BETTER LATE THAN NEVER: UN asked to investigate human rights violations in Libya


BETTER LATE THAN NEVER: UN asked to investigate human rights violations in Libya

The Rusaifa agency writes: the Human Rights Council at the United Nations asked the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to investigate the violations committed in Libya since the fall of the late Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s regime. All of us activists can sent to the HR commissioner all the documents we have for all the atrocities that occurred from the time of the illegal war in 2011 till today. We have videos, pictures, and very few prisoners who escaped that tell their horror in the hidden prisons that exist in the whole of Libya. We know for a fact that the HRight’s people will do nothing because all these documents that we have will have to go to the ICC which also includes foreign soldiers who were on the ground and unfortunately they have stayed till today, also NATO nations who were involved in these atrocities… but lets take this in good faith will they put in prison their star leader which is Abdelhakim Belhaj? or the phony PM Hassi? How about the lunatic Badi? lets not forget the 2 people the United States kidnapped from Libya and have them in their custody, well now one the other died or so they say during an operation he had and somehow a healthy man died on the operation table it’s just a fortunate coincidence so that he would not address the court and reveal what the American foreign policy together with the CIA did to Libya….

The Human Rights Council of the United Nations to begin an investigation into the crimes since 2014 in Libya violations witnessing the chaos since the fall of the former regime and the dispute adjudicated two governments. Well good luck to them first assailants are the USA, FRANCE, BRITAIN, QATAR, SAUDI ARABIA then come Belhaj and his crew which created 240 militias in Libya to terrorize all Libyan civilians.

Members of the 47 countries in the Council has unanimously adopted a resolution in this sense, the initiative of the African Group and the Group of Arab countries and a large number of EU countries, including France and Britain. Isn’t that grand the same countries that bombed Libya murdered in cold blood the President of the country so that they could have a regime change.. Who are they kidding?

The Council requested in this decision of the High Commission of the United Nations for Human Rights “to immediately send a mission to investigate violations and abuses of international human rights law committed in Libya since the beginning of 2014″. Do not go far, we have all the documents here ABDULHAKIM BELHAJ, BADI RESPONSIBLE FOR THE GARGOUR MASSACRE, TOTAL DESTRUCTION OF THE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT OF TRIPOLI, You also have Hassi the taxi driver he is also responsible for attacks of HoR in Tobruk you can also look into the Muslim Brotherhood who altogether are financed, protected by the USA/QATAR/SAUDI ARABIA/UN. So you see whatever they say they want to do it’s not going to happen as they are all involved.

The investigators should “establish the facts and circumstances … so that there will be no impunity.” Yes this will happen when hell freezes over.

These will provide the first oral report in September, followed by a written report within a year during the thirty-first meeting of the Council.

The UN Security Council asked the International Criminal Court in February 2011 an investigation into crimes committed in Libya during the events that led Western military intervention after the fall of the late Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s regime. HERE GOES THE SAYING BETTER LATE THAN NEVER.

But can not be available to the Court, means to conduct an investigation because of the chaos that prevails in the country

So the UN is complaining what a shame! Let us help the UN to understand WHY? UN: Libya armed groups attacking human rights defenders

So the UN is complaining what a shame! Let us help the UN to understand WHY? UN: Libya armed groups attacking human rights defenders


Ok! finally the UN is complaining about the situation in Libya and its activists who by the way most of them are expatriates who lied, begged, blackmailed the western world to come and bomb Libya because Qaddafi went crazy and massacred his people who later was proved to be a LIE. The plans of USA and its allies which is France and England ordered the UN to go ahead with the No-fly zone to protect the civilians, so where did all those activists and allies go wrong? I can not imagine that the activists who are CIA assets installed in Libya are naive they knew exactly what they were doing. They are all responsible for the destruction of Libya and have blood on their hands for killing thousands of civilians with depleted uranium bombs, sex slavery, organ trafficking and children trafficking.

These activists that the UN is so worried about their safety are no activists… It says in this article that some activists are being threatened even abroad that is a blatant lie, because colleagues of mine and I included have not been threatened by Armed groups but we have been threatened by secret agencies there is a difference. Lets not forget that the UN and its people like Bernandino Leon are pushing for Muslim Brotherhood to be installed by force in Libya and they are protecting these armed groups so my question to the UN why are you complaining?

These people are your people they are not TRUE LIBYANS they are Libyans born outside Libya and grew up with western ideas which has nothing to do with the Libyan society. I will not say that I am glad that they are killed or kidnapped but I am sure YOU HAVE YOUR AGENDA in not helping them, maybe they found out your true face and they had to be silenced, it will not be the first time or the last.

Your Human Rights defenders where the ones LYING  to the world about the atrocities that supposedly Qaddafi did because your bosses told you so, only to come a year later to deny everything… and you think that the Libyan people have forgotten your role?  You believe that we have forgotten that the Red Cross would supply YOUR freedom fighters with arms instead of helping civilians. Or do you think we have forgotten your “doctors without borders”helped these armed groups to revive prisoners of war so that they would be tortured again?

You have the audacity to claim that the tribes are involved in this killing how dare you? Where were you when the whole of Bani Walid was attacked by your ARMED GROUPS with WHITE PHOSPHORUS AND SARIN gases? You did nothing to help the children and civilians you just stood there SILENTLY and now you are complaining… these groups are your groups you armed them, trained them, financed them and you brought them in Libya. It serves you rightly what is happening now to your people who never had the balls to stand up and say no.

All of you are responsible for what is happening in Libya and still you are insisting to install by force these armed groups who are a menace to society and to the world so that you can please Israel, SHAME ON YOU in destroying so many lives. What is happening now in Libya will happen to you very soon by your own people.

When you decided to illegally bomb Libya you should have thought of all the con’s and pro’s but you were hasty as you thought it was your chance to steal everything from Libya and not considering that you can not control Libya.

Libya by its own right after 42 years has understood its worth we are not the Libyans you thought you left behind in 1969. Every single Libyan after 1969 understood that we were a thorn to your eye because of our geopolitical position, our oil, our gold and other resources. We knew it was a matter of time that you would invade us. What you didn’t know was that we are a STRONG TRIBAL SOCIETY not like the Saudis or the Qataris and Qaddafi knew exactly what he was doing supplying every civilian with arms.

Qaddafi is laughing from his grave because after FOUR YEARS you still can not control us…. and you will never be able to find the recipe of having all the TRIBES united.. but you can not divide them the only tribe you have under your control is Misurata which supplies you the Armed groups that you are complaining now…. You tend to forget that the Misurata people are a mixed race from Jewish and Turkish origin. You believe that they are your friends but they are not they will betray you eventually and by the looks of it they already have. My suggestion, if you want peace in Libya START TALKING TO THE HONORABLE TRIBES AND THE LEGAL GOVERNMENT AND LET GO OF THE TERRORIST GANGS THAT YOU WANT TO INSTALL BY FORCE… because if you do not, things will escalate even worse and terrorists from all the world will come to Libya and then travel to Europe and there is nothing you can do to stop them…  So stop complaining and lift the ban for arms so that the Libyan Army can clean our country.

[JURIST] Armed groups in Libya are deliberately attacking human rights defenders, according to a UN report [text, PDF] released Wednesday. Attacks have increased since fighting escalated in May 2014 and have been documented in a joint report [press release] by the UN Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) [official websites]. Attacks include killings, abductions, torture, unlawful deprivation of liberty and threats via phone and social media. Prominent civil society activist Entissar al-Hassaeri was shot and killed in Tripoli last month [UN report], and two members of the National Commission for Human Rights-Libya, a human rights NGO, were abducted in central Tripoli. Both individuals have been released, but other activists remain missing. Many activists are receiving threats against themselves and their families even after leaving the country. The National Council for Civil Liberties and Human Rights in Libya closed its offices in Tripoli in late 2014 as a result of such threats. Armed groups across all ideological, political and tribal divides are responsible for the attacks after many human rights activists were drawing attention to the widespread human rights abuses across Libya. The joint report stresses a need for stronger state institutions, especially in law enforcement and criminal justice. It also calls upon neighboring countries to issue emergency visas to threatened or attacked human rights activists.

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NATO War Crimes In Libya: Deformities of Newborns Because of Depleted Uranium Bombs

NATO War Crimes In Libya: Deformities of Newborns Because of Depleted Uranium Bombs


Regarding this depleted uranium report below, we brought in the first sophisticated radiation detectors with us on our fact finding commission in May of 2011.

Libyans knew that depleted uranium was being used by NATO in their bombing raids and they were very concerned.

There is no doubt that NATO/US broke every agreement imposed by the Geneva Convention.

War crimes against humanity in Libya by NATO and its member countries is unmatched in the world.

This is a crime beyond the wildest imagination, Libya was a naive country, no drugs, no AIDs, very few birth defects, very small number cancer patients – look at the evil left behind by the psychopaths of the one world order.

A new report from Human Rights Watch (better later than never, after backing the US-NATO propaganda during the entire aggression against Libya) has expressed deep concern with the confirmed information of the use, by both France and Britain, of Internationally prohibited weapons on raids in Libya in 2011 under the UN Resolution 1973.


1973 authorized NATO to bomb sites for military yet there were 60,000 bombing raids against civilian targets, great man made river, hospital, hotels, homes, schools, power plants and on and on.

Those NATO countries used bombing Libya with  cluster bombs with depleted uranium radioactive metal, for its ability to penetrate the concrete.


As a result of the saturation of agricultural crops, livestock and water sources that have become seriously polluted with radiation resulting in the appearance of grossly deformed Newborns in Libya as well as the Libyan citizens

In Libya now being recorded by the WHO (world health organization), the highest deformation in fetuses inside Libya and reached 23% of newborns and also the high incidence of new forms of cancer that were not known among ordinary Libyans and now amounting to 18% of the total of cancers that have been diagnosed by the organization’s branch in Libya .


Despite this serious health disaster countries involved with NATO are now demanding that Libya pay them one billion seven hundred million dollars for their help in toppling the Gaddafi regime.

This is beyond absurd, first they stole 500 billion of Libyan money in the EU and the Fed and used it destroy Libya with bombs laden with radiation.

They destroyed the infrastructure, the government and left Libyans with terrorists in charge of their country, 2 million in exile and Libya should pay for this??

The leaders in these corrupt governments are so arrogant they think they can destroy a country and make that country pay for it – Libya already paid and paid – 500 times over.

Despite the fact that these weapons were originally intended for disposal and the US was supposed to pay for the disposal, they should be compensating for Libya because they used it (illegally) to get rid of dangerous weapons arsenal overflowing in storage with the British and French.

Statement of the Council of the Great Werfalla Tribe of Bani Walid

Statement of the Council of the Great Werfalla Tribe of Bani Walid

by JoanneM


As the official spoke person for the Great Tribes of Libya, I am proud the confirm the following:

Yesterday the council of the Werfalla tribe met and issued a formal statement:

” The Great Werfalla tribe claims allegiance to no government in Libya at this time. The Great Werfalla Tribe recognizes that the country of Libya is currently under military control and there will be no government until there is a government that is inclusive of all the Libyan people.”

The largest tribe in Libya is the Great Werfalla tribe. The Werfalla Tribe makes it’s home in the city of Bani Walid southeast of Tripoli.

It should be noted that the Werfalla tribe has never been under the rule of the NATO rats nor has it ever been under the control of the radical Islamic mercenaries (foreigners) illegally occupying Libya. That list includes, Libya Dawn militias, Ansar Al Sharia, Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, the corrupt mafia called the GNC (General National Congress), ISIS or any other invader of their country.

The Werfalla tribe like 96% of all Libyans are against radical Islamists, they have never allowed these psychopaths into their beautiful valley. The city of Bani Walid sits in a deep valley and is protected by a group of mountains. Even in 2012, when the criminals from Misurata came and attacked their city with illegal weapons and gas, they did not surrender.

God bless the Great Werfalla tribe and I thank them for making clear the real situation of Libya for all Libyans and the world.

The Libyan army and the military council of the Libyan tribes is underway cleaning their country as I write this. The country of Libya does not need or want the UN or the US interfering in their country. It was the US and the UN who brought this tragedy to Libya, they would never trust them to negotiate or help bring peace, they are the enemies of their beloved country.



by: Purification González White
International Collective Eyes Peace



“Spain keeps the international pressure to give an urgent solution to the Libyan crisis” and expressed the Monday, March 23, the Foreign Minister, Jose Manuel Garcia Margallo, in an informative breakfast Houses Network Forum, and publishing various media, adding that “Libya must do something quickly and forcefully.” He also added that it supported the efforts of UN delegate, Bernardino León, to agree on a “unity government”.

At this point, Spain or any other country in the Atlanticist coalition have given explanations of the reasons that led them to attack Libya, a friendly country until then, I had gotten gains unthinkable even for many of the European countries, as a full employment, electricity and water free, interest-free loans, free and universal education (scholarships 1,600 € / month to study in other countries), or € 300 per person per month for sharing oil revenues, etc. Libya had the highest HDI in all of Africa, life expectancy was 78, like that of Germany, and was a dam against the flood of migration to Europe since his full employment totaled 2.5 million posts work for sub-Saharan workers.

Libya was bombed and razed under a lie (if they were weapons of mass destruction in Libya a nonexistent bombing of population in Iraq) and, what is worse, under the mandate of Resolution 1973 of the Security Council, which prohibited expressly give a coup. The category of the attackers was reflected in the brutal lynching and murder of Colonel Gadhafi, Libyans killed in 200,000 and the bombing of ports, airports, schools, hospitals, villages, cities, universities, water supply networks, herds … A dates today gave no explanation of why such atrocity was committed. Neither the ICC has yet claimed any of the leaders of the attacking countries.

Nevertheless, Libyans have been reborn from its ashes and retaking control of their country, have a unity government, which is to Tobruk, and a parliament, in which the tribes involved, the National People’s Libyan Movement , military, social movement … but have been excluded from the negotiating table on the future of Libya.

On February 23, convened by the United States (who insists on appropriate oil) meeting in Morocco attended by the Ambassador of that country Deborah Jones, the British Ambassador Michael Aron, and the French Ambassador in Libya was held on one hand, and representatives of Misrata (Libya Dawn, is pure and simple terrorism that serves Libya) and Abdul Hakim Belhadj (Al Qaeda terrorist recognized, now joined the Islamic Emirate, involved in 11-M) and Libyan Abu Obeida, also belonging to the Islamic Emirate. The conclusions of this meeting were among other supporting militias from Misrata (Libya Dawn) to wage war against al Daesh; apply a military solution to Libya; and boycott the dialogue process with the Libyan people, ie the government of Tobruk, which is agreed to dissolve the House of Representatives, in which the tribes involved, the National People’s Libyan Movement and military, as already stated; and forming terrorist groups in Sinai to thwart Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

This same scheme meeting has been moved to the supposed “peace process” in Geneva, led by a man imposed by the United States, Bernardino León, if anything has characterized has been your preferences in negotiating with armed gangs and left out of the dialogue table Libyans.
They are negotiating with terrorists Libya’s future while ignoring the legitimate representatives of the Libyan people who excluded from the bargaining table.

Libya has been assigned by those who attacked the nursery role of mercenaries and armed gangs, the US uses for export to other countries to repeat the script, such as Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Yemen and Nigeria. How surprised at the events in Tunisia?

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Ojos para la Paz



“España mantiene viva la presión internacional para dar una solución urgente a la crisis libia”, así lo expresó el lunes, 23 de marzo, el Ministro de Asuntos Exteriores, José Manuel García Margallo, en un desayuno informativo del Foro Red de Casas, y que publican distintos medios, agregando que “en Libia hay que hacer algo rápido y con contundencia”. Añadió asimismo que apoya los esfuerzos de delegado de la ONU, Bernardino León, para consensuar un “gobierno de unidad”.

A estas alturas, España ni ningún otro país de la coalición atlantista han dado explicaciones de los motivos que les llevaron a atacar a Libia, un país amigo hasta ese momento, que había conseguido logros impensables incluso para gran parte de los países europeos, como pleno empleo, luz y agua gratis, préstamos sin interés, enseñanza universal y gratuita (con becas de 1.600 €/mes para estudiar en otros países), o 300 € por persona al mes en concepto de reparto de las rentas de petróleo, etc. Libia tenía el mayor índice de desarrollo humano de toda África, su esperanza de vida era de 78 años, igual que la de Alemania, y constituía un muro de contención contra la avalancha migratoria hacia Europa ya que a su pleno empleo sumaba 2.5 millones de puestos de trabajo para trabajadores subsaharianos.

Libia fue bombardeada y arrasada al amparo de una mentira (si en Iraq fueron las armas de destrucción masiva, en Libia unos inexistentes bombardeos de población) y, lo que es más grave, bajo mandato de la Resolución 1.973 del Consejo de Seguridad, que prohibía expresamente dar un golpe de estado. La categoría de los atacantes quedó reflejada en el brutal linchamiento y asesinato del Coronel Ghadafi, en los 200.000 libios asesinados y en los bombardeos de puertos, aeropuertos, escuelas, hospitales, pueblos, ciudades, universidades, redes de abastecimiento de agua, rebaños… A fechas de hoy nadie dio explicaciones de por qué se cometió tal atrocidad. Ni el TPI ha demandado todavía a ninguno de los mandatarios de los países atacantes.

Pese a todo, los libios han ido renaciendo de sus cenizas y retomando las riendas de su país, se han dado un gobierno de unidad, que es el de Tobruk, y un parlamento, en el que participan las tribus, el Movimiento Nacional Popular Libio, los militares, los movimiento sociales…Pero han sido excluidos de la mesa de negociaciones sobre el futuro de Libia.

Con fecha 23 de febrero, convocada por Estados Unidos (que insiste en apropiarse del petróleo) se celebró una reunión en Marruecos a la que asistieron la embajadora de ese país Deborah Jones, el embajador británico Michael Aron y el embajador de Francia en Libia, por una parte, y representantes de Misrata (Libya Dawn, es decir el terrorismo puro y duro que opera en Libia), así como Abdul Hakim Belhadj (reconocido terrorista de Al- Qaeda, sumado ahora al Emirato Islámico, implicado en el 11-M) y el libio Abu Obeida, perteneciente también al Emirato Islámico. Las conclusiones de esa reunión han sido entre otras apoyar a las milicias de Misrata (Libya Dawn) para librar una guerra contra Al Daesh; aplicar un solución militar a Libia; y boicotear el proceso de dialogo del pueblo libio, es decir: el gobierno de Tobruk, del que se acuerda disolver la cámara de representantes, en el que participan las tribus, el Movimiento Nacional Popular Libio y los militares, como ya se ha expuesto; y formar grupos terroristas en el Sinaí para frustrar los planes del presidente egipcio Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

Este mismo esquema de reunión ha sido trasladado al supuesto “proceso de paz” de Ginebra, dirigido por un hombre impuesto por los Estados Unidos, Bernardino León, que si por algo se ha caracterizado ha sido por sus preferencias en negociar con las bandas armadas y dejar fuera de las mesas de diálogo a los libios.
Están negociando con terroristas el futuro de Libia mientras ignoran a los legítimos representantes del pueblo libio al que excluyen de la mesa de negociaciones.

A Libia se le ha asignado por quienes la atacaron el papel de vivero de mercenarios y bandas armadas, que Estados Unidos Utiliza para su exportación a otros países que repiten el guión, como Iraq, Siria, Egipto, Yemen o Nigeria. ¿Cómo extrañarse de los sucesos de Túnez?

25 de marzo de 2015
Purificación González de la Blanca
Colectivo Internacional Ojos para la Paz