“Israel Is A Monster”

“Israel Is A Monster”

“I was a Zionist”

Tzvia Thier at demonstration (Union Square, June 26, 2014) against Israeli raids in West Bank

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The Truth of Libya (Finally) Goes Mainstream

The Truth of Libya (Finally) Goes Mainstream

Mustafa Abdul Jalil Head of False Libyan Revolution Admits Qaddafi did not Kill Protesters

Author: Eric Draitser

Editors note: The article admits that the Illegal war in Libya was a false flag, its what we have been saying since 2011 finally the truth is coming out and going into the mainstream. We the simple people have been writing about it from the beginning and the Mainstream was calling us conspirators, Qaddafi loyalists are some of the names that I can remember. Thanks to all the activists and bloggers who spent hours on end with no financial back up. We have been for the last three years laughed at, condemned at, some were prosecuted, some lost their lives and some are still in hiding as the Libyan Militias have put a price on our heads. I would like to thank the author and his colleagues who took the time to read our articles, videos etc and to decide to write an article about the truth. We still have a long way to go, but its a start.




More than three years after the US and its NATO allies unleashed an “intervention” and regime change in Libya, the US establishment admits they maybe have “got it wrong.” Naturally, there were many of us who were demonized endlessly for speaking out against that war, and against all those politicians, analysts, and “activists” on the left and right, who championed the “humanitarianism” of waging war on Libya. We were attacked as “soft on dictators,” “conspiracy theorists,” and “anti-Americans.” And yet, today it is our voices that still proclaim loudly the immorality and illegality of that war. Thankfully, it seems the establishment is beginning to hear us.

One of the most highly regarded politico-academic institutions in the US – the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University – has issued a report which undermines the established narrative of the war in Libya, laying bare the cold, hard reality of what Libya was at the outset of the war, what really happened in the early days, and what Libya has become today. Of course, responsibility for the tragic and lasting effects of that war should be laid at the feet of Obama, Cameron, Sarkozy, and the other participants, in addition to those media outlets and NGOs that deliberately spread lies about the reality on the ground in Libya. All must be held accountable.

Finally Seeing the Light?

The recent report, which is actually almost a year old, was written by Dr. Alan Kuperman, Associate Professor of Public Affairs at the University of Texas, Austin. Dr. Kuperman attempts to shed light on some of the key aspects of disinformation before and during the war in Libya. These important findings contradict every single justification for that war, from the lies and distortions of Samantha Power, Susan Rice, and Hillary Clinton, to the deluge of propaganda from so-called NGOs such as Human rights Watch and Amnesty International. By examining the obfuscations and outright lies told by these individuals and organs of soft power, Dr. Kuperman makes it quite clear that, just as with Iraq, the people of the United States (and much of the world) have been lied into yet another war.

One of the principal lies told about Libya and Gaddafi was the totally unsubstantiated claim of “massacres” by Gaddafi forces in Benghazi and a few other cities. This claim, perpetrated by Human Rights Watch among others, was repeated ad nauseam by every major media outlet. As Dr. Kuperman writes:

Contrary to Western media reports, Qaddafi did not initiate Libya’s violence by targeting peaceful protesters. The United Nations and Amnesty International have documented that in all four Libyan cities initially consumed by civil conflict in mid-February 2011—Benghazi, Al Bayda, Tripoli, and Misurata—violence was actually initiated by the protesters. The government responded to the rebels militarily but never intentionally targeted civilians or resorted to “indiscriminate” force, as Western media clai med. Early press accounts exaggerated the death toll by a factor of ten, citing “more than 2,000 deaths” in Benghazi during the initial days of the uprising, whereas Human Rights Watch (HRW) later documented only 233 deaths across all of Libya in that period.

These are indeed significant facts that merit further examination as they completely contradict the standard narrative of the war in Libya and, most importantly, the justifications for it. First and foremost is the question of who initiated violence. The talking points in Western media all through early 2011 held that Gaddafi was “murdering his own people,” and that this justified a humanitarian intervention, to “help the people of Benghazi.” However, the hitherto suppressed truth is that it was the violent “protesters” (who should rightly be referred to as terrorists within the protests) who actually initiated the violence, using protesters as human shields.

Secondly, the notion that Gaddafi’s forces intentionally targeted civilians has been thoroughly debunked. Quite the contrary, the evidence now shows that Gaddafi went to great lengths to make sure that no civilians were harmed in the counter-terrorism operation as can be evidenced by the fact that “Qaddafi avoided targeting civilians…HRW reports that of the 949 people wounded [in Misrata] in the rebellion’s initial seven weeks, only 30 were women or children, meaning that Qaddafi’s forces focused narrowly on combatants.” Rather than ordering the wanton killing of civilians, Gaddafi attempted to maintain discipline among his forces such that they could stamp out insurgency with as little collateral damage as possible.

Third is the simple fact that all death tolls reported by the media leading up to the war were not only inaccurate, but wildly exaggerated beyond the parameters of “margin of error.” In fact, by overestimating the death toll by a factor of ten, Human Rights Watch consciously played the part of public relations clearinghouse for US-NATO. Of course, Human Rights Watch, long since understood to be very cozy with the State Department, Pentagon and CIA, has become increasingly discredited in the eyes of serious human rights investigators and activists. The role of HRW in Libya exposed the organization in ways it had never been exposed before – as an organ of US soft power projection, working tirelessly to justify on humanitarian grounds what is undoubtedly a nakedly imperialist war.

Dr. Kuperman also points out another key aspect of the Western narrative which is a complete fiction, namely that US-NATO’s goal in waging the war was not regime change, but the protecting of civilians. As Kuperman writes:

The conventional wisdom is also wrong in asserting that NATO’s main goal in Libya was to protect civilians. Evidence reveals that NATO’s primary aim was to overthrow Qaddafi’s regime, even at the expense of increasing the harm to Libyans. NATO attacked Libyan forces indiscriminately, including some in retreat and others in Qaddafi’s hometown of Sirte, where they posed no threat to civilians. Moreover, NATO continued to aid the rebels even when they repeatedly rejected government cease-fire offers that could have ended the violence and spared civilians. Such military assistance included weapons, training, and covert deployment of hundreds of troops from Qatar, eventually enabling the rebels to capture and summarily execute Qaddafi and seize power in October 2011.

Indeed, the US and its allies abandoned the “protection of civilians” justification almost as soon as UNSC Resolution 1973 was passed, authorizing merely a No Fly Zone in Libya which the NATO forces took as a de facto authorization for total war. As Dr. Kuperman describes, NATO forces were clearly engaged in an air war to destroy the military and political institutions of the Gaddafi government, rather than simply protecting civilians and providing support to rebels. Indeed, the NATO forces became the primary driver of the campaign against Gaddafi, allowing the rebels to take territory and, I might add, carry out their massacres of civilians.

bp2Even Human Rights Watch, which vigorously suppressed the truth about ethnic cleansing carried out against black Libyans while it was happening, was forced to admit crimes against humanity in Libya, specifically the forced displacement of the Tawergha ethnic group. Naturally, these revelations came much too late to save the many innocent black Libyans, particularly in the Fezzan province, who were slaughtered by the rebels backed by US-NATO.

Kuperman’s report also highlights a number of other disastrous effects of the US-NATO war on Libya, including the civil war in Mali, the proliferation of weapons to terrorist groups throughout North Africa, and the general chaos and breakdown of all political, economic, and social institutions in Libya. Additionally, Kuperman notes that the US-NATO war prolonged significantly the war. He writes:

When NATO intervened in mid-March 2011, Qaddafi already had regained control of most of Libya, while the rebels were retreating rapidly toward Egypt. Thus, the conflict was about to end, barely six weeks after it started, at a toll of about 1,000 dead, including soldiers, rebels, and civilians caught in the crossfire. By intervening, NATO enabled the rebels to resume their attack, which prolonged the war for another seven months and caused at least 7,000 more deaths. ****(unfortunately it was not 7,000 deaths the number is a lot bigger to even for someone to grasp it. In these eight months the death toll arrived over 100 thousand people including women and children.)

This is a critical point to highlight. Even by the western investigation number of 7,000 – a gross underestimation in my view, the death toll is likely much higher – the US-NATO war led directly to at least 6,000 additional deaths in Libya. Far from “protecting civilians,” it seems US-NATO was too busy killing them.

While noting some of the critical points, Kuperman’s report also leaves out a number of other shameful outcomes of the war including the deliberate destruction of critical infrastructure (including the Great Man Made River Project), the oppression of women whose rights were protected under Gaddafi, the displacement of many black Libyans and Africans from other neighboring countries who had taken refuge and found employment in Gaddafi’s Libya, and many other deeply troubling developments.

Who Should Pay?

Because the entire narrative of the Libya war has been shown to be a fabrication of the State Department, CIA, International Criminal Court, NGOs and other appendages of US hard and soft power, the question of guilt and culpability comes into play. The United States, along with its allies, has been howling for Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, held illegally by the Zintan militia since 2011, to be taken to the International Criminal Court to be tried for war crimes. Now that both mainstream and non-mainstream, western and non-western sources have emerged to challenge this narrative, it’s time we start asking who in the West should be held to account.

First among the criminals must be high-ranking officials in the Obama administration, including former Secretary of State Hillary “We Came, We Saw, He Died” Clinton, and President Obama himself. Not only have they, and their subordinates, blatantly fabricated intelligence leading to an aggressive war (a crime against peace, the most serious of the Nuremburg charges), they deliberately misled the world as to the nature of their operation in Libya. Russia and China certainly feel betrayed by the US and its lies in the UN Security Council. But this is merely the tip of the iceberg.

What price should be paid by media organizations and NGOs deliberately spreading misinformation? Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International should face serious investigations into criminal negligence, or at least gross misconduct, in terms of their dissemination of lies – lies which were used as the prime justification for the war in terms of how it was sold to the people. Is it a crime to inflate by 1000% casualty figures, the end result of which is a justification for war? If not, it should be, as without such propaganda, the war could never have been sold to the public.

Media organizations, especially some ostensibly on the Left, should also be held to account for their misinformation and disinformation. Democracy Now is at the top of the list of guilty organizations. As Bruce Dixon, Managing Editor of Black Agenda Report, wrote at the height of the war:

So like every other Western reporter, Anjali Kamat [Democracy Now’s Libya correspondent] never saw any “mercenaries,” just their oversized bullets. She never saw any mass graves of the hundreds or thousands allegedly killed by Qaddafi’s “heavy machine gun fire” either, or that would be on Democracy Now too. It’s not. Nobody’s located the thousands of wounded survivors either, that must have been the result of shooting into crowds killing hundreds of people, and none of this has stopped Democracy Now from carrying the story just like Fox News or CNN or MSNBC…Something is really wrong with this picture. We have to wonder whether, at least as far as the war in Libya goes, whether Democracy Now is simply feeding us the line of corporate media, the Pentagon and the State Department rather than fulfilling the role of unembedded, independent journalists.

As Dixon points out, Democracy Now exhibited at the very least poor journalistic practice, and at worst, served as the left flank of the imperial propaganda machine. By faithfully reporting the “facts”, which have now been utterly discredited, Kamat and Democracy Now primed the pump of left progressive support for “humanitarian” war.

Of course, Democracy Now is not the only outlet that should be held responsible. All major media in the US obviously toed the US line on Libya. So too did Al Jazeera, the Qatari-owned news outlet which gained notoriety during the Bush years as a news outlet hostile to US policy in Iraq. However, by the time of the war in Libya, Al Jazeera had purged its staff of anyone truly critical of US foreign policy, particularly as it pertained to the “Arab Spring” narrative. In fact, insiders have told me that a wave of resignations, forced resignations, and firings at Al Jazeera coincided with the refusal by some of the more principled journalists to suppress the truth of what was happening in Libya. It would seem then that, rather than reporting the news, Al Jazeera, like its western counterparts, was more interested in serving power than challenging it.

In fact, Al Jazeera was the first news organization to report, and repeat ad nauseam, the lie that Gaddafi’s soldiers were systematically raping women in Benghazi, and that they had been issued Viagra by their commanding officers. This claim, repeated by Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, UN Human Rights Commissioner Navi Pillay, and many others has since been debunked, with absolutely zero evidence ever surfacing to substantiate the allegation. And yet, it was one of the principal claims used to justify the indictment issued by Luis Moreno-Ocampo as head of the International Criminal Court. This fact, among many others, shows how the irresponsibility of Al Jazeera, and nearly every other journalistic and human rights organization, led directly to the war in Libya.

Sadly, it is unlikely that any of the parties responsible for the criminal and shameful war on Libya will ever be held to account for their crimes in a courtroom. However, they can be held to account in the court of public opinion. Their institutions must be discredited. Their names and faces must be known and repeated the world over. They all share responsibility for the misery inflicted on the innocent people of Libya. And we who have stood against this war from the beginning, we have been vindicated. Unfortunately, there is no solace to be found in a Libyan graveyard.


source: journal-neo.org


Originally posted on endzog:

endzog is very proud to inform our readers that this special ‘Jewish privilege’ issue of endzog was banned by the increasingly Jewish-controlled liberal ‘Stormfront White Nationalist forum’ on the grounds that it was ‘antisemitic.’ We wear this as a badge of honour.

jewish privilege

jewish privilege

Jewish privilege now controls the whole planet says Dr David Duke and it does so through the promotion of mass world genocide through the Jewish construct of Globalism or world Zion-corporation domination, being enforced on the world by the intrinsically criminal cabal of Jewish banking supremacy.

jewish privilege

Jews have used corrupt, criminal banking power to seize control of the economy, government, education, entertainment even fashion and use all these means to destroy the structure of society, destroy religion, promote atheism, infidelity, abortion, paedophilia, bestiality, racial division, sexual degeneracy, drug abuse, and by glorifying criminals in movies and on TV promote criminality, rape, murder and robbery.


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The Government of Libya fail to recover Tmanhunt military base and warplanes bombed southern Sabha, Libya

The Government of Libya fail to recover Tmanhunt military base and warplanes bombed southern Sabha, Libya



Failed militias, the Libyan government to extend its control over the base Tmanhunt military, which lies in the center of Libya and the northern city of Sabha about 30 km, which seized control of the al-Qaeda forces popular trace Libyan tribes, despite the military build large carried out by the Libyan government in order to recover the military base, but It failed to do so catastrophic failure, and suffered great losses in its ranks, where their  field commander got killed, “Ali Triki,” ordered the battalion leopard that Chen Tmanhunt attack on the base, was also killed dozens and injured hundreds of militias between yesterday and today.

As fighter jets bombed the Libyan city of Sabha south of the Libyan capital, killing 10 people and destroying the walls of the historic Castle Sabha and the destruction of homes of citizens.

In a related development, the International Red Cross warned of a humanitarian catastrophe in the south of Libya, after the Libyan government has prevented the passage of humanitarian aid to the cities of the south of Libya against it.

Due to the policy of opacity and mute the other, the National Congress to issue a decision restricting the freedom of the press and the media. Where the lock many channels Libyan transporting what is going on massacres and criminality against the sons of the Libyan people, and warned the organization Human Rights Watch said the decision was null and void and the defendant to ridicule, and advised the Libyan government, which claims it came from the womb of what they claim he revolutionized desist from restricting freedom of opinion and erase them.

source: jana-news.marocprof.net

Anarchy and terrorism a de facto government of NATO in Libya

Anarchy and terrorism a de facto government of NATO in Libya

- Tripoli: assault on the residence of the prime minister in Tripoli after a violent demonstration of an armed group that then carried out an attack on the headquarters of the ministry of internal affairs, chaos and destruction was wrapped round the place and panic too badly injured among the residents of the area. The balance sheet is 16 deaths between bandits “rebels” and civilians who will defend themselves. And it has now closed the streets leading to the residence of the prime minister and we do not know if some illegitimate officials were liquidated or injured in the incident.

* Tripoli each day grows anarchy following the murder of a Vhlom youth field by what is known as a battalion Nawasi in the “Friday market”, have been burned tires in the majority of streets of the capital and the riots between the militias of mercenaries and terrorists that have deliberately cut off electricity to the neighborhoods that are in the area of the disputes.

* Explosions rocked the Friday market and in the surrounding area of the military airport Metiga, then  the terrorists and mercenaries from the battalion Nawasi murdered 3 young people.

* Last night, a group of armed men kidnapped the head of the external security Colonel Mohammed Hadi Agayloshi, we hope that this traitor is prosecuted and executed.

* We were informed that the morning of Wednesday the hotel to Jawhara located close to Plaza of the Martyrs was burned down by bandits “rebels”.

- Sabha: the head of the bandits Mohammed Maqrif, for our bad luck of the resistance he was saved from an attack on his life in the south by the Libyan resistance. On another occasion there we will be more lucky to liquidate him, this cowardly traitor.

* Turkish Airlines on Tuesday decided to suspend its flights from the airport of Sebha from next week and will be the last flights of the Thursday as a result of the deterioration of security.

* Reported severe shortages in gas cylinders because the mercenaries and traitors “rebels” have sold on the black market, at the expense of the citizens and sold from 25 up to 30 dinars per cylinder.

- Gharyan: There is fighting in the town of Gharyan and killed a member of the army of mercenaries in the service of NATO.

- Ajdabiya: a group of young people distributed fliers in which it advertised a strong lifting programmed in Benghazi, Derna and Tobruk  for the day 15-2-2013.

- Tarhuna: the death of four members of the employees of the National Army, called on the road between Tarhuna and Bani Walid after a horrific traffic accident.

- Benghazi: was abducted the dog traitor colonel Abdul Qadir Bahour.

* A strong explosion rocked the city of Benghazi on Monday. Pump directed against one of the accused ​ ​in the attack to “consulate” the USA in Benghazi, was the cause of the explosion. According to the website of Al-Saba Al-Youm , the explosion occurred near the home of Ahmad Abu Hatano, the commander of the brigade of the dissolved “Obaid Abi”. Abu Hatay – a former chief of staff of previous break-ins and one of the suspects in the attack against the “consulate” of the USA in Benghazi.

- Ajelat: Destruction by criminal gangs in the service of NATO and U.S.

- Misurata: Nearly 400 bodies of young Taourga were found, were being detained in prisons Misurata, the images were recently revealed by the Red Cross, I didn’t know the circumstances  of these deaths, and its said to be an initial set and there are hundreds anonymous, you must open an investigation under the supervision of the United Nations, to how many where  killed , died under torture in prisons or were liquidated identity!

The astral body Abani after being tortured by the terrorists in Misurata

- Kufra: President of the local council called for the city of Kufra Mohammed Busdenh confirmed death of 3 persons Toubou after the shooting by an unknown car.

* Confrontations have taken place this morning in the city of Kufra among young people of the tribe Toubou and young people of the tribe Azwaip in the building of the University as a result two young men wounded. The bandits “rebels” are in a panic and have requested air strikes that at this time overflights Kufra.

- Tunisia Libya: Today in Tunisia solidarity and friendship of a group of intellectuals with the persecuted and prisoners in Libya, held a press conference with journalists in Libya and abroad was organized by the Tunisian lawyer fishing Bashir and was attended by the name of Sol.

* Quoted sources familiar with the border clashes between Libya and Tunisia between the army and the armed militias of Tunisia on February 17 at the border crossing of Ras Jedir minefield in which killed six wounded. The closing continues due to the tension between the two countries.

* Mustafa Abdul Jalil flee to Tunisia: despite the travel ban ordered by a military court: media agencies on Monday the arrival of the president call national transition Council old Libyan Mustafa Abdul Jalil to the Tunisian capital on the night of Sunday, despite the travel ban to the orders of a local military tribunal consider the murder of the former commander of his army, the general Abdel-Fattah Younis. (***WELL I WILL BE DAMNED ALLAH HAS A WAY OF MAKING PEOPLE PAY FOR THEIR SINS, HE BETRAYED OUR COUNTRY KILLED HALF OF THE POPULATION AND NOW HIS ON THE RUN… ;) :) )

The agency said that Abdul Jalil, “came last night to Tunisia, at the invitation of the Tunisian president Moncef Marzouki”. The agency added that “was officially received Abdul Jalil Tunis airport (Carthage) international”, noting that “he was received by the First Counselor to the President of Tunisia, and Libya’s ambassador to Tunisia Gernaz beauty”.

* The prime minister of Tunisia Hammadi Jebali arrives to Tripoli – Libya Libyan refugees to sell and save his country from bankruptcy. The prime minister of Tunisia Hammadi Dzhebali arrived in Tripoli on Monday morning, in a visit of urgency, after that the Tunisian government officially declared bankrupt.

Dzhebali and their ministers were greeted on arrival at the airport land Metiga, chief of the so-called interim government Zeydanom Ali, and the reception was attended by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Mohamed Abdel Aziz, the minister of the Interior, Economy and Trade, Minister of Defense and Head of State The staff and the staff of the embassy and the ambassador to Libya, Tunisia, and many members of the security and the so-called “national army”.

Tunisian Prime Minister, was accompanied by the delegation of ministers of Foreign Affairs, between them the minister Rafiq Salam, the economy Reza Saidi, minister of the Interior, Ali and the Minister of Defense Abdul Kareem al-Zubaidi DATE, and the head of the State Largest Rachid Ammar.

Apparently, on the horizon a new contract, as well as its predecessors, the contract for the sale of what they called “supporters of Qaddafi” for the price of the “Renaissance new economy of Tunisia” and “save the country and its economy of an imminent collapse”.

* Close to the border crossing of Ras Ajdir between Libya and Tunisia, in the context of the riots that are taking place in the Tunisian Ben Guerdane between the people of the region and the army and Tunisian clashes came after the decision was Atkhada to stop the movement of trade between the two parts of Libya and Tunisia (transport vehicles large) His Apple orchard caused by Desert will be Ben Guerdane parents and adjacent areas of the Sunday also saw several assaults on Libyan citizens in the Tunisian side in these areas, so please our Libyan brothers in Tunisia be careful and not take this way.

- Sirte: Gunmen from Misrata tried to enter Sirte on the south side, but were surprised by another battalion of Martyrs Brigade criminals that keep coming, the reason apparently wanted to arrest some “rebels” and take control of areas opestas crimnales controlled by gangs, was injured being taken to hospital Sina

* A car bomb exploded outside a popular local radio  in Sirte they evacuated one dead  of the gunmen in this explosion, has been luring armed forces that protects the zone radius was then put in the car a bomb and detonated by remote control and could not constipation Balvaal.

- Egypt – Libya: protesters burned the headquarters of the Arab League in Egypt. It should be noted that the reason is that the Arab League in a resolution on the war in Libya in 2011.

- Sabratha: Strong detonation of mortar shells landed in the night Tunaibat gateway and another drop in the area Aldbabashah Sabratha.

Bani Wali: Informed sources informed us inside Libya that 122 young youth Bani Walid have filed a lawsuit against the chief of the general call of the National Congress in its capacity as agent of the members of the General Conference in Resolution 7 and its impact. As the lawyer is expected that the judge will rule GESMA for the benefit of its customers and demanded compensation and material and moral officially Aatdara Congress before the Libyans for all inhabitants of Bani Walid. The lawyer also predicted that the number of cases will increase against the National Congress for the same replacement decision after court decision in favor of their clients. A tribute to these young people jealous of their city and their country.

* militia ratvermentMay 28 stormed the headquarters of the local council  in Bani Walidby breaking the main door and in the interior  offices of the defendants named Abdullah Mohammad Bashir Abuhnav and stole their money and rights.

* The death of four members of employees of the National Army called on the highway between Tarhuna and Bani Walid after a horrible traffic accident.

- Scandalous image of the son of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Libyan Abdel Rahman Shalgam at a cabaret!!!! 

(****editors note there are more pictures if anyone cares to find out to see where the ratverment spend the money abroad!!! All the Nightclubs know the Libyans as their best clients!!!! when I have time I will post some photos from our ambassadors and friends)

Both believed that Khamis Gaddafi was killed! Watch this video

- Lukashenko: The Truth about Libya and Iraq

OIL VAMPIRES Eni Italian oil-company in Libya

Libyans protesters in India against terrorist “Salafists” NTC and NATO

source: libia-sos.blogspot.ch