Libya-The latest news from the front (06-11-2011)

Libya-The latest news from the front (06-11-2011)

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Libya-The latest news from the front (06-11-2011)

After 42 years in power, members of NATO believed that Libya, everything revolved around Muammar Gaddafi and his death, nay, his assassination would mean the end of everything. But they still do not seem to want to understand is that Libya is a country with tribal and therefore everything is decided from their leaders. But in reality, they knew it but just wanted to kill Gaddafi.

However, the NTC is illegitimate, imposed by force.It’s pretty amazing. Muammar Gaddafi was more of a foreign minister and leader of the revolution more than anything. It did not take any decision without consulting tribal leaders. By violating the “charter” Jamahiriya, they will find themselves faced with serious problems and realities that they can not overcome.

Observe the photo of Julien Teil which closes this post. Botulism is in the company of renegades from Benghazi. Behind him, a sign written in English:No more tribal system, we are one large tribe.” If this were true, it is not. Because, in the field, Libya “liberated” by the dialectic morbid and lethal predator is hunting tribes that are not in eastern Libya and black. Without consulting tribal leaders, a prime minister, Abdel Rahim al-Kib was appointed by NATO. It was based on his alleged membership in Tripoli. What amateurism!

Sirte: Yesterday, a suicide bomber blew himself up inside a gathering of fighters NTC around the city of Sirte, causing several deaths and injuries. The suicide bomber is part of the largest tribe in Libya “Warfala” (1 and a half million Libyan). This is only the beginning.

Many battles were reported throughout Libya, between renegades, between the loyalists and renegades. We will return in late afternoon.



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