Who profits from Qatari-Western “Export of Revolutions”?

Who profits from Qatari-Western “Export of Revolutions”?

By Babich Dmitry

February 28, 2012VOR  The recent announcement by the Qatari Prime Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim al-Thani about Qatar’s readiness to arm the Syrian opposition puts the situation in the region in an entirely new context.  Obviously, the Rubicon has been crossed and the monarchies of the Persian Gulf have opted for “no limits” strategy in their drive to oust the remaining secular Arab regimes in the Middle East.

So, the Gulf monarchies have made their choice. The European Union does not lag too far behind – its foreign ministers at a meeting in Brussels declared the anti-government Syrian National Council a legitimate representative of the Syrian people. So, the European “democrats” are just one step behind the absolute monarchs of the Gulf– if only one side in the Syrian conflict is “legitimate,” why not send arms to this side?

This new situation raises new questions about the West’s role in this huge rearrangement of the Middle Eastern politics. How long will the West (i.e. the EU and the USA) follow the monarchies in their risky undertakings? And do the interests of the Sunni insurgents, supported by Saudi Arabia and Qatar, indeed coincide with the West’s interests?

Yevgeny Primakov, Russia’s former foreign minister in 1996-1998 and later prime minister under Boris Yeltsin in the late 1990s, is puzzled by the West’s desire to satisfy every wish of the radical Sunni opposition movements.

“Doesn’t the example of Egypt teach the United States a lesson or two? There was an Arab Spring in Egypt, but finally the Islamists ended up on the top of that wave. Can anyone think seriously that Assad’s ouster will be followed by an establishment of some kind of a democratic regime? This is just laughable,” Primakov, an Arabist by education and his background, told Rossiya channel of Russian television on Sunday.

Nikolay Surkov, a specialist on the Middle East, writing for Nezavisimaya Gazeta daily, thinks that the Western countries decided to “saddle” the wave of the seemingly endless successes of the protest movements in the Arab countries – simply because it was the strongest trend.

“Initially, France, for example, had no intention of inspiring protests in its former protectorates, such as Tunisia, let alone Syria,” Surkov said. “In the initial stages of the protests against the Tunisian president Ben Ali the French even pondered helping him with tear gas and other anti-riot equipment. But when the secular regimes began to be one by one swept away by the protests, the French, Britons and Americans decided to go with the flow, sometimes even supporting more moderate Islamist forces against more violent Salafi Islamists,” Surkov explains.

Another Arab country, Yemen, where the new president was recently elected by more than 99 percent of the eligible voters, offers a good example of the expenses that might follow if the monarchs’ and the West’s immediate aims are achieved.  The election of the former vice-president, Abed Rabu Mansour Hadi, which followed  more than a year of violent clashes, can hardly be called an exercise in democracy or a security achievement.

On the contrary, experts agree that during the “revolution,” when Yemeni troops had to be pulled back to the capital to fight the violent uprisings, Al-Qaeda strengthened its presence in the country and became a real threat both to the people of Yemen and to Western interests there. Now, the United States has to spend additional amounts of money on fighting Al-Qaeda in Yemen. The New York Times, citing the State Department figures, recently reported that the United States had allocated $53.8 million in security assistance for Yemen this year, up from $30.1 million last year. In fact, Al-Qaeda operatives welcomed the departure of the former Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh, whom they viewed as their enemy, not as an “impediment to democracy.” The same seems to be true about Al-Qaeda’s operatives in Syria.

“It is interesting to note that the new Al-Qaeda chief, who became a replacement for Bin Laden, said his organization supported the opposition in Syria. So, Al-Qaeda is against Assad,” former prime minister Primakov said in his interview to Russian television.

So, who is profiting from the “revolutionary spirit” that suddenly engulfed both the oil monarchies of the Persian Gulf and Western capitals? Al Qaeda seems to be at least one such force – and not the smallest one.



Libya: Last report from the Government (26-27/02/2012): Initiative for the holding of an International day to Muammar al Gaddafi

Libya: Last report from the Government (26-27/02/2012): Initiative for the holding of an International day to Muammar al Gaddafi

Initiative for the holding of an International day

to Muammar al Gaddafi

The enemies of peace, the imperialists, Zionists monsters of capitalism, killed the man santo, Muanmar al-Gaddafi to pave the way for the EL DIABLO (pillage, corruption, rape, destruction and death) Libya does not deserve this fate, urges the love in the world for cleaning of traitors and mercenaries of NTC – NATO, fake Democrats discovered as vulgar assassins and beasts on Libyan soil.

Konstantyn Scheglikov

Muammar Gaddafi is now a symbol of Justice, resistance, honour and freedom in our world.” “Gets up as a shining example of a great leader who came out running their own country, to save only his own life, when his country and even his own person and life are under enormous threat enemy externally”.

Against all odds against him, the leader Gaddafi, showed the world that he was actually willing to sacrifice their own lives, by what he believed, when challenging and courageously stood up and fought against combined enemies and the invaders of their country of Libya. A celebration of the international day of Muammar Gaddafi will remind to all peoples of the world, to establish their values and goals in life in a higher order, which has nothing to do with material values alone. For, the visionary leader Muammar represented justice, equality and freedom for the Libyan people and its African peoples as well as for all oppressed peoples of our world. Therefore the world should meet and hold a day of the Qaddafi Muammar, in his Honor and in recognition of his immense contribution to our world. Great Honorable leader Muammar Gaddafi, has been and will always remain a symbol of Justice, honour and freedom in the new world.

Libya Jamahiriya has become an ideological entity which survives the death of any leader, Libya is not going to forgive those that delivered to their homeland to the colonialists in the way more ruin and cowardly, Gaddafi will always be a symbol of unity and unwavering peace between the Libyans and the peoples of the world….

-Message of the Green resistance

“Urgent message”.

Highest commanders of battalions of rats, thugs games better equipped, officially recognized the false revolution. We will publish the names of the members of the battalion at the time.”Everything is ready for a trial fair view of all members of the revolutionary forces after the liberation of the country”

As a Russian observer said: “This is so simple and trivially nice.” “I think that time”Hora Cero”, has already arrived, but she is not linked with battles and conquests and seems linked to other WINS.”

The liberation forces, Libya give these instructions to his supporters:

Do not believe the false statements of officials of NATO, according to which the hero Khamis Kadhafi has been arrested, whose aim is to sink the morale of our soldiers.

-To all factions and forces of our heroes of the resistance moudjahidine we try to put on guard on the subject of the messages of the devil. A group of bandits attempt to create a similarly to the Green resistance to attract their lines to our bases. Please be very vigilant.

Strange things have taken place in Benghazi. The commanders of bandits have fled the city. After the extermination carried out by the local residents between rats.

Rodent control in mass in the capital. In the hospital next to the airport of the mitigates some dozens of bandits have yielded, 8 of them have finished by undertaking escape without waiting for help.

-In Tripoli , a massive explosion from the market square, Suk-ul-Juma.

Tripoli: it is alleged that a woman was raped by the “rebel” beasts of the NTC-NATO in Tripoli: this morning, two strong explosions shook the neighborhood and Salah Eddine highway towards the airport.

Also in Tripoli, at midnight, a woman who was driving her car on the road to the airport was surrounded by three rebel cars such as a white Toyota and Hyundai. The rebels dropped to the wife of his car. They raped her and then cut the hair. They were in a disastrous state. It is currently in the hospital in El Khadra.

-Kufra: People with high moral and fulfilling the duty of defending the homeland Libya rises in armed.

-Sabha : Yesterday there was terrible confrontations in Sabha with heavy weapons. According to eyewitnesses the tribe of Aulat Swleiman who are the descendants of the Governor of the Fezzan in the time of King Idris now feel strong and owners of the South as in the time of King Idris, thanks to the NTC. A man of the Warfala tribe has divorced from a woman of the tribe Aulat Swleiman. This was a totally legal and normal event so far and even the Libyan law protected the divorced woman that never stay with nothing.

However taking advantage of the power of the NTC is giving this colonialist cacique Awlat Suleiman Grenadians tribe, have captured the man has divorced, which belongs to the tribe Warfala (the largest of Libya), it killed and quartered. 

This murder carried out by people returning to feel that they are owners of others, something that had not happened in all these years of Jamahiriyah, has triggered a horrific fight in the city of Sabha.

-The treacherous head of the bandits of the NTC Mustafa Abdeljalil threat to neighboring countries to cut diplomatic relations!Mustafa Abdeljalil announced that Libya had decided yesterday to revise diplomatic relations between Tripoli and the neighboring countries that have hosted the families and supporters of the Libyan leader. He requested his extradition in Libya.

Mustafa Abdeljalil, named no countries. Only said that Libya has spoken with African and Arab countries in this regard.

Mustafa Abdeljalil has accused neighbouring countries that are havens for the enemies of the Libyan people.

By way of reminder, the family of the Libyan leader is located in Algeria and Gaddafi Saadi is in Niger.

According to ISP Algeria / Mustafa Abdeljalil threats especially designed Algeria and Niger. Francamente, if you want to cut diplomatic relations with Algeria which will be a good gift for Algeria. A neighbouring traitor as NTC, only need their traitors. Algeria, the country of half a million martyrs and tells TOZ FIK.

Inchaelah Libya will be Green as before. Living Algeria and Green Libya.!

-Reporting that France to delivered to the “rebel” assassins of NTC-NATO, modern telephone espionage equipment, the same are installed in mobile units located in 5 strategic areas, these appliances are able to register all the llamadas……

-Colonialist Invasion, borders in do “protectorate” American and French!: ? By: Salim Koudil, changes in Tunisia and Libya, have not only affected the management of power. The principle of the sovereignty of the State, as it is known so far, seems to be questioned. What’s happening in our borders is an illustration.

Therefore, the Minister of French defence, Gerard Longuet, announced that his country wanted to help Libya to ensure their long land border of about 4 000 km. A statement released Saturday that during his meeting with the President of the NTC Abdeljajl, Mustapha in Tripoli. Gerard Longuet, said this “desire” was “in the interest of Libya, France and all of Europe.”

The French Minister also said that the Libyan authorities have promised to do everything possible to “does not transform the country into a bridgehead for the traffic in arms and drugs.” He said that France was ready for his team to help and train the Libyan officials for this mission.
In three days on an official visit to Tripoli, Gerard Longuet must sign tomorrow, Sunday, Feb. 25, with his Libyan counterpart, Osama Al – Djouaili, an agreement of association between the two ministries.

If France offers its services to Libya to “protect” its borders, the side of Tunisia is almost the same but in reverse. On 15 February, the local government, through the Minister of defence, Abdelkrim Zbidi, had requested military aid from United States.UU. to the “more secure” the border with Tunisia. A request made after a few days of skirmishes between the Tunisian troops of combatants with the neighboring Libya.

-Kufra, violent clashes are most active between Toubou green resistance fighters and barbarians from Tripoli, Benghazi and other cities. The battles are located in the region “Eldakhiliya Charii” and “Bazaar”.

-The doctor Hamza the Radio FM Libya: – 99% of the tribes who fight nearly ready for an uprising in Tarhunah… Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar

Libyan Liberation Front-line on Feb 16, 2012

Libyan Liberation Front-line

Uploaded by 

(1) A group of eleven foreign fighters, putting pressure on the Green Army in the western mountains Ubari and south of the country fell into an ambush prepared by the Green Army. They survived for a long time fighter jets chased after managed to knock one of them, he fell into the sea on the border with Tunisia, the enemy fighters fled to the north of Israel. The fighters flew at very high speeds, so it is difficult to identify. We suspect that this is a French aircraft, or Israeli origin, the two nations besides the U.S. and the UK have the largest number of fighter pilots and mercenaries in Africa. It is often difficult to establish the identity of mercenaries, as they fight for money. The UN has never come to claim the dead body of mercenaries, adventurers, and all they have.

(2) Green Army attacked a prison in Misrata, controlled by a brigade of North Misrata. The battle lasted 5 hours, released 1139 inmates, 283 rebels killed, 21 arrested mercenary, mercenaries, the number of wounded is not known them very much. 145 prison officers were shot. Among the Greens soldiers nobody was killed. The operation involved 3,250 resistance fighters. 72 Leopard tanks were destroyed in Germany, the operation was planned two weeks. Nine prisoners were killed, they could not get out of the fire. Before surgery in the prison, the green men with guns with silencers conducted a raid on a concentration camp in Misrata, as a result of the raid, Israeli troops killed 45 IDF soldiers found a green army of mercenaries, the financial statements, which involve huge sums in the Libyan dinar, dinar Qatar, as well as the huge amount of dollars, pounds, euros and a large amount of gold. The amount of money in Misrata may exceed $ 225 billion, much of this money was stolen by militants Misrata in Sirte. Captured 25 captains, 51 lieutenant of the rebel brigades. North of the airport Misrata left a cloud of smoke.

(3) 40 prisoners had been exchanged the green on the rat captain of Benghazi, it was done as a good gesture in honor of the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad.

(4) Green Army still continues to make progress in Benghazi. February 4, 2012, at midnight, a new team of the 5000 Green fighters, weapons with silencers beginning of the operation to clear the town of criminls. If this number of soldiers is not enough, they will come to the aid of a new batch of professional fighters.

(5) Pilots and flight attendants Libyan Arab Airways continue their sit-in. Green Army will help them to compensation.

(6) Green Army is armed with imported weapons with silencers 25 000 10 000 caliber night-vision. It gives the Army a tactical advantage in the use of weapons without detection, silencers can conduct military operations at night without fanfare.

(7) The rebels left a large portion of its border posts, and took off their uniforms. All the border to Libya via Tunisia, were left without staff from the rebels. We suspect that most of the rebels moved to Tripoli, or to the east of Tripoli, a lot of rebels entered the ranks of the brigade Zintan and the Green Army.

(8) Green Army fired heavy artillery of the French ship that was moored on the coast of Tripoli, the ship fires, the number of deaths of mercenaries could not be established. As the ship got 190 rounds of mortar shells and 55 volleys of RPGs. Front for the Liberation of Libya’m sure he never goes out of port.

(9) 19 American mercenaries who arrived recently at the military airport Mitiga were shot near the port of Tripoli, Green Army soldiers, their bodies were burned and abandoned their weapons as souvenirs. Green Army was ordered to take no more mercenaries NATO / UN in captivity, so they will be destroyed on the site of capture. This applies to mercenaries, Al-Jazeera reporters and representatives of many other Western institutions.

(11) Each day after the NATO attack against Libya, Green Army soldiers are conducting operations against the traitors and mercenaries of NATO, to avenge the blood of the martyrs.

(12) February 6, 2012 Misrata rebels attacked a camp of internally displaced persons from Tawergha-Jhanzour, it was revenge for the demonstration of the refugees, which they held in Tripoli, their only requirement was to return home. 11 people died and dozens were injured. 
Young people, victims of a massacre in the refugee camp Dzhanzour

(13) Misrata rebels have suffered heavy losses after an unsuccessful attack on the Sabha. The city defended the 3250 Green fighters and about 7000-10000 volunteers from nearby towns who came to the rescue. The union – a symbol of resistance and people’s power.

We live today with the idea that the resistance – it is the duty of every person. Must resist the oppressors in the world that kill, oppress, injure and intimidate us.

Death to the oppressors.

Libya – A video of three wounded rebels by the Green Resistance (February 26, 2012)

A video of three wounded rebels by the Green Resistance

Posted on 26/02/2012 at 20:47


Libya - A video by two wounded rebel resistance Green (February 26, 2012)

ALGERIA ISP / Dhida According Yawme17 fibrayr Fi Libya, February 25, 2012.

At Ragdaline,  the green strength fighters  targeted the rebels in Zouara. They injured the three rebels following:

Mohcene Nadji Khartoule.

– Assem Gali Khartoule

– Jamel Khartoule

HRW urges Libya militia to free journos

HRW urges Libya (Misurata) militia to free journos

2012-02-26 19:54

Tripoli – A Libya militia holding two journalists working for Iran‘s Press TV should immediately transfer them to the authorities, a Human Rights Watch representative said on Sunday.

“Militias have no business detaining people and holding people,” Sidney Kwiram told AFP in Tripoli, where reporter Nicholas Davies and cameraman Gareth Mongomery-Johnson are being held.

Kwiram said that the journalists, who were detained early on Tuesday, are being held by the Saraya Swehli militia of the coastal city of Misrata.

“They must transfer them over to the government immediately,” she stressed.

Iran’s English-language Press TV said on Friday that its reporters were detained and taken to Tripoli by a Misrata militia that had fought to topple the regime of Muammar Gaddafi last year.

Asked about the report, the foreign office in London issued a statement that only said two Britons

were being held in Libya.

“This is not just about Nick and Gareth. This is about every Libyan and every foreigner who is picked up off the streets at the discretion of a militia,” said Kwiram.

“It is absolutely critical commanders like Faraj Swehli not go around freelancing with the law,” she added, in reference to the militia’s commander.

Kwiram said the militia refused to grant Human Rights Watch access to the journalists, adding that it marked the second time in the past year that a militia prevented the organisation from visiting a detention centre.

“Until the militias begin to cooperate with the new government, it is going to be very difficult to establish the rule of law in Libya,” she said.


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