By Richard Galustian

Jewish, Christian and Muslim core beliefs are tolerance; kindness; compassion and respect for each other, whether or not an individual overtly practices his or her religion.

One could say that Jesus Christ was the original revolutionary, standing as he did against the status quo of greed amongst the Jewish hierarchy, whilst they worked hand in glove with their conquerors, the Romans. The Jews of the time insisted on Jesus Christ’s crucifixion. The Romans had many reservations about his execution.

For the avoidance of doubt I paraphrase Dr. Noem Chomsky and other academics who have repeatedly said that Judaism and Zionism are not the same.

Whilst the above is happening, Global news every day reveals more lies, corruption and perversion in public life, from those who we thought were ‘the great and good’ in entertainment, business and politics. When boiled down to their essence, what do all these disgusting financial, commercial, political and celebrity perversions and a veritable variety of corruption, mean and how will these revelations change the world as we know it?

This is becoming an exposé that may change how we perceive, and no longer accept, hypocrisy from those we hold in high standing. After our initial outrage and disappointment, are we now expecting less and less from elected officials? Have we even ceased to demand minimal ethical standards? Is it wrong to have the desire to search for the truth and to maintain high ideals? Or have we become so cynical that such idealism is no longer viable in modern society and all that remains is greed and consumerism? Should we not all hate any type of unfairness and injustice?

Perhaps we should refer to our cultural religious roots. What are the tenets of Christianity that make it (for many) the most respected religion on earth, even for non-believers? Christian and Jewish Zionists have achieved a deception that Islam is evil.

Jewish Zionists and Islamic Wahabis are not religions; they are cults. So the recent Saudi Israeli Pact is between Zionists, which Netanyahu is and the 32 year old psychopathic Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. It is now this week been leaked that German Intelligence considers Mohammed bin Salman to be “an arrogant and braindead fool”. From their internal report of January 2016: ”He is a political gambler he will destabilise the Arab world probably through proxy wars in Yemen and Syria, and ultimately Iran”

The reality now appears to be a clash of civilisations with Islam, something I believe that has been covertly engineered by Zionists/Wahabist, a sort of false flag, causing a veritable crusade in the 21st Century, whilst we in the West, the Americans in particular, have also gone off on a tangent, largely due to US domestic political infighting, to demonise and alienate a man who is the most devoted Christian leader in the world, Vladimir Putin, just because he is Russian and Russia was once communist.

At the recent grand opening of a new cathedral, built in the location of one of the oldest, most famous monasteries in Moscow and inaugurated by Putin, the Russian leadersaid he hoped that the new cathedral would deepen the “understanding of good” for the West in Russian society. What we are witnessing is a progressive, ideological attitude from a man once part of a now dead Soviet Union.



Also as reported in German newspapers on November 15, the BND head in Germany announced that the public should be prepared for an attack from Russia.

Further lies from NATO trying to provoke The Kremlin. They won’t succeed thank God.

In his 2012 state of the federation address, Putin most clearly demonstrated the beginning of his forward-thinking, contemporary ideology which has evolved from his legendary pragmatism and fierce Russian patriotism: “In order to revive national consciousness, we need to link historical eras and get back to understanding the simple truth that Russia did not begin in 1917, or even in 1991, but, rather, that we have a common, continuous history spanning over 1,000 years and we must rely on it to find inner strength and purpose in our national development.” Putin is at his most faithfully Russian here, taking the long view of history, thinking in hundreds and thousands of years, instead of the short term five and ten year chunks favoured by Western politics.

Civilisation would do well to think more like him if it wishes to survive.

I believe what ‘good’ men and women have in common is summed up by these traits, expressed best by the following powerful words and starting with the most important word of all: integrity; honour; justice, freedom, loyalty, bravery and patriotism. These are amongst some of the most powerful words of any language. They express qualities that surpass all religions and political ideologies. We must strive to find a way to bring societies back to adhering to these principles.

Most important is to emphasise the absolute, total rejection of greed, inequality, injustice and corruption.

Look what the United States of America has become today. It is a country trying to dominate the world with undue influence from Israel. Its policies and objectives seem to have nothing remotely to do with the aims of the original founding fathers, defined when America created its Constitution. After breaking ties with the British Empire and Europe several hundred years ago to found an idealistic new society, the USA has now become the greatest imperialist, colonialist and militaristic nation ever to have existed.

It is the pursuit of greed that will destroy humanity as we know it and or a nuclear accident. Maybe both. Take your pick which will happen first. Wall Street has proven that unbridled and unregulated capitalism does not work, in precisely the same way that communism doesn’t work.

The contest is, and always will be, between idealists and pragmatists.

Pragmatists and pragmatism will, regretfully, always prevail in the same sense ‘shit’ seems to always rise to the top. However we must (and can) rediscover our moral compass in business, politics and the judiciary.

We should demand the highest standards of integrity and morality from politicians, judges, lawyers and all those who represent us, the people, and who serve us.

Two other things must happen.

First we can no longer tolerate in the West those who abuse their positions in public life.

Secondly Christians must unite, with Muslims and Jews against the Zionist/Wahabist threat.


The Solution For Libya

The Solution For Libya

By Richard Galustian

UN Libya chief Ghassan Salame speaking with some degree of despondency at the end of a month of talks in Tunis on Saturday

More failed talks. It’s enough. I feel compelled to suggest a decisive solution after 6 years of UN failure.

Let’s me first discuss the fact Egypt is central to France’s Libyan policy and to support for Haftar.

President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi arrived in Paris Monday night, beginning a State visit, his first with French President Emmanuel Macron.

Macron and Sisi met at Élysée Palace this week to discuss regional security, including particularly Libya, and of course Syria, as well as discuss the purchase of yet more Rafale fighters.

Only France and Italy have developed, though almost opposing, strategies for Libya, while the EU in Brussels, US and UK and worse of all, the UN, have none that are founded in reality.

France has, I believe the most grown up view of what needs to happen in Libya with the exception of Russia, though they presently seem to vacillate in their support for military strongman Haftar and the UN.

The Kremlin veers to supporting the ‘UN process’ which might prove to be Russia’s mistake.

This below UN quote shows the despondency and hopelessness of the Chief of UNSMIL which is best summed up by his own words and comments.

UN envoy Ghassan Salame said, after a month of talks in Tunis with a variety of Libyan actors, on Saturday that “no discernible progress has been made toward stabilising Libya and paving the way for elections.” Salame added discussions would continue, notably without giving a new date.

The UN’s central objective was to amend the now in reality moribund LPA amendments to a previous UN-mediated plan signed two years ago!

The first Prime Minister after the revolt against Gaddafi was Dr. Mahmoud Jibril who has such disdain for the UN he didn’t bother to attend the last meeting in Tunis. He did however attend a Libya Conference last week in Belgium.

The conference on Libya was held in Brussels in the name of ‘Peace-building and State-Building in Libya: What role for the European Union?’ with Jibril as the keynote speaker and also there in his capacity as head of the National Forces Alliance Party (NFA).

It should be remembered that in the first election after Gaddafi’s fall, it was the NFA Party not the Muslim Brotherhood sponsored party that got the more votes.

Here I offer a controversial scenario that could work if the US State Department would help, something unlikely since particularly it continues to be staffed by Hillary Clinton appointees which is inhibiting to say the least for Secretary Of State, Rex Tillerson.

The plan suggested is this:

1. The UN should pack their bags and leave the Libyan stage. They have after 6 years trying absolutely zero credibility for the Libyans.

2. The Muslim Brotherhood (and its political party affiliates and puppets) must be designated a terrorist organisation, also in the US, along with CAIR and the Al Qaeda affiliate LIFG former members must also be precluded by law from participation in Libyan political life.

3. The US and Russia convinces the Security Council to lift the ban on arms sales to the Libyan National Army, giving Field Marshall Haftar a strong hand to totally eradicate Islamic extremists and terrorists.

This isn’t extreme as extreme as it sounds when you consider the British Government ordered last week that all ISIS British nationals found in Syria should be summarily executed, without a court proceedings.

America must also take off the gloves when it comes to terrorists.

4. That its recognised that technocrats, educated people must only occupy the government which needs to be formed before any elections. Only two man are qualified and skilled technocrats, the only Libyans qualified to do it that I can identify, are Mahmoud Jibril and Abuzed Omar Dorda. He too is a very competent technocrat and diplomat and is well equipped, as is Jibril, to handle the position of Prime Minister. Interestingly for those who were not aware, Dorda was based in New York as Libya’s Permanent Representative to the UN from 1997 to 2003. He is amazingly well connected. It would be only right and proper that either man draw from the HoR in Tobruk competent candidates as Ministers for an interim government  Either man would make a very competant interim Prime Minister, until elections in 2018 or 2019.

5. That chosen. another controversial idea.  As a figure head, a unifying individual, with no repeat no executive powers but with good technocrat advisors, Saif Gaddafi be appointed as a ‘constitutional’ President, primarily important to ‘bind’ the tribes and the populace where there is little doubt of his popularity. His position would also be up for vote at election time. Even it should be he that establishes a South African type ‘Truth & Reconciliation’ tribunal, for peace not revenge.

In summary its an interim leadership to be immediately created.

There are some historical enmities that exist between these mentioned individuals and it’s up to America and Russia, I believe, to ‘bang heads’ and get agreement between these individuals, having got rid of the MB and terrorists/militias like former AQ LIFG, particularly men like Abdel Hakim Belhadj.

Such so called ‘former’ terrorists should be exiled to probably Turkey which has a Muslim Brotherhood government and though not admitted, have undeclared sympathies for ISIS.

Given the impotence of the UN and EU, I can only hope President Trump will intervene, if for no other reason than to stop ISIS, with the Muslim Brotherhood’s help, from taking over Libya and then inevitably moving into Tunisia.

Europe have already suffered one awful consequence from the Libyan turmoil on European soil. An assassination of a prominent Maltese figure.

The rumours amongst ‘the security community’ that the semtex explosive used to tragically kill investigative journalist Daphne Galizia in Malta last week originated from Libya, something yet to be confirmed by the forensic investigators. This has brought home to us all the need for the two superpowers to be more strident, with the rest of the world, in solving Libya’s situation which has gone on for six years already.

If Libya is not stabilised soon there could be a catastrophic domino effect in North Africa with the next target for turmoil almost certainly being Tunisia.

Given the impotence of the UN and EU, I can only hope President Trump will intervene, if for no other reason than to stop ISIS, with the Muslim Brotherhood’s help, from taking over Libya and then inevitably moving into Tunisia.



An Open letter to ICC Prosecutor Ms. Fatou Bensouda

An Open letter to ICC Prosecutor Ms. Fatou Bensouda

Dear Ms. Bensiuda,

Although I do not count myself as naive in believing that the ICC is impartial in sending warrants to alleged Criminals but I count on your self-respect and humanity unless you have sold both to the highest bidder which would be FRANCE, BRITAIN, USA, CANADA, NETHERLANDS, QATAR, TURKEY AND SAUDI ARABIA. You have demanded that Libya captures again Saif Qaddafi and Commander Mahmoud Mustafa Al Warfalli In alleged crimes against humanity.

From what I understand you have documented evidence on both cases although Saif Qaddafi has been acquitted by the court of Libya you somehow do not care about our laws but what the ICC has in hand. My question is have you even bothered to check the authenticity of the documents that you have in your possession? Of course not because that would mean that Saif Qaddafi would be free to travel and cause a havoc if he produced documents that would shutter the shadow government that you work for.

I would have accepted these allegations had you

1st taken action on NATO bombings that killed innocent civilians, Hospitals, Water Factory, Schools, Children’s playground the list is long. NATO bombs where from depleted Uranium but it seems to me that I keep on forgetting that you can not issue a warrant as NATO IS ABOVE THE LAW whether it kills one innocent or million innocent people they are called collateral damage.

2nd taken action on the moderate rebels where killing civilians with cluster bombs made in Spain all the west tried to pin it on the Libyan Jamahirya till we proved to you that it was not by us.

3rd taken action against and sent warrants to the person who assassinated Muammer Qaddafi and his son Muatasim Qaddafi. Unfortunately you can not do that because in the assassination of Muammer Qaddafi there were foreign agents involved (France, USA, UK) as for Muatasim Qaddafi are responsible the Misurata militia that the Cabal government are supporting.

4th taken action at the moderate rebels as Obama and Hillary called them for their atrocious criminal actions (rapes, torture killing infants, beheadings). If you ever decide to take action we have videos and pictures also we have witnesses… but I am sure you never will.

5th taken action on the moderate rebels together with Misurata militia for the genocide of whole village called Tawergha and what has remained from the Tawerghan people have been displaced or put in secret jails.

6th taken action when General Abdel Fatah Younes was cold bloodied murdered and burned we know who did it but you and your colleagues never said a word.

7th taken action for Hala Al Misrati that she was held prisoner raped for weeks on end we have the video of the moderate rebels who decided to do this atrocious crime.

8th taken action for the Mufti Sadiq Gharyani who preached terrorist acts and gave his allegiance to ISIS.

9th taken action for Abdelhakim Belhadj who is known terrorist second man of Bin Laden, blew up the train station in Spain was responsible for the American embassy in Africa in August 1998, but of course you will not charge him because he has powerful friends like Senator Richard Blumenthal, Senator John McCain, Senator Lindsey Graham and lets not forget Hillary Clinton. It’s internationally known that he is currently the head of ISIS forces in Libya. Belhadj oversaw the murders by ISIS of 21 Coptic Christians in Libya in February 2015. Belhadj has since implemented Sharia Law throughout Tripoli and is utterly devoted to promoting ISIS throughout not only the Middle East, but the world. So again I ask the question why don’t you charge him also? Is it that your bosses still need him to destroy Europe and the rest of the Middle East?

10th taken action when Bani Wallid was attacked by the Misurata militia  with Mustard gas and Sarin?

11th taken action when Salah Badi from Misurata burned down the international airport of Tripoli and since then Tripoli is hold captive from the Misurata militias together with Belhaj and the puppet regime of the UN backed government who had to get permission to enter Tripoli they were locked for 3 months on a ship.

12th taken action when Derna and Sirte were invaded by ISIS and the beheadings started why haven’t you sent a warrant for them?

13th taken action against NATO for the massacre bombing of the Khweili family in Sorman were two families where completely wiped off from earth with 900 tons of bombs. Below is the video which from what I gather you have never seen or if you did, who are you to lose your job for such a trivial accident that NATO did… you haven’t bothered to investigate that NATO took the co ordinates of “Twitter” a spy had sneaked in pretending to twitter his friends. In reality, he had just marked the targets and was relaying them through the social network at NATO Headquarters. As NATO has diplomatic immunity but for how long? This was no accident or a mistake from the pilot, it was deliberate. The Russian news agency “Sputnik” has published about Khalid al-Hamidi’s office of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy called his father in May 2011, offering him a safe exit from Libya to France, and its subsequent support, later to be elected president of Libya which of course he refused.

Maybe if you took the time to watch these videos which all of them were splattered on the Social Media but your previous colleague “Luis Moreno-Ocampo” who by the way is indicted for bribery from a Libyan by the Name Tatanaki who did atrocities in exchange that he(Tatanaki) will never be indicted.

But please feel free to watch the next two videos maybe you will finally decide to take action and leave the worries of your Swiss accounts or at the offshore accounts. Shame on you for not trying to get justice for your own people and I mean the AFRICAN people.


So while you are there to judge for crimes against humanity, for the life of me I can not see – you taking any action against NATO, ISIS, PRIME MINISTERS, PRESIDENTS who decided to invade a sovereign country. The only thing I see from you is issuing warrants for people who try to protect their country from invaders, masochists, war thrillers and psychopaths.

Fill free to contact me I have over 2000 videos of war crimes done by the above mentioned people I even have the murder of our president Qaddafi and his son Mutaseem. For once in this lifetime let the JUSTICE NOT BE BLIND.





Canada may have to answer for its role in Libya

Canada may have to answer for its role in Libya



Then Minister of Foreign Affairs John Baird responds to a question during Question Period in the House of Commons on Parliament Hill in Ottawa in 2012. Baird was one of Canada’s fiercest supporters of regime change in Libya, change which Scott Taylor argues ultimately led to the chaotic state of the nation today. (Sean Kilpatrick/CP)

It has been six years since the NATO-supported Libyan uprising murdered President Moammar Gadhafi and toppled his regime. Canada was proud of the fact that the big boys — namely the U.K., U.S. and France — had let us appear to be leading the charge against Libya.

Canada’s then-foreign minister John Baird was the loudest among the chorus of NATO voices bellowing for regime change, Lt.-Gen. Charles Bouchard was publicly named the allied force commander, our CF-18 fighter jets were among the first in operation in the skies above Libya, and the RCN frigate HMCS Charlottetown plied the Mediterranean coastline to enforce the UN arms embargo.

While it was never admitted at the time, the fact that members of the Canadian Special Operations Regiment marched in the Nov. 24, 2011 victory parade on Parliament Hill would appear to confirm that we also had special forces boots on the ground during that conflict.

In addition to that parade, complete with a ceremonial flypast of fighter jets and helicopters, Canada also fast-tracked the Order of Canada process to bestow this honour on Lt.-Gen. Bouchard in recognition of his glorious victory in the desert.

That is an awful lot of glory for such a one-sided martial contest, which pitted the world’s most capable military alliance against a fourth-rate developing-world African security force. It was also a very premature exercise in self-congratulation.

It quickly became evident that what NATO achieved was not regime change. In the absence of a replacement administration, we plunged Libya into a state of violent anarchy.

The disparate militias that had fought together against Gadhafi loyalists refused to disarm and they immediately began fighting among each other.

A British parliamentary report into the Libya intervention was tabled last September and it was a scathing indictment of U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron. The report concluded that the collective intervention of the U.K., France and the U.S. (no mention of Canada) resulted in Libya’s “political and economic collapse, inter-militia and inter-tribal warfare, humanitarian and migrant crises, widespread human rights violations, the spread of Gadhafi regime weapons across the region and the growth of ISIL (Islamic State) in North Africa.”

Former U.S. president Barack Obama summed it up much more succinctly when he described the 2011 Libyan intervention as a “shitshow” and called it the low point in his foreign affairs legacy.

To be fair to Obama, Libya was then-secretary of state Hillary Clinton’s personal pet project. Anyone doubting this need only watch the famous video clip of Clinton during her Oct. 20, 2011 CBS television interview. At one point during the taping the secretary of state learns that Gadhafi has just been murdered in the street by a rebel mob. She throws her head back, laughs and says triumphantly, “We came, we saw . . . he died,” followed by more unrestrained laughter. Laughing at news of a murder — any murder — is clinically sociopathic. But I digress.

Although Libya is not in the news much these days, there have been some significant developments in that war-ravaged country of late, not the least of which is the release of Saif al-Islam Gadhafi from captivity last June.

Gadhafi’s second-oldest son had been held prisoner by a militia group in the city of Zintan since his capture in the waning days of the civil war. Saif had always been seen as the heir to his father’s throne. Those familiar with the Libyan uprising of 2011 know that it was primarily an inter-tribal affair, aided and abetted by Islamic extremists and the might of NATO.

The six years of subsequent anarchy have left Libya a failed state, with a citizenry longing for stability. For this reason alone, Saif has already become a political force on the embattled Libyan landscape.

Last week he announced his intention to run in next year’s presidential election. With the backing of the Warfalla and Qadhadhfa tribes — Libya’s two most powerful tribes — and former loyalists of his father flocking to his banner, Saif has a strong shot at winning at the ballot box.

If that scenario does evolve, Canada will have to do some serious soul-searching into our own allegedly lead role in that disastrous 2011 intervention. It is never too late for us to follow Britain’s lead in conducting an extensive parliamentary review into how we could have gotten it so wrong in Libya. So wrong that it looks like Gadhafi’s son will get the last laugh.









Libya: Before and After Gaddafi

Libya: Before and After Gaddafi

A lot of water has passed under the bridge since Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi was overthrown in 2011.

Many Western leaders have called him a dictator. But under his rule Libya was a prosperous country with people happily living there. Since 2011 Libya has been in a state of civil war. The UN-backed Government of National Accord, headquartered in Tripoli, operates in the western part of the country. The eastern part of the country is governed by its Parliament, with headquarters in the city of Tobruk, which is supported by the Libyan National Army. Thousands of people flee from Libya every year trying to escape war and poverty.