US, ominously, deploys Beecroft as Ambassador to Egypt

US, ominously, deploys Beecroft as Ambassador to Egypt

Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) : The United States deployed Robert Stephen Beecroft as Ambassador to Egypt. Beecroft is the first U.S. Ambassador to the North African country since the U.S., in 2013, following the ouster of Mohamed Morsi, limited relations to Chargé d’ Affaires.

Robert S. Beecroft, here, at the U.S. Embassy in Iraq.

Robert S. Beecroft, here, at the U.S. Embassy in Iraq.

Ambassador Beecroft succeeds former Ambassador Anne Patterson who represented a consistent pro-Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood U.S. foreign policy that also was consistent with the United States overt and covert involvement in the 2011 “Arab Spring” a.k.a. “The Great Muslim Brotherhood Project” and the US/UK/Turkish, Qatari, and Israeli led attempt to bring about comprehensive change in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

Ambassador Anne Patterson became Ambassador two years before she left Egypt in 2013, that is, at a time that coincided with the onset of the so-called Arab Spring. After leaving Egypt in 2013 she was promoted and became the Obama administration’s Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs.

It is noteworthy that the Muslim Brotherhood linked Mohamed Morsi became a member of the “Ikhwan” while he was studying in Egypt. It was, however, during his PhD studies in the United States, that Morsi became introduced to powerful U.S. American think tanks and, according to many analysts, put into a position that later enabled him to attempt an Islamist Coup d’ État via abuse of Egypt’s governmental institutions. Following the ouster of Morsi, the current President of Egypt, Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi, referred to the same context in an interview with journalist Larry Weissman, saying:

“The people of Egypt are aware of the fact that the USA has stabbed Egypt in the back with the Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi. It is nothing that Egypt will easily forget, or forgive”.

Robert Stephen Beecroft began his career in the U.S. Foreign Service in 1994 and served as Assistant Secretary for Secretaries of State Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice. Beecroft also served at U.S. embassies in the Jordanian capital Amman, the Saudi Arabian capital Riyadh as well as in the Syrian capital Damascus.

Beecroft also served as Deputy Chief of Mission at the U.S. Embassy in the Iraqi capital Baghdad in July 2011, and was promoted to Chargé d’ Affairs by the Obama administration when Ambassador James Jeffrey left the country in June 2012. Later that year the U.S. Senate would confirm Obama’s nomination of Beecroft as Ambassador to Iraq. His promotion to Ambassador coincided with the marked increase of Saudi attempts to destabilize Iraq’s Al-Anbar province.

Several analysts and Washington-based pundits expected that the Obama administration would nominate the former U.S. Ambassador to Syria, Robert Ford for the post of Ambassador to Egypt. It is likely that Egypt would have objected against Ford for a number of reasons and would rather have maintained Egyptian – U.S. relations at the level of Chargé d’ Affairs instead. Ford is considered as one of the main executives behind the U.S.’ involvement in launching the war on Syria with death squads and Muslim Brotherhood as well as Al-Qaeda linked terrorist brigades.

Beecroft’s track record, however, also puts him into the category of U.S. diplomats with a long-standing experience in the United States’ involvement in everything spanning from covert operations, subversion to overt and illegal war. The latter includes the covertly U.S.-backed war on Iraq with ISIS as proxy mercenary force or enemy, depending on utility.

Egypt is currently fighting an insurgency by the ISIS a.k.a. Islamic State linked Ansar Bayt al-Magdis in the North Sinai province and is struggling with stemming up the flow of arms and insurgents into the country via the Egyptian – Libyan border.



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Britain is one of the biggest rogue terror states in the world – it is the key ally of both America and ‘israel’ in their continual foreign adventures of colonialism and control of the planet and its resources. Along with France, it is the biggest military spender in the whole of Europe.

In the run-up to and in the earlier years of the catastrophe of the Iraq war, every opinion poll showed that the British people did not like their own soldiers. They did not just disapprove of the actions they took. Around 70% of British citizens did not like the British Army itself. But all that was about to change…

The British government regime decided that for the purpose of, at least, trying to improve foreign policy perception, they had to embark on a course of action to subvert the average Briton’s way of thinking about their army.

Today, the same numbers of people still disapprove of British foreign policy. They mostly hate the wars. They mostly know that they are lied to. They will protest as much as ever. But something important has now changed. Around 70% of Britons – allegedly – now support the actual soldiers.

How was this remarkable change of opinion achieved? By a massive secret government subversion campaign – via a massive media indoctrination of Britons.

Several years ago, a new covert policy was formed to encourage people to disassociate the soldiers from their crimes. That it was ‘not their fault’ and that ‘they are victims too’. The soldiers had to be seen as ‘heroes’. Indeed, a charity called ‘Help for Heroes’ was set up. But I could not find anything that was created for the ignored and forgotten victims of the crimes committed by these soldiers. Instead, we have the constant mantra that they are ‘just doing their job’ and that ‘other people sent them there’.

Well, if I was hired to kill my neighbour’s family for the false flag of doing ‘greater good’, and I told my neighbour ‘sorry mate, just doing what I was told to do’, would my neighbour understand? I don’t think so.

Soldiers are also branded ‘heroes’ for all those IED’s they regularly removed from the roads of Afghanistan. Unfortunately, the British public is largely too dumb to realise that if it were not for the presence of these troops in the first place, there would be no IED’s littering the streets of Afghanistan…

Too many Britons do not want to face the truth and prefer to live in a safe, jingoistic little bubble. They want to believe that their army – as well as their country and ‘royal’ family – are entities of which they can be proud.

The media took advantage of this and dutifully put into place a programme of brainwashing, which appears endlessly on our televisions and in our newspapers.

Soldiers became willing participants in this façade. They are recruited to give talks to the unemployed. They are recruited to go into schools and brainwash the young. Some are even re-trained as teachers.

Looking at a British television guide, it is virtually impossible now to find a day of programmes that do not feature a soldier taking part in a reality TV show – or doing cookery, gardening, singing, or even skating on TV… Getting them into sports and holding games tournaments is now the big wheeze.

The militarised, so-called ‘royal family’ also willingly avail themselves for being a prime weapon of subversion of their ‘subjects’. Harold Windsor – the so-called ‘Prince Harry’ – is rarely off our TV screens, yet he a dangerous, childish, vile mass murderer and a supreme psychopath. He regularly laughs at the people he has killed during his time as an army pilot in Afghanistan, when operating, what he so charmingly calls, his “video kill” missions. Indeed, his unit had the highest “kill rate”…

He is also an imposter. His family are foreigners whose real name is Saxe Coburg-Gotha. It was changed to Windsor to successfully delude the British public into forgetting that they are illegitimate usurpers to the throne.

He is also a radicalised extremist and a colonialist US agent nutcase.

But it is people who criticise British soldiers who are now branded as suspected traitors and ‘extremists’.

A 2013 survey showed that 1 in 5 British soldiers had been refused service in a bar or hotel during their ‘career’ – because of fears they would cause trouble. The political Labour party is calling for this type of refusal to be made a criminal offence. Already, anyone doing this now finds themselves on the front page of the newspapers. People are taught that it is both anti-social and bad to be anti-soldier.

Worse still, the British regime is now determined to bring in a new law in the next parliament – to make it a criminal offence to dare to criticise or abuse British soldiers in any way.

In other words, the dictatorial regime of suppression will make sure that they and their soldiers’ crimes will not be reported, commented, or reacted upon.

So readers, before I get arrested, here are 10 things that you will not know about British soldiers – (especially if you are British)…


During the Iraq war, two undercover British soldiers were arrested in Basra in 2005 – disguised in Arab dress, wearing false beards and acting as ‘sectarian extremists’…

They were carrying guns and shooting at the locals and Iraqi police – after being stopped at a checkpoint… Two police officers died…

Later, to try and free the two soldiers, a prison – the al-Jamiat police station - was attacked by British soldiers. It was an event that became an infamous siege in Basra… 150 prisoners escaped…

Five civilians in the Iraqi crowd demonstrating outside the jail against the British actions were killed. (Both the police and civilian death totals are higher than in the reports of others as I am including those who died later in hospital from their wounds, as recorded in the notes that I made from multiple media sources at the time).

In 2006 – on Christmas Day – no less than 1,000 British troops again stormed the same station – killing seven people and then blowing up the building…. 127 inmates escaped. The soldiers upset the locals, trashed any vehicle they could find, and, once again, the local council called the operation “an illegal and provocative act”.

Clearly still in festive spirit, the troops then gleefully announced that they were going to spend Boxing Day going on a ‘rat hunt’ (not of the small, furry kind)…

But why had the two soldiers – who were from the SAS – been arrested in the original incident of 2005? And what had they really been doing in Iraq? The truth was never revealed to the British public by the Western media.

In fact, the vehicle the British soldiers were found cruising around in was also a car bomb – and they were about to explode it…

The two had been busy planting car bombs in Basra…

So who really were the Arab ‘terrorists’ causing trouble in some of the incidents in Iraq? Next time you hear on the news about a car bomb in Iraq, ask yourself who might really have set it off? Who is really doing some of the blowing up of the Arab world? Even Sheikh Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was rumoured to have been set up for some things he did not do…

Iraqi officials insist that many of the bombings carried out against civilians in Iraq were actually committed by British and American forces… These acts go as far back to at least spring, 2004…

A string of car bombings in Baghdad that year were also widely rumoured to have been committed by the CIA…

Many ‘suicide’ bombings were, in fact, remotely exploded or bombs controlled by a timer…

Evidence had already emerged in 2002 that the British Army had been planting double agents in terrorist organisations – in order to carry out proxy assassinations and terror attacks on behalf of the British state…

This included the revelation that a British soldier had been one of the members of the IRA cell that committed the Omagh bombing in 1998 – killing 29 civilians. The police had also known the bombing was going to happen but did nothing.

What happened in Iraq was a reactivation of these same terror tactics.


In Afghanistan, the British Army operates a covert, actual army policy of deliberately provoking the Taliban into attacks. British soldiers actually commit pre-planned operations where they go out from their bases and provoke the Taliban into attacking them.

This again shows the true violent nature of the army’s own policies and shows that they set out to purposefully foment violence, put civilians at enormous risk and cause chaos, unrest, and unnecessary death in other peoples’ sovereign states.

Like most things here, this story was little covered by the media.


In 2010, it was reported that the British Army had a base in the town of Catterick in the UK, shockingly using seven replicas of Muslim mosques – as firing ranges and target practice for soldiers…

This outrageous act shows the true demeanour and agenda of these soldiers and their bosses. Complaints from Muslims finally saw the removal of these replica mosques and an end to this atrocity.


The British Army was gun-running in secret missions in Iraq. 2,000 AK-47’s were flown from a secret weapons store in Baghdad to the northern city of Kirkuk. They were then handed on to the Americans and given to a large private Iraqi army force – led by a British company guarding the oil in Iraq!

Journalists who had cottoned on to the story were told “not to ask too many questions” about it…

These weapons – which, I believe originated from the Balkans – were also hugely inferior to those used by the British and Americans themselves…

Gun-running – especially when secretly being used to arm ‘insurgents’ – is usually described as weapons going ‘missing’ or having been ‘lost’. British soldiers ‘lost’ a huge cache of guns in Afghanistan.

In Iraq in September 2006, British soldiers were at the centre of an investigation after being caught illegally smuggling stolen guns out of the country – in exchange for cocaine…


The British Army did nothing about the cultivation of poppies for the making of heroin that was going on right outside their own base, ‘Camp Bastard Bastion’, in Afghanistan.

A main reason for the war was that the Taliban had virtually stamped out all drug production in the country, as it is against Islam. America’s CIA had lost their drug profits so it was time to act…

(Indeed, the half-brother of the US puppet and former post-Taliban ‘President’ Hamed Karzai, Ahmed Wali Karzai, was a well-known CIA-backed drug lord in Afghanistan – until he was mysteriously shot dead in 2011 in his own home by his long-time trusted Head of Security)… 


In 2007, Honey Badgers were seen in the proximity of the British Army base in Basra, Iraq – sparking rumours among the local residents that the British forces had deliberately released “man-eating” and “bear-like” badgers – in order to cause panic…

Under any normal circumstances, badgers are not found in the Arab world…

Badgers are a gentle enough wild animal and a protected species in Britain – and a special licence would be needed to kill them. But as always, it is another law for the army…

Also in Iraq, British soldiers deliberately mowed down and killed a donkey – using a tank to do so…

Every year the British Army put down around 100 of their own brave army dogs – for no other reason than they cannot be bothered to look after them, pay for them, or even try and re-home them.

During training, EVERY soldier has to break the necks of rabbits as part of the brutal army’s training regime. Now, that is an awful lot of rabbits being horrifically mistreated… In civilian life, you are likely to get a jail sentence for such cruelty.

The British regime’s Ministry of Defence has a secret training base in Denmark where live pigs are used for target practice. They are shot with real bullets and those that do not die are kept alive for study – and then killed anyway. They would not be able to get away with this in Britain – where we are known as an animal-loving country – so the operation was moved abroad.


39% of adult British soldiers that are recruited have the reading ability of an 11-year-old child – or worse.

38% can only do mathematics aimed at pupils aged 11 – which is the last year of primary school!

The British Army continually castigates its foreign enemies for recruiting children to fight – but 28% of British Army recruits are under 18 years of age…


The criminal acts committed against civilians in Iraq by British soldiers are so commonplace that it would take a whole book to write about them. But here are a couple that I have chosen at random:

In 2003, seven British soldiers attacked seven unarmed villagers for no reason. The civilians were pulled out of their car and beaten by the soldiers – who used their rifle butts, helmets, fists and feet. One victim, Nadhem Abdullah, died from a brain haemorrhage next day – he was just 18 years of age. One man was knocked out, a pregnant woman was also attacked, and another woman – who had given birth only three days before – was struck in the face. A dog barking nearby was also shot dead – before they departed the scene clapping and laughing…

The victims received no justice – successful convictions against British soldiers in their own military courts are almost impossible, due to the regime being so heavily weighed in their favour.

In 2006, the Arab world was shocked by the release of a video from 2004, showing teenage civilians in al-Amarah being dragged by British soldiers into a courtyard – and then brutally beaten as they screamed for mercy. One became unconscious. Disturbingly, a vast number of soldiers walked in during the attacks – but not one did anything to try and stop it.

It nailed the myth that ‘only a few rogue elements’ exist in the British Army…

The video also showed a dead Iraqi being kicked in the head…

But it is not just countries experiencing war that feel the wrath of British troops…

Thousands of British soldiers train in British Ministry of Defence bases in Kenya – before going to Afghanistan. In April 2012, 200 British soldiers destroyed a bar in a mass brawl in Kenya. In another incident, they murdered a 21-year-old woman – despite no military war action going on in that country. In yet another incident, a soldier shot dead a civilian – during a training exercise.

Kenyan locals regularly find they have cause to complain about the conduct of British soldiers – whom they call ‘Johnnies’ – most particularly about their behaviour and attitude.

The same is true in Cyprus where soldiers are also stationed; despite no military war action going on there either.

In Cyprus in 1994, three British soldiers kidnapped, raped and murdered a young Danish tour guide. They bludgeoned her to death with a spade and said afterwards that it was because they had “wanted a woman”…

There are regular demonstrations against the soldiers for being there – but the arrogant British government does not give a damn.

In Norway in 2008, British soldiers stripped naked in a bar and urinated on the locals.

One witness said that Norwegians had found British soldiers to have a “nasty edge” to them that makes them unpalatable to have around.


A staggering total of more than 100,000 British soldiers passed through police custody in 2011…

In March 2013, a study showed British soldiers are more than three times more likely to commit violent crime than their civilian counterparts. Violent offending is particular common among men under 30-years-old from the lower ranks. Of nearly 3,000 men aged under 30, and who had been in the army, nearly 20.6 per cent have a conviction for violence. (This compares to only 6.7 per cent of the same age group amongst ordinary civilians).

The report also found that the more war they were involved in, the far higher the chance of them committing violence back home. Indeed, those with multiple combat experience are 70-80 per cent more likely to commit acts of violence after arriving back home.

But the study also acknowledged that people who choose to join the British army are likely to have a more aggressive nature in the first place than the average person…

In a separate study, one in eight British soldiers admitted attacking someone after they had come home from Iraq or Afghanistan. (As it is by their own admittance, the true figure is likely to be considerably higher).

The British government regime fiddles official statistics on soldier convictions (just as they fiddle all crime figures and other statistics, such as unemployment, health etc). It is believed that the true number of ex-British soldiers in custody is 10 per cent of the entire prison population – which is three times higher than the regime claims of just 3 to 4 per cent…

The head of the British Army from 2006 until 2009, Richard Dannatt, later surprisingly admitted that there is a real problem with British soldiers in their attitude because many come from “chaotic backgrounds” - and there are problems in getting them to understand how civilians should be treated…

Too many of these soldiers had not been exposed to traditional values and they had a lack of respect, he said, at a ‘Royal United Services Institute’ event in London.


In the early years of the Iraq war, an extraordinary one-hour programme was broadcast on British television’s Channel 4. It conducted remarkable research to see if British soldiers were psychotic. Its findings concluded that, almost with no exception, British soldiers are “psychopaths”…

This programme was never repeated. Due to the current climate, it is doubtful that such a programme will ever be devised again – and certainly would not be commissioned now.

Sadly, many Britons think any young man involved in anti-social behaviour should be forced to join the army so that they can get some ‘discipline’.

Unfortunately, all this would do is complete the journey of turning a hoodlum into a fully-fledged psycho…

Help for ‘Heroes’? Help for Brit Shits!

For more shocking information on Britain and America doing car bombings in Iraq etc, see this link:


Lady Khamis



Laughable Propaganda Alert: Israeli Propaganda Machine MEMRI Presents the “ISIS™ ” Sex Slave Pamphlet


Released right on time to coincide with both the CIA torture study and John Horse-face Kerry’s request for more war everywhere, “ISIS™” has supposedly released their “how-to” guide for jihadists who wonder how they can treat their captured sex slaves.
Yes, it’s the “ISIS™” Sex Slave Pamphlet. And don’t worry about it’s authenticity, it’s got the Good Warmongering Seal of Approval from not 1 but 3 leading propaganda manufacturing NGOs: Middle East Media Research Institute, Quilliam and of course, MEMRI (because honestly, what Muslim hating propaganda can be considered even remotely authentic without a nod from MEMRI?)
The pamphlet itself isn’t posted on the MEMRI website everyone links back to. Instead, what is there is a typed translation and a picture of a cover.
At that site, they claim it was first posted on a “ISIS supporting Twitter account” on Dec.3rd of this year and they link to the account, but not the specific Tweet. I found the Tweet and it’s here.
If you go to that Twitter account (probably a honey-pot so think about it before you do) you’ll notice they use for a lot of their postings of images or other reading material but this one and two others from that same day, is posted on a “” location.
“MEMRI recently posted what it alleged was an interview I did with Lebanese television on the Nazi Holocaust. The MEMRI posting was designed to prove that I was a Holocaust denier. MEMRI is a main arm of Israeli propaganda. Although widely used in the mainstream media as a source of information on the Arab world, it is as trustworthy as Julius Streicher’s Der Sturmer was on the Jewish world.” Norman Finkelstein
MEMRI is “a Right-Zionist propaganda organ, which usually does its propaganda unobtrusively, by being very selective in what it translates.” Juan Cole
As you can see, it’s been well established for a number of years that MEMRI has a long history of mistranslating various videos or pamphlets in order to demonize Muslims from all sorts of countries. A classic of theirs was the “anal Jihad” video they did a couple months back trying to demonize the Muslim Brotherhood on behalf of the junta in Egypt. In that these Zionist Israeli Jews claimed that the Muslim Brotherhood now says it OK and even preferable for Muslim men to bugger each other in the butts … for Jihad.
Alright, stop laughing.
Does this remind anyone of the Ales Jones “Butt Rape Machine” spoof clip? Anyone?
“And then one night, when you’re lying in bed drinking your homosexually fortified juice boxes, BAM!, the butt rape begins“
This latest effort from the Israeli propaganda machine is just about as funny.
It focuses on telling dimwitted Jihadists what they can and can’t do with their various sex slaves. It also sets prices for the sale of these commodities with of course the lowest price being around 42 bucks for middle aged women. You think perhaps the Israeli Jews are trying to anger a certain target market?
The IS price list for slaves ranks the cost of a woman by age, so while a woman aged 40-50 would sell for just 50,000 dinars or $43, a girl aged 10-20 would be worth 150,000 dinars ($125) and a child under nine would sell for 200,000 dinars ($166). RT
lol. I wonder how many of the remaining Obama fans will read that and just go apeshit with disgust.
According to the MEMRI “translation”, the ISIS guys aren’t allowed to rape prepubescent girls who aren’t “fit for intercourse”, but they can molest them if they want.
“It is permissible to have intercourse with the female slave who hasn’t reached puberty if she is fit for intercourse; however if she is not fit for intercourse, then it is enough to enjoy her without intercourse.” MEMRI
Yeah, that’s sure to piss off just about everybody and in so doing make sure that John Horse-face Kerry gets his new “war everywhere to fight “ISIS””AUMF. What poor timing on the part of those “ISIS” guys, right?
For a little more history on the Israeli propaganda machine known as MEMRI, see this. And for those of you who remember, here’s a link to that Mickey Mouse and the Palestinian Girl video MEMRI got so wrong in the translation.
MEMRI likes to defend it’s Islamaphobic Muslim bashing “translations” in court when necessary. They threatened Juan Cole years ago when he pointed out some glaring issues with one of their offerings:
Dear Professor Cole,
I write in response to your article “Osama Threatening Red States?” published on November 3, 2004 on The article included several statements about MEMRI which go beyond what could be considered legitimate criticism, and which in fact qualify as slander and libel. … As such, we demand that you retract the false statements you have made about MEMRI. If you will not do so, we will be forced to pursue legal action against you personally and against the University of Michigan, which the article identifies you as an employee of.
Juan’s website and activism is as strong now as ever. So there.

Originally posted on American Everyman:

by Scott Creighton

Released right on time to coincide with both the CIA torture study and John Horse-face Kerry’s request for more war everywhere, “ISIS™” has supposedly released their “how-to” guide for jihadists who wonder how they can treat their captured sex slaves.

Yes, it’s the “ISIS™” Sex Slave Pamphlet. And don’t worry about it’s authenticity, it’s got the Good Warmongering Seal of Approval from not 1 but 3 leading propaganda manufacturing NGOs: Middle East Media Research Institute, Quilliam and of course, MEMRI (because honestly, what Muslim hating propaganda can be considered even remotely authentic without a nod from MEMRI?)

The pamphlet itself isn’t posted on the MEMRI website everyone links back to. Instead, what is there is a typed translation and a picture of a cover.

At that site, they claim it was first posted on a “ISIS supporting Twitter account” on Dec.3rd of this…

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Is Qatar Attacking Russia?

Editor’s note: When I read the below article I could not stop laughing, after three years of severe depression over the illegal war in Libya, I found an article that the journalist has a sense of humor out of these dramatic situations such as Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Yemen, Egypt and Libya which one of the wardracula’s has financed in this misery is the Qatari family. The way Mr. Simonov ridiculous the Qatari Journalist Mahmud Zaaluk is something I could not leave out from my blog. Please enjoy as much as I did. Mr.Vladimir Simonov made smile as also gave me again faith that there are still real journalists who are not for the money.

The Qatari newspaper Al Raya which is close to the family of Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani and expresses the official viewpoint of Qatar ran a story on December 1 under the headline “Syria: the seventh Muslim district of Russia” by Mahmud Zaaluk. The article offers a curious view on Moscow’s Middle East policy. Here is an excerpt: “Observing the destruction of Syria, it seems as if we are watching the final episode of a Russian TV serial. We missed the previous episodes … because if they were translated into Arabic, they would cause us to shed enough tears to drown the entire Middle East. … Today, Moscow’s Middle East screenplay is being filmed with Iran as the film director. The Arabs are simply spectators. Syria is where the filming of the serials is taking place, but it’s Russia alone that will reap the profits of the show.” He continues: “More than three hundred years ago, Russia had an area of no more than 400,000 square kilometers, but today the Russian flag flies over more than 17 million square kilometers! Historically, Russia was a small state in northeastern Europe, but then the tsars decided to enlarge the country at the expense of the Muslims. They managed to capture several major Islamic states: the Siberian, Astrakhan and Crimean khanates, Turkestan and lands in the Caucasus and the Urals.” Then at the end: “It seeks to acquire new lands to make them its own and completely assimilate the local population. And that is what is happening today with Syria. … The world has been stunned as it watches Russia savor the sight of the blood of hundreds of thousands of dead Syrians. The reason is that Russia has benefits from their destruction, exhaustion and deportation. As it systematically destroys the Syrian people, Russia simultaneously wants to develop a new generation of Syrians who will be brought up exclusively in the Russian culture. Genocide of all the Middle East peoples is occurring today, in its significance similar to what Moscow did to those Islamic states where Muslims have become a minority that has to fight for its freedom.”

Zaaluk’s profound familiarity with Russian history is breathtaking. Which is to say that his lack thereof is, of course, what is so astounding. Or, more appropriately, his complete “Jahiliyyah,” or ignorance to use the Arab word which is also how Arab describe the period before Islam. Someone should tell this Qatari hack: 300 years ago, meaning in 1714, Russia was a great European power that had torn the Polish and Swedish kingdoms to shreds, set out for the shores of the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov, and even succeeded in building a new capital, Saint Petersburg, on the Baltic Sea. And 150 years before that, Russia under Ivan the Terrible had seized Kazan, and by the time of Peter the Great, a thriving industry had already sprung up in the Urals, including weapons and metallurgical factories. And oh, by the way, the Russian Empire at that time was seven times larger than what the author described.

So now let’s look at what Qatar was back then. Truth be told, it wasn’t anything. The country just flat-out did not exist. A few hundred people lived on THE PENINSULA where Qatar is today, mostly fishermen, pearl divers and pirates who plundered Persian Gulf merchant ships en route from Basra to India. They were ruled by sheiks from the Al-Hiss region (which is now part of an eastern province of Qatar), and those sheiks were under the thumb of the Ottomans. Also, they were all Shiites, in contrast to the population of Qatar nowadays, the majority of which is made up of Wahhabi Sunnis. The Banu Tamim (literally, the sons of Tamim) is an Arab tribe related to the Mudar, an Arabian tribal group, that migrated to Qatar from the oases of southern Arabia and settled near the present capital of Doha which was a large village where the people sustained themselves through fishing and a smattering of date farming. They herded camels and goats as well. The entire area was controlled by the sheiks of Bahrain. The founding Al Miadadi clan which produced the “dynasty” of Al Thani emirs didn’t show up on the peninsula until the early 19th century, which was 200 years ago. The principality (or emirate) of Qatar is thought to have emerged in 1850, and its leaders were called hakims, or rulers. In 1868, the sheik of Bahrain recognized the independence of Qatar which was led by Sheik Mohammed bin Thani. That same year, he signed a treaty with Britain, stipulating that Qatar would conduct foreign policy only in consultation with a resident representative of the British crown. However, in 1871, the sheik declared himself a vassal of the Ottoman Empire and received the title of kaimakam of Doha. His grandson was forced to acknowledge Qatar as a British protectorate, and later he was forced to grant the British concessions for oil exploration and extraction. Sheik Ali Al Thani (1949-1960) was famous for his uncontrollable wastefulness (for example, he once presented a Saudi delegation with a gift of 60 Cadillacs). In October 1960, internal dynastic clashes led Sheik Ali to abdicate in favor of his son Ahmad. The new sheik (1960-1972) spent hardly any time in his own country. He continually made his way to highly prestigious CASINOS in Lebanon and Monte Carlo.

In 1971, the British “bestowed” a constitution on Qatar that proclaimed the country an independent emirate. The emir, or prince as it is, was given the title of head of state. That means Qatar has been a country for all of 43 years. ****(Gaddafi ruled Libya three years before Qatar became an independent country and Qatar is widely known for its Jealousy over other Arab leaders who were loved by their nationals) According to the 2010 census, it has a population of barely 300,000. The remaining 1.5 million people are expats, foreigners who work in the emirate on a contract basis. Of that number, 500,000 come from India, followed in numerical order by Pakistanis, Sri Lankans, Nepalese and Filipinos. The country covers 11.5 square kilometers. That is four times smaller than the area of the Moscow region (44,700 square kilometers in area), where 7.2 million people reside (four times the population of Qatar).

So Mahmud Zaaluk has no room to talk about the size, population, and history of Russia like that. He would have been better served to recall the founding of the country that is the real ruler of Qatar – the United States of America. It just so happens that 300 years back, the Anglo-Saxons outright stole land that didn’t belong to them and almost totally wiped out the American Indians in the area. While we’re at it, the Qatari journalist might want to dredge up the history of Australia and its Aborigines, who were exterminated by those very same Anglo-Saxons. Then we have the Bani Tamim who also destroyed the local tribes upon arriving on the peninsula. And the country of Qatar was created by Britain, as were the United States and Australia. So the vassals are no different from their masters!


Now let’s move on and talk about Syria, the Middle East, the extermination of Muslims, and terrorism. Zaaluk is twisting meanings and distorting facts here. Was it not Qatar that in the 1990s funded the terrorists in Chechnya who were killing both Muslims and Christians? And wasn’t the Qatari Al Thani dynasty involved in the terrorist acts in New York and Washington on September 11, 2011, by giving a refuge to the conspirators? If not, then why has former Emir Hamad’s first cousin, the head of the Interior Ministry, been under house arrest since 2001? Why did Qatar have a lengthy spell on America’s list of countries involved in international terrorism?


Qatar became eligible to come off that list only after providing Washington with the Al Udeid air base near Doha, which was used for the bombing of the “Arab brother country” of Iraq in 2003, and transferring full control of ExxonMobil to Washington.

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And what about the February 2011 coup in Egypt, for which Qatar footed the bill?

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Or the outbreak of civil war in Libya in March 2011 funded by Qatar, Qatari special forces’ presence in the assault on Gadhafi’s palace in Tripoli in August 2011, the bombing of Libya by six Qatari fighter planes from April through August 2011, arrangement of the barbaric murder of the Libyan leader in September 2011 and, a year later, arrangement of the murder of the American ambassador in Benghazi by Islamists, who, like Gadhafi, was sodomized with a stick?


The list of Qatar’s “feats” includes fomenting a war in Syria, that has killed hundreds of thousands of Muslims; supporting the terrorists of Jabat an Nusra, who were shown on camera eating the internal organs of captive Syrian soldiers, cooperating with the Islamic State group, backing the overthrow of Yemeni President Ali Abdallah Saleh by terrorists of al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula, financing terrorist attacks against the Shiite government in Iraq, etc.

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To its CREDIT, even Riyadh got fed up with the antics of the “gas midget”, and in June 2013 the Saudis had Emir Hamad and his completely corrupted prime minister, Hamad bin Jassim Al Thani, removed from office. The latter had put his haute couture and oh-so-civilized sensibilities on full display on November 29, 2011. He gave instructions to have Russia’s ambassador to Qatar, Vladimir Titorenko, roughed up at the airport in Doha out of rage for Moscow’s support of Syrian President Bashar Assad. Current Emir Tamim is certainly no improvement over his “retired” father Hamad, either. Par for the course, considering that he was raised by Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who, besides being the chairman of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, is also a well-known extremist and the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood.

So the question now is whether it might be worth Moscow’s while to respond more harshly to cheap shots like these from some Wahhabi riffraff and not to limit itself to downgrading diplomatic relations, as was the case in 2011.

The great country should not allow the malicious yipping of a lapdog of Washington to go unpunished. Everyone knows full well that without a nod from Washington, uppity little Qatar wouldn’t dare snarl at the Russian bear.

The time has come to put the matter before the UN and ask whether the rulers of Qatar should be tried for their complicity in terrorism, their financing of terrorism and their overthrow of legitimate governments in several countries. It is time to demand that all these “princes” be put in the dock at the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

Vladimir Simonov, an expert on the Middle East, Ph.D., written especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.“


The Philosophy of Liberty in Arabic FIXED فلسفة الحرية

The Philosophy of Liberty in Arabic FIXED فلسفة الحرية


by: George Donnelly

When you hear Ron Paul say that he stands for the Philosophy of Liberty, this is what he means.

The philosophy of liberty is based on self-ownership. This simple but elegant and hard-hitting animation will explain exactly what that means. It’s a great tool anyone can use to educate children and adults about our right to life, liberty, and the property we create – and our responsibility to think, speak and act.

For more info and/or to download a free DVD version of this video, see: