When the UN forces the Legal government HoR to sit on the same table with Ansar al-Sharia you get this announcement a Financial reward to kill Haftar and military leaders of the Libyan army

When the UN forces the Legal government HoR to sit on the same table with Ansar al-Sharia you get this announcement a Financial reward to kill Haftar and military leaders of the Libyan army

The UN and its representatives Mr. Leon are blackmailing the HoR of Tobruk to sit together with Belhaj who is a well-known terrorist wanted by Interpol also is a leader of Daesh/Isis and the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group and Libyan dawn on his watch thousands of Libyan men, women, children died in horrible deaths was a very close ally to the late ambassador Stevens and a very close friend of Senator McCain. The other group is Ansar al Sharia, Muslim Brotherhood and lets not forget Libya Karama which all of them mount to mercenaries brought from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and Iraq fighting the Libyan civilians fueling for more blood not lifting the ban of arms for the Legal government to tackle these psychopaths. Adding to this fuel are the American Ambassador Deborah Jones, the French Ambassador and the British Ambassador these three countries do NOT WANT TO SEE PEACE IN LIBYA THEY WANT TO DIVIDE IT LIKE SUDAN, YUGOSLAVIA, IRAQ, SYRIA AND THE UN IS HELPING THEM TO ACHIEVE IT. The prostitutes want to hide the truth but their joy does not allow them and what I mean by this is although the UN, WESTERN MEDIA, FRANCE, USA AND ENGLAND try to persuade the international community for the sincerity of these terrorists and grooming them into good people they go and make announcements of hiring guns to MURDER official Libyan elected people. You can read the statement below:  


The organization “Ansar al-Sharia”, on Wednesday 15th 2015, announced in writing a financial reward to anyone who killed five of the Libyan National Army leaders and included in the  statement from the organization the names of all of the Commander-in-Chief of the Army Gen. Khalifa Haftar, the commander of the Libyan Air Force Maj. Gen. Saqr Jeroshi, the defensive zone green mountain Colonel Faraj Barasi,  the stun Special Forces Colonel Nice Bouchmadh, the spokesman for the dignity of the process leading Mohammed Hijazi, According to the “middle gate,” the Libyan news.

The dedicated organization will give financial reward of $ 100 thousand dinars for those who will first kill  Khalifa Haftar, and 50 thousand dinars to anyone who kills Brigade Saqr Jeroshi, and 50 thousand dinars to anyone who kills Colonel Faraj Barasi, and 25 thousand dinars to anyone who kills Colonel Nice Bouchmadh, and 25 thousand dinars to anyone who kills Major Mohammed Hijazi.

The organization said in a statement, “We see these days egg from the yoke of Islam from people who worshiped idols tyrants human and spent their loyalty was necessary for us picking their heads.”

And engaged in the Libyan army, led by first team Haftar battle began the process of dignity in the city of Benghazi in the month of May last to cleanse Libya of Ansar al-Sharia and other extremist organizations.

It is said that Libya riven by fighting and lawlessness and wrangled two governments to manage and control militias Berlmanan since the dawn of Libya to the capital Tripoli in August / August.

The interim government led take Abdullah al-Thani, the Council recognized internationally by the House of Representatives of the headquarters of two of Tobruk while taking government rescue emanating from the General National Congress (parliament) outgoing from Tripoli headquarters of the two.

Ansar al-Sharia made a financial reward to kill Haftar and military leaders

Ansar al-Sharia made a financial reward to kill Haftar and military leaders

SO HASSI THE TAXI DRIVER FROM THE USA & LATER CIA ASSET WAS FIRED!!! Head of Islamist Tripoli government fired

SO HASSI THE TAXI DRIVER FROM THE USA & LATER CIA ASSET WAS FIRED!!! Head of Islamist Tripoli government fired

I am so sad, crying my eyes out for this great loss. How could the Islamist assholes fire the false prime minister Hassi at the age of 66 what will he do now? Does anyone know who the blip Hassi is? Let me inform you before I post the article from BBC a significant article while they were his backers for a long time. So Mr. Hassi claims that he was a political science lecturer at the University of Benghazi but does not explain when was that, when he was in exile for over 25 years in the United States and working as a TAXI DRIVER it seems his education wasn’t good enough to work in a University in the United States… So this NOTORIUS so-called Islamist who drinks alcohol decided along with Abdulhakem Belhaj, another “world renowned” terrorist and Al Qaeda leader, were the founders of the Islamic Armed Movement in 1993, better known as H.M.S.  This man Al Hassi is a known terrorist and yet the western allies and the US continue to speak with him like he deserves some kind of respect. You can see that from all western newspapers acknowledging him as a Prime Minister of Tripoli, really!!! How grand is that?

This man together with Belhaj are responsible for all the disasters that have happened in Tripoli since August 2014, they are holding hostage the capital of Libya just because the can and its done with the blessings of the UN/USA and the American Safira Deborah Jones.

So here is what I think has happened, Obama, Leon, Cameron and Hollande are exhausted in waiting for him to control the whole of Libya and especially the oil fields… most probably they have realized that the MB and its fraction does not have the power to take over and control the tribes like the Late Qaddafi. Europe is in a distress call over the Isis/Daesh gang taking a more important role in Libya which means that it is very easy to slip into Europe something England and France do not want although together with their counterpart Obama have financed it. So while reading all the articles about the sacking of Hassi the conclusion was that the islamic salvation shit came under pressure to fire Hassi and they presented with “the allegations he misled parliament about government finances.” This is not an allegation it is a known fact, all these so-called islamists have become multimillionaires all their money has been transferred abroad. Actually Abdulhakim Belhaj is the richest of them all he owns an airport, a small island, owns a liar jet, has his own security, finances a few militias these are the few things I can remember for this terrorist who is also in the Islamic salvation shit and has brought Libya on to its knees….. The allies(colonizers) are seeing that their dream is going up on flames and they are nowhere near their goal so they have to shuffle the cards and put new puppets who have the balls to extinguish every single Libyan citizen to their graves so that they can control an empty country. Enough with my ranting, despair of the loss of such a great man and on with the article.

Omar al-Hassi speaks during the funeral for slain Fajr Libya leader Saleh Al-Baraki at Martyrs" Square in Tripoli , Libya, 22 March 2015.

Omar al-Hassi was appointed head of Libya’s alternative government in August


The leader of one of Libya’s rival governments – backed by Islamists and based in Tripoli – has been sacked by its parliament, officials say.

Omar al-Hassi was appointed in August to lead an alternative government after Islamist militia seized the capital.

MPs voted to oust him on Tuesday following allegations he misled parliament about government finances.

Libya has been in turmoil since the Nato-backed removal of former leader Muammar Gaddafi in 2011.

The country has had two governments and parliaments since Islamist militia seized Tripoli in August and established the General National Congress (GNC) that was led by Mr al-Hassi. (At one point it say’s the recognized government and then goes on blabbing about 2 governments)

The seizure of Tripoli forced Libya’s existing and internationally recognised government to flee to the eastern city of Tobruk.

The rival parliaments have been holding UN-sponsored talks in Morocco in an attempt to end a period of lawlessness which many fear could strengthen militants allied to Islamic State.

GNC spokesman Omar Humeidan told reporters Mr al-Hassi was removed after an investigation revealed he had exaggerated the government’s revenues, amid complaints it could not afford to pay salaries.

“The head of the government was dismissed by the parliament in a vote on Tuesday that was backed by the rest of the ministers,” a member of the parliament told AFP.

One of his Mr al-Hassi’s aides, Khalifa Ghweil, has reportedly taken over as interim leader.

HERE IS TODAY’S JOKE: “Haftar holds the key to peace in Libya”

HERE IS TODAY’S JOKE: “Haftar holds the key to peace in Libya”

The Middle East Eye has an article written by Mattias Toaldo who is policy fellow in the Middle East and North Africa Programme at the European Council on Foreign Relations and thinks he knows Libya very well.

Haftar showing his feminine side

Haftar showing his feminine side

He say’s :The UN Special Envoy for Libya Bernardino Leon (by the way he is a Muslim Brotherhood and in these talks are only the militias and Muslim Brotherhood) announced this week that the factions he gathered in Morocco could be very close to signing a national unity deal, leading to a consensus government for which names are being discussed. Yet, regardless of the outcome of those talks, the real kingmaker of Libya’s civil war will remain Khalifa Haftar, the man who started it and the only man who can stop it.” Now let me explain Haftar did not begin anything he was coached by the CIA in February 2014 to do a coup de eta which was not successful and he run away for his life and hid behind the skirts of the US ambassador Deborah Jones who kept him in-house for a couple of months till she could ship him to Benghazi. To try a second coup which again was not successful but got some people from the Libyan army to follow him. He was given assistance by the USA and allies to go forward but gave up on him from the moment he started loosing and always running away from any battle. Hafter is also responsible of a whole village killing Libyan civilians in Benghazi in the summer of 2014. Nobody supports him even though HoR put him as a head of the military, we all know he is a traitor and does not love Libya, he does not have the strength or the balls of Qaddafi may he rest in peace. NO LIBYAN TRUSTS HIM, he can try but he will never be trusted, he has too much Libyan blood in his hands.

He continues to say “For some months now, UN-led negotiations in Libya have moved in parallel with the fighting. The latter track has obviously hampered the former, as different eruptions of violence have from time to time delayed or even blocked the talks brokered by Leon.” but the eruptions as he puts it are no eruptions but cleaning the terrorist militias that “Leon”is supporting and its done by the tribes who are cleaning the mess “Leon and his friends” are supporting. “This collision between talks and fighting is not an accident but rather part of a deliberate strategy. Nowhere was this clearer than on Friday 20 March, when a military offensive was declared on the same day in which talks were due to resume in Morocco. The eastern-based, internationally recognised government of Abdullah al-Thinni and its “top military commander” Khalifa Haftar stated that the goal of the offensive was to recapture Tripoli.” What Matias is not saying here is that Tripoli has been hold captive since August 2014 by the militias of Muslim Brotherhood which include Libya Dawn, Sunrise, Al Qaeda, Isis/Daesh which the leader is Abdulhakim Belahj, governor of Tripoli installed by NATO and the Islamic Armed Movement(H.M.S) and its leader is Hassi the taxi driver from United States plus a CIA asset. Al Thinni is doing everything in his power to bring peace in Libya but the US with its allies and UN do not want peace with the democratic elected government and that is why the ban of arms is not lifted, also Al Thini was warned by them not to put Heftar as a top military reason was not given and the PM did not oblige but did what he thought is necessary which speaks volumes about his act to dismiss their warning.

“As part of this onslaught, Tripoli’s only remaining airport of Maitiga was hit. This facility is civilian, although according to a recent UN report, some of the commercial flights coming in from Turkey had been used in the past to smuggle small weapons to the militias now in control of the city.” It’s amazing how you can manipulate the truth, the military airport Metiga was rightly HIT because it did not bring “small weapons” but a full load of arms, military cars, terrorists who are willing to fight for the right price, from my own experience traveling from Istanbul to Metiga I did not get my suitcase because on the flight in its cargo instead of having our luggage was fully filled with ammunition and arms, when we complained we were nearly put in jail. “According to a recent UN report” is absolute bull as its trying to cover it up that they are not supporting Muslim Brotherhood.

“Prime Minister Thinni had abandoned the capital last summer, in the midst of the fighting between the militias of Zintan – which previously controlled the city – and those coming mostly from Misrata that eventually gained control of Tripoli after destroying its international airport.” Again a whole of misinformation, Matias either he has no idea of the facts or he is purposely misinforming the facts. The HoR abandoned the capital because through the Muslim Brotherhood and Libyan Dawn were harassing and threatening their livelihood together with their families and the reason for this was that the Muslim Brotherhood had lost the elections in June 2014 and the USA together with MB would not allow this. As for the destruction of the International airport it was the doing of Libyan Dawn who come from Misurata as they wanted the airport to be able to bring more arms and terrorists. Libyan Dawn broke the agreement with the Zintan after 24 hours as the Libyan Dawn wanted by all means to get the international airport as it brought in a lot of money… so that they could finance their militias. While Libyan Dawn could not get a hold of the airport they decided to destroy it by hitting the petroleum deposits causing one of the biggest disasters to the ECO SYSTEM. We have to thank the Libyan dawnshits together with the UN/FUKUS  for supporting them instead of supporting the legal government.

“Hitting civilian airports is against international law and yet too many “military commanders” have gotten away with it – starting with those responsible for the events of last summer. This occurred despite a specific UN Security Council Resolution (2174) allowed for issuing individual sanctions against those responsible for violating international law and human rights.” Now really his talking BS what International law? Where was the international law when NATO was BOMBING US WITH DEPLETED URANIUM? BOMBING SCHOOLS, HOSPITALS, INFRASTRUCTURE, WATER RESERVES AND WATER PUMPS? WHEN IT WAS KILLING INNOCENT CHILDREN, WOMEN AND OLD MEN? He is talking about the UN security council resolution and sanctions for what? The torture to death that these militias did to prisoners of war? The continuing of kidnapping, rapping, killing innocent civilians??? Is this man for real? When you talk about International law it has to work for everything not to choose on what  you are going to sanction.. 

“Haftar’s sense of impunity in leading successive attacks against Tripoli’s civilian airport is further heightened by a powerful web of international patrons and by the current political situation in Libya.” please get a grip of yourself what successive attacks if it wasn’t for the Libyan tribes…. to afraid to mention about the tribes and what they are doing and hiding behind Heftar? really?

“Ultimately, the Thinni government, sitting in Tobruk, has increasingly come to represent just one side of the civil war. This was particularly evident after the gradual integration with Operation Dignity, launched in May 2014 by Haftar himself with the aim of uprooting Islamists of all stripes from Libya.” what a load of crap, what operation dignity? you mean operation of wimps because Hafter did nothing but kill innocent people. Hafter could not uproot any Islamists if it hit him in the face… he is no leader but a wimp has no power over people continues to run to his mummy the CIA and complain while he has shitted his pants from fear, his NO QADDAFI and never will be so stop trying to make him look like a hero because he is nothing but a Judas and will always remain a Judas.

He keeps on saying that Hafter has powerful friends Like Italy and France which I doubt that. One thing I can say about Matias his trying very hard to portray Hafter as a leader and that he is one of the main links for the discussions with UN but unfortunately that is not true.. The Leaders who are controlling the scene are the Tribes and only the tribes will be able to control Libya and bring peace, the sooner the UN and its allies realize this the better for the Libyan people. No Hafter, Hassi or any other asshole could control Libya not even Isis/Daesh and Libyan Dawn. The Libyan race it’s completely different race than the other Arab countries the only thing that is tying us with them is the religion we have nothing in common with them and that is why NO MILITIA, ISIS/DAESH, MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD WILL NOT SURVIVE IN LIBYA. We are tribal people it may take us another 50 years to get rid of the colonizers but we will get rid of them or we will die trying.


UNSMIL Urges End to Violence in Libya, Calls for Release of Brothers of HoR Member Abu Bakr Said

UNSMIL Urges End to Violence in Libya, Calls for Release of Brothers of HoR Member Abu Bakr Said


I am amazed at the United Nations Support Mission in Libya worrying for the escalation and terrorist acts done to the Libyan civilians while on the other hand does not lift the ban for arms to be given to the Libyan army to fight the NATO TERRORISTS WHICH WERE LEFT BEHIND AFTER THE ILLEGAL WAR FROM NATO AND ITS ALLIES.

Not only does the UNSMIL lies about assisting HoR but also funds and protects the terrorists who are installed in Libya. The eight people who were murdered in Tarhuna was done by Libya Dawn/Fajr which Bernadino Leon and his gang members protect, and when we say they are sitting and discussing in Morocco bear in mind that none of the HoR are present so what kind of PEACE discussions are they doing? What kind of bullshit peace talks are they preaching? When the international recognized government is not sitting in these meetings? The UN Leon together with Ambassador Jones, Arron and the French ambassador have already decided that the Muslim Brotherhood with its militias – who holds Tripoli captive should be the ONLY ONE government and to hell with the Libyan people who voted otherwise DEMOCRATICALLY the government in Tobruk.

So the plan is that Fajr otherwise known Libyan Dawn should murder every political opponent or kidnap them so that HoR will give in – in the demands of F.UK.US/NATO AND THE UN which is to instal the NEW CALIPHATE IN LIBYA.

So these crocodile tears and worries are just a front for the international community believing that they are doing something to save Libya from its own worst enemy.  I am wondering how these people sleep at night knowing that they have blood on their hands… Please do not be fooled by the article below, they do not want PEACE in Libya on the contrary they want a continuation of these small wars so that in a few years when the Libyan people will be tired of insecurity, famine, they will gladly accept the division of our country….

The United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) is gravely concerned about the continuing violence across Libya and calls for its immediate end. The fighting, bombings and abductions not only increase the suffering of the people but also harm the positive and constructive spirit displayed by the participants to the Libyan political dialogue round taking place in Morocco.

In the last few days, eight members of a family were killed in an attack in Tarhuna. On Tuesday 24 March 2015, a suicide bombing killed eight in Benghazi. On Wednesday 25 March 2015, five people were killed in a suicide bombing in Sirte. These suicide attacks show the expanding arm of terrorism that is targeting all sides and that all Libyans stand against.

In addition, the fighting continues in Obari in the south, threatening the social fabric of the city.
The Mission calls on the conflicting parties in Obari to cease the hostilities, and warns that attacks against civilians and violation of human rights are acts punishable under international law and perpetrators will be held accountable.

In Tripoli, two brothers of a member of the House of Representatives for Tarhuna, Abu Bakr Ahmed Said, were abducted by an armed group. The Mission condemns the abduction and calls on the security authorities on the ground and all the influential actors in Tripoli to do their utmost to ensure that they are unharmed and that they are released immediately.

UNSMIL stresses that the abduction for the purpose of putting pressure on the member of the parliament is an unacceptable act that could have negative effect on the political dialogue as Libyans try to find ways to end the conflict in their country.

UNSMIL calls on all Libyan actors to work towards de-escalation to give peace a chance.




by: Purification González White
International Collective Eyes Peace



“Spain keeps the international pressure to give an urgent solution to the Libyan crisis” and expressed the Monday, March 23, the Foreign Minister, Jose Manuel Garcia Margallo, in an informative breakfast Houses Network Forum, and publishing various media, adding that “Libya must do something quickly and forcefully.” He also added that it supported the efforts of UN delegate, Bernardino León, to agree on a “unity government”.

At this point, Spain or any other country in the Atlanticist coalition have given explanations of the reasons that led them to attack Libya, a friendly country until then, I had gotten gains unthinkable even for many of the European countries, as a full employment, electricity and water free, interest-free loans, free and universal education (scholarships 1,600 € / month to study in other countries), or € 300 per person per month for sharing oil revenues, etc. Libya had the highest HDI in all of Africa, life expectancy was 78, like that of Germany, and was a dam against the flood of migration to Europe since his full employment totaled 2.5 million posts work for sub-Saharan workers.

Libya was bombed and razed under a lie (if they were weapons of mass destruction in Libya a nonexistent bombing of population in Iraq) and, what is worse, under the mandate of Resolution 1973 of the Security Council, which prohibited expressly give a coup. The category of the attackers was reflected in the brutal lynching and murder of Colonel Gadhafi, Libyans killed in 200,000 and the bombing of ports, airports, schools, hospitals, villages, cities, universities, water supply networks, herds … A dates today gave no explanation of why such atrocity was committed. Neither the ICC has yet claimed any of the leaders of the attacking countries.

Nevertheless, Libyans have been reborn from its ashes and retaking control of their country, have a unity government, which is to Tobruk, and a parliament, in which the tribes involved, the National People’s Libyan Movement , military, social movement … but have been excluded from the negotiating table on the future of Libya.

On February 23, convened by the United States (who insists on appropriate oil) meeting in Morocco attended by the Ambassador of that country Deborah Jones, the British Ambassador Michael Aron, and the French Ambassador in Libya was held on one hand, and representatives of Misrata (Libya Dawn, is pure and simple terrorism that serves Libya) and Abdul Hakim Belhadj (Al Qaeda terrorist recognized, now joined the Islamic Emirate, involved in 11-M) and Libyan Abu Obeida, also belonging to the Islamic Emirate. The conclusions of this meeting were among other supporting militias from Misrata (Libya Dawn) to wage war against al Daesh; apply a military solution to Libya; and boycott the dialogue process with the Libyan people, ie the government of Tobruk, which is agreed to dissolve the House of Representatives, in which the tribes involved, the National People’s Libyan Movement and military, as already stated; and forming terrorist groups in Sinai to thwart Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

This same scheme meeting has been moved to the supposed “peace process” in Geneva, led by a man imposed by the United States, Bernardino León, if anything has characterized has been your preferences in negotiating with armed gangs and left out of the dialogue table Libyans.
They are negotiating with terrorists Libya’s future while ignoring the legitimate representatives of the Libyan people who excluded from the bargaining table.

Libya has been assigned by those who attacked the nursery role of mercenaries and armed gangs, the US uses for export to other countries to repeat the script, such as Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Yemen and Nigeria. How surprised at the events in Tunisia?

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Ojos para la Paz



“España mantiene viva la presión internacional para dar una solución urgente a la crisis libia”, así lo expresó el lunes, 23 de marzo, el Ministro de Asuntos Exteriores, José Manuel García Margallo, en un desayuno informativo del Foro Red de Casas, y que publican distintos medios, agregando que “en Libia hay que hacer algo rápido y con contundencia”. Añadió asimismo que apoya los esfuerzos de delegado de la ONU, Bernardino León, para consensuar un “gobierno de unidad”.

A estas alturas, España ni ningún otro país de la coalición atlantista han dado explicaciones de los motivos que les llevaron a atacar a Libia, un país amigo hasta ese momento, que había conseguido logros impensables incluso para gran parte de los países europeos, como pleno empleo, luz y agua gratis, préstamos sin interés, enseñanza universal y gratuita (con becas de 1.600 €/mes para estudiar en otros países), o 300 € por persona al mes en concepto de reparto de las rentas de petróleo, etc. Libia tenía el mayor índice de desarrollo humano de toda África, su esperanza de vida era de 78 años, igual que la de Alemania, y constituía un muro de contención contra la avalancha migratoria hacia Europa ya que a su pleno empleo sumaba 2.5 millones de puestos de trabajo para trabajadores subsaharianos.

Libia fue bombardeada y arrasada al amparo de una mentira (si en Iraq fueron las armas de destrucción masiva, en Libia unos inexistentes bombardeos de población) y, lo que es más grave, bajo mandato de la Resolución 1.973 del Consejo de Seguridad, que prohibía expresamente dar un golpe de estado. La categoría de los atacantes quedó reflejada en el brutal linchamiento y asesinato del Coronel Ghadafi, en los 200.000 libios asesinados y en los bombardeos de puertos, aeropuertos, escuelas, hospitales, pueblos, ciudades, universidades, redes de abastecimiento de agua, rebaños… A fechas de hoy nadie dio explicaciones de por qué se cometió tal atrocidad. Ni el TPI ha demandado todavía a ninguno de los mandatarios de los países atacantes.

Pese a todo, los libios han ido renaciendo de sus cenizas y retomando las riendas de su país, se han dado un gobierno de unidad, que es el de Tobruk, y un parlamento, en el que participan las tribus, el Movimiento Nacional Popular Libio, los militares, los movimiento sociales…Pero han sido excluidos de la mesa de negociaciones sobre el futuro de Libia.

Con fecha 23 de febrero, convocada por Estados Unidos (que insiste en apropiarse del petróleo) se celebró una reunión en Marruecos a la que asistieron la embajadora de ese país Deborah Jones, el embajador británico Michael Aron y el embajador de Francia en Libia, por una parte, y representantes de Misrata (Libya Dawn, es decir el terrorismo puro y duro que opera en Libia), así como Abdul Hakim Belhadj (reconocido terrorista de Al- Qaeda, sumado ahora al Emirato Islámico, implicado en el 11-M) y el libio Abu Obeida, perteneciente también al Emirato Islámico. Las conclusiones de esa reunión han sido entre otras apoyar a las milicias de Misrata (Libya Dawn) para librar una guerra contra Al Daesh; aplicar un solución militar a Libia; y boicotear el proceso de dialogo del pueblo libio, es decir: el gobierno de Tobruk, del que se acuerda disolver la cámara de representantes, en el que participan las tribus, el Movimiento Nacional Popular Libio y los militares, como ya se ha expuesto; y formar grupos terroristas en el Sinaí para frustrar los planes del presidente egipcio Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

Este mismo esquema de reunión ha sido trasladado al supuesto “proceso de paz” de Ginebra, dirigido por un hombre impuesto por los Estados Unidos, Bernardino León, que si por algo se ha caracterizado ha sido por sus preferencias en negociar con las bandas armadas y dejar fuera de las mesas de diálogo a los libios.
Están negociando con terroristas el futuro de Libia mientras ignoran a los legítimos representantes del pueblo libio al que excluyen de la mesa de negociaciones.

A Libia se le ha asignado por quienes la atacaron el papel de vivero de mercenarios y bandas armadas, que Estados Unidos Utiliza para su exportación a otros países que repiten el guión, como Iraq, Siria, Egipto, Yemen o Nigeria. ¿Cómo extrañarse de los sucesos de Túnez?

25 de marzo de 2015
Purificación González de la Blanca
Colectivo Internacional Ojos para la Paz