Israel and the NSA Scandal

Israel and the NSA Scandal.

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The NATO Pro-War Left Keynote the National Conference for Media Reform! Y’all Come for the Party

                   The NATO Pro-War Left Keynote the National Conference for Media Reform!
 Y’all Come for the Party

Keynote Rally and Plenaries

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Once a day we’ll all gather in a single room to get inspired, feel the energy of our fellow conference-goers and demonstrate our power as a movement working to change the media and build a better democracy. On day one, we’ll look back at the history of the media reform movement — and how we got to where we are today. On day two, we’ll celebrate our victories and achievements. And on the final day, we’ll look to the future and plot our roadmap for change.
These sessions will feature award-winning artists, Hollywood luminaries, visionary activists and organizers, veteran journalists, D.C. heavyweights and more. Look for can’t-miss performances, rousing speeches, musical interludes and other surprises.

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Who lies behind the banning of weapons in the U.S.?

Who lies behind the banning of weapons in the U.S.?

The disarmament of non-Jews (gentiles)is something similar to coerce the aircraft passengers to get their shoes off on the control lines for airport security.

Under the pretext that “protect” Americans, what really happens in control lines where they see through x-ray if someone  has a weapon is the castration of men travel through taking off shoes, belt in pants, forced to surrender the porn scanners Jew Chetoff and mandatory sticking of the hindquarters and the penis by male guards.

The subliminal message is clear:

Want to humilate, weaken, and to dehumanize and most importantly to desensitize the American people to totalitarianism in which Judaism control everything.

The Jewish totalitarianism program is clearly written in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a blueprint for the World Jewish hegemony promoted by Jewish donors and activists to change the 20th century.

In Protocol 5 Jewish Sages say:

“We will create an increasing centralization of government in order to get our hands all the forces of society. We will pass new laws to limit what we want.

These laws will withdraw one by one all the indulgences and liberties allowed in goyim. “

Indeed, the freedoms of Americans began to decline with the banning of semi-automatic weapons, which will be followed by checks for the past that he wants to pull out a gun license will take samples of urine, create and others who supposedly “crazy” will kill unsuspecting citizens, with a view to seizing all weapons are either automatically or pistols.

Prolonging himself in Judaism, I witnessed an innate hostility to the “white Christian culture at the top of which are the weapons the goyim.

The Jewry would like to eliminate the “white culture” destroying the power and the defense of this culture: the weapons of every kind and shape.

Why do you see so many Jews in the first line of attack in the second article of the Constitution?

Names like Feinstein, Blumenthal, Dershowitz, Foxman, Lieberman, Chertoff, Schumer, Boxer, Bloomberg and countless Jewish organizations are pushing to deprive the goyim from their weapons.

After the massacre at Sandy Hook many Jewish organizations like the Anti-Defamation League’s Abe Foxman added to those who want to ban the possession of firearms in Americans expressing “shock, disbelief and horror,” dogging the innocent dead.

Certainly the Foxman and other Jews who want to ban guns in America do not say a word about the massacres of Palestinians by Israel, nor for the use of weapons by illegal Jewish settlers against unarmed women and children of Palestine.

Best of all Jews in the U.S. are 1.8% of the population and can through the control of the media and of the people to exert pressure to remove the right of the Americans, fearing that the Americans may wake up and understand the dirty game they have played so many years the Jews.

Finally, regarding the massacres continued to increase in the U.S. by gunmen invade schools, remember that many years ago proved that the globalists have the ability to control the mind and can plan assassins.





Libyan `Missing Persons Ministry` Admits Falsification of War Casualty Figures

From: Mathaba

The so-called ``Ministry of Martyrs and Missing Persons`` of the illegal occupation regime in Libya has admitted that only a few thousand of its `revolutionaries` died during the war against the Jamahiriya.

During the so-called revolution during 2011 when so-called `revolutionary` forces assisted by massive 8-month long NATO bombing of the country, 4,700 of the “revolutionaries” died and 2,100 went missing, according to official figures issued by the so-called Ministry of Martyrs and Missing Persons.

The admission of the low casualty rate among the pro-NATO ground forces which included Al-Qaida and other reactionary elements in a loose alliance, commonly known by the Libyan people as “rats”, replaces the figure in which they claimed that 50,000 of their alliance died in the war.

This brings the total number of dead in Libya during the war to below 100,000, with at least 50,000 of the pro-Jamahiriya forces, including a large number of civilians as well as military casualties, died. The figures by the “ministry” do not include the pro-Jamahiriya popular forces, also known as “loyalists” or pro-Qaddafi citizens.

Earlier the “rats” had revised their figure of casualties downward from 50,000 to 25,000 until the latest revision putting the total figure at less than 5,000. Propaganda including by so-called “reputable” western media including the BBC, CNN and other news networks, claimed that tens of thousands of “revolutionaries” had died in fighting, killed by pro-Qaddafi forces.

“I can’t tell you the exact figure but, as of now, the number of martyrs from the side of revolutionaries is in the range of 4,700″, said Duwadi, “deputy minister” of the ministry.

He claimed that the number of missing persons from both the sides (Qaddafi forces and so-called revolutionaries or “rats”) is around 2,100. We are working hard to finish the final numbers. It is very important for the reconciliation process as well, that we know the exact (total) losses.”

At the height of the conflict, the National Transitional Council estimated that 50,000 had been killed by “Qaddafi’s forces”, and now admits that the real figure is less than 10 percent of this number.


What happens in Syria???

 What happens in Syria???

(****this was forwarded to me by a friend although he is Christian Orthodox and I am Muslim we both have nothing to divide. We both respect each other views about our religion, so I think its worth  reading it as he has done a great job collecting all the data. The only thing I did is translate and keep his name anonymous for obvious reasons)

Another look at current happenings in Syria. An interesting text which circulates, despite LIST OF DEFECTS, (spelling and syntax errors. Text style etc)

The media broadcast news about persecution of Christians in Syria.
For a year in Syria is something like … Civil War.

In fact, the U.S., England, France, Israel and other Western, finance Islamist fanatics, who obviously are armed to overthrow the current leader of the Syrian Assad.
It does not mean that Assad himself has not up to now authoritarian rule.
But with a difference.
Assad and the Baathist regime, fully respected Orthodoxy that exists in Syria.

Syria belonged to the Byzantine Empire.

Dozens of monasteries, preserved and in operation today were built then, such is famous for its miracles monastery of Panagia Sentanagia.
What Americans call “Arab Spring”, there seems to be nothing other than the power to impose fundamentalist Muslims, who make Syria western protectorate, as has been Saudi Arabia, Kuwait etc and of course recently Iraq and Libya.
What about the 2.5 million Christians, of which 1 million Orthodox Christians living in Syria means, at best, persecution, moved up to slaughter, which have already begun.
Remember that Gaddafi was true monarch had secured but per capita income for the people of multiple other Arab countries nationalized mineral wealth and an independent monetary policy by the Central Bank of Libya, which managed the Libyan gold (in Greece Bank of Greece privately owned with confidential recommendation portfolio).

Westerners would probably intervene in Syria by NATO air strikes etc but Russia keeps in Tartus, Syria major naval port with full coverage antiaircraft S-300 PMU, TOR-M1 etc which is operated by Russians themselves.

Indeed, some blogs have air that Turkish IDs grabbed two missiles of S-300 in photo identification effort.

On the other and of course China and Iran seem to be reground fine supports Assad.

If they, namely Russia, China and Iran withdraw their support Assad in a matter of hours to Westerners Entering to lynch and enforce their own government-Banana.

Do not forget that Syria is in the fourth grade Patriarchate of Antioch that is based in Damascus.

These light that we see on channels with monks, priests etc are Orthodox fathers and brothers who call themselves Rum from the Greeks, are the descendants of the Byzantines and did not betray their faith when Syria was conquered by the Arabs.

Furthermore let me remind you that Al Qaeda, yes known terrorist organization made ​​in USA, said that 600 members are battling against Assad, that work for the U.S., Israel, etc.

I would remind you that in 1974 it is said that the father of Assad had disposed the military airports to Greece to refuel the Greek fighters to defend Cyprus.
Of course the then government did not exploit the offer of Syria.

Needless to say that the U.S. and Israel are pushing the direct interruption of television channels that broadcast events from the perspective of Assad.
Needless to say that Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries will block the satellite support these channels via satellites occupy themselves.
Needless to say that the director of Obama’s national security leadership of the effort disinformation against Assad crafting the tale that will Entering as saviors of a dictator like Saddam and Gaddafi.
Needless to say about the role of Israel’s Mossad, the destabilizing role and setting up wholly owned states around Israel (Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iran) all now? Coincidence is it?

It is needless to say that the Golan Heights occupied by the Israelis from Syria in the 1967 Six-Day War annexed by normally first, secure the 1/3 of the water of Israel and will not spoil them all to attach something else reground fine regions by Syria … cantons.
Needless to say that with all those directly served the Zionist club.
Is superfluous to say that experts in psychological warfare and the control of the masses behind the pro-Western Syria channels just like in Greece to peddle memorandum, selling off public property, selling off mineral wealth etc.

Let’s see some posts:

Here you see a video of many truths about what really happens. Speaking Orthodox Syrians and Imam Muslim who confesses that indirectly knows fanatical Muslims who provoke Assad, the unknown, etc.

Christians Syrian Orthodox in their overwhelming majority, constitute 10% of the total population, living in harmony with others for centuries. Indeed, the Patriarchate of Antioch is one of the 4 “grandfather” of the Orthodox Patriarchate of Constantinople together with, Jerusalem and Alexandria.

So the Jew-Americans want to destroy the Orthodox population in the country in order to make Islamic standards protectorate of Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and other regimes – pawns of the Zionists: Obstacle in these plans are the Syrian Orthodox.

Their major problem, however, is the dynamic presence of the Russians in the region. Maybe that’s why “sent” them … useful idiots cause Turks to the test: The results, all we know.

Here you will see British and American friends reporters say … now … see agents are self-adhesive with alleged rebels against Assad.

In the photo journalists of the “Sunday Times” Marie Colvin and Paul Conroy, posing with wanted terrorists, obviously agents of the CIA and the MI6 
is located in Kalintigia Homs in Syria. antiregime The rebels gather in a building Christians and Alevis hostages and THE blown up with dynamite.
Following charge-crime Syrian Army, defiance and the testimony of so many eyewitnesses. 
Who writes them? Assad a man? No. It is the testimony of a Munich the depositors or mother Agnes – Mary of the Cross, IN French-language website of neighboring monastery St. James. Nobody but you do not ‘discover’ …

And reproduce them but someone, what would you change? Na, eg The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung wrote arrangements for the slaughter of 90 in Houla how he did against rebels in Alevi and Shiite supporters of Assad: Sunni insurgents attacked the barricade that had set up the Syrian army to protect their Alevi villages. 
battle lasted or half an hour and was deadly. Slaughtered women belong to Sunni family that had converted TO siitism, in another that was considered but Sunni collaborators status and other Shiite Family, as stated in the Dutch journalist Martin Jansen survivors fled to the aforementioned monastery.

Nevertheless, Within a few days of journalistic reference for Houla, USA, France, UK, Germany and other Western diplomats expelled Syrians in token “protest”. Complete, ie, confirmation of blatant provocation. So, while he’s decades of quiet life of 2.4 million Christians marching towards the finish (as happened in Iraq when “liberated” from Saddam), another massive crime organized, to the desertification of an Arabic country, despite the reactions of the Russians (who sold attack helicopters in Damascus and launched intercontinental missile submarine in the Mediterranean!)

But how are all these? Thierry Meuse during the campaign of disinformation and war through the media has been undertaken by Benjamin Rhodes, National Security Council White House communications strategy. 
shall coordinate the effort for internal collapse now Syria and coup (after The attitude of Putin rather prohibits the attacker). It is a matter of days blocked channels Syrian television and replaced with energizing the CIA. Already the Arab League has formally requested by the operators of Nilesat and Arabsat satellites to quit all Syrian media, government and non (Syria TV, Al-Ekbariya, Ad-Dounia, Cham TV …), as was done in Libya! background made even more. In Qatar, the other day there were two international meetings: the first stage of psychological warfare of the channels Al-Arabiya, Al-Jazeera, BBC, CNN, Fox, France 24, Future TV and MTV coordinated with the American line but also  idiots“The Christians in Beirut, the Alevis in the grave! “40 from any religious stations. meeting on Thursday technicians and engineers discuss the construction of image, video and computers, both inside and outside the studio. Already in Saudi Arabia were placed copies of the Presidential Palace and the central square of Syria in Doha after she was deemed insufficient. Meanwhile, in Riyadh, Saudi ambassador to the U.S., his compatriot Gen. James B. Smith, also a British representative met with Prince Bandar Bin Sultan (him that Bush called “son” of) for a coordination with mercenaries latest in “Freedom Syrian Army” of the rebels.

Islamists and Westerners hand in hand once again.

Here you see Syrian rebel, rebel to plunder the Orthodox church.
Are financed by the U.S., France, Israel and who receive our lenders and partners.
Where is Our government? Archbishop Jerome why does he  not speak?

Here you will see the beautiful Orthodox Holy Monastery of St. George of Homer in Syria

It is said that the monastery was built-in the 5th AD century by Emperor Justinian I in on an ancient statue of the god Homer, so it is known as “the monastery of St. George of Homer.”
The monastery stands the main temple, built-in the 19th century within which we admire an impressive wooden temple of great artistic value.

Here you will see the Orthodox Monastery of the Archangels in Syria

The Cherubim Monastery is one of the Orthodox monasteries of Syria and the Patriarchate of Antioch. It is built at an altitude of 2,000 meters above sea level and only 7 km away from the town and there Safntnagia great monastery of Panagia.
The Cherubim Monastery celebrates on Nov. 8, was founded in the 3rd century, but during the 16th century ruined. However, following a decision of the Patriarch of Antioch Ignatius W, rebuilt in 1982 and run by the monks of the neighboring monastery of St. George.
West of the monastery is a large courtyard, where excavations are carried out and have been found underground spaces, possibly catacombs. Next to the monastery was rebuilt recently guest quarters of the monastery and an orphanage.
related photos



Here you see a satellite photo of the Syrian border with imprinted area.With beautiful country 22 million inhabitants.

What is really happening in Syria?

by Eric Margolis

The dark and layered conflict in Syria is getting worse. And with it intensifies and public confusion, here in the West, and the U.S., the UK and some other European media portray civil war underway in Syria as a simple game in which passionate from the evil one is Assad regime Damascus and the other the, mostly unarmed protesters Republican.

The same scalar disappointing media coverage we saw recently in the case of Libya, where he utilized the way media to support foreign intervention. Informing that currently exists for Syria are equally imperfect as it was for Libya, where, incidentally, the situation is dangerously out of control.

The opinions expressed in this article are based on reliable primary sources in Washington, Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon:

The support for the Ba’athist regime of Assad family, which has been in power for 41 years, is in constant decline. However, large parts of the armed forces, 17 intelligence and security services, strong minority Alaouiton, most Christians of Syria, some tribal elements and much of the commercial middle and upper classes are still on the side of Assad. Despite strong Western efforts to overthrow, Bashar al-Assad, a bland former ophthalmologist, keeps everything firmly in power.

The U.S., Britain, France, and some conservative Arab allies have funded and armed from the outset uprising in Syria, which began a year ago. In fact, the U.S. fund groups anti polite fontai Assad regime (father and son) from the mid 1990’s. said that weapons and ammunition to the rebels arrive in Syria through Jordan and Lebanon. Wing groups in Lebanon, funded by Western and Arab forces and Israel played a key role in the process of entry into the Syrian territory in the north of the country combatants and equipment.

The Sunni  Muslim Brothers raised its head again against the Damascus regime dominated by Alawites. In 1982, the undersigned was outside the Syrian city of Hama when government forces crushed the uprising of the Muslim Brotherhood, killing, an estimated 10,000 people and razing part of the city with heavy artillery.

Now the whole story involved and jihadists(note inprecor: holy war). Recently, small groups of al Qaeda veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan have entered Syria through bombings, car bombs with trying to destabilize the government. The current leader of al Qaeda, Dr Ayman al-Zawahiri, has called for an all out war against the regime of Assad.

If anything is very interesting that the USA, Britain and France are now hugging those same forces of jihad who profess that they despise – and which of course used in Afghanistan in the 80’s and later, in Libya.

In this dangerous mix, one must add the growing number of local militias in Syria, who fight each other and committing heinous crimes against civilians, bringing to mind the bloody civil wars in Iraq and Lebanon.

The main aim of Washington in Syria is felled the Assad regime to hit the closest ally, Iran. there so much anti-Iranian hysteria in the current period in the U.S., if any blow can be achieved against the Islamic Republic is good step. The oldest U.S. fears about the possibility of chaos in a prevalence Syria after the overthrow of Assad, seem now to be forgotten because of the rush to undermine Iran through the destabilization of Syria.The Republicans, led by Senator John McCain, are pushing for war against Syria and President Barack Obama is trying to rein in the hawks of war.

Israel, whose influence in Washington in this election period is unprecedented, raising the fever of war against Syria and Iran . Israel is satisfied that the crises in the two countries have been marginalize the timeliness issue of Palestine and the Golan Heights (note inprecor placed under Israeli occupation in the Six-Day War in 1967 from Syria), which annexed illegally by Israel in 1981 (note inprecor: as happened with East Jerusalem).comes from the Golan in 1/3 of the total water needed Israel. goal of Israel is to see Syria dismembered in conflict cantons, as is currently done in Iraq.

The French right, led by the UMP party of President Nicholas Sarkozy, always wanted to resettle in Lebanon and Syria’s influence was available when colonies of France. The Assad regime in Syria works like a thorn in the side of France for four decades, particularly in Lebanon, which Syria insists that it is still part of history. France hopes to repeat in Syria of stirring up the passions and benefits achieved by supporting the rebels in Libya.

Russia defends Assad regime and is determined not be fooled in the case of Syria from the perspective of a supposedly “humanitarian” intervention as happened in Libya. China is equally cautious. Both But slowly, relax the intensity of their support to Damascus as demonstrated last week by the unanimous call of the UN Security Council for a new peace plan for Syria.

A ceasefire is supererogatory necessary. Syria must stop using heavy weapons in urban areas. But forces outside Syria must stop supporting violent militias that Damascus calls “terrorists.” None of the parties involved has clean hands in Syria.

Eric Margolis, author of War at the Top of the World and American Raj: Liberation or Domination?: Resolving the Conflict Between the West and the Muslim World


Ultimately I think we must understand what games are played internationally, that Zionism alter the states that terrorists and traitors to their country called democrats and revolutionaries, that Orthodox Christians are targeted and called … terrorists, that the House of Peoples repealed that that …. …. …. how to identify and propagate the truth is something curative in a world steeped in falsehood.