So the UN is complaining what a shame! Let us help the UN to understand WHY? UN: Libya armed groups attacking human rights defenders

So the UN is complaining what a shame! Let us help the UN to understand WHY? UN: Libya armed groups attacking human rights defenders


Ok! finally the UN is complaining about the situation in Libya and its activists who by the way most of them are expatriates who lied, begged, blackmailed the western world to come and bomb Libya because Qaddafi went crazy and massacred his people who later was proved to be a LIE. The plans of USA and its allies which is France and England ordered the UN to go ahead with the No-fly zone to protect the civilians, so where did all those activists and allies go wrong? I can not imagine that the activists who are CIA assets installed in Libya are naive they knew exactly what they were doing. They are all responsible for the destruction of Libya and have blood on their hands for killing thousands of civilians with depleted uranium bombs, sex slavery, organ trafficking and children trafficking.

These activists that the UN is so worried about their safety are no activists… It says in this article that some activists are being threatened even abroad that is a blatant lie, because colleagues of mine and I included have not been threatened by Armed groups but we have been threatened by secret agencies there is a difference. Lets not forget that the UN and its people like Bernandino Leon are pushing for Muslim Brotherhood to be installed by force in Libya and they are protecting these armed groups so my question to the UN why are you complaining?

These people are your people they are not TRUE LIBYANS they are Libyans born outside Libya and grew up with western ideas which has nothing to do with the Libyan society. I will not say that I am glad that they are killed or kidnapped but I am sure YOU HAVE YOUR AGENDA in not helping them, maybe they found out your true face and they had to be silenced, it will not be the first time or the last.

Your Human Rights defenders where the ones LYING  to the world about the atrocities that supposedly Qaddafi did because your bosses told you so, only to come a year later to deny everything… and you think that the Libyan people have forgotten your role?  You believe that we have forgotten that the Red Cross would supply YOUR freedom fighters with arms instead of helping civilians. Or do you think we have forgotten your “doctors without borders”helped these armed groups to revive prisoners of war so that they would be tortured again?

You have the audacity to claim that the tribes are involved in this killing how dare you? Where were you when the whole of Bani Walid was attacked by your ARMED GROUPS with WHITE PHOSPHORUS AND SARIN gases? You did nothing to help the children and civilians you just stood there SILENTLY and now you are complaining… these groups are your groups you armed them, trained them, financed them and you brought them in Libya. It serves you rightly what is happening now to your people who never had the balls to stand up and say no.

All of you are responsible for what is happening in Libya and still you are insisting to install by force these armed groups who are a menace to society and to the world so that you can please Israel, SHAME ON YOU in destroying so many lives. What is happening now in Libya will happen to you very soon by your own people.

When you decided to illegally bomb Libya you should have thought of all the con’s and pro’s but you were hasty as you thought it was your chance to steal everything from Libya and not considering that you can not control Libya.

Libya by its own right after 42 years has understood its worth we are not the Libyans you thought you left behind in 1969. Every single Libyan after 1969 understood that we were a thorn to your eye because of our geopolitical position, our oil, our gold and other resources. We knew it was a matter of time that you would invade us. What you didn’t know was that we are a STRONG TRIBAL SOCIETY not like the Saudis or the Qataris and Qaddafi knew exactly what he was doing supplying every civilian with arms.

Qaddafi is laughing from his grave because after FOUR YEARS you still can not control us…. and you will never be able to find the recipe of having all the TRIBES united.. but you can not divide them the only tribe you have under your control is Misurata which supplies you the Armed groups that you are complaining now…. You tend to forget that the Misurata people are a mixed race from Jewish and Turkish origin. You believe that they are your friends but they are not they will betray you eventually and by the looks of it they already have. My suggestion, if you want peace in Libya START TALKING TO THE HONORABLE TRIBES AND THE LEGAL GOVERNMENT AND LET GO OF THE TERRORIST GANGS THAT YOU WANT TO INSTALL BY FORCE… because if you do not, things will escalate even worse and terrorists from all the world will come to Libya and then travel to Europe and there is nothing you can do to stop them…  So stop complaining and lift the ban for arms so that the Libyan Army can clean our country.

[JURIST] Armed groups in Libya are deliberately attacking human rights defenders, according to a UN report [text, PDF] released Wednesday. Attacks have increased since fighting escalated in May 2014 and have been documented in a joint report [press release] by the UN Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) [official websites]. Attacks include killings, abductions, torture, unlawful deprivation of liberty and threats via phone and social media. Prominent civil society activist Entissar al-Hassaeri was shot and killed in Tripoli last month [UN report], and two members of the National Commission for Human Rights-Libya, a human rights NGO, were abducted in central Tripoli. Both individuals have been released, but other activists remain missing. Many activists are receiving threats against themselves and their families even after leaving the country. The National Council for Civil Liberties and Human Rights in Libya closed its offices in Tripoli in late 2014 as a result of such threats. Armed groups across all ideological, political and tribal divides are responsible for the attacks after many human rights activists were drawing attention to the widespread human rights abuses across Libya. The joint report stresses a need for stronger state institutions, especially in law enforcement and criminal justice. It also calls upon neighboring countries to issue emergency visas to threatened or attacked human rights activists.

You can read the rest of this stupid article at this link:

UNSMIL Urges End to Violence in Libya, Calls for Release of Brothers of HoR Member Abu Bakr Said

UNSMIL Urges End to Violence in Libya, Calls for Release of Brothers of HoR Member Abu Bakr Said


I am amazed at the United Nations Support Mission in Libya worrying for the escalation and terrorist acts done to the Libyan civilians while on the other hand does not lift the ban for arms to be given to the Libyan army to fight the NATO TERRORISTS WHICH WERE LEFT BEHIND AFTER THE ILLEGAL WAR FROM NATO AND ITS ALLIES.

Not only does the UNSMIL lies about assisting HoR but also funds and protects the terrorists who are installed in Libya. The eight people who were murdered in Tarhuna was done by Libya Dawn/Fajr which Bernadino Leon and his gang members protect, and when we say they are sitting and discussing in Morocco bear in mind that none of the HoR are present so what kind of PEACE discussions are they doing? What kind of bullshit peace talks are they preaching? When the international recognized government is not sitting in these meetings? The UN Leon together with Ambassador Jones, Arron and the French ambassador have already decided that the Muslim Brotherhood with its militias – who holds Tripoli captive should be the ONLY ONE government and to hell with the Libyan people who voted otherwise DEMOCRATICALLY the government in Tobruk.

So the plan is that Fajr otherwise known Libyan Dawn should murder every political opponent or kidnap them so that HoR will give in – in the demands of F.UK.US/NATO AND THE UN which is to instal the NEW CALIPHATE IN LIBYA.

So these crocodile tears and worries are just a front for the international community believing that they are doing something to save Libya from its own worst enemy.  I am wondering how these people sleep at night knowing that they have blood on their hands… Please do not be fooled by the article below, they do not want PEACE in Libya on the contrary they want a continuation of these small wars so that in a few years when the Libyan people will be tired of insecurity, famine, they will gladly accept the division of our country….

The United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) is gravely concerned about the continuing violence across Libya and calls for its immediate end. The fighting, bombings and abductions not only increase the suffering of the people but also harm the positive and constructive spirit displayed by the participants to the Libyan political dialogue round taking place in Morocco.

In the last few days, eight members of a family were killed in an attack in Tarhuna. On Tuesday 24 March 2015, a suicide bombing killed eight in Benghazi. On Wednesday 25 March 2015, five people were killed in a suicide bombing in Sirte. These suicide attacks show the expanding arm of terrorism that is targeting all sides and that all Libyans stand against.

In addition, the fighting continues in Obari in the south, threatening the social fabric of the city.
The Mission calls on the conflicting parties in Obari to cease the hostilities, and warns that attacks against civilians and violation of human rights are acts punishable under international law and perpetrators will be held accountable.

In Tripoli, two brothers of a member of the House of Representatives for Tarhuna, Abu Bakr Ahmed Said, were abducted by an armed group. The Mission condemns the abduction and calls on the security authorities on the ground and all the influential actors in Tripoli to do their utmost to ensure that they are unharmed and that they are released immediately.

UNSMIL stresses that the abduction for the purpose of putting pressure on the member of the parliament is an unacceptable act that could have negative effect on the political dialogue as Libyans try to find ways to end the conflict in their country.

UNSMIL calls on all Libyan actors to work towards de-escalation to give peace a chance.


Smart Diplomacy In Action: US Ambassador to Libya Abandons Twitter After Tweeting False Bombing Casualty

Smart Diplomacy In Action: US Ambassador to Libya Abandons Twitter After Tweeting False Bombing Casualty

by Patrick Poole

They picked it up from the moment most Libyan twitters started embarrassing Deborah Jones who knows nothing of Libya is in cohorts with the terrorists, believes that all Libyans are incapable to rule our own country and we need her input.  She was highly insulted and challenged about being friends with Libyan Dawn and Sunrise, LIFG, AL Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS/Daesh and of course the Libyan army got wind of it that she is spreading lies all over the twitter accounts as she does not have only this one but also @USAEmbassyLibya and a personal account which she deactivated in 2014 because again she was on the side of Libyan Dawn and company and again she was challenged… she also writes here.

For more information about who she is and proof that she has partnered with the terrorists and not with the legal government you can read here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here  for more information about the ambassador you can also Google her name you will find a lot of articles.

Both ambassadors now reside in Malta and they give their orders from Malta to their minions in Tripoli.

Here is the article:

US Ambassador to Libya Deborah K. Jones had to retire from Twitter today after tweeting out false information on civilian casualties of a bombing raid by military forces of the internationally recognized Libyan government.

Terrible news today from #Tarhouna where 8 innocent displaced #Tawergha killed in air strikes. This violence serves no one’s interests.

 — Safira Deborah (@SafiraDeborah) March 23, 2015

Her tweet was picked up by Western media as the primary source for the information, such as this Reuters article:

Eight civilians were killed in an air strike near Tripoli on Monday, the U.S. ambassador said, as Libya’s internationally recognized government pressed on with an assault to recapture the capital it abandoned to a rival faction last year…

“Terrible news today from Tarhouna where eight innocent displaced Tawergha killed in air strikes,” U.S. Ambassador Deborah Jones said in a tweet, referring to members of a minority group, thousands of whom were displaced after Gaddafi fell.

“This violence serves no one’s interests,” said Jones, who is based outside Libya since most diplomats were evacuated from Tripoli last year.

It turned out, however, that the information was based on rumors and conflicting information from both sides:

The eastern chief of army staff said in a statement its planes had hit a Libya Dawn barracks, not a Tawergha camp, demanding an apology from Jones.

But Mohamed al-Tarhouni, spokesman of the town’s municipality, said nobody had been killed in the strike which he said had hit an empty farm near a camp of displaced Tawergha.

Jones and Louai El-Ghawi, an eastern lawmaker, said there were reports that several family members of a colonel opposed to Libya Dawn had been killed in Tarhouna in an apparent revenge attack, but details were unclear. The eastern chief of staff said Dawn supporters had killed eight members of the family.

A freelance reporter on the scene found nothing describing the info that Jones had tweeted out:

@SafiraDeborah I saw by myself 3 impacts of the airstrike, I can guarantee no one was killed because of it 1/2

— Mathieu Galtier (@mathieu_galtier) March 23, 2015

Libyan Twitter users then began attacking Ambassador Jones for floating false information:

False information from the US ambassador, especially after being sensationalized in the media, has naturally generated a firestorm in #Libya

— James Wheeler (@wheelertweets) March 23, 2015

The back-tracking then began in earnest:

My last tweet based on sources on both sides. Numbers may need correction but bottom line remains: violence serves no one.

— Safira Deborah (@SafiraDeborah) March 23, 2015

This info followed info on the other strikes: both are wrong and we condemn both. The violence must cease. Period

— Safira Deborah (@SafiraDeborah) March 23, 2015

But the damage had been done, and she announced her departure from Twitter:

I have concluded it is best to cease efforts to communicate via Twitter insofar as it distracts from our goal of peace & stability 4 #Libya

— Safira Deborah (@SafiraDeborah) March 23, 2015

We shall continue to post official statements on our embassy FB account. To all those responsible & thoughtful Tweeps out there, thank you

— Safira Deborah (@SafiraDeborah) March 23, 2015

Getting to know thoughtful, dedicated Libyans via Twitter has been an inspiration & given me great hope 4 Libya’s future. I wish you well.

— Safira Deborah (@SafiraDeborah) March 23, 2015

Thus, America is even getting run off of Twitter.

@BBCtrending US ambassador to #Libya @SafiraDeborah quits twitter! Her tweet created a storm of criticism by Libyan tweeps! #Twitter war

— Youssef Sawani (@YoussefSawani) March 23, 2015

Have any other US ambassadors pulled out of Twitter before? Is @SafiraDeborah the first? I remember when the embassy in Cairo clamped down.

— Andy Carvin (@acarvin) March 23, 2015

Smart diplomacy in action.

Libyan army: Ambassador of America Deborah Jones supports terrorism in Libya

Libyan army: Ambassador of America Deborah Jones supports terrorism in Libya






Libyan army accused the United States of what he called “support for terrorist militias,” a reference to the forces, “the dawn of Libya”, which HOLDS CAPTIVE SINCE AUGUST 2014 the capital Tripoli.

He denounced the statement by the Presidency of the General Staff of the Army, on Monday, tweet US ambassador to Libya, Deborah Jones, said the Libyan military planes targeted the headquarters of the displaced people of Tawergha in Tarhuna (88 km south-east of the Libyan capital), which led to the killing of civilians.

@safiraDeborah's twits

@safiraDeborah’s twits


The army said the raids did not result in fatalities, noting that a militia for “dawn of Libya” are killed eight people in an attack on the home of a colonel of the Libyan army in Tarhuna, including five members of one family, adding that he “condemns” what was issued by US Ambassador .

He said the army statement: “we put in front of the Libyan people and the international community another proof of the international support to terrorists, and we demand an explanation Ambassador reportedly them and apologize to the Libyan people and the army.”

In the same vein, a spokesman for the General Staff of the Libyan government cuneiform Ahmed said: “The raid targeted Mkharena air weapon forces blew Libya” in Tarhuna.

It is noteworthy that the US Ambassador in Libya exercise its functions from headquarters in Malta.


السفيرة الأميركية ديبورا جونز

الاثنين 23 مارس, 2015 – 19:54 بتوقیت أبوظبي
أبوظبي – سكاي نيوز عربية
اتهم الجيش الليبي الولايات المتحدة بما سماه “تقديم الدعم للميليشيات الإرهابية”، في إشارة إلى قوات “فجر ليبيا” التي تسيطر منذ أشهر على العاصمة طرابلس.

واستنكر بيان لرئاسة الأركان العامة للجيش، الاثنين، تغريدة للسفيرة الأميركية لدى ليبيا ديبورا جونز، قالت فيها إن طائرات الجيش الليبي استهدفت مقرا لنازحي تاورغاء في ترهونة (88 كيلومترا جنوب شرقي العاصمة الليبية)، مما أدى إلى مقتل مدنيين.

وقال الجيش إن غاراته لم ينتج عنها قتلى، مشيرا إلى أن ميليشيات تابعة لـ”فجر ليبيا” هي من قتلت 8 أشخاص في هجوم على منزل عقيد بالجيش الليبي في ترهونة، بينهم 5 من أسرة واحدة، مضيفا أنه “يستنكر” ما صدر عن السفيرة الأميركية.

وتابع بيان الجيش: “نضع أمام الشعب الليبي والمجتمع الدولي إثباتا آخر على دعم دولي لإرهابيين، ونطالب السفيرة بتفسير ما ورد منها والاعتذار للشعب والجيش الليبيين”.

وفي السياق ذاته، قال المتحدث باسم هيئة الأركان العامة التابعة للحكومة الليبية أحمد المسماري: “استهدفت غارة جوية مخرنا للسلاح لقوات فجر ليبيا” في ترهونة.

يشار إلى أن السفيرة الأميركية في ليبيا تمارس مهامها من مقر في مالطا.

Registration: For comments and Interior Minister Omar Alsanka of France (about dignity operation)

Registration: For comments and Interior Minister Omar Alsanka of France (about dignity operation)

تسجيل:لتصريحات وزير الداخلية عمر الصنكي من فرنسا (حول عملية الكرامة)

Rusaifa news: Monte Carlo - with the continuation of the conflict in Libya between the political parties, the armed militias insists on violating the ceasefire agreement. Between the attempted kidnapping of Ministers and the bombing of the Corinthia hotel in Tripoli and attack oil installations as a Sidr and field carp - which owns a stake, Total - The Libyan government is struggling internationally recognized for arming the army and needed to get a grip on the reins of security equipment.

In spite of the opposition National Conference outgoing decision to freeze the political isolation law, and waving to aggravate the armed crisis rejection of the return of firing them, “the ousted Gaddafi“, but Omar Salem Alsanka, Libyan Interior Minister in the government of Abdullah al-Thani, confirms that the law in itself cause in 90% of the crisis and that the freeze would bring things back to normal through the return of administrative, security and military personnel to the vacant positions and participation in building the future of Libya.

He said Omar Alsanka to Monte Carlo International that he preferred to conduct a national dialogue sponsored by the United Nations in Libya and in particular the city of Misrata, which is the stronghold of the many factions of the forces, the dawn of Libya and the militias of the Shura Council and other tours. He justified this desire that the dialogue sessions in the heart of Misrata would embarrass all parties and force them to come to an agreement to prove its good intentions and denied the charge that stick to Misurata to stand behind the Libyan crisis.
With regard to the Libyan army positions, Omar Alsanka explained to the Monte Carlo International that all military personnel lie under the banner of his chief of staff Abdul Razzaq Nazawra and that there is not of something called dignity operation, despite the agitated water stagnant and return of hope to the hearts of the people, the mission led no longer has a place . Libyan army is leading the battle on the ground, one of the free city of Benghazi, inflicting many casualties among the terrorists and the symbols of the base and Daash organizations, and is currently preparing to enter the city of Tripoli in an orderly fashion.

The minister said in reference to the dispute existing between the government and Major General Khalifa Haftar and some of its personnel to him: no place in the new Libya for Gaddafi.” This comes at a time when a force which has to Haftar trying to prevent a plane carrying Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thani from landing at Benghazi airport before facing the army and succeed in make way for the plane. As the armed personnel of the Khalifa Haftar, through the presence of Interior Minister Omar Alsanka in Paris, seized the shipment coming from the United Arab Emirates armored vehicles before the arrival of the government.