Iraqis for the purchase of thousands of patients require dialysis machines. One day, headed by the representative of the who in Baghdad, Dr. Rabbani Ghoulam Pope an urgent appointment at the Office of the “agenda” in Baghdad for the acquisition of 31 dialysis machines. This request was sent immediately to New York for the sanctions Committee, when in horror movies, the traces of this request are gone. You had to repeat the same request until after a waiting period of several months, finally got a receipt.It was only after many interventions, the Committee finally consented, but only by 11 units! and the story does not end there, because after the delivery of these 11 machines, which were blocked at the border between Iraq and Jordan, by an anonymous decision. Took two years, they were free to beat the ferocious demands. It is clear that, meanwhile, the number of Iraqi patients, women, children, elderly, etc., who died, had surpassed all possible numbers. That was in 2000.

Mr. Kofi Annan, has to accept how to ensure that such atrocities were committed under its authority? The total silence on their part. Have you ever heard about a crime that “The lack of assistance to vulnerable persons” means? But you must not ignore the laws….

The rest, which is torture!

In 1999, when it became the Iraqi medical corps to achieve miracles in regards to extreme poverty, that is, put the Director of UNICEF, Carol Bellamy, an explicit request for the import of blisters intravenous nutrition for children and very malnourished children.After a long wait, the sanctions Committee is the judgment and rejection is categorical. He even handed to the Security Council but it was in vain! DOM managed his infernal machine, Mr. Kofi Annan, and achieves a breakthrough for human beings. Now it is clear to you that have refused to support babies in danger of foot? However, Mr. Kofi Annan, do not stop taking your brand image as a man of integrity, as a form of Africa to keep the peace and human rights around the world concerned.
Given that this request of UNICEF, the account of the dreadful niño-mártir has ended, but continues the massacre. And, at the same time stressed in his message, with a look of Majesty and serenity.
The practices of its Committee on sanctions against the entire Iraqi population, seem more sessions of torture without end. You were a witness, Mr. Kofi Annan, and the world had not heard the echo of any manifestation of consciousness as a man of peace and justice.
I want to lose no time to say, however, that his Committee has prevented the delivery of equipment suitable for the purification of the water of the Tiger, the Euphrates and the Shatt – al Arab, nor explain how Iraq is among the first countries in the world came, the population suffers from chronic diseases due to water contamination, for example, that its Committee on any consultation and requests for Iraqi hospitals have refused to have air conditioning for the warehouse of drugs, in a country where the temperature during several months above 45 ° C,.
These are just a few examples of children a variety of concerted actions that a country such as Iraq brought back to the age of stone and God knows what it is today in Iraq.
“What happened in Iraq is a genocide,” said Marc Bossuyt openly, without reaching this cry of alarm and beschuldigende their ears, Mr. Kofi Annan. As well as several protests of man honest, Denis Halliday, who is the Coordinator of the “agenda” in Baghdad, which was forced to throw in the face of his resignation and left the United Nations. To explain how protests of his successor in the same post, the very honorable Christoph von Sponeck, of the same name by honesty and commitment, which was prevented, verbally before the UN Security Council, which was the reality of the situation and the genocide in that country.? Rather than a minimum of honesty and loyalty to their official function, what is called solidarity for this man of courage, skill and honor, who have preferred the more insidious silence and entrenched yourself behind the two Anglo-Saxon delegations who have chosen von Sponeck to the ban, to speak to the Security Council. He had defied the ban and agreed to comply with the Charter of the United Nations without scruples. Yes, Mr. Annan, under its authority, respect for the Charter of the United Nations has become a crime deserving punishment.

Applicants of the Wallenberg family

The “Atlanticist” prevented that von Sponeck, to bring the truth to the Security Council in the public light, that they have also recently prevented the Sudanese Al – Daby General (head of delegation of the Arab observers in Syria), speaking to the Arab League and its report to the Security Council is seized because he was the role of destroyer and criminal terrorist organizations in Syria. In fact, there are many similarities between the two cases.
Mr. Annan,
You are probably from the resume of Swedish parents impressed. I speak of the family Wallenberg, very powerful in the industry, has given the financial and banking, and that several important personalities of Sweden found that gained a certain reputation for a pan-European as the uncle of Mrs his wife, Raoul Wallenberg and his uncle Jacob.Probablemente is the personality of Raul, the more interested because he was a very special person certainly shows the undeniable value in the last days of the second World War, when he gave his life to great dangers, hundreds of Jews in Hungary and save it before being arrested by Soviet troops, a day after the liberation of Budapest. Incidentally, they are losing the brand of the brave Raoul in records of the enigmas of the war and post-war.Everything that leaked through his disappearance is that the Soviets considered him as a spy in the United States.UU…
It is quite normal, Mr. Kofi Annan, to feel that has a sense of pride when you visit some European capitals and that you same go to places that were built in the monuments Jewish communities to Raoul and Washington, he has earned the status of honorary citizen of the United States gave, after the city had been made by Winston Churchill. What influences the State of Israel, where he is also a citizen of honor, memorial plaque with his name was at the heart of the mausoleum of the “Yad Vashem” in memory of the victims of the nazi Holocaust.?
Mr. Annan,
It is the nature of things that these matrimonial ties that keep you glued to the family Wallenberg, the source of his career, but he would not have to follow the example of his uncle to his wife when it is the devotion to the Jewish people and you must take action against all forms of Holocaust, rather than take partas it did during the genocide of the Iraqi people.
Yes, Mr. Annan, in reality is a Holocaust and genocide in Iraq, in the legal sense of the term, as Marc Bossuyt, that qualifies. They are partners in the management of this Holocaust in Iraq.
They are the main partners of not helping to 550 000 children who were already in the younger age at death.
Make sure that Mr. Annan said that we are not a copy of our Zionist Arab Governments. If you have the unrestricted right to their in-laws of Zionists who are intrigued, but then you can be sure that it will never be our case against Arab Zionists.Fascinate us shortly, on the contrary, we repel each other.
Makes no sense, Mr. Kofi Annan, and only a few seconds to think that the Holocaust was able to escape in Mesopotamia for an indefinite period of justice.This case refers directly because of his leadership at the head of the Executive branch of the United Nations during the genocide, which was entitled “Oil for food”. With a career, you can ask if they really are entitled to bring the current crisis of Syria, a peaceful solution, for which “we” asked.
Do a recipe of no-Siria may be prescribed genozidäres to spare him the fate of Iraq?Probably you are not sure that you had selected.
Mr. Kofi Annan, who are now with us, to serve those projects who have sent us yesterday, during the Holocaust in Iraq.
Mr. Kofi Annan, today in Africa, to make propaganda for the Rockefellers. It is not the Rockefeller group, the AGRA is financing the project of the “Alliance for a revolution green in Africa”, than Yes Chair?
A bit of decorum, Mr. Kofi Annan, will do well! We have not lost the memory and I remember him very well.Remember, Mr. Kofi Annan, the famous wisdom of Albert Camus:
“All the limitations of the world won’t cause a person accepts only a little higher, to be dishonest”
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AFRICA wa Bas! By: Larry Jones

AFRICA wa Bas!
By: Larry Jones

Africa is a land mass that is a little more than 3 times the size of the United States. In Africa north of the Sahara, and Africa South of the Sahara, must unite. The permanent tactic of Europeans in general, and the British, in particular, is divide them to and conquer. This is their official policy.
In Libya, which was scheduled, for decades to take advantage of the traditional Arab Libya I hate racial by the little Arab vision of future Libyan racists. And, at this time, Europeans dream of the creation of Libya as a racist State, in the same way as South Africa was once a racist State.
Number one of the Euro-mundo fear has always been the fear of unity between sub-Saharan Africa and Africa South of the Sahara.
Many Arabs from North Africa, unfortunately, come to perceive themselves as Africans less than as Arabs are somehow disconnected from Africa. But the Arabs of North Africa will not be safe until that join with South Africans of sub-Saharan Africa. And those in Africa South of the Sahara will not be safe until that join with the North Africans of sub-Saharan Africa.
I invite everyone to read the (free), online book, entitled “The Rising Tide of Color”. Please read before that was out of line. It was published in 1920, and it will give you an idea of how much that Europeans fear a unified African continent.
I appeal to the Arab North African leaders, as well as the Arab masses in general, to develop a policy of conscience – an AFRI-consciousness-stretching the vision that African United States, or what the brother leader Muammar “Omo Omo the Ju”Gaddafi called the United States of Africa.””

Are we going to live by trivial goals, as to ensure sufficient wealth to buy BMW and mansions? Or is that Arab leaders of North, as well as the population in general, prefer, instead, to record their names, permanently, in the history books and you have worked hard to achieve the unity of the African continent?
Beware of this: in the United States, and other places, there is the so-called “afro-céntrica” thinkers and his followers who see the Arabs as the perpetual enemies of black Africans. Well, the people who are holding the belief that they are Europeans and their intelligence agencies.
The Europeans want the Arabs on the African continent and blacks on the African continent is divided.That is why Europeans are very excited about the genocide that RAT Libia-árabes are committing against the Libyans of black skinnned in Libya.
This is creating an intense anger and hatred in the minds and hearts of the afro-centrados in the “leaders” and his followers. What European intelligence agencies, as well as political leaders, which I hope is that a permanent, based on racial hatried, Division will occur in North Africa. That is one thing that we want to, but you can only be achieved in Libya and in any other party.
For the leaders of the Jamahiriya Libya: I appeal to not be fooled by this tactic, and I know that you don’t be fooled. But please take the time to give political education to young people from the Jamahiriya. tell them exactly what is happening: that a plan to create racial hatred between Arabs and black Africans in Africa has been launched by the Europeans.
Tell them that they should follow the example of brother leader, and work actively with the Libyans black, and black Africans everywhere. They need to see them, see the members of his own family. It should be taught that those who live in Africa, not Saudi Arabia. They are árabe-africanos.
It should be taught a feeling of love for the African continent. It must be given a vision of a United Africa. It should be taught idealism, but not utopian. [Idealism is good, but utopia isn’t.]

This idealism must be a driving force that makes that work hard for the unity of all Africa.
In fact, if you love Muammar, then perhaps you should consider changing,
to the following: “Allaah, Muammar, Libya wa Bas!”:
“Alá, Mu’ammar, AFRICA wa Bas!”
What was the greatest wish in mind, the heart and soul of our brother leader beloeved, Muammar-Gaddafi? What was your greatest wish? Do you know what it was: that Africa is United!?
Arab Libya should not feel disparaged by love, Muammar Gaddafi, and help, using money from Libya, for Africa and the African countries. In fact, the Libyan Arabs should feel honored that Muammar Gaddafi, placed as the Vanguards of the arrival of the unity of the African continent.
If its love of Muammar Gaddafi, is real and I know that it is, then your dream is your dream. And that dream was that Africa unite as a single Government. It is not a vain dream. There was a time when China was not attached. And, contrary to what people believe, in China there were many tribes, not only of a people. They were divided by the tribe. Mao Zedong, United, however.
And, through his efforts, Muammar Gaddafi, will succeed in the unification of the African continent. And your offspring will be so proud of you! You will be in the history books not only in Africa but around the world. He is considered among the most honorable people of all time!
Not what thou shalt do, Muammar Gaddafi, down. I know already. You should be placed in your heart, the perpetual decision to strive, with every part of your being to unite Africa. Take the freedom to Libya will be the first step.

The blood that has been shed should be poured out, I regret to say. There’s always a price. Muammar Gaddafi, fortunately, did not have to shed blood when he assumed the leadership of Idris Libya [I refuse to call it a King of anything]. Muammar Gaddafi does not shed blood, however, took charge of Libya.
However, it was not to last. And now, blood has been shed. No reason should be to do that is larger than Libya. And the only reason that could be is water from the soil to nourish the seeds that were planted by Muammar Gaddafi, for the growth of a strong African treasure.
To be “African” is a person of conscience. It harnesses the power of defining! Define “African” as a person who believes in justice, unity; LOVE; THE PEACE. If you are an Arab living in Africa, and you believe in those things, then you are an African. Same is the case with any of the tribes of Africa.
A Word to my BRETHERN Arabic of Africa of the North: you have lived to witness something more surprising: the destruction of Libya by the Arab leaders of the Gulf States. They are not your bethren!They destroyed a leader, Muammar Gaddafi, who was an Arab. Muammar Qadhafi warned, at the Syria Summit, Arab leaders to turn one of the other. And look what did you to Muammar Gaddafi.
They are not siblings. They are not your friends. They are your enemies, and they have proven so by their actions.
Hate you them as much as they hate black Africans. Muammar Gaddafi, understood this. Therefore, their loyalty should be to Africa, where he lives, not to the “Arab cause”, the Gulf States has shown nothing more, from their perspective, but to accumulate money and power for themselves.
Remember what the Holy Prophet Muhammad sallalaho alaihe wa Salaam said:
“Everything is a distrust of the community.”

The leaders of Qatar are non-believers and non-believers. And thety are found in the community of the imperialists, the community of lovers of freedom and justice. You, my brothers and sisters Arab North Africa, are the community of lovers of freedom and justice.
Racial and tribal unity is already of meaning, and Qatar has shown that. Qatar has shown that the “Arab unity” means nothing to them. This is one reason why Muammar Gaddafi put their hopes in the future, United Africa. Muammar Gaddafi, knew very well the connivance of Arab leaders in the Gulf States. I knew of his collusion, and he rebuked them why openly, at the Summit of Syria. Go to YouTube and you can see for themselves, unless Google has closed. Go to see her.
It is necessary a change in consciousness. You need to know that Muammar Gaddafi was the George Washington of United Africa’s future. He was an Arab Bedoin. You should be proud of having planted the seeds that were watered by the blood of the martyrs of Sirte and elsewhere.
GROW IN YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS! Clean your ethical mind of parochialism, and join with fellow black Africans of a Union of African States. So I very well know that many African leaders are corrupt. But that didn’t prevent that, Muammar Gaddafi, continue their plans for a United Africa.
Vision and determination are needed. Do it!
Allah, Muammar, Africa wa Bas!
Larry Jones – March 26, 2012

The Diezmados peoples by the West in the name of democracy

The Diezmados people

After Libya, France intervenes in Ivory Coast. We could also say that before Libya, France intervened in Ivory Coast, both interference and military intervention by France, of a chronic nature in this country since independence. In 2004, French troops had opened fire on the crowd at Abidjan, causing 90 deaths and 2,000 injuries.
The two military interventions, Libya and Ivory Coast, have things in common.
The coverage of the first investigation of the UN Security Council to the legalization of a flagrant interference in the Affairs of another State. In terms of Côte d’Ivoire, the UN forces have obviously been a screen to the intervention of French forces. Pourl has Libya, we know how résolution1973 was manipulated and violated, without any real opposition to which may be necessary in the Security Council.
Due to the repetition of these practices, the Security Council has become the body of a dictatorship through a global Alliance of the major Western military powers, United States, England, France. These three powers are generally holders for all military operations.
China and Russia, in the middle of an industrial transition, obviously didnt pay now to oppose this domination. Apparently, limit the use of its power of veto to situations in which their vital interests are directly affected, also prevents the Western powers.

This is a dictatorship, because the “international community” that we mean, and supposed that it should provide a moral justification for these interventions, has never been absent and in silence at the UN. The General Assembly, which is the expression, no longer plays the role of relay of global opinion, which had made earlier, for example when condemned you apartheid or Zionism as defined form of racism. The role of the Secretary-General of the United Nations seems, also, reduce in more than one employee docile and deleted the Security Council, which serves as an alibi for his presence in international conferences, and n ‘ dare not even worry about the proper application and enforcement of the resolutions of the Council.
The International Criminal Tribunal (ICTY), originally conceived as an instrument of international democracy, will be diverted, manipulated at the service of an international dictatorship, according to the “double action”. Western and pro-Western leaders who enjoy immunity.The bombardment of civilians Western military deaths, they are “bleeding” or “collateral damage”, while those caused by the contrary, or that are attributed to him are “crimes against humanity”. For the Libya and Côte d’Ivoire, it is interesting to see how the threat of ICC is wields or retires depending on the goal, we want to crush and humiliate an officer, or his vision of a way out.

Another point in common with the situation in Ivory Coast and Libya, is that foreign military intervention is triggered or feeds a civil war. This, as its name suggests, is the most costly in lives of civilians, while the objective declared since the beginning of the intervention is to protect the population. Libya, like Ivory Coast, interventions quickly became interference always characterized the benefit of a camp, the idea of pro-Western on the other. Intervention distorts the balance of power in a society’s domestic and makes it increasingly difficult search for compromise and dialogue between the national forces of a country.
Libya is an insurgency active in unclear circumstances, which provided the pretext for intervention and then direct interference. Therefore, the actual data on the situation in Libya, is blur and are found in the speech of the Libyan people paralysed. This is also strangely absent and silent, as if only the question of the responsibility of fighting. Each party can claim the support of the people with nothing allowed to verify the veracity of what it proclaims. The intervention is intended to provoke an internal confrontation, or may be the result, the result is the same: the civil war that is installed and in turn feeds to interference, in a situation where there is no then can distinguish the effects of causes. It was the situation in Iraq and Afghanistan, this will become one of the Libya and Ivory Coast. Hatred disseminated in society by the civil war makes the country what is fragile and vulnerable victim for a long time.
Ivory Coast is not the result after the presidential election was declared the cause of interference. But there is an interference that preceded the violent military intervention now, despite the presence of troops officially under the control of the UN (but that depends on, fact, operationally to French troops) is older.So it is evidence that the interference can aggravate and cause both to justify military intervention. A gear then settled in that the intervention has fueled the civil war in Ivory Coast, then, originally supposed that he wished to avoid.

For election results, in both cases, if the count of the United Nations for Commissionde Ouattara or of the Constitutional Council of Côte d’Ivoire for Gbagbo, the vote was close and showed an electorate divided in two fields of importance nearly equal. In such conditions, pressure Francesur Ouattara spoke to act militarily, then French military intervention on their behalf can only push to the civil war, will be a tragedy for society in Côte d’Ivoire, and distort the balance in their inside, that were revealed by the elections. In connection with this emotion and impatience of the French Government to intervene, the attitude and the patience of the African Union to find a peaceful solution.
This is take people for fools as to say, as does French Foreign Minister Alain Juppé, who is Ouattara, which was to attack the residence of Gbagbo, or that it is the UN that commanded the intervention of French troops. Indeed, it is clear that without the presence of French troops Ouattara would have no military effectiveness, nor probably think taking military action. For its part, the UN troops does not seem motivated to act, proof of this is, in fact, the French intervention. We find the same situation in Libya or the action of the insurgency seems increasingly to be totally dependent on foreign intervention.
In both cases, Libya, as in Côte d’Ivoire, the foreign forces and their local allies, accused troops of Al-Qadhafi to the Gbagbo “, to use civilians as human shields”. He appealed to the chivalric values and against an adversary that attacks without risk, from the sky, helicopter in Ivory Coast, and Libya missiles and combat aircraft, and, obviously, I’d rather have its thanks, in open field. The means of communication now mere instruments of propaganda, the arguments of this club. They forget a single detail is that Al-Qadhafi and Gbagbo they have in your country, what one may think of them. How can we claim the right to occupy other countries? And why is it fair that some countries, remain the same.?

In any case, before the foreign intervention, Gbagbo as Al-Qadhafi, has managed to give his work a sense of an act of national resistance. The two men, in different contexts, show a pride and a physical value which in turn to form part of the balance of power and does not seem to have been provided by the intervention forces. The statements by the Minister of foreign relations of France demanding Gbagbo humiliation to sign a document recognizing Ouattara victory, and the Declaration of March 7 that won’t be long in a few hours to go, give suggestions of colonial contempt and better than any analysis, clarify the true spirit and hidden objectives of the intervention. France wanted to try to save face by saying that it would not intervene in the final assault against Gbagbo. He has had to do, at the same time reveals Ouattara was not anything without it. The insistence of the French authorities say have not done, that the arrest of Gbagbo, it is significant. Betray fear the reaction of the public in Côte d’Ivoire. So it is the own admission of the immoral nature of the military intervention.
Laurent Gbagbo, for its fierce and tenacious, resistance despite the enormous imbalance in military forces, has had a merit: the of to uncover both the real objectives of the intervention and its impact expected on the independence of his country. At the same time, this resistance in the history of Ivory Coast. The French victory will not solve anything. Be a Pyrrhic victory for Alabama Ella trafficking will not have another result to tarnish the image is France in Ivory Coast and Africa, and increasingly unify the Ivorians in their national struggle of long. Former Deputy Manager of the IMF, will be very difficult to Mr. Ouattara lead the country, the lack of moral authority. You can then, that for some of these ancestors of “Franco”, pushing him, whatever its intentions, a dictatorship. Everything will be done again.
DEMOCRACY beyond the name

The third point, and no less important, common action in Ivory Coast and Libya, is making it in the name of democracy. Libya is the lack of democracy, Côte d’Ivoire is the result of failing to comply with the popular vote, which was the justification. Democracy as crimes are committed in thy name…
One might think that this is an improvement if the interference is claiming the defence of democracy.Indeed, in a sense, and it is the sign of a change of era. In fact, military interventions were made long ago to rescue the corrupt and dictatorial regimes in Africa. For example, the French intervention in Gabon in 1964, Zaire, to rescue Mobutu in 1978 and 1996, Chad in 1983, Rwanda in 1994. But if we look closely, one wonders if this is not only an exercise to better sell the same product. Ouattara is now forever a President installed by foreigners, and most important for the former (and still present) the colonial power.Libyan insurgents can never legitimize its use abroad by the accomplished goal the overthrow or the expulsion of Al-Qadhafi, if done. We do not do the revolution for others. In both cases, those who have resorted to these media, there have been maybe them already his people as the new masters.
This is reminiscent of the illusion in the 20th century, some enlightened Arab bourgeoisie in the Middle, fascinated by the West, which believed that you release it from Turkish domination and bring democracy to him. We know what happened. Similarly, today, both in the Mashreq and the Maghreb, in Africa, those who look to Western military intervention, which gives them democracy, like a drop of water, by a kind of historical connection, expected the civilization and colonial modernity. We can dominate a society without relays in it. Those who had served as a bridge toward colonialism saw the positive side, their offspring, genetic or spiritual, are now seeing foreign interference of the positive aspects of democracy.

Basically, the story always repeats and however never repeats itself, because each time we are faced with the same questions but in a different yet. The relationship between the question of democracy and the national question have always been strong in 1789, in France, the idea of democracy is inseparable from the nation. In the same way, for the birth of the American nation. In Algeria, the national movement for a long time thought that he could win the independence peacefully for democracy. It is, in fact, France has created, in Algeria, the method of the manipulation of the results of the surveys, with the so-called elections to the Naegele (Socialist French Governor of Algeria from 1948 until 1951, remembered for his organization of a massive electoral fraud). It exploded shortly after the armed revolution and democracy has been sacrificed to the needs of national liberation. It may be that there is a reason for underestimation of democracy for nationalism much time after independence.
Thus history repeats itself in the sense that foreign interference today, far from facilitating the democratic transition in the opposite block, forcing people who attacked to mobilize their forces to protect or defend its independence as a priority. This is perhaps the end of interference and military intervention, the prevention of a true democracy.
This leads to a very interesting question that deserves a reflection. How spread democracy in European Nations.? Why European countries, except for the attempt to export the revolution of Napoleon, which ended in disaster, do will have known them a situation that provides a foreign conflict of arms, relative strength to the rules of democracy.?? However, these conflicts are inherent to democratic life. It is not so long, for example, during his first election, the President Gorge. W Bush is known, was elected “very badly”. However, everyone in the United States accepted the decision of the Supreme Court of justice.National cohesion was considered by all more important than the dispute over the results of the elections.Wouldn’t why the decision of the Constitutional Court, in favor of Gbagbo in Ivory Coast have the same authority.? It is indeed doubtful, and because of its impartiality. But Gbagbo, in turn, also we can estimate with reason, that the presence of the French forces distorted the outcome of the elections and that the UN and France were two judges and parties.

Whether in the form of support to the undemocratic and corrupt regimes of intervention or military on behalf of democracy, Western interference can legitimately be suspected to always point to the same objectives, and that it produces the same result: to paralyze the internal capacities of each company to resolve conflicts and thus exacerbate after the old principle of “divide and rule”.
At the end of 1980, while he shook the balance of power in the world for the benefit of the major Western powers, the “right of intervention” has been used as a duty of the stronger Nations. Reduced initially by the word “humanitarian”, which ended up producing “humanitarian bombing”. Initially he described it as “duty to intervene”, became little by little by the successive landslide, a “right of intervention” alone with the new mission of exporting democracy. The results of this right of intervention is very heavy in terms of suffering for the peoples and international tensions. The facts are there: was an instrument to serve the designs of domination. He has helped nothing democracy, both in terms of international relations and the national level.
Le Quotidien d’Oran

s by the West in the name of democracy

Libya, a year later: a short memory

Libya, a year later:

One of the effects of weapons of mass distraction is erase the memory, even of recent developments, it is losing track. And it ignores the fact that a year ago, on 19 March, the naval bombardment of Libya, officially began “to protect civilians.”
In seven months of aviation United States / NATO to carry out missions of attack which 30mille 10mille with more bombs and missiles 40mille. In addition to Libya, infiltrated the special forces, including thousands of commands camouflables Qatar easily. And it wasn’t Fund and arm into the tribal areas against the Government of Tripoli, as well as Islamist groups as terrorists only a few months earlier.
The operation as a whole, said the Ambassador of the United States.UU. to NATO, was led by the United States: firstly through command of Africa, then through the NATO United States. It was demolished and the Libyan State Gaddafi and killed, by the assignment of the company a “revolution of inspiration” – as defined Panetta Defense Secretary–that the United States are proud of having supported the creation of “an Alliance against the tyranny and freedom like no other.” Now we see the results. The unitary State is disintegrating.
Cyrenaica, in which two thirds of Libya, oil it proclaimed independence in fact and in his head, has been to Al – Zubair Ahmed al – Senussi. Emblematic choice: is the great-grandson of King Idris, who was on the throne of Great Britain, and the United States, acknowledged that in the years 50 and 60, you military bases and oil fields. Privilege delete when King Idris was introduced in 1969. The great-grandson is safe for their return. Also Fezzan, where deposits of other greats, wants to be independent. Tripoli, is that the deposits which are on the coast of the capital. Well, the big oil companies, in which Libya Gaddafi recognized that narrow profit margins, searchable optimally by local leaders, opposition to playing one against the other.

a short memory

CNT leader Abdel Jalil speaks of “conspiracy” and threatened to “use force”, but this is not a champion of the independence of Libya: is convinced that the period of Italian colonialism in Libya was “an era of development.” Meanwhile, the UN Security Council extends by one year their “support for the Mission in Libya”, welcome to the “positive developments”, which “improve the prospects of one.” “Democratic, peaceful and prosperous” However, cannot avoid expressing “concern” at “continuing illegal detentions, torture and extrajudicial executions.”The work of militias armed, fed by “divide and rule” policy of the new empire. Armed militias are used to light other fires of war in other countries, as evidenced by the fact that Tripoli is a training camp “Syrian rebels”.
In Libya, the first victims are immigrants from sub-Saharan Africa, persecution, are forced to flee. Niger, 200-250mille returned, thus losing the revenue stream that kept millions of people. Many of them, driven by desperation, trying to cross the Mediterranean in Europe. Those who lose their lives, as the last five castaways buried in Lampedusa, are also victims of the war that began a year ago. Thus, we have now lost the memory.
Manlio Dinucci
On Tuesday, 20 March 2012 of Il Manifesto Edition