Libya – The latest news from the front

Libya – The latest news from the front

Posted on 09/12/2011 at 11:53

Source: Allain Jules

Libya - The latest news from the front (09-12-2011)

As they say, despite the media omerta, little by little the bird builds its nest. Out of his torpor, the Libyan Resistance Army began to organize themselves more clearly.

You will also notice that many blacks are in prison for nothing, without the so-called international community and NGOs will be involved. But a day will come when the failure of the NTC to lead Libya no longer be hidden by the media “meanstream”.

Tripoli: Since yesterday at dawn, sporadic fighting took place in Tripoli. Focused in specific areas. Indeed, it is the civilians who took up arms because they no longer support the spoliation against them. These are the misdeeds of renegades from Benghazi.

Sorman: After heavy fighting between the army of Libyan resistance and renegades, several rebels were arrested in the city where the resistance would have created a secret prison.

Misrata: The NTC finds himself once again confronted with the new refusal to disarm militias Misrata.They have among other things, tanks, rockets, missiles, and many instruments of death.

Zenten: U.S. Ambassador visited the site, probably mandated by the NTC to negotiate. But the content of his discussions with the tribes of Zenten is not known. As Seif, we do not always know if the rumor that he was exfiltrated is true. Still, there is no denial.


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