Explaining the Meeting between some elders of Zintan and Misrata in Sabratha

Explaining the Meeting between some elders of Zintan and Misrata in Sabratha

Make no mistake these people who are a couple of 100 people are a partial tribe of the Zintan and are NOT with the other part of the Tribes of Zintan who have Saif al Islam Qaddafi.

The western media, Al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, Ansar Sharaia, LIFG or as they are called now Daash and Libya Dawn(shits) are using the face book and Twitter social media so that they can misinform the public and all Libyans who have sworn allegiance with the Honorable Tribes its distasteful to try to destroy the image or the conquests of the Honorable Tribes.

This meeting that took place in Sabratha the so-called elders of Zintan are Muslim Brotherhood and Ansar Sharaia very extreme which suits of course the above mentioned terrorist groups together with the USA Deborah Jones ambassador.  (According to the media center the meeting done in Sabratha included  partial elders of Zintan and Misrata who tried to sponsor an initiative of the Municipal Council the leaders of the rebels Sabratha boat house Tallil, in an attempt to heal the rift between the two cities.)

Here are the photos taken by Ruseifa news:


As you can see from the photo they do look like the Takfirs we know


Wahhabis, extremists you name it, its shown in this picture.


When the Jalabia is shorter it means you are a Wahhabi, beards which are not taken care (bushy, uncut etc) are extremists

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BREAKING Libyan Tribes Report Bombings Executed Against Extremist Militias

BREAKING Libyan Tribes Report Bombings Executed Against Extremist Militias

Submitted by JoanneM

Update Libya – Tribes of Libya report that many bombing raids were executed against the rubbish Misurata militias and other extremist gangs in Libya. The raids were executed starting yesterday and continue today. They are striking weapons depots, armed vehicles, training camps and many other sites. The source of these bombings is not yet confirmed.

But God Bless them whomever they are..


Report of the Libyan Jamahiriya (01/02/2014): The struggle for liberation of Libya is irreversible …. The gangster government in alliance with Al Qaeda U.S. and NATO disintegrates and will be crushed by the Green Resistance

The struggle for liberation of Libya is irreversible …. The gangster government in alliance with Al Qaeda U.S. and NATO disintegrates and will be crushed by the Green Resistance

What is happening in the south of Libya?

The latest developments from the South, demonstrate the ability of military and political resistance Patriots, the flame is powered on, the direction of the resistance makes a fruitful balance of the objectives achieved in its unexpected eruption of conscious but longed for returning long way to Libya’s dignity and sovereignty, cleaning of mercenaries and traitors, makes tactical moves to protect civilians and new troops loyal to the newly formed provisional Jamahiriya army.

Warns important security measures of mujahidines of the Green Resistance and all the people in general, recommends Resistance fighters, reviewers and the proper use of social media, mobile or any media to avoid be detected by the invading enemy that has high-tech devices to detect resistance and recommends people to avoid conflict areas not to become cannon fodder since the enemy is passed in the most cowardly manner by members of resistance ….. The people must be patient and wait for the time when the Green Resistance to convene.

According to reports reaching the mediation of some tribes of Zintan has agreed to a temporary cease-fire, engaging the Zintan which want to repel attack by mercenaries from Misurata and Libyan army servile evil called NATO in any area of ​​the South. This agreement allows avoid further bloodshed of civilians and facilitates a realignment of Resistance to a new battle scenario.

The Resistance announces maintaining control of the South and continues its targeted attacks on figures of the Libyan puppet “government”

Resistance managed to establish several bridges and advanced lines, a recovered abundant war material taken into secret locations, removed hundreds of foreign mercenaries and captured dozens of them facing a minimum loss of Green Resistance fighters to hope returned to the Libyan people, demonstrated military superiority on land and facing up to the constant aerial bombardment by NATO and Qatar, to stake out the analysis that the only way to liberation of Libya’s armed insurrection.

The media’s objective has been achieved in all corners of the world exiled Libyans and millions of people have returned to talk about the suffering of the Libyan people and destruction in the hands of a de facto government in Libya NATO demonstrations of solidarity with the Resistance in dozens of Libyan embassies around the world even in some of them has managed to raise the Jamahiriya Green Flag.

The struggle of liberation of Libya is irreversible
Peace, mercy and blessings of God with men loyal to the country and the Jamahiriya Libya

- Benghazi: on Thursday afternoon, the son of ‘Ali Bouchmadh “was kidnapped, the father said to the troops to search for him. Witnesses say of this traitor’s son that he was captured as he left the University of Benghazi by people traveling in two white Toyota cars that fled to an unknown destination.

* Now there is fighting in Al Sabri, cars on fire, the smoke rising over the city of Benghazi

* Fighting among army troops and bandits of Al Qaeda at the main entrance to the University of Benghazi Gariyunis, we report the shot down an unmanned helicopter.

* News about the presence of Ayman al-Zawahiri in the field Battalion February 17 in Benghazi that is being bombarded by helicopters misnamed Libyan army.

- Tripoli: A chief of staff in the Libyan army has been killed in clashes with gangs south of Tripoli, Libyan security sources said. Karah Mohamed died Sunday of a gunshot wound to the head, after taking part in an offensive against the gangs who had been stealing cars and blocking roads in the Rishfana area on the outskirts of the capital.

* Today it was announced that the Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Sadiq Abdulkarim Abdulrahman survived the attempt on his life in Tripoli. “Gunmen attacked and his car was riddled with bullets,” – said Deputy Interior Minister Sayed Al-Bahloul. Attack occurred when the minister left the building complex Dawa Islamiya Al-Falah district in Tripoli, near the main road to the airport. According to the security service in Tripoli, he only survived because his car was armored.

* Bands of armed mercenary “security” have entered Abu Salim and are abducting  all young people and their parents, humiliated in the presence of women and children, these NATO criminals do not respect the sanctity of the home. All hostages are taken to a concentration camp.
The families of Abu Salim, are angry and full of pain wondering why we had our people and our brothers, the sons of Abu Salim abducted. Their only crime of their fathers, mothers and children is staying true to the leader Muammar Gaddafi and opposition to colonialism and destruction committed by NATO against Libya.

This shameful act shows their fear the puppets of NATO to the new popular army libration is parallel to the Libyan Jamahiriya.

* Armed militias in Tripoli had hijacked Libyan Justice Minister Salah al-Mirghani

- Sebha: Large Libyan resistance patriots fighting radical Islamists illegally occupying their country, are having great victories against evil. Today a convoy of over 100 vehicles (reinforced) of these criminals was ambushed and destroyed about 70 km from Sabha. The popular resistance is strong and their voice is strong for all Libyan patriots.

* Sabha and the tribes of the southern half of Libya announced the emergence of a parallel army provisional the Jamahiriya People’s Resistance.

* The castle was used as a torture center and military control by rats and mercenaries of NATO, it was released after fierce fighting, many rats “NATO rebels” were liquidated, part of the castle was destroyed.

- Terrorists of the Muslim Brotherhood left the Libyan government to facilitate the downfall and go on the offensive: Today it was reported that the political group  Muslim Brotherhood in Libya “Party for Justice and Development” pulled their support and their representatives (ministers) from the Puppet Libyan Prime Minister Ali Zeidan. This is a crushing blow to Zeidan which as we reported in the past, has dual citizenship with Libya and Germany. He is a German spy, and this is known to all Libyans.

NOTE ***: The fact that the Muslim Brotherhood, an Islamic terrorist organization known, was part of the government of Libya is a proof of delivery of Libya by NATO to Islamic extremist groups (Ansar Al Sharia, Al Qaeda, LIFG and many others anyway just using different names to confuse the west). Under the previous regime, Islamic extremism was forbidden. Libya led the world in the hunt and maintenance of this psychopathic terrorists outside their country. 95% of the Libyan population HATE radical Islamism. 5% that make up the Islamic extremists in Libya are NATO, the UN and the U.S. they gave hand to destroy Libya. There were not enough of them to take over the country so they imported 250,000 NATO Al Qaeda groups to Libya to help destroy the country. Many foreign terrorists are still living in Libya.

NOTE ***: The Muslim Brotherhood only will leave office to help facilitate the fall of the puppet Ali Zeidan so they can take the lead in Libya.

The Libyan people are fighting to take back what is rightfully theirs – THEIR COUNTRY – which was taken from them by force and handed over to NATO imperialist puppet and radical Islamists.

Secondly, on previous article there is a picture of a dead leader of Ansar Al Sharia, his name is Abu al-Qasim Dabbashi was leading the terrorist training camps near Sabratha, Libya. He was killed by the Green Resistance fighters of the city and the tribes of Al Ojailat


Libyans ask – “Ansar Al Sharia has been officially declared a terrorist group by the U.S., then why is the U.S. not supporting the Libyan fighters in theirbattle against these known terrorists?”

source: libia-sos.blogspot.ch

Report of the Libyan Jamahiriya (01/22/2014): Southern Libya liberated of mercenaries and traitors serving NATO and U.S. .. the next step is to liberate Misrata

 Southern Libya liberated  of mercenaries and traitors serving NATO and U.S. .. the next step is to liberate Misurata

New statement Green Resistance  brigades


Sabha: credible reports report That the north and south of Sabha under the Control of the patriotic forces of Green Resistance  Qatar reported that NATO and U.S. aircraft and contract pilots to bomb places. Also there were some 90 killed and 130 wounded in the bombing of civilian criminal areas, all government offices are closed misnamed puppets have fled, all government offices are closed. Many injured have been rushed to Tripoli hospitals and medicine scarce and not enough doctors ….

The airport and military bases of Sabha is under the control of the Resistance, it was possible to capture enormous amounts of military equipment. Captured mercenaries and traitors and were put to the sword.

Over 150 thermal missiles and dozens of armed vehicles 

The Mujahideen forces are strengthening the Green space they released and declared on the legitimacy of the Great Arab Jamahiriya in  Libya, and Allah is the greatest.

Residents of the south Receive  the Resistance fighters

Tripoli: NATO rats are on high alert they have kidnapped dozens of young people in the neighborhoods of Abu Salim and Ain Zara, Whose Green flags  were THROUGHOUT the area.

Sirte: Libyan Resistance waves the Green flag in the ruins of Sirte, they have moved the snipers and are awaiting orders.

The Libyan Resistance fly the Green Flag in the ruins of Gaddafi Sirte LIBYA January 19, 2014

Brochure distributed in Sirte

- Al Ojailat: It’s Reported fierce fighting, tens of NATO rats  Have Been eliminated.

- Egypt – Libya: reports reach us That the Green strength achieved to raise the Green flag on the Libyan embassy the  staff who work there have Agreed to Recognize Their support for the Green Strength and the Egyptian Authorities Requested safety support.

The borders with Egypt have been closed.

Libyan exiles in Britain and around the world begin to protest at the headquarters of the UN and Libyan embassies abroad worldwide begin to protest at the headquarters of the UN.

- Zintan: the military council of Zintan debate after receiving order of the minions of NATO to intervene in Sabha, according to unofficial sources there is strong pressure from the tribes and honorable men to join the Resistance and the release of Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, if the militia of Zintan decide to support the Green strength that would wash his honor after being abandoned or betrayed.

- Misurata: it is reported that more than 100 military vehicles with criminals and traitors have moved to the south Sabha, but fail to advance through the constant resistance attacks that have cut all the roads and makes them fall in traps.

 - Zawiya: Colonel Juma Brim rat exerted in the fourth infantry brigade at this time fleeing the area, its a Toyota car is being Pursued, his accomplices Were liquidated

- Bayda: explosions near the main commercial banks of Granada Control. Bayda. ACCORDING to preliminary information, two workers were injured.

- Al Adzhelate: Reported That  Were seven ambulances removed from the area with dozens of mercenaries and traitors serving NATO casualties unknown destination

- Sabratha: after heavy fighting several NATO mercenaries Settled one – leader of “Ansar al-Sharia” in Sabratha Abdulkasim Dabbashi

source: http://libia-sos.blogspot.ch/


More Missiles Fired on Libya

More Missiles Fired on Libya


by JoanneM

There were more missile attacks on Libya January 1, 2014. The Al Watia base near the Tunisian border was again hit with a number of missiles. The source of the missiles is not confirmed but the general consensus among the Libyan people is that it is from the USA. Al Watia is a weapons storage depot for Islamic Extremists groups. The second missile attack was made near Sabratha west of Tripoli on the coast. This attack was made on a training camp for Islamic Extremists.

Second there is a report that the leader of Ansar Al Sharia (designated terrorist group) for Tunisia, Abu Iyadh whose real name is Seifallah Ben Hussein Mokn (see photo below) was captured in Misurata by US special forces on Monday December 30, 2013. Our sources inform us that Abu Lyadh had traveled to Sabratha and then on to El Sadadah (both locations of large Islamic Extremist training camps). After he left El Sadadah he traveled to Misurata where he planned to board a plane to Turkey. He was thus captured at the airport in Misurata. The US agencies have put out information discounting this story as have the Ansar Al Sharia group, but our sources have confirmed this story as true.

Question: Under what authority (Libyan or American) does the US have to put soldiers, mercenaries or Intelligence people on the ground in Libya? What right does the US have to bomb Libya or any other sovereign nation? ****(I can answer this question we are under siege from the USA so as Yanks they think they can do what ever they like together with the puppet government)

Seifallah Ben Hussein Mokn

source: libyanwarthetruth.com