Libya – The video heads … it was not in Libya (14 November 2011)

Libya – The video heads … it was not in Libya (14 November 2011)

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Libya - The video heads ... it was not in Libya (14 November 2011)

ALGERIA ISP / November 13, 2011, we released a video showing men in green military uniforms, beheaded. The video was recovered on Youtube. Of course someone recently built by giving it a title and a description in Arabic in Arabic on the massacre in the city of Sirte on the day of Eid el Adha.

 A question arises: Who integrated super-publicized and that made ​​the buzz on Youtube, so that it is too visible and reaches places like ALGERIA ISP?

Of course, this is not the Libyan resistance, since it has never started rumors or lies, and that since the conflict began. It never did and it’s not going to change now that she and God help inchaelah.

We assume that the cell of the NTC electronic warfare / friends who did everything to discredit the few sites that do not want to follow them and exposing themselves to all the dangers that the truth be known to all.

After verification, it turned out that the video comes from a massacre in Mexico in 2008.

We have disabled the article of 13 November 2011. We would like to apologize to our readers on the gene caused. We had no intent to mislead our readers, far from it, our fight is to help the Libyan people that was bombed, starved, tortured, killed, … subject to a democracy MADE IN WESTERN with a governor of Tripoli of Qaeda.

For people who have doubts about the NTC / NATO / QATAR, it will “rewind” the movie released worldwide showing the humiliation, torture, assassination of a head of state  : the guide shaheed Maoummar Gaddafi . A murder that violates all international conventions. This shows the barbarity of the rebels and the true face of those who conducted this war on behalf of the so-called freedom.

ALGERIA ISP, continued to support the Libyan resistance despite the limited resources we have … The fighting is your ISP ALGERIA, … and the struggle of every man and every woman who wants to open more than this law of jungle and imperialism … Our struggle is this him “Omar Mukhtar” “… we will never abandon.” 

You, the readers, the site ALGERIA ISP, you can help us, so we can help Libya green . Disseminate around you, you, in your family, your neighbors, your colleagues in on the internet … the Truth ! The Green Libya has not faded ! It is still GREEN!

We confirm that the video was not taken our sources of Libyan resistance.

Libya live green!


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