Unidentified gunmen kidnapped the grandson of Haftar’s sister

Unidentified gunmen kidnapped the grandson of Haftar’s sister

Kidnapped by unidentified city of Ajdabiya, eastern Libya, the grandson of the sister of Major Libyan retired, Khalifa Haftar, who is leading the military operation in eastern Libya says it is against the extremists in his country, said a source close to the family Haftar,

“The unidentified abducted Tuesday evening in Ajdabiya Mahmoud MustafaAhabayl cabled “22 years”, the grandson of the sister of Major General Haftar. ” The source added that “Mahmoud was riding in a private car black color on the road between the city of Ajdabiya and Tobruk, objected gunmen way and opened fire on his car, forcing him to stop, and taken away by the gunmen to an unknown place.”

The source pointed out that “the kidnappers demanded that the amount of financial capability million Libyan dinars, a ransom for the release of Mahmoud,” likely to be “practical criminal and has no relationship with the military operation launched by the Brigade against the militants.” and launched Haftar, in the 16th of last month, a military operation on behalf of “Operation Dignity” against insurgents say they are “terrorists linked Chiefs of Staff, headed the Libyan”, in the city of Benghazi, responded with the announcement that the government parties to this process, “a coup against the legitimacy of the state.”

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15 prisoners escape from the institution of reform and rehabilitation Ajdabiya 


Sources said news of the city of Ajdabiya for escape of  15 prisoner of institution reform and rehabilitation of Ajdabiya, said a security source that he was arrested on four of the fugitives and still chasing the rest, the source added that the judicial police are charged with protecting the prison and that some of the elements is accused of negligence and receive bribes and to help prisoners to escape.

Video of the meeting the U.S. ambassador in Libya (Deborah K. Jones) on channel Libya Liberal 

Both found the body of a lawyer Fethiye Badri and her husband on the penitent in the area Rulrhh 

Lt. Col. Ibrahim al-Shara official spokesman room security Benghazi that he found the body of a man and a woman in the area Rulrhh as it is this body belong to the lawyer Fethiye Badri and her husband Altaib been kidnapped replace Oqathm in the city of Benghazi and hit the victim and the victim Lobel of bullets were found on them today the morning after the false tip from a police station and Alkorashh bodies now exist in the Benghazi Medical Center.

Armed clashes in the vicinity of the headquarters of Canal Street, the official Libyan victory Tripoli 

According to news sources from the city of Tripoli shortly before the occurrence of armed clashes in the vicinity of the headquarters of Channel Official Street victory, the source added that the clashes were between residents of the regions of Mansoura and Alsreem with members of deterrence located inside the headquarters a few days ago, and did not benefit the source for reasons outbreak of clashes or for injuries between the two parties.

Ultra-circuit voltage (oases bed godless) General Electricity Company attached to their work and leave the area of the bed 

The ultra-circuit voltage (oases bed godless) General Electricity Company to suspend its work and left the bed area and ensure the safety of the staff and the teams that are working with them because of the deteriorating security situation repeated.

Report of the Libyan Jamahiriya (01/22/2014): Southern Libya liberated of mercenaries and traitors serving NATO and U.S. .. the next step is to liberate Misrata

 Southern Libya liberated  of mercenaries and traitors serving NATO and U.S. .. the next step is to liberate Misurata

New statement Green Resistance  brigades


Sabha: credible reports report That the north and south of Sabha under the Control of the patriotic forces of Green Resistance  Qatar reported that NATO and U.S. aircraft and contract pilots to bomb places. Also there were some 90 killed and 130 wounded in the bombing of civilian criminal areas, all government offices are closed misnamed puppets have fled, all government offices are closed. Many injured have been rushed to Tripoli hospitals and medicine scarce and not enough doctors ….

The airport and military bases of Sabha is under the control of the Resistance, it was possible to capture enormous amounts of military equipment. Captured mercenaries and traitors and were put to the sword.

Over 150 thermal missiles and dozens of armed vehicles 

The Mujahideen forces are strengthening the Green space they released and declared on the legitimacy of the Great Arab Jamahiriya in  Libya, and Allah is the greatest.

Residents of the south Receive  the Resistance fighters

Tripoli: NATO rats are on high alert they have kidnapped dozens of young people in the neighborhoods of Abu Salim and Ain Zara, Whose Green flags  were THROUGHOUT the area.

Sirte: Libyan Resistance waves the Green flag in the ruins of Sirte, they have moved the snipers and are awaiting orders.

The Libyan Resistance fly the Green Flag in the ruins of Gaddafi Sirte LIBYA January 19, 2014

Brochure distributed in Sirte

- Al Ojailat: It’s Reported fierce fighting, tens of NATO rats  Have Been eliminated.

- Egypt – Libya: reports reach us That the Green strength achieved to raise the Green flag on the Libyan embassy the  staff who work there have Agreed to Recognize Their support for the Green Strength and the Egyptian Authorities Requested safety support.

The borders with Egypt have been closed.

Libyan exiles in Britain and around the world begin to protest at the headquarters of the UN and Libyan embassies abroad worldwide begin to protest at the headquarters of the UN.

- Zintan: the military council of Zintan debate after receiving order of the minions of NATO to intervene in Sabha, according to unofficial sources there is strong pressure from the tribes and honorable men to join the Resistance and the release of Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, if the militia of Zintan decide to support the Green strength that would wash his honor after being abandoned or betrayed.

- Misurata: it is reported that more than 100 military vehicles with criminals and traitors have moved to the south Sabha, but fail to advance through the constant resistance attacks that have cut all the roads and makes them fall in traps.

 - Zawiya: Colonel Juma Brim rat exerted in the fourth infantry brigade at this time fleeing the area, its a Toyota car is being Pursued, his accomplices Were liquidated

- Bayda: explosions near the main commercial banks of Granada Control. Bayda. ACCORDING to preliminary information, two workers were injured.

- Al Adzhelate: Reported That  Were seven ambulances removed from the area with dozens of mercenaries and traitors serving NATO casualties unknown destination

- Sabratha: after heavy fighting several NATO mercenaries Settled one – leader of “Ansar al-Sharia” in Sabratha Abdulkasim Dabbashi

source: http://libia-sos.blogspot.ch/


Where is the UN? Where is the R2P civilians? Where is Obama, Clinton, Cameron, Hollande and Levi? Where is our beloved NATO?

Where is the UN? Where is the R2P civilians? Where is Obama, Clinton, Cameron, Hollander and Levi? Where is our beloved NATO?

I want to apologize to my readers as I am not so good with words neither with the toxic gasses so if I have made a mistake about the white powder please forgive me. Personally I never knew anything about wars, dirty tricks played, fake documentation, secret services etc., all which mounts to dirty politics done by the Supreme Elite who want to own, make the NWO and put all the people of the world into slaves, exterminating some by wars, poisoning others with Monsanto, vaccinating others to their death. So here I am trying to make sense out of all this and became an activist even late in my prime but I will fight till my last breath to bring the truth out to who ever wants to read or listen in this blog.

Yes I am wondering where they are? Tending to forget that they do not want a REGIME change like they did with Qaddafi. So there is no R2P the civilians while the Qatari war planes are bombing and killing innocent people in Sabha and in other places. Lets not forget the Gargour incident where over fifty people were killed and the reason why? The Libyan people peacefully demonstrated against the two hundred and forty militias who decided to fire with real bullets as they didn’t like the demonstration it was taking away their feeding spree (money) .

Libya has been in a continues turmoil for the last three years, but the West Mass Media never mentioned a thing about the situation in Libya only when it had to do with kidnapping, or killing some foreigner where they couldn’t hide it, but they never mentioned about the killing, torture, rape, kidnapping of the innocent Libyan people. No Western Media mentioned about Ban Walid when the Misurata Militia and the government together where poisoning with Sarin gas as of course during the war the NATO planes where bombing/spraying with white powder (which I am told once you have inhaled it your organs start burning and you have a difficulty to breath and then you die), Sirte and Ban Walid.

So let’s go back to what’s going on in Libya in the last few days I will add a link from Russia Today which by the rules of the West is telling you half of the story and is calling the Green Resistance plus the Libyan people criminals here is the link:


The Green Resistance captured the military airport with all the contents in Sabha which they have it under their control for the last few days, while PM Zeidan has agreed with Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, Misurata Militia to intervene and to try to recapture the airport with no success. In the meantime Qatari war planes are bombarding over Sabha with no discrimination of civilians.

The Green Resistance, the people of Sabha and from other tribes have come together to stand up against the invaders of  NATO/MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD/ AL QAEDA/ANSAR SHARIA and the Misurata/Jewish Militia who kill at will whether they are children or adults. I am providing you with all the videos that I have to prove to you that RT and the Mass West Media is lying to you.

So we come to the big question where are all the parties who conspired to do declare war for the R2P the Libyan civilians?

The UN, is busy with Syria in conspiring with Al Qaeda and Saudi Arabia so they have no time to condemn the NEW FREE LIBYA GOVERNMENT because it will prove that they were wrong in the first place in using the NO FLY ZONE RESOLUTION AND ALLOWING NATO TO BOMB LIBYA TO THE STONE AGE.

Obama is also busy with Syria, Iran, Israel and his wife applying for divorce to condemn his Libyan government and admitting that he was wrong in asking REGIME CHANGE. Also he does not want to displease his friends which he has financed so much money to have them trained and helped him to do the regime change, Al Qaeda  the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Sharia, the 240 militias which he supports together with Qatar, Saudi Arabia and U.A.E. He is so busy that he doesn’t care about the Libyan civilians as he did the first time. For him there is no crime done, all these civilians that are killed by him and his friends bombs its done so that they can bring peace and order to the country. (sic)

H.Clinton is very busy to cover her tracks for the murder of Ambassador Stevens and three SAS officers to even bother with the situation, she is trying to clean all her drawers so that she will be elected as the first woman president. (“WE CAME, WE SAW, HE DIED! HAHAHAHA!”) THIS WILL STAY WITH ME FOREVER. It just shows what a cold blood killer she is. Also she is planning for her divorce so the killing of civilians is very trivial for her, anyway she succeeded to have a regime change.

Cameron he also has a lot of problems in his country can not be bothered with such trivial things. He is wondering which of his children is not his, so there is no time to think about Libya.

Hollander well he is busy with his own wars in Africa and with his girlfriends and this is not his fight but his predecessor Sarkozy. Now Sarkozy has no power but he is also busy with his divorce from his wife and of course he has a court hearing about the money he took from the Libyan people in his election. (sic)

Bernard Henri Levi well the man has disappeared from the political scene, his in mourning for Sharon, his mentor. The man destroyed so many countries for the GREATER ISRAEL to collect the resources so now he is enjoying himself somewhere in the Caribbean trying to figure out how to re-event himself as a philosopher and not as a BLOOD THIRSTY KILLER that he is.

Conclusion UN, NATO and its Allies will on intervene when they fill that they are being threatened in loosing their oil, water, uranium and gold resources, for the time being they are still safe. BUT NOT FOR VERY LONG. The Resistance has issued a warning to the above group that if they intervene against them there will be re-precautions. We will have to wait and see. 

This is the regular army!! A group of mercenaries

The group of mercenaries are from various countries and some are Libyans so this is the NEW FREE LIBYA ARMY made from the West. Lets continue our journey of showing  who are the criminals called by the puppet Government of Libya and the West Media.

This video shows how  they found weapons in relief funds sent by the United Arab Emirates to the base “Tmanhunt” Southern Libya (while the Green Resistance are criminals) what are the U.A.E ? Aren’t they criminals for wanting the bloodshed of the Libyan people?

Continuing I will show you how the Criminal Government is bombing civilians.

Libya: warplanes bombed civilian neighborhood with in the city of Sabha south of the country.

Now let me show you the Qatari what they did to help the Criminal Government of Libya.

Qatari jets bombed the southern city of Sabha, Libya

Government clients in Libya Qatari warplanes bombing the noble tribes and  civilians in the city of Sabha

The government of Libya does not have an army so they have brought foreigners from Qatar and NATO mercenaries to form an army for Libya together with the 240 militias, nice! In this video they start recognizing that the Green Resistance is getting bigger day by day, although the Libyan puppet government say that Qaddafi who is dead is leading this resistance, yes sure from his grave! (sic) as we Libyans have not suffered enough from the Colonizers and the 240 militias we needed Qaddafi to get up from his grave and lead the Green Resistance. What do these people think we are incapable to lead a revolution a REAL REVOLUTION? In the second video confessing that they bombed innocent civilians

Wait for it, wait for it! After all the denial from the Government to the mass West Media here comes the recognition that the Green Resistance is controlling the air base of Sabha see the video….

Killed by the NEW FREE LIBYA GOVERNMENT air force in Sebha yesterday…a child twelve years old.

Civilian casualties in Sabha   result from the  warplanes targeting the city, including children, and the names of those who are: young, “Ayman Massoud, at the age of 17 years”  and the child “Ramadan Faraj Khalifa, at the age of 15 years,”. These are only a few photos of innocent Libyan people who are collateral damage from the puppet government.




Here there is another video of a political Activist Dr. Ahmed saying that Sabha and Orishvana is out of the control of the Puppet government and in the control of the Green Resistance.

Before I show you the actual situation of Libya,

It has been confirmed the “Popular Resistance in Libya regain control of the military base in Sabha, which lies 30 km north of the popular Sabha liberated, and announced the Popular Resistance for the Liberation of the Holy crawl Libya from NATO clients.”

The following videos just came in:

21.01.2014 Bani Walid Al Ezz at dawn the march of the Popular Resistance and support for Great Al Fatah Revolution.

Statement No. 1: Operations Command of the Provisional People’s in the south

Statement No. 2: Operations Command of the Provisional People’s in the south

The actual situation in Libya now

The actual situation in Libya now

URGENT !!! Today 21. January 2014 in London and Cairo PROTEST Crimes against civilians in Sabha 2:45 p.m in Downing street 10, London 11:00 a.m in Nasr city, Cairo, in front of the UN headquarters

Nationalist insurgency in Libya

Nationalist insurgency in Libya


Libyan nationalist forces took control of several cities, particularly in the south.

Several anti-NATO demonstrations were reported in three days.

The green flag flew again on Ajdabiya, Marsa el Brega, Ras Lanuf Port, Sabah, Sellouk or Tobruk.

The National Congress, imposed by NATO, but often composed of former Gaddafi, some of which remained secretly loyal, declared a state of emergency throughout the country.

There has never been a “revolution” in Libya, but an indoor NATO to cause the secession of Benghazi and Al-Qaida use to overthrow the government of Tripoli operation. Ultimately, NATO bombed Tripoli and murdered Muammar el-Qaddafi. The foreign “humanitarian” intervention is 160,000 dead and forced two-thirds of the population into exile.

source: voltairenet.org