United troops trying to take back Tripoli

United troops trying to take back Tripoli

TRIPOLI: Libya’s internationally-recognised prime minister said yesterday that military forces in the strife-torn country had united to try to recapture Tripoli and the second city Benghazi from Islamist militias.

Abdullah Al Thani also expressed his frustration over a lack of support from the international community, calling for foreign weapons and assistance in the fight against the Islamists.

“All military forces have been placed under army command to liberate Tripoli and Benghazi soon, inshallah (God willing),” Thani told AFP in a telephone interview from the eastern town of Al Baida.

Since a 2011 revolution which toppled Libya’s longtime leader Muammar Gaddafi, interim authorities have failed to establish a regular army and had to rely on state-backed militias.

Former rebels who fought against Gaddafi have formed powerful militias and seized control of large parts of turmoil-gripped Libya over the past three years.

On Wednesday, retired general Khalifa Haftar launched an operation against Islamist militias in the eastern city of Benghazi with the backing of army units and civilians who have taken up arms.

The operation is “under the control of the regular army and the control of the government and the parliament,” said Thani.

An AFP count based on hospital sources in the city put the death toll in Benghazi at 66 since Haftar’s offensive began, including eight killed yesterday and four who died in a suicide attack the previous day.

Haftar launched a first, unsuccessful campaign against Islamists in the city back in May but failed to muster support from the authorities who accused the Gaddafi-era general of trying to mount a coup.

Before this week’s assault, Haftar’s forces had been steadily beaten back to a final redoubt at Benghazi’s airport, which has come under attack by Islamists since mid-September.

Thani’s government and parliament, elected on June 25, have taken refuge in the country’s east to escape Fajr Libya, a mainly Islamist coalition which seized control of Tripoli at the end of August.

The fall of the capital followed a weeks-long battle with pro-government militias from the town of Zintan in western Libya.

Thani said the Zintan forces had also been placed under army command and joined regular units which aim to recapture the capital.

“All the forces have been placed under the command of the army to liberate Tripoli,” Thani said.

He branded Fajr Libya as “outlaws” who had set up an “illegitimate” parallel government and alleged the group was the armed wing of movements such the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist factions.

Unlike its predecessor, Libya’s new parliament is dominated by anti-Islamist lawmakers. AFP

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False dawns and tattered dignity in Libya

False dawns and tattered dignity in Libya

Libya Dawn says it has liberated the Libyan capital and protected the country’s revolution, but a traumatised resident says their occupation is far from the vision of freedom glimpsed following the overthrow of Gaddafi

outside the American embassy

outside the American embassy

by: Hassan Morajea

Editors note: Lets see what this article is trying to say from the Misurati point of view and not from the Libyan people.

Fighters from the Islamist-aligned Libya Dawn militia which has seized control of Tripoli say they plan to use the capital as a base to spread their revolutionary movement across civil war-hit Libya. They are not in control as they would like to be. The Libyan Dawnshit militia are used to lying they take the motto from Hitler the bigger the lie, the more believable it is – and if you continue to say it maybe come true. 

Libya Dawn, led by forces from the northwestern port city of Misrata, last week took Tripoli from the Zintan Brigades, so CALLED because they hail from the western mountain town of Zintan. The former have since focused on establishing control by setting up operation rooms and checkpoints in the south-west of the city. The former meaning the Zintan have sworn allegiance to the Honourable tribes and it’s not only setting up operation rooms and checkpoints in the south-west of the city, it’s all over the city. See what I mean by lying!

“I think that being in control of the capital gives us a good place to start sorting out the rest of Libya,” Mosbah Bla’au, who works in one such operations room, told Middle East Eye. If he was really in control the only thing that he is so cocky is that Ms Deborah Jones ambassador of the USA has recognised this terrorist group as the legitimate group of Libya and not taking in account the Honourable tribes military group. 

Mosbah was bemused by a UN resolution last week that called for sanctions against those involved in the recent outbreak of violence, as well as an immediate ceasefire. Of course he was bemused the UN and NATO are the ones who put them in Libya.

“It is unclear what the UN means. What do they expect us to do if we come under attack? Stand and watch?”, he said. That would have been very easy for us, but you and your crew where so scared that you called upon Qatar, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the USA and asked for assistance, where they sent you some troops, arms and money to BRING CHAOS IN TRIPOLI.

Mosbah says his movement is dismayed at the international community’s reaction to the latest surge in violence because they see their struggle as a continuation of the revolt that overthrew Muammar Gaddafi in 2011. What revolt you idiot? The installed stooges from the CIA, MI6, MOSSAD, QATAR, SAUDI ARABIA AND TURKEY? Its been already confirmed by Jallil that Qaddafi had nothing to do with the KILLING OF DEMONSTRATORS, it was all carefully planned by all of you….

“The world supported us then, so why not now?” he asked. “We are fighting for the revolution so many of our sons died for. We will continue to defend it from anyone.” The world was manipulated, had it known the TRUTH they would have never supported you. What you are trying to install in Libya is another Caliphate to terrorize Europe and do the bidding of Israel. 

The Zintan forces that Libya Dawn ousted from Tripoli are aligned with the rogue general Khalifa Haftar, who earlier this year launched an anti-Islamist offensive called “Operation Dignity” from his base in Benghazi in eastern Libya. Here is another lie, the Zintan forces are not aligned with Haftar but with the TRIBES which every journalist and western media are avoiding to talk or even print it in their newspapers.

Mosbah condemned air strikes that killed 24 Libya Dawn fighters on 18 August, which the US says was carried out by Egypt and the UAE. Some critics saw the strikes as a sign that Libya Dawn are gaining an upper hand over Haftar’s forces. Another Lie it was more than 24 killed the number is higher than a 100 men they lost. Which Critics Ms Deborah Jones? or Mr. McCain? please! Another lie: THERE ARE NO HAFTAR’S FORCES BUT THE TRIBE’S FORCES, Haftar’s forces are limited to Benghazi.

The battle for Tripoli is won, he said, but the war is not over as “the militias who controlled south-west Tripoli have fled to the south and the west of the city”. Why don’t you ask him today? Ask him what does he still controls? This Misurati piece of scum thinks he can control Tripoli, he has another think coming.

“They will be rallying and gathering strength, but our forces are ready for any counter-charge” he added. Yes they have to THANK – Qatar, Turkey and Saudi Arabia for that, otherwise we would have crushed them from their first attack.

Haftar’s forces are backed by some of the Libyan state’s special and air forces, as well as other tribal militias. His movement says its main aim is to rid Libya of Islamist militias such as Ansar al-Sharia – a militant group which has assassinated hundreds of Libyan army and police officers over the past two years and welcomed the Libyan Dawn operation when it came on the scene. This is a half lie, Haftar’s forces is backed only by the state’s special forces. The Honourable Tribes just do not bother him for now while he is clearing Islamist militias such Ansar al Sharia.

Ansar were also labeled a terrorist organization by the US government for their involvement in an attack on the US consulate in Benghazi in 2012 that killed ambassador Chris Stevens. This is not true by the accounts of an ex-CIA agent (I believe she has never left the agency). What I mean that Ansar Al Sharia has not been labeled as a Terrorist organisation by the US government otherwise they would have kidnapped the leader which his name is Faraj al-Shalabi instead of Ahmed Abu Khattala. The US government did something better they had Faraj al Shalabi killed because he knew too much about the Benghazigate. Here is the link for you to read…  http://libyaagainstsuperpowermedia.org/2014/07/15/benghazigatethe-killing-of-al-qaeda-leader-faraj-al-shalabi-connected-to-the-killing-of-stevens/

Libya Dawn’s victory in Tripoli means that Misratan militias can roam freely in the capital for the first time since last November, when anti-militia protesters from Tripoli clashed with Misratan forces in the Gargour district near Gaddafi’s famous Bab al-Aziezia compound. They never stopped roaming the streets of Tripoli at night and kidnaping, robbing, raping all those goody staff that America foreign policy advocates for Democracy!

Protests that started peacefully ended with Misratan militias firing indiscriminately at the protesters, according to witnesses.

“They hit protesters and even people driving past who had nothing to do with the protest,” said Salah, a real estate lawyer who attended the protests. “Almost 50 people were killed.” The facts are over 70 dead and over 100 injured.

The Misratan militias were ousted from Tripoli and forced back to Misrata two days after the protest. This May, they returned after Zintan forces attacked the Islamist-dominated General National Council, then the country’s parliament, in support of Haftar. This is one of their biggest lie, the Zintan did not attack anyone, it’s the other way around, who ever wrote this article has not done their homework. There was a conference with all militias and were agreed on territories and other things which I can not reveal, after the agreement was signed including the Misurati militia they all left, but for reasons unknown the Zintan’s were on alert, which saved for a few days the international airport the same night the Misurati militia decided to attack the Zintan’s and to try to control the Int. Airport of Tripoli as it brought a lot of money into the country and the Misurati mafia wanted a piece of it. There explanation for attacking the airport was that Hafter had attacked in Benghazi the compound of Ansar Al Sharia so it was pay back time.

Four months later, Libya Dawn, which has ties to Ansar Sharia, but is viewed as less radical, says that the group has completely “liberated” the city from the Zintan Brigades. However, not all the city’s residents agree with that appraisal. When they say liberated they mean they have only the international airport of Tripoli which has been burned down and completely destroyed so there was no reason for the Zintan Brigade to stay there, mainly the Zintan brigade didn’t want to have the responsibility of collateral damage  which would be dead civilians from these battles 

“We are sick of militias ‘liberating’ us,” Salah said.

Salah said his life was now at risk because of his involvement in the demonstrations.

“I no longer have the will to live here in Libya. I want to leave,” he said as he looked at his young daughter playing on the couch next to her mother. “I want my family to be safe.”

Salah fought in the revolution that toppled dictator Muammar Gaddafi. Back then, the Zintan and Misrata forces played a prominent, joint role in what started as a fight for freedom. But the past three years have seen the two groups drift apart.

“I have friends and colleagues on both sides” said Salah. “But, what these militias are doing now is worse than anything I saw from Gaddafi’s forces in 2011.” Qaddafi didn’t do anything other than protect the Libyan civilians from these goons like Salah..

The Misrata militias have already started ransacking the city and are searching for anyone who might oppose them, with dozens arrested and the homes of anyone allied to Haftar or the Zintan Brigades torched. I wish it was only that they are doing, but Sallah is not telling the whole truth, they kidnap people for ransom, they rape and kill at will just for looking at them wrongly.

Salah points to a burnt-out building he says was destroyed by Misrata militias.

“It was the home of a man from Zintan who had nothing to do with the fighting,” said Salah from his car. Although the building was only a few hundred meters away from his home, he still felt it was too dangerous to linger there.

“For the past three days they [Misrata militias] have been patrolling the area,” said Salah.

Salah said only foreign intervention can stop the fighting, referring to the US embassy’s evacuation in July. “When they [the US embassy staff] left, all it took was just a few jets in the air and not one bullet was fired – the militias fear them [foreign forces]” he said. Well Salah, you should ask the question if it wasn’t for the first intervention from NATO that you so much wanted and look at what it brought what makes you think that a second intervention will do? We will become another Iraq from your stupidity and ignorance.

“If they sent over a couple of F16s or whatever you CALL those jets they will run away,” said Salah, “you don’t even have to target them, just their weapons and ammunition.”

The state’s army and police forces are too weak to defeat the militias, he said.  “But if you take away their heavy weapons, it would be different story.” You think?

The hope for democracy that many Libyans felt after Gaddafi’s ouster now seems in the distant past, and the political scene is in as much chaos as the security situation. Everybody is asking for Qaddafi to come back…

The Libya Dawn militias who took control of Tripoli are pushing for a reinstatement of the previous Islamist-controlled parliament – the General National Congress (GNC). The Libyan shitdawn may want Allah to come down to earth that doesn’t mean it will happen, The GNC was not recognized by the Libyan people.

However, a newly elected and anti-Islamist dominated parliament – the House of Representatives (HoR) – has been MEETING for a month in the Haftar – controlled city of Tobruk in Libya’s northeast.

The call for the GNC to be reinstated led to a statement from the HoR describing the Libya Dawn and its Islamist militia allies as terrorist organizations.

The UN has met with all sides of the political and military conflict, but has emphasised that it only recognises the HoR as the legitimate body in control of Libya. That’s a first!

With the HoR and GNC not listening to each other on the political front, and the Libya Dawn, Operation Dignity and other militias determined to stay their ground, it could be a while before Libya is stable again and until Salah – who is still looking for a way out of his country – can walk the streets of his neighbourhood safely again. What the journalist is saying here the other militias are the honourable Tribes which by the way all everybody has joined except the Misurati.


Libya rebels warn Tripoli oil ports to stay closed unless deal implemented

Libya rebels warn Tripoli oil ports to stay closed unless deal implemented

By Feras Bosalum and Ahmed Elumami

A rebel group in eastern Libya that controls several oil ports said on Thursday it would not reopen the key Ras Lanuf and Es Sider terminals unless the government implemented its part of a recent deal to end the oil blockade.

In a sign of further delays to restart vital oil exports from the volatile east, rebels said the Tripoli government had failed to fulfill its part of the accord reached this month.

Diplomats expect both sides to implement the deal eventually as the country badly needs the oil revenue but tactical manoeuvres and mutual mistrust are likely to cause delays.

The row is part of chaos in the North African country where the government cannot control militias who helped oust Muammar Gaddafi in 2011 but have held on to their weapons to make political and financial demands by seizing oilfields or government ministries.

“The government hasn’t fulfilled a single item of the agreement to reopen the ports,” rebel spokesman Ali al-Hasi told Reuters.

Tripoli has not paid state salaries to the rebels – who are former oil guards – as agreed under the deal reached earlier this month to reopen four oil ports, he said.

The agreement also called for a commission to investigate corruption.

So far only the 110,000 barrels a day Hariga port in Tobruk has resumed work, while the Zueitina port is facing technical issues after the long blockage.

Both ports had meant to reopen immediately after the signing of the deal almost three weeks ago with the larger terminals Ras Lanuf and Es Sider restarting after more talks.

There was no immediate comment from the government but cabinet spokesman Ahmed Lamin said earlier the Ras Lanuf and Es Sider ports would be handed over within a month – a claim dismissed by the rebel spokesman unless the government fulfilled its part of the deal.

Lamin said Zueitina port cannot resume exports until outstanding technical issues are fixed.

Sources close to the talks say part of the problem is that some rebels at Zueitina terminal had demanded to be put on the government payroll, a strategy used before in post-Gaddafi Libya to put pressure on a weak central government.

Protests at oilfields and pipelines have also crippled oil production in the west of the OPEC producer, reducing output to around 220,000 bpd from 1.4 million bpd in summer. 

(Reporting by Ulf Laessing and Ahmed Elumami; Editing by Jane Baird and David Evans)

source: reuters.com



Editors note: I had to break the rules this once.

Assassination of Salah Al Najma Club coach football in front of the door of the club 
Sources news about the assassination of Salah al-Sharif coach football star quintet in front of the door of the club. Did not give any information about the sources of that the assassination.

Exposure to players and administrative team Ahli Tripoli attacked and beaten.

According to news sources for exposure to players and administrative team Ahli Tripoli was attacked and beaten by the army and the police forces of Finance.

Video statement deterrence and rapid intervention concerning the statement Khalifa Haftar


Fraraadd of detainees from a prison in the city of Zliten Mager

News sources reported today from the city of Zliten about 90 detainees escape from a prison in the city of Zliten and Majer sources said that smuggler was arrested with the help of the people of the region, against the backdrop of the kidnapping of 40 detainees from prison two days ago by armed militias from Misurata.

Video expulsion of Al-Jazeera crew by demonstrators in the city of Benghazi 

Video Tripoli Local Council statement about the statement Khalifa Haftar 14/02/2014 

Colonel Boubacar Najat Ali al-Obeidi, an assassination attempt in Benghazi 
Sources said shortly before the news of the city of Benghazi on the survival of Colonel Ali al-Obeidi, Boubacar an assassination attempt outside his home district of the city of Benghazi peace and sources said that al-Obeidi exposure to shootings by unidentified gunmen and was injured in the chest area.

editors note: Till now there is an arrest warrant for Hefter but no body is willing to catch him please do not forget that Hefter belongs to CIA he exiled himself while he was in the army with the Jamahiriya government and later was trained by the CIA, he came back on 2011 to topple the government. Last year one of his sons tried to rob a bank where he was shot on the leg and I think they cut off his leg now both of his sons live abroad with the money of Libya.

Everything is very quiet in Tripoli so quiet that you can hear a pin fall down waiting for the storm to come as we say here in Libya. The only thing that is moving in Tripoli are the UN TRUCKS with their special units checking the streets.

One last piece of news in Tobruk airport they caught a Qatari plane which was forced to land in Tobruk because of a malfunction and when searched they found military arms all the crew was arrested. 


Report from the Libyan Jamahiriya (29/01/2014): The decisive battle of liberation is near, NATO and the U.S. are caught in the criminal labyrinth ….

The decisive battle of liberation is near, NATO and the U.S. are caught in the criminal labyrinth ….

Continues the battle for liberation of Libya

The colonialist oppressors and their minions have their days numbered NATO and the U.S. are unable to stop the popular uprising across Libya.
Main battlefield is the city of Sebha in the south, where in the past three days traitors and mercenaries of NATO to have lost over 470 bandits, over 120 armored cars have fallen into the hands of the 80% resistance to southern cities under control of Green Resistance.
Among the mercenaries settled by resistance include:
25 Qatari nationality and military ranks, including colonels
13 Sudanese nationality group Hassan al-Bashir
20 Egyptian citizenship Muslim Brotherhood
5 of Afghan nationality of al-Qaida
3 have Syrian nationality dogs of Qatar and the Gulf of criminal groups.

The death toll from the terrorists in the service of NATO and the U.S. exceeds 500 settled mercenaries who have sold their honor, dignity and their land to the Jews and their masters the tyrant colonialism

The southern tribes and Warfalla tribes have posted convincing and communicated to join the fight for the dignity and honor of Libya and have sworn to cleanse it of mercenaries and traitors colonialist

The alliance between the occupation government of Tripoli and Al Qaeda is trying to stop the long march for the liberation of the country with all criminal methods, under the complicit silence of the UN, but it is useless, since the vast Libyan majority of the population is against the oppressors and are joining on behalf Green Resistance.

Sebha, Tobruk, Brega and Bani Walid are just some of the cities in which have turned to wave the Green Flag of the Jamahiriya, the great symbol of democracy and self-government of the people.
According to some sources in various Libyan embassies around the world returned to wave the Green Flag. We declare that there is still a lot of stuff that will surprise the enemy.
Viva Libya!

source: libia-sos.blogspot.ch