Bernard Levy Sneaks into Libya, Meets Khalid Sharif and Terrorist Leaders in Sabratha

Bernard Levy Sneaks into Libya, Meets Khalid Sharif and Terrorist Leaders in Sabratha

by JoanneM



Bernard-Henri Lévy, one of the top Zionist Criminals in the world, the “lead-dog” who shows up in foreign countries to start and fund “false flag” revolutions, was secreted into Libya yesterday. The US counterpart to Levy is John McCain who also shows up in foreign countries supporting terrorists cloaked as “rebels”. Levy is a multibillionaire Zionist from France, he calls him self a “philosopher” – seriously? How does a philosopher become a billionaire war monger? (Death and destruction must be his philosophy.) He is the pinnacle around the entire mess in the Middle East and North Africa. He was the perpetrator, funder and co-designer of the fake “Arab Spring”. This man is evil and where ever he shows up you can count on some kind of catastrophe happening. He carries with him the Zionist bankers (who control the world toilet paper MONEY) checkbook. The people of the Middle East and North Africa have figured him out, they know he is the harbinger of destruction and he was ousted by the people of Tunisia a few months ago when he attempted to enter Tunisia to meet with terrorist leaders from Tunisia and Libya. He did manage to have a secret meeting with Abdulhakem Belhaj(Al Qaeda, LIFG leader from Libya) during that short visit. He then attempted to travel to Algeria and that country refused him entry. Everybody knows he is a pariah.

So, Levy sneaks into Libya – he shows up in Tripoli yesterday and is met by Khalid Sharif another well known terrorist who was put into a ministers position by the past puppet Prime Minister and criminal now in exile Ali Zeidan. A short history of Khalid Sharif , Abdulhaken Belhaj, Sami Al Saadi and Sufian bin Qumo, all known terrorists now in positions of control in Libya.

“According to Kronos Advisory LLC, when the U.S. invaded Afghanistan in
2001 after 9/11, Khalid al-Sharif escaped Afghanistan to Pakistan, where he
remained until 2003. In 2003 he was captured in Peshawar, Pakistan, and
handed over to the U.S., which later transferred him to Libya in 2005. While
in Abu Selim prison in Tripoli, al-Sharif participated in the reconciliation
dialogue with Saif Qaddafi. On March 23, 2010, Khalid al-Sharif,
characterized as the “LIFG military commander” by Kronos Advisory LLC,
was released along with LIFG emir Abdel Hakim Belhadj, Sami al-Saadi, the
spiritual leader of the LIFG, and Abu Sufian bin Qumu, the current leader of
Ansar al-Sharia, who had been a detainee at Guantanomo. Ansar al-Sharia
took CREDIT for the terrorist attack on the U.S. mission in Benghazi.”

Khalid Sharif takes Levy to a place in Libya near Sabratha where he meets the leaders of all the terrorist groups in Libya (Al Qaeda, Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), Ansar Al Sharia, Muslim Brotherhood and others). It is pretty obvious that there is a problem in the terrorist hold on Libya. They need MONEY, they need weapons, they need mercenaries. The Libyan people by 98% hate these terrorists and want them dead or gone. Libya is standing up for herself and the terrorists are losing so here comes their slithering leader to pass out some orders and some MONEY. The Zionists own all the banks and print all the toilet paper money so passing it out is never a problem for them. Death and destruction is just “acceptable collateral damage”.

It should be obvious to anyone that Levy himself is a criminal, all the upheaval in Libya was caused by the Zionists with their puppets, McCain, Levy, Sarkozy, Obama, Cameron, Clinton, et. al., leading the charge. Their paid army of mercenaries known by such names as Al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, Ansar Al Sharia and LIFG, are trained by the CIA, MI5, Israeli Mossad and other covert intelligence agencies. The main stream media all over the world, owned by the Zionists, is their dis-information machine. The truth is beginning to come out thanks to great information highway known as the internet, the worst enemy of the Zionists.

The Libyan tribes, the Libyan National army and the legitimate government in Libya (the elected Parliament in Tobruk) are working hard to clean their country of the garbage installed by the evil Zionists. We stand with them and pray for them, they are fighting a powerful enemy but they will WIN, after all it is their country and has been for over 8000 years.

** Editorial Note: If you wonder why there are not articles posted daily, it is because I only post information and facts I receive directly from legitimate Libyan tribal leaders who are living in exile or who are freedom fighters in their own country. This way all of my information is completely accurate. There has been a lot going on and I elect not to jeopardize the lives of any of those brave patriots. Just imagine this country of very few citizens having to fight the Juggernaut of the USA who is following the Zionists orders and supplying the radical Islamists foreign occupiers with money and weapons daily. The great tribes of Libya are fighting with their hearts and their limited weapons for their beloved homeland. They deserve all the support that we can give them.


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Secret Meeting in Algiers

Secret Meeting in Algiers

by:Bakhtiar Usmonov

NEO: On December 4, 2014 Maghreb Confidential, a newspaper published in Paris and focusing on reviewing political and economic events in the North Africa, reported on a secret meeting in Algiers between two iconic Libyan leaders. These are Ali Sallabi, a theologist known for his clerical views, presently the spiritual father of the Al-Fajr Islamist coalition, and Mahmoud Jibril, the leader of so-called secular coalition, the National Forces Alliance, NFA. Judging by Mahmoud Jibril’s statements, NFA allegedly supports the new Libyan government in Tobruk.

The Algerian party is reported to have been the initiator of the meeting which had been arranged to facilitate a negotiated compromise between the leaders of various Libyan groups. Since September 2014, the Algerian authorities have been looking for opportunities to establish contacts between the former Gaddafi supporters and moderate Islamists. Noteworthy is the fact that in the early 2000’s Ali Sallabi and Mahmoud Jibril were putting lots of effort to have the Islamists included in the Libyan government. As we know, this process had been governed by Seim al-Islam, the son of Muammar Gaddafi.

The fact of meeting itself is interesting because Mahmoud Jibril, besides everything else, is one of the leaders of the Warfalla tribal group considered to be one of the largest and most influential tribal groups in Tripolitania. It stands high with Algeria who sees Warfalla tribe as a protective shield against the Islamists who established their base in Tripoli. The Warfalla still retain neutrality in the inter-Libyan armed confrontation. Western experts believe the outcome of this confrontation depends mainly on the position of the tribe’s leaders.

The meeting between the two leaders was preceded by a series of consultations between Mahmoud Jibril and Mustapha Nouh, the Islamist deputy intelligence chief. Seemingly, conditions of a possible compromise were discussed.

The possibility of Ali Sallabi’s trip to Algeria was most likely discussed by the Islamist leaders in Tripoli and the trip was probably authorized by their military leader, Abdelhakim Belhadj.

By conducting such consultations in its territory, Algeria is trying to seize the initiative from Egypt to resolve the crisis in Libya. Apparently, Cairo is regarding the meeting in Algeria as an attempt to neutralize their protégé – a retired Libyan General, Khalifa Haftar, leading, according to the Syrian information agency SANA, the operations of Al-Karama in elimination of terrorists in Libya. The Egyptians, as a retaliatory move, are ready to release Ahmed Kaddafedam, the leader of Gaddafi-supporters, to have him conduct negotiations with moderate Islamists under the control of Egyptian party.

On December 7, 2014 newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat, with reference to an unnamed member of the Government of Abdullah Al-Thani, spread the message that the Libyan government located in Tobruk intends to appoint General Khalifa Haftar commander in chief of the armed forces of the country. Concurrently, there were reports on the latest successes of Abdullah Al-Thani’s supporters in the fight against the Islamists near Tripoli and in the east of the country. Apparently, these steps are Cairo’s response to the meeting in Algiers. Simultaneously, this should be regarded as a signal to all major tribal groups currently maintaining neutrality, including the Warfalla, that it is time to determine which side to take.



2 Parlamente, 2 Regierungen, ein General

2 Parlamente, 2 Regierungen, ein General

Libyen. Die politische Lage in Libyen ist verwirrend. Der nachfolgende Beitrag stellt einen Versuch dar, die Vorgänge seit Mai 2014 darzustellen.

Ein Nutzerbeitrag von Angelika Gutsche

Die Ereignisse:  Im Mai 2014 hatte in Bengasi die gegen islamstische Milizen gerichtete „Operation Karama“ (Operation Dignity/Würde) von General Khalifa Al-Haftar begonnen.  Al-Haftar verfügte über eine kleine Armee, deren Einsätze von den USA mit Hilfe des Franzosen Bernard Levi koordiniert wurden.  Als sich Al-Haftar den  Milizen unterlegen zeigte, intervenierten die Großen Stämme zusammen mit der Zivilbevölkerung und begannen, die Stadt von Extremisten zu säubern.

 Im Juni wurde ein neues, säkular ausgerichtetes Parlament gewählt, das schon im August aus der Hauptstadt Tripolis in das an der Grenze zu Ägypten gelegene Tobruk im Osten des Landes fliehen musste. Denn seit sich viele islamistische Gruppen (von Al-Kaida über Ansar Al-Sharia, die Moslembruderschaft, ISIS und andere) lose unter dem Namen „Dawn of Libya“ („Libysche Morgenröte“) zusammengeschlossen hatten, intensivierten sich die in der Stadt ausgeübten Gewalttaten noch einmal. Dutzende Politiker, Journalisten und Aktivisten wurden in Tripolis gefangengenommen, gekidnappt oder gleich ermordet.

 Anfang Juli hatten alle libyschen Milizen ein Abkommen unterzeichnet, in dem die Grenzen ihrer Einflusssphären festgelegt waren. Danach stand der internationale Flughafen von Tripolis, wie das seit Ende des Krieges 2011 bereits der Fall war, weiterhin unter der Kontrolle der Zintan-Milizen. Doch kaum war das Abkommen getroffen, wurde es von den Misrata-Milizen gebrochen: Sie griffen auf Anraten von Katar, Saudi Arabien und der Türkei den Flughafen an, denn über den Flughafen konnte alles, von Waffen bis Geld, ins Land gebracht werden. Doch die Zintan-Milizen behaupteten sich und Misrata musste sich unter schweren Verlusten zurückziehen. Zintan warf  Misrata vor, die getroffenen Vereinbarungen nicht eingehalten zu haben und so flammten die Kämpfe erneut auf, an denen sich ab August auch die Großen Stämme beteiligten. Im Verlauf der heftigen Auseinandersetzungen zerstörten die Misrata-Brigaden den Flughafen von Tripolis sowie die gesamte Flugzeugflotte und schossen große Öltanks in Brand.

 Das alte libysche Parlament, dessen Mitglieder mit der „Dawn of Libya“ sympathisieren, trat weiterhin in Tripolis zusammen, obwohl dessen Repräsentanten nach den Juni-Wahlen aufgefordert worden waren, zurückzutreten. Von diesem islamistisch ausgerichteten GNC (General National Congress), der sich weigerte, die Legitimität der neuen Versammlung, das Repräsentantenhaus, anzuerkennen, wurde der pro-islamistische Politiker Omar Al-Hasi am 25. August zum Premierminister gewählt. Die „Dawn of Libya“ sicherte ihm die Kontrolle über Tripolis.

 Im neu gewählten Parlament hatten Liberale und Föderalisten die Mehrheit. Die wenigen dort noch vertretenen islamistischen Kräfte boykottierten das jetzt in Tobruk tagende, international anerkannt Parlament. Im September wurde dort Abdullah Al-Thani zum Premierminister gewählt.

 Ab jetzt gab es in Libyen zwei Parlamente, zwei Regierungen und zwei Premierminister.

 Einem Paukenschlag kam die Nachricht vom 6. November gleich, als das Oberste Gericht in Tripolis die Wahl des Tobruk-Parlaments als verfassungswidrig bezeichnete. Das Urteil selbst scheint kaum anfechtbar, allerdings sind die Umstände, unter denen es zustande kam, mehr als dubios. Drei Richter waren zurückgetreten, die damit ihr Leben und das ihrer Familien riskierten. Verbleibende Richter wurden mit auf ihren Kopf zielenden Gewehren zur Zustimmung genötigt. Der Druck durch die in Tripolis herrschende „Dawn of Libya“ war enorm.

 Die Regierung von Tobruk gab dazu keine Stellungnahme ab. Sie hatte General Al-Haftar in die libysche Armee aufgenommen und nachdem sich ein Großteil der pro-libyschen, säkularen Kräfte in den Osten des Landes zurückgezogen hatten, konnte dieser ebenso wie Bengasi weitgehend von islamistischen Milizen befreit werden.

 Bei allen militärischen Aktionen in Libyen taucht immer wieder der Name des Generalmajors Khalifa Al-Haftar auf. Doch wer ist dieser Al-Haftar eigentlich? Wenn man den aus Bengasi stammenden Haftar als eine schillernde Figur bezeichnet, ist dies eine äußerst schmeichelhafte Umschreibung. Bereits 1988 gründete der einstige Mitstreiter Gaddafis mit Unterstützung der CIA die Libyan National Army (LNA), die den Sturz Gaddafis zum Ziel hatte. Nachdem dieses Unterfangen gescheitert war, lebte Haftar die nächsten zwanzig Jahre in der Stadt Falls Church in Virginia/USA. Dieser Ort befindet sich in nächster Nähe von Langley, dem Standort des CIA-Hauptquartiers. Von dort führte Haftar LNA-Aktivitäten durch.

Anfang 2011 kehrte Haftar, der einen amerikanischen Pass besitzt, nach Libyen zurück. Er wurde am 17. März 2011 zum Oberkommandierenden der „Rebellen“ ernannt und kämpfte mit einer eigenen Miliz auf Seiten der Nato gegen die Jamahirija. Damit zeichnet er mitverantwortlich für all die Leiden, die seitdem über das libysche Volk hereingebrochen sind.

 Der Libyer Al-Fatah schätzt Al-Haftar wie folgt ein: „Als die FUKUS (F/UK/US) erkennen mussten, dass ein libyscher„failed state“ [A.d.Ü: in dem sich die IS auszubreiten anschickte] nicht wirklich in ihrem Sinne war, finanzierten sie Haftar, damit dieser im Februar 2014 einen Staatsstreich organisieren sollte. Haftar wurde von den Libyern nicht anerkannt, sondern allgemein scharf verurteilt. Er musste in Tripolis im Haus der amerikanischen Botschafterin Deborah Jones Zuflucht suchen, bis er von den USA/CIA herausgeholt und mit dem Schiff nach Bengasi gebracht werden konnte. Dort erhielt er jede nur erdenkliche Unterstützung zur Ausrüstung der Armee, Flugzeuge, Militär- und Public-Relation-Berater. Ein Teil der  Nationalarmee schloss sich ihm an und gemeinsam mit ihr führte er im Mai 2014 einen zweiten Staatsstreich durch. Anschließend forderten ihn seine Militär- und PR-Berater zu einer Stellungnahme auf, in der er eingestand, dass nur die Jamahirija-Revolution von 1969 [unter Gaddafi] eine echte Revolution gewesen sei, die außerdem ohne Blutvergießen stattgefunden habe, während es sich bei der „Revolution“ des „17. Februar“ (Gruppierung benannt nach den Vorgängen vom 17. Februar 2011) um keine echte Revolution gehandelt habe, denn sie hätte nur mit Hilfe einer ausländischen Intervention durchgeführt werden können, die mit der Bombardierung des Landes endete. Von dieser Stellungnahme Al-Haftars ließen sich die Libyer einige Wochen täuschen. Doch als Al-Haftar schon bei den ersten Widerständen, die ihm Ansar-Al-Sharia-Brigaden entgegensetzen, aus Bengasi flüchtete und die weiteren Kämpfe den Großen Stämmen und der Zivilbevölkerung überließ, war es schnell mit dem Glauben an Al-Haftar vorbei. Kein einziger Stammesführer traute ihm mehr, ebenso wenig die Regierung in Tobruk. Doch um die sogenannte FUKUS zufriedenzustellen und um endlich den Frieden in Libyen wiederherstellen zu können, wurde Haftar aus diplomatischen Gründen die offizielle Führungsrolle überlassen. Tatsächlich verfügt Haftar nur über einige hundert Soldaten, die seinem Schutz dienen, während die Großen Stämme kämpfen und das Land säubern… Obwohl Haftar über keinerlei Führungsqualitäten verfügt und von den Kämpfen in Bengasi kilometerweit entfernt war, soll er nun von der sogenannten FUKUS zum Helden hochstilisiert werden. Doch Haftar ist und bleibt ein Mann der CIA.“ Soweit Al-Fatah.

 Inzwischen darf die Erwähnung Al-Haftars in kaum einer westlichen Berichterstattung über die Vorgänge in Libyen fehlen, er wird sogar als „moderner Gaddafi“ gepriesen, als starker Mann, der mit seiner „Operation Karama“ (Würde) wieder die Ordnung im Land herstellen soll. Nun will Al-Haftar auf Weisung des Ministerpräsidenten Al-Thani mit der Bodenoffensive zur Befreiung von Tripolis aus den Händen des „Dawn of Libya“ beginnen. Erste Kämpfe sind bereits im Gange.

 Keine Frage, dass der ägyptische Machthaber el-Sisi die Regierung in Tobruk und die Nationalarmee gegen den „Dawn of Libya“ unterstützt, ebenso wie dies die Regierung in Algerien tut, die die Grenze nach Libyen für Hilfslieferungen und den Transport von Verwundeten geöffnet hat. Und auch keine Frage, dass auf der Gegenseite Katar und die Türkei den „Dawn of Libya“ unterstützen.

 Interessant erscheint in diesem Zusammenhang die Nachricht, dass Malta seine Botschafter aus Tripolis vor wenigen Tagen auf Grund der sich verschlechternden Sicherheitslage abgezogen hat. Malta bemühte sich, zwischen den beiden verfeindeten libyschen Regierungen zu vermitteln. Doch nun waren die maltesischen Diplomaten von Premierminister Al-Thani in Tobruk gewarnt worden, sich auf keinerlei Gespräche mit dem GNC in Tripolis mehr einzulassen.

 Welche Rolle spielen die USA? Schon im Juli musste die amerikanische Botschaft aus Tripolis evakuiert werden. Heute residiert Botschafterin Deborah Jones auf Malta. Sie hält gute Kontakte zum islamistischen Parlament in Tripolis und nur vereinzelt welche zur Tobruk-Regierung. Die Unterstützung für die „Dawn of Libya“ wurde nie eingestellt, andererseits wird von den USA auch CIA-Mann Al-Haftar mit Geld, Waffen und auf jede andere erdenkliche Weise unterstützt, genau jener Haftar, der gerade gegen Tripolis und den „Dawn of Libya“ marschiert. Die Sache komplett absurd erscheinen lässt die neueste Nachricht, dass Al-Haftar und die USA angeblich ihre Allianz gelöst hätten.

 Ebenfalls wurde gemeldet, die IS würde laut US-Militärangaben nun Ausbildungslager im Osten Libyens aufbauen. Tatsächlich wird die Stadt Derna vom IS kontrolliert und es befindet sich dort ebenfalls ein Trainingslager. Allerdings gehen die Nationale Libysche Armee und die Großen Stämme davon aus, diese Plätze spätestens im nächsten Jahr zurückerobern zu können. Der Osten Libyens wird ansonsten weitgehend von den säkularen Kräften kontrolliert. Und Ägypten wird an seiner Grenze bestimmt keine IS-Kämpfer dulden.

 Wie wird Libyen aus all diesem Durcheinander hervorgehen? Das libysche Volk hat eine lange Tradition der Resistance. Es widerstand den italienischen Kolonisatoren und dem Ausverkauf durch das Königshaus Idris. So bleibt zu hoffen, dass es auch in dieser schwierigen Lage in der Nachfolge Omar Muktars und Muamar Gaddafis sein Land gegen fremde Mächte und Interessen zu verteidigen weiß.


Editor’s Note:

I would like to thank publicly the Internet newspaper Der Freitag Politik and Angelika Gutsche for all the interviews they have done with me and allowed a Libyan voice other than the Libyan Western puppets and without censorship to talk about the truth and what is really happening in Libya. Hoping that other newspapers of the west will follow suit and do the right thing for once and write the truth and not what their governments and corporate organizations tell them too. 

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Libyan secret meetings in Cairo to isolate the Brotherhood and their militias

Libyan secret meetings in Cairo to isolate the Brotherhood and their militias

Rusaifa news: Middle East


In front of a villa overlooking the «Diplomatic Quarter» in the suburb of «Fifth Avenue» in eastern Cairo, Egyptians guards were standing in a gray clothes. Here resides one of the most important figures that have worked for years with Muammar Gaddafi before defecting from his regime in 2011. Shortly after, there seemed to be some interesting movement. Yes .. I just came from a delegation representing the three most prominent supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya, and crossed the entrance to the villa decorated with mirrors Pharaonic and fees.

It was with the delegation and the collection of documents, including paper consists of several points to negotiate around, while including other securities, the proceeds of the meetings held by politicians and businessmen «moderate» but affiliated at the same time with the forces «dawn of Libya» led by militants from «Brotherhood». It emerged from the papers that these supporters of the militia group tend to give them up, and they have the vision beyond the narrow perspective that deals with the Muslim Brotherhood and the hard-liners with the Libyan situation.

Records confirmed that the victory of the «dawn Libya» in the battle for control of Tripoli International Airport and the capital itself in the past few months «interviewed major political losses became a local, regional and international repercussions are in favor of the new parliament, which held its meetings in Tobruk.»

And leads the young man of the leading importers of Libyan delegation in Tripoli. Contrary to the trends of the leaders of «dawn Libya» Documents indicate the existence of efforts of the leading supporters of this force to engage in dialogue with the rest of the opponents with the help of neighboring countries and the United Nations agree on the political situation, including the recognition of the new parliament, with reservations on the pop-up from the government, and Major General Khalifa Haftar, who leads the «Dignity» military operation against extremists.

In a new language what the meaning of the papers said that «that the  power of dawn Libya which is led from the Brotherhood, it has to learn that it would not be in its ability to enter into negotiations with international parties about the solution in Libya, as long as it refuses to recognize the parliament chosen by the people, according to the polls, and the road of democratic ».

This development comes in conjunction with the tightening of the national army, led by Haftar ****(I have said it in a previous article its not him but the Honorable tribes), strikes on militant positions, not only in Benghazi, but in the capital and its surroundings, ie against the strongholds of militias «brothers» led by figures, mostly from the city of Misrata, 200 kilometers east of Tripoli.

Egypt has several dozens of important Libyan personalities that belong to the era of Gaddafi and the other belongs to the era of the so-called «revolution of February 17, 2011», including dissidents and former opponents .. all of them have fled the country, after the dominance of the Muslim Brotherhood and militants allied with the group in the country, For the past three years, due to assassination threats by extremists.

After that roamed a lot of these characters Arab and European countries, and finally settled in the towers overlooking the Nile, and villas located within the closed housing complexes on the outskirts of Cairo, such as Sixth of October City, and the «Fifth Avenue». Among those government leaders and former ministers belonging to different political, tribal and regional trends.

Some of these parties and hold mini-meetings, and unannounced, from time to time to follow what is going on from the fighting in their country and ways to get rid of the risks that threaten the rest of the Libyan state. It increased such meetings in recent weeks, also included interviews with delegates from Europe and the United States, Russia, the last interview took place in the «Four Seasons» Hotel overlooking the Corniche Cairo, with a French man with extensive ties with leaders in the Middle East and the European Union area, and listened from Libyan political figures the risks of Islamist militants, not only for Libya, but security in the neighborhood and the Mediterranean and Europe.

This is the first time that the representatives asked the Libyan businessmen known senior financial, tribal and regional their support for the Muslim Brotherhood interview poles calculated on «Gaddafi regime» and calculated on «the new parliament.» The documents show that received the leaders of the Libyan resident in Cairo copies as well, which has become a crisis experienced by the Muslim Brotherhood, especially after the popular and political losses that hit the group in both Egypt and Tunisia. It was the diversion of these documents also to senior officials involved Libyan affairs, from Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria and international parties.

The «Fifth Avenue» area and one of the finest residential sites in Cairo, located in villas for senior figures from Egypt and abroad. And in front of the villa overlooking the «Diplomatic Quarter» one of the guards opened the door to enter the three Libyans, arriving here via Istanbul Turkish airport, only to find their reception in the former leader of the Gaddafi regime, aged about 60 years.

The men exchanged smiles, shaking their hands in Salamat hot and long, before they disappear in the wide saloon, which consists of several angles Privacy granted if there is more than one visitor at the same time. Saw «Middle East» aside from this unique meeting, which touched on at the beginning, for the conduct of life in the country in chaos, and that’s about filled with pistachio and almond seeds and pulp and juice dishes.

The owner of the villa asked his guests all 5 of the major political and tribal leaders the old and imprisoned in the cellars of the names belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood militias in Tripoli and its environs since Gaddafi killed in the fall of 2011, so far, but the responses were frustrating, where the head of the delegation shall reply.
Here, the former leader of the Gaddafi regime said that in the event of the death of any of these figures in the militia prisons would be attempts of understanding about the difficulty in the future, and that «even if the forsaken for the Muslim Brotherhood to support this does not take the responsibility for the fate of the detainees», pointing out that these five suffering from ill health due to aging, including a cousin of Gaddafi himself.

He continued to all three guests: «We do not want to release the accused in criminal cases, to be completed investigations with respect to whom the requirements to be fair, including former intelligence chief (Sanusi) and former Prime Minister (Mahmoudi), but there are detainees that have no sin except that they belong to tribes Gaddafi relied a number of its sons during his rule, from tribes Warfalla and Almgarhh also Qadhadhfa ».

The head of the delegation, which enjoys the confidence of business leaders known standing behind the Brotherhood militia, living in exile, in Europe,  the former exiled, and returned to the country to engage in the February Revolution, but after working with the «rebels system and the  battallions» surprised Brotherhood dominated by – he says – and trying, especially from the beginning of this year, dragging other leaders of the influential support of the group’s wars against other factions and tribes and cities Libya, he decided to stop going down this road, the middle of this year, and aligned to the movement led by politicians and the rich and intellectuals, including academics learned abroad The young men from the city of Misrata wealthy.

The head of the delegation said that «Misrata want to get rid of the charges of supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and extremists.» And began to explain, as he looks to the walls and from the family and map images of Libya, the difficulties pointed out that many of the Libyans at home and abroad do not know about the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood leaders in the cities of Misrata and Zliten and Sirte and Sabratha and Benghazi,  the domination of the militia of thousands of young men and military equipment which became known in the post-«dawn of Libya», for control of the capital and its neighboring towns and militancy which has become the group, following its alliance with the rest of the extremist organizations in the country, including the rejection of dialogue with the new parliament and its symbols as they «Losing the legitimacy and use the army to overthrow the February Revolution ».

The afternoon of the dialogue, which was received by the parties after the lunch table with dishes Libyan Dishes, in the lobby of another villa, that the dispute President revolves around two points .. The first process «dawn of Libya», but there seemed to be a contemporary agreement in principle to subtract trying to separate the «rebels» from Brotherhood militia, in order to facilitate negotiations between the parties in the future task, away from the militants of the group.
And the second about the future «Major General Haftar»  if he continues to lead the «dignity process» could hamper the involvement of moderate actors, especially in Misrata, in the proposed negotiations, both within Libya or in one of the neighboring countries, such as Algeria. ***(what they mean on the second point is that Haftar has to slowdown so they(Misrata actors and delegators) will have enough time to recharge for a new wider battle, never Trust a MisuratiJew for their good intentions)

The nearby city of Benghazi, the seat of the heap area led military operations against extremists Haftar, while seen to Misrata as a main base for the operation «dawn Libya» that wraps dominated by hard-liners. Supports the new parliament the army’s war against militants across the country, led by Haftar, and has the internationally recognized government is a government of Abdullah al-Thani. This parliament and hold its meetings in the city of Tobruk, temporarily, away from the war zones.

For his part, the «General National Congress (outgoing parliament)», which was dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood and the extremists, based on «dawn Libya» forces, military arm to be reckoned with, in order to return to hold its meetings in Tripoli, and announce the formation of a parallel government led by Omar Hassi .

Hassi is sympathetic to the Muslim Brotherhood, but the problem is that the group camp adopts a speech refuses to recognize the elected parliaments, and describes himself as a camp that «represents a revolution that has against Gaddafi», and is still called the elements that are fighting with him the title of «rebels» Despite moving more 3 years after the end of the revolution. And the re-convening of the National Brotherhood conference sessions led by Nouri Abusahmain, calculated on the group. But the new documents referred to included for the first time to recognize explicitly that «the new parliament (which supported the dignity operation against extremists) represents political legitimacy in the country» and that «there are around a national consensus, whereas in contrast, that the rebels practices (intentional their militias dawn Libya and supporters Sharia) look outside legal legitimacy. »

And warns other document delivery forces «dawn Libya» itself to achieve the aspirations of the Muslim Brotherhood, and the seriousness of these forces serve as the Army of the Parliament of Abu arrows, and the Government of Hassi. The papers show the existence of an awareness of the hatred of the people to the experience of the previous parliament and passed laws such as the law of political isolation, and is caused by an increase in tension between the parties Libyans throughout his tenure, which lasted nearly two years and the two signed a lot of unrest and confrontations and assassinations.

And established members of the Libyan delegation in «Vermont» hotel near the Cairo International Airport, and they have a point of view says that things went rapidly since the Libyans decided to drop the Brotherhood of Representatives and the election of an independent national figures, 4 months ago, where he addressed the Muslim Brotherhood leaders «Unfortunately, most of them belonging to the city of Misratah »of the new parliament, and each of the declared loyalty army in the war against extremists.

And formed a community coalition of militias befriend some of al-Qaida, such as Ansar al-Sharia, and carried out the attack on Tripoli airport to subdue the capital to control by force, and indicates a member of the delegation that this was «making senior politicians and money, in Misrata, are concerned about the future, locally and internationally, especially after the Security Council passed Resolution No. 2161 the middle of this year, to impose financial sanctions and travel bans on individuals and entities that use violence, or financed by calling him ».

Chairman of the Libyan delegation For his part, says that most of them businessmen from the western region of the country and some from Benghazi, and because of UN Resolution referred to already have been prosecuted in recent months in some countries, including the Gulf states are important stations for importers Libyans for cars, electronic and home appliances from Asia , after suspicion of involvement in the Muslim Brotherhood and «dawn Libya» financing.

He says a member of the delegation and works in the field of importing drilling equipment and crushing gravel from Germany, and is one of the moderate politicians who began averse Brotherhood orientations, that reach understandings with political opponents both at home and from abroad are such groups that exist in Egypt «is still premature because of the extreme polarization caused by the group and its allies, among young people from Misrata and Sabratha and some areas in and around Tripoli ». He adds that «any dialogue or reconciliation will need to change the concepts of many, and thus more time, including the issue of the release of political and tribal particular leaders, but the most important thing at this stage that the world knows that we will not walk behind the Brotherhood, and the dawn of Libya operation we see that they do not have to stop .. This process has been calculated on Misratah, but is now controlled by extremists and exploit it to achieve their own goals narrow. »

And try the Libyan delegation to conduct any interview with representatives of the Egyptian state, but could not despite his request for responsible leaders in Cairo, through an intermediary, and that the Egyptian side response to the request of the delegation, indirectly, by stressing that «the least of the Libyan leaders that he rejects extremism and wants to withdraw from the alliance of the Muslim Brotherhood, he has to take practical action on the ground before knocking Egyptian door. »

The documents to meetings of politicians and businessmen in western Libya in recent weeks, and acknowledges that Libya has become a live stage of the lack of political, security and military balance, and they are close to failure in the performance of her work as a state. And predicted that this becomes problematic «complex and entangled and intertwined regionally and internationally.»

The documents reflect unusually daring, courage and give signals to the top of the forces behind the «dawn Libya» probably will not be able to continue to walk behind the aspirations of the Muslim Brotherhood.Recognizes other document not to maturation conviction principle of peaceful transfer of power, and the adoption of political elites on the pillars of regional support themselves b «militia», causing «sharp and violent interactions».

He says one of the members of the Libyan delegation that «the Islamists took advantage of the city of Misrata worst exploitation», because the rich and cohesive city, with a population of more than half a million people, is characterized by the presence of businessmen and money top where, supported strongly the revolt against Gaddafi, as thousands of young people who took part in the military operations while both entered «rebel forces» to the headquarters of the former regime in the Bab al-Azizia in Tripoli in August 2011, or when Gaddafi was captured and killed, two months later, at the hands of forces from Misrata took him to Almedinh that extensive participation in Misrata Revolution, enabled them to collect huge military equipment from the military battalions that belonged to Gaddafi, including thousands of armored vehicles, armored vehicles, tanks, artillery and missiles, indicating that «when extremists lost parliamentary elections last summer, have worked to overcome this loss bypass manner hit the reputation of Misrata to the core in post, so that presented themselves to the leaders of popular and military moderate in the city on the other floor says it is not right to a certain faction that dominates the Libyan state. » And that this faction was intended at the time «group Zintan, which was being guarded by the Tripoli International Airport».

It is well-known that it has been approved, under popular pressure, in 2013, the withdrawal of armed militias from Tripoli, including the reinforcement of gear largest city Misrata forces in the country. But one of the members of the Libyan delegation says he «Nevertheless, Zintan forces did not respond to the withdrawal of the sites that were dominated in the capital, especially the Tripoli airport, and they took advantage of the withdrawal of Misrata forces from the capital, and began to implement a plan to control its forces and men of the city and the Ministries of Interior and Defense at the behest of political opponents and tribal Jhoyen », and that this was« Although Misrata were not from the foundation may Zahmt to fill any position of senior positions in the post-Gaddafi ».

The documents to exploit extremists «brothers» and «LIFG», and «Ansar al-Sharia» linked to al-Qaeda, this regional feelings between Misrata and Zintan domination of capital and competition for accommodation in the palaces and villas Gaddafi and his supporters in Tripoli. And it consisted force «dawn Libya» accompanied Misurata «under the circumstances and conditions helped it.» It was one of the worst battles that took place between the two parties that had been destroyed during the Tripoli International Airport and from the aircraft, the largest repositories of fuel and burning, in addition to the killings, sabotage and displacement witnessed in the capital.

According to the documents that it resulted in «military victory» forces «revolutionaries (the dawn of Libya)», the continuation of the Muslim Brotherhood in the implementation of their plan, and that instead of exploiting «dawn Libya» this victory to engage in political solutions with other parties, including the parliament, the Brotherhood It is with the extremists, refusing to recognize the new parliament, has also re former parliament to convene, and the formation of a parallel government and try to convince the world that the country where Berlmanan and the two governments.

And speak one of the documents on the Brotherhood sharp manner, saying they «have no qualms about holding alliances with any of the revolutionary or political factions in order to reach your goal .. any impose their vision on the state and society».

For its part, went another document criticism to «rebels» and other calculated leaders on Misrata, who refuse to recognize the parliament, saying that continue to this rejection makes the Libyan public opinion are sure that «rebels» who have already raised the peaceful exchange of power slogan after the killing of Gaddafi do not believe, In fact, the democratic rules «but see it as a means of jumping on the power», and «the reduction of the nation for the benefit of the group or entity to which they belong, and are planning to hijack the state and put them under their grip», pointing out that public opinion began to see this bitter reality after the  «rebels Dead Parliament from under the rubble of the exercise of his powers again. »

It seems that the documents worked on and developed by a group of moderate politicians, are not intended to cancel the «forces blew Libya», but you want to be separated from the Muslim Brotherhood and radical dominance, and have built on dialogue with the political parties, especially the political line recognition of the parliament, and try to correct track from within the democratic process and not from outside «or through a coup».

The most important of Misrata Libyan cities after all of Tripoli and Benghazi. And where there is a seaport and airport air, and the College of war. According to one of the members of the Libyan delegation there, unlike at the moment about who controls the key to these civilian components, «Is the Muslim Brotherhood and its allies or the moderate forces that seek to work within the framework of a unified state?», Pointing out that the moderate trend persuaded month by a majority of deputies of Misrata, who are boycotting meetings of the new parliament, the need to participate in the dialogue led by the United Nations, prompting the militant wing led by the Muslim Brotherhood to attack the advocates of dialogue and betray.

In the meantime, during the willingness to leave the hotel and return to Cairo airport, the Libyan delegation received several telegrams via e-mail reflects, again, what appeared to be a trend affiliated moderates on the Western Front of the country, to take effective action against organizations militants, and is expected to result in differences Large inside Tripoli, Benghazi and Misrata and Derna, including a telegram include publicly issued by the Council of Misrata municipal appeal calls «Ansar al-Sharia, resolve itself as a group or organization, hinder the political process has accepted the Libyans in order to reach their destination in building a civil state religion is Islam centrist away from hyperbole and extremism. »

Editor’s note: I must admit, when I read this article I was saddened  because had I not lived the disaster of the ILLEGAL war and knowing what I know about the Misurati people and what they have done to  most Libyan citizens always with the assistance of the West and some Arab countries who had set eyes on Libya to steal our resources. So how can I believe the soap opera being played by the Misurati highly respected citizens crying their eyes out about being misled by the Muslim Brotherhood and other extreme entities? Either I have gone crazy or the Misrati citizens together with the American and English Ambassadors wants us to believe that they ARE the TRUE patriots of Libya but went astray with their ways. REALLY WHO BELIEVES THIS? I don’t think there is one Libyan pro or against Qaddafi that they believe in the sincerity of the Misurati citizens. I believe they are trying to buy time so that they can reassess themselves and destroy completely Libya so that it can be DIVIDED INTO THREE STATES and hand it over to the West together with Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey.

So let me remind you who the Misurati highly respected citizens are:

The Civil-War in Libya – Events, Causes, Facts (Documentary)

A very thorough documentary stating the facts chronologically and the respected Misurati citizens have the first role.

Journalists threatened by militias of Misurata – Suleiman Dougha journalist was abducted by Misuratis, was tortured and raped.

LIBYA Bravery Of Mutassim Gaddafi, Defiant To The Dumb NATO Thugs “My Wounds Are Medals” (Subtitles)

Libyan militia executed Moammar Gadhafi loyalists in ‘bloody revenge’

One of the human rights activists who worked in the city of Misurata has collected 23 pornographic videos and 15,000 photos about sexual violence in the prisons of the city. Human rights activist who calls himself    “Paljrih” admitted that prisoners in Misurata were  deprived  from sleep for two days, and then they were not able to resist the violators. ”

In her last report to the Security Council on November 14, the ICC prosecutor said she remains concerned about allegations of crimes committed during the 2011 armed conflict by rebel forces in Tawergha. She said her office has reviewed allegations that following the siege of Misrata “militias from Misrata subjected Tawerghan civilians to killings, looting, property destruction, detention, and forced displacement, and also that Misrata militias are preventing Tawerghan civilians from returning subsequently to their homes.”

IN FOCUS; TAWERGHA; Libya’s Dirty Secret in Focus, Ethnic Cleansing Rife as NATIVE BLACKS HUNTED

Libya News UK Telegraph report. US NATO support forces conducting black ethnic cleansing of Tawergha

Caught on video: The horrifying proof that Libya’s freedom fighters have turned into brutal torturers

“killings, looting, property destruction, and forced displacement by Misrata militias”

GADDAFI, Son & Loyalists EXECUTED Says HRW. Libya WAR CRIME. Perpetrators In Power ?

Libya: Bloody Vengeance in Sirte

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Chemical weapons in Libya? Bani Walid in 15th day of siege

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Horror & Torture in Libya


Misrata militia started to shoot at peaceful demonstration in 15.11.2013
It happens after peaceful demonstrators reached the area of Gharghour in Tripoli with their demands for militia to leave the city.

and last but not least is the International Airport of Tripoli.

EXCLUSIVE (Ruptly): Battle rages at Tripoli airport, 90% of planes destroyed

LIBYA Islamist Militia Captures Tripoli’s International Airport After Many Days Of Clashes 24 Aug 2014

INSANITY! US, Qatar, Saudi and Misurata Bomb Tripoli Airport to Force NATO to Further Destroy Libya

So to conclude the Highly respected citizens of Misurata lost their rights all on their own, they can try to justify with whatever means they want to blame NATO, Muslim Brotherhood, Qatar, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the Aliens be my guest it still stands that no one forced them to do such atrocities and destruction. So I am sorry if I do not feel any mercy or trust for these people. My suggestion to the Government of Tobruk is do not trust them and if you have to work with them for the greater good for Libya the Misurati city and its people should be under surveillance 24/7, if they (Misurati) really have the best  intentions they should give up their armor and everything that goes with it, pay damages for wrong imprisonment and torture and free all prisoners, pay damages for the reconstruction of the international Airport of Tripoli, give up to the authorities the military airport of Mitiga, Hassi has to return 2.5 billion dollars that he took out of the central bank of Tripoli to arm the militias, they have also to return all the money they stole from 2011 till today.  If they do that maybe and I say maybe I will start believing their good intentions.

Foreseeing Their Demise; Misurata Islamist Mafia Relocates Weapons

Foreseeing Their Demise; Misurata Islamist Mafia Relocates Weapons

by JoanneM

The US started the false flag revolution in Libya by importing several hundred thousand US armed and trained mercenaries, some of them coming directly from fighting US forces in Afghanistan. The USA has never stopped it’s support of these criminals known as Libya Dawn based in Misurata.

Libyan patriots continue working to clean their country of the rubbish Islamist Mafia known as “Libya Dawn”. Libya Dawn is a mix of all radical groups, Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, Ansar Al Sharia, ISIS, Libyan Islamic Fighting Group and others. Their group is made up mostly of mercenaries from foreign countries. This gang of criminals headquarter themselves in the Libyan city of Misurata. They are supported by Qatar and Turkey with weapons and money and many of the Misurata leaders are working with stolen money from Libya. Misurata is also the home of hundreds of hidden prisons illegally holding thousands of Libyans, many have been tortured to death. Their only crime being that they did not support these criminals. Misurata and their criminal militias (Libya Dawn) have managed to make themselves the most hated city and people in all of Libya thanks to their continued acts of evil, theft, and destruction, yet the US Ambassador, Deborah Jones continues her support of Misurata.

The Libyan national army attacked the Libya Dawn mafia in Zuwara a port city west of Tripoli. They are moving towards Tripoli and Misurata. The Misurata Libya Dawn are now very scared as they see their coming retribution and demise. They have begun to move their large stored weapons from the South of Libya near Sabah to Misurata. I have posted a photo of a truck with some large missiles. The blame for these criminals having these weapons falls directly on the US and NATO

The Libyan national army, the great tribes of Libya and the legitimate government of Libya in Tobruk are working together to cleanse the country of the Libya Dawn virus. They are having some success but they are strapped because all of the Libyan money and weapons were stolen by these illegal occupants of their country. (Strange that in 2011, NATO, UN, US and other countries had no problem supplying arms, money and help to these same extremists criminals and yet not one penny comes forward to help the people of Libya fight radical Islam and their psychopaths) Even still the Libyans are managing to clean areas of their country. Benghazi for example is about 80% cleaned.

Khalifa Haftar should be mentioned here as he is touted for working to clean Libya from these criminal Islamist gangs. The truth is that Haftar is CIA and has been CIA since he joined forces with the US during the Chad wars in the 1970’s. He lived in the US near Langley, VA (home of the CIA) for over 30 years. He had been hoping to take Libya from the Libyan people and their chosen government for years. When the false flag phoney revolution raised it’s ugly head he immediately raised his hand. Haftar was dropped into Libya in February of 2011 by the CIA as the the titular head of the so called rebel army. The Libyan people know him as a traitor and a liar, they do not trust him. Haftar is attempting to be a loyal Libyan and fight the criminals that he helped hand the Libyan country to. The Libyans stand back and let him fight the militias, they do not interfere and they do not join him, he is literally fighting his own little war. Do not believe the smoke that is printed in the media about Haftar, the CIA is very good at manufacturing news to manipulate whatever agenda they are working to complete.

It is time for the world to understand the truth about Libya, what an atrocity was committed by the west against this sovereign nation. The Libyan people are literally fighting to reclaim their right as owners of their own country taken from them by lies and force. The great leader of Egypt, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi has stated many times that he stands with the legitimate elected government of Libya in Tobruk and he stands with and supports the Libyan National Army in its fight to clean their country of criminal militant Islamist mercenaries. It is time for more countries to step up and back the Libyan patriots in their fight against the evil that is threatening the entire world.


Misurata moving weapons

Misurata moving weapons