Thoughts from the U.S. on Qaddafi, Libya and the New World Order

Thoughts from the U.S. on Qaddafi, Libya and the New World Order


I knew the media never spared Qaddafi any insult. They readily made him out to be stupid, insane, paranoid, but not vile and evil. I had always wondered, in passing, the story behind the man and now I was determined to find out.`

By H.L. Martin

I realize now that I grew up with Muammar Qaddafi, even though we never met and lived on opposite sides of the world. He first entered my consciousness via the television. Being a child I didn’t know anything about him, except that he was the leader of some exotic place, dressed in a way that got my attention and the regular hosts of whatever show he was on would seem disdainful of his very presence.

That got my attention too. I had nothing to hold against this unusual character. I already knew better than to believe what the people on the news wanted me to. If I were to believe them then every sunny summer day was “unbearably hot” cool rainy days were “dark and miserable”, and on days of completely impeccable perfection they would say “the allergy count is at an all time high!” Just because they were incapable of having a good day in their lives, didn’t mean I should follow their example. So when I was confronted with the image of Qaddafi, I was curious, I watched, I listened, and then went on with my life.

As the years went by, I would catch more rare glimpses of this man, and many more comedic representations making fun of him. Despite the obvious hostility, that the media and entertainers displayed toward him, I could not reconcile their attitudes to what the man said, when they would actually give him a chance to speak. He spoke about the corporate powers in control of my country’s government, and other governments involved with it. He talked about the lies and propaganda of AlJazeera, that was feeding in with the United States’ oil and war-for-profit agenda. He spoke about the things I knew but our media would not talk about, things many of the American people know in their hearts to be true. The snickering snobbery of the television people became transparent as fear. I never liked watching news shows on television, but if Qaddafi was on, it would be like a sudden gust of fresh air ripped through the shallow, fake, plastic television world, and then I would watch bemused as they would try to justify their own denial by calling him “crazy” and “paranoid”. The things I heard him say made perfect sense to me, but then, I’m probably what those TV people would think is crazy. After all, I’m not dying and wheezing when it’s 85 and sunny.

Fast forward to the present, I find myself hearing Qaddafi mentioned along with such descriptive words and phrases as genocide, blood thirsty, cruel dictator, evil.  Suddenly he and Libya are the next targets in this war that seems to go country by oil-bearing country. I knew the media never spared Qaddafi any insult. They readily made him out to be stupid, insane, paranoid, but not vile and evil. I had always wondered, in passing, the story behind the man and now I was determined to find out.

I began researching. I wanted to know the history of the man, the country, and most importantly, if there was any real reason why the nation I live in should be attacking them. Our nation should not be attacking anyone, period, but I wanted to know what their excuse was. I wanted to know about the genocide. Who was being the target of genocide? What tribe or ethnic group? Who had Qaddafi killed? Why was he always portrayed as an idiot? I thought it would be an easy matter, but the more information I found the more questions I had to answer. One article accusing him of genocide said he was killing all of the Blacks, because he was a White supremacist. Another said he was killing the Whites, being a Black supremacist; hardly what I could consider credible evidence.

Historical records (ie, books) showed Qaddafi as having a history of reaching out to tribal peoples in his land and meeting with them, something no ruler of Libya had done before. There was a lot of evidence to support that tribal relations were good. I got ahold of Qaddafi’s Green Book and tried to find plans for genocide in it. Hitler had detailed his genocidal plans quite openly in Mein Kampf, but I could find no evidence of such hate in The Green Book.

Before researching Qaddafi and Libya, I had done a lot of research and truth seeking into matters closer to home. Aggression broke out in Libya as I began on the final draft of my novel, which deals with a lot of the information I have come across. I had learned many shocking things about our own government, such as the orchestrated false flag attacks on the World Trade Towers and Building Seven on 9/11/01. Many Americans, including myself, were fooled, even if temporarily, into believing that Muslim terrorists were responsible for the attacks. Really it was a controlled demolition, orchestrated to motivate the people into supporting an unjust war in the Middle East.

I also had learned about the enslaving form of banking that had taken root in my nation within the past century, something that the framers of our Constitution and founders of our country warned about and sought to protect the nation from. Our President, John F. Kennedy sought to resist the bank and re-institute a more American form of money issuance, the silver standard. He was assassinated by operatives within the CIA, and the murder was blamed on a man who was just an escape goat.

I learned of Project Paperclip that followed World War II, in which The US and its allies made sure that countless Nazi war criminals were expatriated to other countries to live in luxurious freedom. These are just the main highlights of the conspiratorial and seemingly self-destructing behavior our own nation engages in. Plans are in the works for a New World Order and one world government, where national borders and sovereignty are dissolved. The United Nations is the spearhead of this endeavor, and the United States is a very key player.

Back to Qaddafi, my research took me into the history of his country and my own. I found the probable cause of all the derision he had weathered over the years, the Lockerbie bombing. Now this event took place when I was but a child, so I was not well aware of it at the time, but this is what I discovered. A bomb was placed on a plane owned by an American company, Pan Am. The bomb exploded over Lockerbie Scotland killing many people. This had many similarities to the 9/11 attacks such as an American airplane supposedly being used for terrorist purposes. When accused of the bombing, Qaddafi denied it. Then President Ronald Reagan promptly bombed Qaddafi’s home in an attempt to kill him, murdering Qaddafi’s child in the process. Facing the threat of further attack, Qaddafi “admitted” to complicity in the Lockerbie bombings, and paid each victim’s family millions of dollars. 

[Editor’s note: Actually, Qaddafi never admitted to any complicity in the Lockerbie bombing. A deal was struck with the British and American governments, to allow them to make a statement to the media, as they saw fit, in which they said that he, or Libya, had done so. However, the actual and only statement made from Libya was taking “responsibility for the actions of its officials”, and paying millions of dollars to the families of the victims, as a charitable gesture, which the British and Americans would twists as “compensation”repeating the formula used over the alleged Libyan shooting of Woman Police Constable Yvonne Fletcher, which also did not lead to any good for Libya. Same mistake twice.]

Another bit of credible evidence I came across was that Qaddafi had recently resisted the corrupted Federal Reserve notes from the US/international corporate banking system, insisting instead of payment in gold for Libyan oil. He had just wandered into the same dangerous area that had gotten our own President Kennedy assassinated.

At the same time I also learned about the organization that has been behind the “Arab Springs” uprisings. This organization follows the directives of the UN and CIA (which is in turn controlled by international oil, pharmaceutical and banking corporations). This organization works to start seemingly spontaneous revolutions in countries where the existing government needs to be broken down to allow easier access to oil and resources. This organization is not above murder to complete its objectives, attacking protesters in Egypt. Similar violence happened in Libya, and was blamed on Qaddafi, mainly by AlJazeera, a known propaganda channel, and its American cohort CNN.

It is interesting how the protests against the unconstitutional banking practices of the US, are being used by the monied interests to push for greater government regulation and greater solidarity for the New World Order instead of what the US protesters are really asking for: dissolution of the central bank and the return to Kennedy’s silver standard.

My research continued. Every time I heard someone speak of Qaddafi’s evil I asked them about it. Why don’t you like Qaddafi? What has he done? How do you know? What I discovered is these people expressing hatred for the man really had no idea why they were doing so. It always came down to what they had heard on the news and never questioned.

On the internet, I encountered people from around the world, and a wide variety of opinions on the Libya situation. Some claimed to be Libyan and expressed contempt for Qaddafi, but I could not get any conclusive information from these individuals about how he had mistreated them.

Commonly I hear people say, “Well, he was a dictator and we should work towards a future where dictators are a thing of the past.” People who say this type of thing are thoroughly brainwashed. They are easily swayed by words and labels. Our leaders are no less dictators, put in power through fake elections to further the goals of a monied elite. I am not pro dictatorships and if you were to talk to me at any length you would see that I am not even pro government. But one thing government is, is the creation of human beings and a reflection of them and their culture. Qaddafi’s Libya may not have seemed progressive enough to some, but it was a long progression from where the country had started. The government of Libya belonged to the people of Libya, and the right to make any changes to it was the right of Libyan people alone, not outsiders like the UN and NATO. Certainly not the United States.

Remember, the Native Americans were demonized as vicious warlords and ritual killers which comforted the European invaders as they gleefully slaughtered the natives into near extinction. I see the same thing happening now towards the Middle East and Africa. Our media portrays them as simple, uncivilized, under evolved and in dire need of western intervention to bring them up to speed with the current times. The truth of the matter is countries like Libya have been progressing far more quickly and further than the west. The Muslim religion forbids such banking practices as charging interest on loans and printing money backed with debt. It is this, and not the threat of “jihad”, that is the reason our political leaders feel that the Muslim world as something that must be stopped.


On October 20, the day before my birthday, Muammar Qaddafi was murdered [Editor: See note at the end of this article, it is commonly held that Muammar Qaddafi was murdered as that is what was broadcast on TV (tell-lie-vision) around the world] in the most brutal display of human aggression on one person that I have ever witnessed. If we are to believe the ‘official narrative’, he was shot, beaten and raped with a long piece of metal before being killed.

Those whose worldview is prepackaged by the likes of CNN and the CIA were rejoicing in this barbaric death, while others like myself recognized the true horror of what had happened. One of the wealthiest independent nations of the Earth had fallen to the global tyranny.

If Qaddafi had done any wrong to his people, the world will never know. Murdering him is pretty much an admission of guilt on the part of the UN and NATO, since he was forever silenced. If there ever were victims of Qaddafi, they were robbed of their chance for real justice, the exposure of wrong doing which can never happen now. The credibility of the “new” Libya has been destroyed, since they have allied themselves with the war criminals of the world. When someone victimizes others and is evil I want the whole world to know about it, especially if it is an international affair.

Why the secrets?

Why kill him and not let him stand trial?

Why have I not found one credible shred of evidence supporting the accusations that he was killing his own people and committing genocide even though I have been looking? The manner in which Qaddafi was tortured and killed is no more justice for any “victims” than if he had met his demise being hit by a train. Exposure beyond a doubt, revealed to the whole world, that would have been justice.

Justice might have ended up being Qaddafi exposing the globalists’ agenda. Qaddafi was killed. The world was robbed. We live in a much darker place for it. If reading this offends you, or if you strongly disagree with me, I invite you to share with me credible evidence that Qaddafi deserved the fate he met with. As a truth-seeker, I want to know, and realize that I probably never will. Until then, I will remember Muammar Qaddafi as yet another brave patriot, murdered by global tyranny.

[Mathaba Editor’s note: The good author and others will be pleased to note that the reality is that Muammar Qaddafi is still alive, safe and well. Ali Al-Andalus of Sirte, who has a striking resemblance to Muammar, although shorter among other differences, was murdered in the most horrific manner, as is the custom of the US-British-French intelligence supported “Al-Qaida” NATO-rebel “rat” gangs in Libya.]

About H.L. Martin

I am a multi-media artist and writer living in upstate New York.


A Message to Congress! REVOLUTION NOW!

A Message to Congress! REVOLUTION NOW!

World Revolution is NOW!

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The Devaluation of Human Life

The Devaluation of Human Life

They claim to act on our behalf, but they do not answer to us. They kill in the interests of the state, not the people. They rationalize it. They convince themselves of obvious contradictions and shrug it of without the slight bit of irony. 

A Nobel Peace Prize winner being hailed as a promoter of unity and peace even as he supports the overthrow and execution of a head of state by terrorists and extremists.

It is a good deal more than hypocrisy, when psychopaths rule the world…

Libya says ex-deputy PM suspect in general’s killing

Libya says ex-deputy PM suspect in general’s killing


TRIPOLI,(Reuters) – Libya’s National Transitional Council (NTC) said on Monday a former NTC deputy prime minister was suspected of involvement in the killing of one of the rebel movement‘s most senior military commanders.

General Abdel Fattah Younes was killed by his own side in July, an incident that caused deep rifts inside the rebellion against Muammar Gaddafi‘s rule. The naming of the suspects risks reviving those divisions.

At a news conference broadcast on Libyan television, NTC chief military prosecutor Yussef Al-Aseifr named Ali El-Essawi as chief suspect. Essawi served as the NTC’s interim deputy prime minister until he stepped down earlier this year.

“The number one suspect in the investigation is the former deputy head of (the NTC) executive office Ali Abdelaziz Saad Al-Essawi,” Aseifr said.

“There are seven people suspected of involvement in Abdel Fattah Younes’s killing. Three have been arrested and security forces are looking for the others,” said Aseifr, who was standing alongside NTC chief Mustafa Abdel Jalil.

Essawi denied involvement in a phone call to the local Libya Awalen television station. “I never signed any decision relating to Abdel Fattah Younes,” he said. “Everybody in Libya wants the truth.”

Before he was made deputy prime minister, Essawi had acted as the NTC’s de facto foreign minister and toured foreign capitals rallying support for the rebellion before Gaddafi was forced from power in August.

Younes was for years part of Gaddafi’s inner circle. He defected at the start of the uprising against Gaddafi’s rule in February and became the military chief of the rebellion.

The circumstances of his killing remain murky, but it is known that he was killed after NTC leaders summoned him back from the front line to Benghazi, the eastern city where at the time the council had its headquarters.

His death exposed splits within the anti-Gaddafi movement, especially between Islamists and secularists, with different factions accusing each other of involvement.

Thousands of prisoners in Libya denied legal process – UN

Thousands of prisoners in Libya denied legal process – UN

Libyan revolutionaries are holding an estimated 7000 prisoners who have no access to legal process because police and the courts are not functioning, according to a United Nations report.
The report by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is the first UN assessment of the situation in Libya since the end of the eight-month civil war earlier this year.
It says some of the detainees held in prisons and makeshift detention centres, most under the control of revolutionary brigades, may have been tortured.
Many of those being held are sub-Saharan Africans suspected of being mercenaries hired by the Gaddafi regime, the BBC reports.
Mr Ban says he believes the leaders of the new Libya are committed to building a society based on respect for human rights.
He says achieving this requires the earliest possible action, however difficult the circumstances.

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