Hope in a single image in front of the mess caused by the global mess of unprecedented strength of the Libyan Jamahiriya

Hope in a single image in front of the mess caused by the global mess of unprecedented strength of the Libyan Jamahiriya

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Source: The Pacifists of Tunis
Hope in a single image in front of the mess caused by the global mess of unprecedented strength of the Libyan Jamahiriya

Dear and (let us this time to qualify for) unique friends,
the poet said:
“What are my friends now?
I think the wind got taken away.
These are friends that wind blows.
And it windy outside my door …
The took … “

For reasons of technical limitations (our equipment is inadequate to access the Internet …) here in Tunisia, this message is exceptionally ‘collective’. This is a small reflection on the “telephone Arab” and the chaos represented by global experts and television deal with the mess caused by the resistance of the Libyan, unprecedented in the history of mankind .
The “Telephone Arab” was operated by Libyan agents wonders of NATO who spread lies that the waves of the same language channels to begin with, have relayed for seven months.
Tunisian chains have only reproduce “the same” propaganda of Al-Jazeera.
The chain Hannibal, yesterday (November 11) released a program of “reality TV” (psycho-air) live (1 million frequent viewers) designed by the mouth of a liar Libyan playing the role of “victim” to smear, once again the reputation of El Seif El-Islam Gaddafi, and, the same day as the Libyan Prime Minister (the only legal government of Libya) is threatened by the Tunisian authorities to be delivered to the armed gangs “ruler” in Libya.

Aljbouri-Mashaan, the director of the chain ARRAYIT “all resistance” (sic) (Iraqi, Afghan, Palestinian Jamahiriya, etc..) apparently does not know how to respond to prodding viewers about the eviction surprising Dr. Yousif Shakir and Hamza … Touhami. Now, another question “insistent” of one of them about the incredible position of Hezbollah, Aljbouri found other answer than: “All I can say is that Hezbollah retaliated with a head-on to Israel “(ie in the last war of July 2006).
We feel a serious embarrassment, the same as they may have vis-à-vis the positions of the free Iran and Hamas in favor, too, during those seven long months, “revolutionary” of NATO in Libya.
Faced with a clear cause and just like that of the Libyan, surrounded and isolated from all over the world, some surely have felt a similar embarrassment vis-à-vis the articles on Thierry Meyssan alleged “secret relationships” between Israel and the Libyan. Meyssan quoted a contract for the provision by an Israeli company at least “50,000 mercenaries” “African” to quell the “rebellion” ….
Not to mention the odious comparison, the same president of the Voltaire Network, Gaddafi with Israeli generals in the last war against Gaza. Few people know that the “comparison” is based on deliberately distorted translation of an interview with France 24 Gaddafi. 
ARRAYIT-released insisted the recent speech of Ezzat Ibrahim Ad-Doury, companion of Saddam Hussein and leader resistance of the Iraqi Baath Party since the US-led invasion of 2003.
Ad-Doury used an unusually high number of times the word “imperialism” and also “Zionism Persian” in his speech. However, all citations included in the banner at the bottom of the screen of television ARRAYIT, these terms are not mentioned …. Of course, Iran was also targeted, and there ARRAYIT, although unequivocally supporting the Iraqi resistance, was still hampered …
Finally, let the interruption of several days of this unique channel at a critical time, remained unexplained, not to mention the announcement of his impending change of frequency for a month then suddenly its adjournment, and, now, no news ….
Or, to complete the “mess” in the world of information, reference should be Al-Mukawama (“Resistance” in Arabic), TV channel of the Libyan resistance, which appeared in the either there are less than three months. Emitting “in test” from the territory of Libya (Sirte region?) And probably from a car or units (according to the director of ARRAYIT), she had hired an official channel on the satellite Nilesat.

ARRAYIT made him the publicity it deserves by announcing its existence and regularly including information on its frequency. Al-Mukawama released sporadically and recently had such “taken over” when ARRAYIT remained closed for several days.

Since the return of the latter (and perhaps also because of the invasion of Sirte), the screen remained black. However, unexpectedly and surprisingly, viewers can discover its airwaves is now occupied by another channel called “Al-Quds“, dedicated almost exclusively to the Palestinian resistance … No explanation was apparently given by the new occupants ….


A where to turn after this butchery free and torrents of mud and lies spilled by the media worldwide (including the “famousLe Monde Diplomatique in France), suddenly come voluntarily to the service of NATO? To whom rely? Sunni and Shiite clergy to say nothing of the strange breed of “communist” “internationalists” and “anti-imperialist“?
Should we recall the principle of “revolutionary defeatism” early statement by Lenin himself, namely that it must always support a weak country attacked by a colonial power even though this country is a monarchy ruled by reactionary (Lenin took the case of Morocco at the time, to verify).

Pacifists in Tunis last November 11, 2011, had the happy to take a picture in a famous street in Tunis …. And graffiti (“Resistance” in Arabic), this time, is not one of them because it was there … Like what, there is still some hope ….
But there are also spiritual wisdom to console a little of all this lack of principles and humanity. Indeed, it is Monsignor Martinelli (Bishop of Tripoli), companion of Gaddafi himself, who has had these prophetic words (if he is really dead, as no independent witness has seen his body) :
“In good Bedouin, he [is or] would be capable of being killed.”  Pacifists of Tunis. November 12, 2011http://tinyurl.com/5v9h9lr



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