WHAT IS THE U.S. FOREIGN ADMINISTRATION UP TO? Municipal councils: a US draft resolution to the Libya

WHAT IS THE U.S. FOREIGN ADMINISTRATION UP TO? Municipal councils: a US draft resolution to the Libya

Editor’s note: This Article was sent to me by email and unfortunately I do not have the link to post with the article. Reading the article makes me wonder what is America planning again over the destruction of Libya? Why suddenly they want to draft a resolution? Who do they want to trap this time? Why is the meeting taking place in Ankara Turkey which is an enemy to Libya? Why did the commission’s parties agree to this? What is wrong with this picture? How stupid do the Americans and the UN think we are? Have all Libyan parties lost their minds???

“Teeming circles interested, directly or indirectly, the Libyan affairs, projects intractable solutions to the crisis, amid what appears to be the arrival of the UN envoy Bernardino Lyon efforts to a standstill. ****(Lets not forget that Lyon is in favor with the Muslim brotherhood and all fanatic entities.) For the position of the United States of America, referring to informed sources, refusing to be named, that Washington formed a special committee of advisors of several security and diplomatic agencies ****(what they mean as agencies are CIA/MOSSAD etc no diplomatic people in this picture) in the Turkish capital of Ankara ****(really in Turkey? the biggest traitor to the muslim world? everybody can see the trap), and met with officials of the Commission are parties, tribal and partisan and revolutionary and military kit to develop a way out of the Libyan crisis.

The United States believes that Libya where there is an elected four entities, the General National Congress, the House of Representatives and the Council of the Libyan in eastern Libya, and the municipal councils, and the sixty-writing the constitution. ****(There maybe four entity groups but the only group internationally recognised is the House of Representatives who reside in Tobruk the rest have no recognition)

However, the American vision of the solution they want to output General National Congress and the House of Representatives of any future political equation, as they hampered the dialogue led by the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations Bernardino Leon, through and put impossible conditions that can not go through with the meeting and negotiate and come up with solutions.****(If America and the UN can not control their JIHADIST BERNARDINO LEON its not the fault of the House of Representatives that they can not find a solution when the UN has already claimed that the other entities are terrorists arriving to B. Leon disagreeing with the line of the UN and trying to push the agenda of England and America wanting the Muslim Brotherhood to take control the whole of Libya, while Leon is being supported by the two states behind the scenes France is against the dealings of the UK and USA so now all of them have decided to get rid of the one government which is recognised internationally and of course is not in favor with what the UK & USA wants and France insists to get rid of the GNC which resides in Tripoli illegally and has killed thousands of citizens so that they could conquer it. Its not the condition that is the problem, the problem is that THE WEST TOGETHER WITH THE JIHADIST LEON WANTS – US LIBYANS TO SWALLOW A COALITION PARTY AND ACCEPT THE TERRORISTS WHO BETRAYED LIBYA AS A GOVERNMENT WITH THE WESTERNERS FINAL GOAL TO DIVIDE LIBYA INTO THREE PIECES, JUST LIKE SUDAN, KOREA, BALKANS, INDIA ETC)  In addition, it can not rely on the body sixty-writing the Constitution, as a body can assume the leadership of the third transition. The reason that they need as well as the fact that sixty faculty members to write divided Constitution politically about the ongoing crisis; some of them supported the dissolved Libyan Representatives, and is considered the legitimate representative, in the introduction to these is chairman Ali Tarhouni ***(WHO HAS BETRAYED LIBYA A MILLION OF TIMES, STOLE BILLIONS AND IS AN AMERICAN ASSET); and other members believe that the legitimacy returned full National Conference year, after the ruling of the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court declared unconstitutional the Libyan Council of Representatives election law *****(They omit that the supreme court was at gun point). Was left in this case, only the elected municipal councils, in several major Libyan cities, Tripoli and Misrata, Zawia of western Libya, and Sabha in the south of Libya, Benghazi and Tobruk, Baida and eastern Libya.

The play of these councils, established by providing public services to citizens, and interest in local affairs of the municipalities of the laws, and there is no political functions at the state level, whether legislative, executive, can be exercised under the law. However, it in fact code American message and began their understanding, according to followers; they held a meeting on Saturday in the city of Sabha in southern Libya under the banner of “national reconciliation are the way to save Libya”, which seeks to develop initiative and sentence to the Libyan crisis solutions. It also called for the establishment of a higher council represented at the level of Libya, which would be compatible later with what may be entrusted with the role, as is expected in the case of assuming the leadership of the transitional phase to form from among its members a legislative council microcosm, a presidential council, according to the American vision ******(American vision is collecting all Libyan resources and dividing Libya into small pieces. They do not want to see Libya again UNITED, STRONG AND NOT UNDER COLONIZATION). There is no ready-made solutions so far to resolve the Libyan political and security crisis raging since the start of the process of “dignity” ****(What dignity a betrayer who his sole intention was to topple the previous government and he (Haftar) solely becomes the new LEADER which would be awesome for the Americans as he is one of CIA’s Assets that being said he would give most of our resources to America and to his children who seem not to have enough money as they go and ROB banks in Libya just last year and the year before now his children are staying abroad enjoying Libyans assets and believing that their father has saved the country from evil forgetting that the evil was brought in by them in the first place.)   in the sixteenth of May / May last, or even to force the parties to the conflict to sit down and negotiate the exit of the tunnel of civil war, which now threatens the collapse of the State College mechanisms. Away from the American project, there are different headquarters carefully to resolve; first see the necessity of military intervention in Libya to eliminate what it calls the hotbeds of terrorism and extremism, arguing that extremism has become stems from Libya and threatens international peace and security. This trend, led by retired Major General Khalifa Haftar *****(he has been retired for over 20 years but does not say how he and his family survived all these years? Who supported him to be able to live in the United States near the CIA home town he does not come from money so let him explain to us how he got it? Who is financing him behind the scenes? What kind of game is he playing?), a moderate Islamic currents which puts tough in one basket. Haftar and enjoys a regional political and logistical support, through air strikes civilian and military sites in several eastern and western Libya.

The second approach stems from that a military solution will enter the Arab and African countries in the ring vortex of terrorism and extremism. This trend is leading a regional Algeria, which owns own calculations based on security considerations, and other related influence in North Africa as a larger force. Algerian diplomacy has rejected the African Sahel Initiative five countries in Nouakchott Finally summit, which called for the military intervention in Libya. According to Minister for Maghreb and African Algerian affairs, Abdelkader Messahel, “the Libyans alone than to have the capacity to determine the principles and parameters of a political solution away from all forms of foreign interference”, warning that “Algeria will continue its mission to find a political solution to the Libyan crisis, and through accompany the living forces in Libya, which seeks to achieve this goal. ” Algeria does not lose sight of the French role which uses African institutions such as the Council of the African Peace and Security of the African Union as a factor supporting military intervention in Libya, and to promote the French solution before the UN Security Council. However, Algeria, on the other hand, stood at a point rejected military intervention without providing any comprehensive political vision of a peaceful solution based on the collection of the Libyan political parties around the negotiating table, or, according to another opinion adopted by a team of political analysts, her paralyzed from providing political initiative, because regional interventions in favor of the logic of military intervention.”

In ‘liberated’ Libya, criticism of government banned

In ‘liberated’ Libya, criticism of government banned

Human Rights Watch
January 27, 2014

A new decree passed by Libya’s parliament banning satellite television stations critical of the government and the 2011 uprising against Gaddafi violates free speech and Libya’s Provisional Constitutional Declaration. The decree was passed January 22, 2014. The government also slashed scholarship funding for students abroad, along with salaries and bonuses to employees who take part in activities “inimical” to the revolution.

“You’d think that Libyans learned long ago that suppressing speech, no matter how harsh, does nothing to foster security or peace,” said Sarah Leah Whitson, Middle East and North Africa director. “The best way to confront opinions that the government doesn’t like is to challenge them with better ideas that will convince Libyans.”

Decree 5/2014, “Concerning the Cessation and Ban on the Broadcasting of Certain Satellite Channels,” passed by Libya’s parliament, the General National Congress (GNC), on January 22, instructs the ministries of Foreign Affairs, Communications, and [Mass] Media to “take necessary steps required” to halt the transmission of all satellite television stations that are “hostile to the February 17 revolution and whose purpose is the destabilization of the country or creating divisions among Libyans.” It further instructs the government to “take all measures” against states or businesses in territories from where the channels are broadcast if they do not block the transmission of these stations.

The decree violates freedom of expression because it censors a wide range of speech, including peaceful political dissent, and its broad and vague wording is open to arbitrary implementation, Human Rights Watch said. While the government could lawfully ban speech that is found to directly incite violence, it should not ban all of a satellite channel’s broadcasts even if some of the speech that it disseminates is found to incite violence. Human Rights Watch urged the government to revoke the resolution.

The ban appears intended to block satellite stations that have taken a pro-Gaddafi position in their editorial content; in particular, it appears aimed at a pro-Gaddafi station, al-Khadra Channel, and al-Jamahiriyah.

Libya’s government also passed Resolution 13/2014 on January 24, discontinuing scholarships to students studying abroad and salaries and bonuses to Libyan employees, for “taking part in activities inimical to the February 17 revolution,” which is widely understood to encompass statements and protests against the current government. It calls on Libyan embassies abroad and others to draw up lists of names and refer them to the Prosecutor General for prosecution.

“These efforts to sanction Libyans who don’t support the revolution or the current government should be an embarrassment for all those who pledged a new era of freedom for Libyans,” Whitson said. “Punishing students and employees who don’t toe the government’s political line is a tactic that should have ended with the fall of Gaddafi.”

The government’s effort to ban pro-Gaddafi media comes in the context of a difficult political and security environment. Seemingly pro-Gaddafi armed groups in southern and western Libya have engaged in pitched battles against pro-government forces, resulting in at least 154 deaths and 463 injured people according to an Agence France Presse report. In the past year, armed groups and unknown assailants assassinated at least 70 Libyans associated with the Gaddafi government, mainly former members of the Gaddafi security forces, but also political opponents of Gaddafi, and judges, with virtually no arrests by the government.

It is unclear how the Libyan government will enforce this ban against satellite stations operating outside of the country.

These decrees follow a number of prosecutions of high-profile activists, journalists and politicians who have expressed critical views. A court sentenced Jamal al-Hajji, an activist detained under Gaddafi, to eight months in prison with labor and a steep fine for making false accusations against government officials and others.

Since the removal of the Gaddafi government, prosecutors have relied on penal code provisions restricting speech to prosecute at least three other people for speech related “crimes,” including blasphemy and defamation charges.

On June 14, 2012, the Libyan Supreme Court declared unconstitutional a law that criminalized free speech, Law 37/2012, which the National Transitional Council had passed on May 2, 2012. The law criminalized a variety of types of political speech, including speech that “glorifies the tyrant [Muammar Gaddafi],” did “damage [to] the February 17 Revolution,” or insulted Libya’s institutions. The presiding Judge, Kamal Edhan, declared the law unconstitutional. The case was litigated by a group of lawyers who included the current justice minister, Salah al-Marghani, and the National Council for Civil Liberties and Human Rights.

“While the authorities would be right to prosecute those whose speech directly incites violence and killings of other Libyans, this law against satellite channels that oppose the revolution is far too broad and goes well beyond any permitted restrictions on speech,” Whitson said. “Rather than trying to silence those who oppose the revolution, the government should be demonstrating through its achievements why the people of Libya should support it.”

source: http://www.prisonplanet.com/in-liberated-libya-criticism-of-government-banned.html

Abubaker Osama was killed

Abubaker Osama was killed


Report of the Libyan Jamahiriya (04/02/2014): The Free Libyan people self-determination, dignity and regain our sovereignty. Under a single slogan Expel the colonialist invaders and their dogs!

The Free Libyan people self-determination, dignity and regain our sovereignty. Under a single slogan Expel the colonialist invaders and their dogs!

“By self-determination of nations means the separation of the state authorities of another nation, the formation of an independent national state means.”

“… If we want to understand what it means to self-determination of nations, without playing legal definitions or” inventing “abstract definitions, but by examining the historical and economic conditions of the national movements inevitably arrive at the following conclusion: for self-determination nations understand their communities state separation from another nation, the formation of an independent national state means. “

“The parties of the Second International promised a revolutionary act, but we see from them any real revolutionary work and no support for the uprisings of the exploited and dependent against the oppressor nations, nor see, in my opinion, among the most matches who have dropped out and wish to join the Third International. We should say it out loud, to let everyone know. This can not be refuted, and we’ll see if any attempt is made to refute it. “

Quotes by Lenin on the right to self-determination and independence of peoples and oppressed nations.

Check the definition to Zintan, are they with the enemy or colonialist loyal to the Jamahiriya Libya?

There comes a great opportunity for the Zintan tribe resume its natural place [of the tribes] but the word alone is not enough Zintan of the tribes decision has to be translated into action, Zintan must return the wrong pilgrimage in which they entered [from February and holding hands with NATO], there are opportunities to do so, and this time after promising days from the south, if honest Libyans from Zintan decides to become with the people of Libya against colonial rule and extremist groups or Zintan plays no part in the liberation of Libya have been left alone, and they must be remembered – that they – the descendants Mujahid Salim Abdul Nabi, who defeated the Italians in 1914 there is the possibility to retake its historic past and returning back to the country in 2014.

Zintan should understand today that this is the ultimate opportunity to be part of the Libyan people, not an enemy against him, the enemy invading and humiliate the Zintan by extremist groups in all media, and drive them to pursue a macabre acts against their brothers for affecting the lives of people and to participate in the robbery, theft and the smuggling of them to act like a man of confidence of a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Beware the signal Zintan, has become the last bullet to protect the people of Libya, or the first bullet at the end of the farce after the green strength to return things to normal … Zintan can not be an ally of Misrata because it is being used as Scapegoat immoral and Zintan know exactly what are the people of Misrata, these traitors are vengeful, violent, subservient to Zionism that crushes the fate of the Libyan people, and Zintan Libyan whole have the same enemy are terrorists and extremist Muslim Brotherhood groups sent by the West.

We are waiting for the word of Zintan, a word about Green commitment among the people, and we do not agree with those who insists that “sacrificed for the sake of Libya and its people,” because the victim – is our principle, and know they have a source of weapons, men and money, and they have the most important of all – Saif al-Islam Gaddafi. These skills help you win the battle against the invaders Takfiris, Wahhabis and foreign service of NATO and the U.S., who do not leave you alone to mercenaries Libyan people, because the goal is to Zintan with the same feeling of all the people and Libyan tribes, Zintan was the decisive moment should meet with free men follow the example of all the tribes, to end the occupation of the country. Are you with us, there is no other option these days has started cleaning days of the nation, or your people will be martyred?.

* The arrival of the first secret of Zintan Brigades from heavily armed civilians supposedly to protect civilians in Tripoli.

* Two stolen gunships yesterday armed group belonging to zintantsam! Surprisingly, it turned out that the helicopters were dismantled and removed from the base of Al Watani. The Mi-35 helicopters were in good condition and is in order.

And the fact that the group made two helicopters, and took them to an unknown location.

– Urgent:  The terrorist who acts mob boss in “NATO government in Libya” Ali Zeidane gave the green light to U.S. troops entering the sacred territory of Libya.

– Bin Jawad: A powerful explosion in the ammunition storage in west Naufaliya Bin Jawad. At present one dead Egyptian reported in the explosion and is believed that resistance conducted sabotage against a center of Al-Qaida.

– Border Tunisia – Libya: Tunisian security forces captured Al Jazeera correspondents wiretapping equipment. Who works under the roof of journalists? An investigation is ongoing.

* Tunisia – Libya: Tunisian authorities closed the border crossing of Ras Dzhdir between Tunisia and Libya on Sunday night in connection with the seizure of a number of trucks armed groups and kidnapping a number of Tunisians in Libya …

– Cyrenaica:   Sheikhs and heads of Cyrenaica, said: “Any attack against any soldier or any other attacks in the area of oil fields and ports located in the province of Cyrenaica is an attack on the entire population of the province of Cyrenaica”

Military command of the area declared a state of emergency and alert, because there are reports that a convoy from Misurata to the border with the intention of attacking Barca (Cyrenaica) to seize and take control of the oil fields.

The rat Ali Zeidan issued an order that the mercenaries take over the oil fields and offered them all the theft and a thousand dinars a day of ordinary people …

Until this moment all fields in Jala are still under the control of the children of Cyrenaica

– Benghazi : In the area of refugee “Syria” in Benghazi heavy gunfire over 30 cars belonging to NATO bandits burned.

– Misurata: rebels rats led by NATO, Misurata and takfiris ends meet and announce the following:

One. Bring down the government of Prime Minister with his Zeidane before February 7, 2014, the alternative government to the rebels,

Two. Privacy law is established as a result of the political instrument international conspiracy called “the revolution of February …”

Three. Defense of the legitimacy of a national conference and strongly defended and not to any other entity,

April. Abolition of political parties in the National Conference and the recommendation of the independence of the rebels by his constituency and his revolutionary alternative to recommend to replace it.

May. continue working with the new composition in late October.

– Turf: murder of two officers of the Air Force airbase Maratubet, attempts to settle a third officer, blew his house in the city, as witnesses say.

– Tripoli: Misurata say the INC (National Congress) is in the “red line”. He warns that it will be changed

* 55 prisoners escaped from a prison near Babiy Zhaps

– Sabha: Today, the Resistance men convey greetings to you and peace from the center of Sabha, in particular, and people in the stadium and the center of Sabha.

* They get reports from Misurata bandits are moving a convoy of mercenaries heading toward Sabha.

– NATO Rats fall from grace? Nowadays, Fatou Bensouda, the head of the International Criminal Court has ordered the arrest of 247 criminals puppets of NATO brazenly filmed videos of their crimes during the war?? ?

For the sake of a wider process of systematically distorted picture of life of common people in Libya?

Mission of a party on NATO theft .. And now preparing another. Of those who danced and sang in the bodies under the video … Even willing to put in jail and quickly condemn and erase the traces of their crimes, and that no state prevailing decorate?

How is it not better to give armed leaders in refugee camps in cities devastated by theft? God is not jealous of them?

We – do not … A Muslim does not wallow in his brother … But how many dead, how much human misery and fear brought the patient to the people of other religions? Right to punish only in Allah and His Messenger?
And tell others until it was too late …

– Intellectuals, poets, philosophers and artists analisan and discuss the work and figure Mohamar Al Gaddafi in his contribution to culture, peace and solidarity among men and nations in the Book Fair in Cairo

Libya’s Cache of Toxic Arms All Destroyed

Libya’s Cache of Toxic Arms All Destroyed


In an image from the Pentagon, a bomb was moved from a bunker in Libya to be later drained of its chemical agent.

WASHINGTON — Even as the international effort to destroy Syria’s vast chemical weapons stockpile lags behind schedule, a similar American-backed campaign carried out under a cloak of secrecy ended successfully last week in another strife-torn country, Libya.

The United States and Libya in the past three months have discreetly destroyed what both sides say were the last remnants of Col.Muammar al-Qaddafi’s lethal arsenal of chemical arms. They used a transportable oven technology to destroy hundreds of bombs and artillery rounds filled with deadly mustard agent, which American officials had feared could fall into the hands of terrorists. The effort also helped inspire the use of the technology in the much bigger disposal plan in Syria. ****(The previous regime didn’t have any lethal arsenal of chemical arms, what the destroyed discreetly in the Sahara desert was the chemical weapons of Syria which is going to cause a NATURAL DISASTER TO ECHO SYSTEM OF THE DESERT, as if that is not enough lets not forget the Depleted Uranium they (NATO) bombed Libya which has already shown the signs of the disaster to the Echo system in the country and to the people. Of course this does not concern America and the Libyan government who want to destroy Libya completely. These chemicals should have gone to America or Saudi Arabia while they are the ones who begun and financed these wars.)

Since November, Libyan contractors trained in Germany and Sweden have worked in bulky hazmat suits at a tightly guarded site in a remote corner of the Libyan desert, 400 miles southeast of Tripoli, racing to destroy the weapons in a region where extremists linked to Al Qaeda are gaining greater influence. The last artillery shell was destroyed on Jan. 26, officials said.

As Libya’s weak central government grapples with turmoil and unrest, and as kidnappings and assassinations of military and police officers accelerate in the country’s east, American and international weapons specialists hailed the destruction of the Libyan stockpile as a bright spot in an otherwise gloomy security environment.

“It’s a big breakthrough,” said Paul F. Walker, an arms control expert with the environmental group Green Cross International who has helped in efforts to demilitarize the American and Russian chemical weapons stockpiles since the 1990s. “Even though Libya’s chemical stockpile was relatively small, the effort to destroy it was very difficult because of weather, geography and because it’s a dangerous area with warring tribes, increasing the risks of theft and diversion,” he said. ***(see what I mean they want to destroy us completely)

Libya’s last two tons of chemical weapons were dwarfed by the 1,300 tons that Syria has agreed to destroy. But American and international arms experts say the need for easily transportable and efficient technology to wipe out the Libyan arms became a model for the Syria program now underway.

For Libya’s fragile transitional government, such collaboration with the West on security matters is a delicate issue. It gives the country’s leaders desperately needed assistance to defuse internal threats, but also risks accusations of compromising national sovereignty.

Asked about the American efforts to destroy the chemical weapons, Libyan security officials in Tripoli initially issued sweeping denials. One later briefly acknowledged the operation on the condition of anonymity, and then officials stopped returning phone calls.

On Sunday, the White House said that it would ensure that the Syrian government complied with an accord to give up its chemical arsenal despite missed deadlines and delays in carrying out the deal.

The White House chief of staff, Denis McDonough, said on the CBS News program “Face the Nation” that the deal was “not falling apart, but we would like to see it proceed much more quickly than it is.”

The disposal of the last of Libya’s chemical weapons closes a chapter that Colonel Qaddafi began in early 2004, when his government turned over a vast cache of nuclear technology and chemical stockpiles to the United States, Britain and international nuclear inspectors. ****(The previous regime turned ALL of its Chemical Stockpile and that is why they Bombed us to the stone age Condition.)

At that time, Libya declared for destruction 24.7 metric tons of sulfur mustard, a syrupy liquid that when loaded into bombs or artillery shells and exploded creates a toxic mist that penetrates clothing, burns and blisters exposed skin, and can kill with large doses or if left untreated. The chemical was used extensively in World War I.

Libya had destroyed about half of these stocks when civil war broke out in 2011. Western spy agencies closely monitored the destruction site in the Libyan desert to ensure the stockpiles were not pilfered by insurgents.

When the new government took control in Tripoli that fall, it signaled its intent to finish the job. Libyan officials also surprised Western inspectors by announcing the discovery in November 2011 and February 2012 of two hidden caches of mustard, or nearly two tons, that had not been declared by Colonel Qaddafi’s government. That brought the total declared amount of chemical to 26.3 tons. ****(What they are not saying is that the nearly two tons was imported by Qatar, Saudi Arabia, USA, France and England to be used against the Libyan people as you can check in my archives you will see at the time in question this chemical weapons were used against Sirt and Ban Walid, the chemical agents where Mustard,Sarin and White Phosphorus, I am sick and tired of the West and America putting the blame on the previous regime.)

Unlike the majority of Libya’s mustard agents, which were stored in large, bulky containers, the new caches were already armed and loaded into 517 artillery shells, 45 plastic sleeves for rocket launchings and eight 500-pound bombs. ****(Here we have to thank Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the USA. It was the only way to win the war.)

The new stockpiles immediately posed huge challenges for the fledgling Libyan government, which had no ability to destroy the combat-ready chemical weapons, as well as for its American and European allies called upon to help. ****(yes poor Libya has to ask for help!)

The disposal site is deep in the desert, in an area where Islamist militants hostile to the West wield growing influence. It also sits on the front line of the struggle between Libya’s eastern and western provinces over political power and oil revenue. A defining issue in post-Qaddafi politics, the regional rivalry has often spilled out into armed blockades of the national highways and crucial oil-export terminals as well. ****(do you see what I mean? (hostile to the west – armed blockades and crucial oil-export) they want to destroy every thing)

Using $45 million from the Nunn-Lugar Cooperative Threat Reduction program, which has helped rid the former Soviet Union of thousands of nuclear weapons since the end of the Cold War, the Pentagon and its Defense Threat Reduction Agency tapped the Parsons Corporation, a construction firm based in Pasadena, Calif., ****(wonder how many millions $$ they are collecting) to work with Libya to oversee the rebuilding and safeguarding of the Libyan disposal site, which had been ransacked during the civil war. ****(what civil war? We have the patriotic Libyans against the foreign backed government and the two hundred fifty militias which are foreign backed and financed by the West. That’s not CIVIL WAR, as the 250 militia and the government are foreigners and exiled Libyans from 1969 who these people have NOT LIVED IN LIBYA FOR THE LAST FORTY TWO YEARS and are not accepted by the Libyan people)

Remarkably, the mustard agents stored in bulk containers at the site were untouched and their inspection seals unbroken, American and international officials said. These have all been destroyed, too.

Canada donated $6 million to help restore water, sewage service and electricity to the site, ****(donated really? the donated from the frozen assets of Libya so that’s Libyan money and not Canadian, although Canada owes a lot more to the Libyan people for all damages done by bombing us and destroying all the infrastructure of Libya) and to build living quarters for Western and Libyan contractors. Germany agreed to fly international inspectors to the site.

The project has relied on a custom-built device from Dynasafe, a Swedish company, to destroy the weapons. It is essentially a giant, high-tech oven called a static-detonation chamber. The munitions were fed through an automated loading system into a gas-tight chamber, where the toxic materials were vaporized at temperatures between 750 and 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Gases created in the process were scrubbed by special filters.

“The destruction of these munitions was a major undertaking in arduous, technically challenging circumstances,” Ahmet Uzumcu, the director general of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, whose inspectors supervised the destruction of the chemical weapons, said in a written statement.

Although American officials acknowledge that Libya is awash with conventional arms, they expressed confidence that the vast Libyan desert holds no other secret caches of unconventional arms for jihadis to exploit. ***(So let America explain why there was Sarin gas and White phosphorus was used only recently (January) in Sabha and Ban Walid on the people? When they confirm that there is no other secret caches.) 

Andrew C. Weber, assistant secretary of defense for nuclear, chemical and biological defense programs, said, “This is the culmination of a major international effort to eliminate weapons of mass destruction from Libya and to ensure that they never fall into the hands of terrorists.” ****(yeah right!!! It will be only used by these terrorists 250 militias, Qatar, U.A.E., Saudi Arabia Turkey and the U.S.A. against the Libyan people.)

Suliman Ali Zway contributed reporting from Tripoli, Libya, and David D. Kirkpatrick from Cairo.

source: nytimes.com