Syria: The Truth against the NATO’s lies. La Verità contro la PROPAGANDA NATO (ENG/ITA)

Syria: The Truth against the NATO’s lies. La Verità contro la PROPAGANDA NATO (ENG/ITA)

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This video shows:
A)the reality of Syrian Observatory composed by a single person (Osama Ali Suleiman aka Rami Abdul Rahman) who lives in Coventry (England)
B)example of NATO’s propaganda lies
C)examples of lies from Amnesty and HRW
D)news and events about Syria censored in the West
E)events shown in the West with the opposite meaning from the NATO’s propaganda
F)the way to act of “rebels” or “peaceful protesters” or “revolutionaries”

Questo video mostra:
-la realtà dell’osservatorio siriano formato da una sola persona che lavora in Inghilterra
-esempi di menzogne Amnesty/HRW
-esempi menzogne della propaganda NATO in generale
-notizie ed eventi censurati in occidente
-eventi propagandati con l’opposto del loro significato reale
-il modo di agire dei “ribelli” o “manifestanti pacifici” o “rivoluzionari”
All real news from Syria here: (Italian and English) (Arabic and English)



01.Coventry – an unlikely home to prominent Syria activist

02.Rami Abdel Rahman is an alias name, his Real Name is Osama Ali Suleiman

03.Syria – ABC News (AU) expose the lies of Reuters, ABC and other Medias

Chairman of IHRC: What is Alleged about Situation in Syria is False

04.Demonstrators prepare scenes – -wounded people in demonstrations- in Syria

Martyr who blinked his eye – Only in Syria.mp4

05. Zainab al-Husni’s funeral

Martyr Zainab al-Husni is still Alive 04-10-2011 17 Settembre……

06.Syrian Child Sari Saoud killed by Terrorists in Bayada, Homs 26-11-2011 English Subtitle

07.Terrorist Gangs shoot randomly in the streets of Homs, Syria 08-04-2011

08.Syria – -peaceful demonstraters- opening fire on a bus full of Civilians in Daraa Khirbat al-Ghazali, Daraa 27-12-2011

09.Syria – Terrorists are firing RPGs at the Army in Bayada, Homs 22-01-2012

10.Syria – Terrorists Attack the Oil Pipeline in Quriyeh, Deir Ezzawr 29-01-2012

11.Syria – Terrorists blew up a gas pipeline in Tel Kalakh, Homs 30-01-2012

12.Homs 15/07/2011 terrorist shot against policemen and civilians

13.Mohammad Mar’ea was hanged by Terrorists, because he talked to the Arab Observers +18

14.Damasco, 11 Gennaio

15.Pro Assad Rally – 18 – Bashar speech (English subtitles) from Damascus – 11-01-2012

President Bashar al-Assad visits injured Army Soldiers in Hospital



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  1. we know these goons VERY WELL.
    here are some more oddities:
    ALL the western presstitutes have the same foggy/grainy scenes of dwellings that look at moulding clay
    the use the same script
    and hey the cherry on the LIES
    children + babies remember the AI the mi5 infesting fake human rights outfit babies from the incubator BS
    they have ALL that + more.

    I was next to one of this morons with an ugly disgusting revolting child who kept trying to poke people in the eye with his ludicrous new syrian flag provided by the ugly uk royal.
    the person on the other side got so mad that the mother took away the child.
    you will find THESE GOONS in London, Rome; Paris in the main streets were they annoy the tourists.
    they use drums to attract audience! Once people look at their uglyness – verbal, written + PHYSICAL they throw the propaganda of the pavement and WALK ON IT

    Keep it up goons everyone hates you

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