‘Israel drops cancer-inducing bombs on Gazans’

‘Israel drops cancer-inducing bombs on Gazans’


A Norwegian doctor in the besieged Gaza Strip has strongly criticized Israel for using cancer-inducing bombs against Palestinian civilians.

Dr. Erik Fosse told Press TV that the majority of patients hospitalized in Gaza are civilians injured in attacks on their homes and about thirty percent of them are children.

Dense Inert Metal Explosive, known as DIME, is an explosive device developed to minimize collateral damage in warfare.

Experts say it has a relatively small but effective blast radius and is believed to have strong biological effects on those who are hit by the bomb’s micro-shrapnel.

Fosse, a department head at a university hospital in Oslo, also says some Palestinian in the besieged enclave have been wounded by a new type of weapon that even doctors with previous experience in war zones do not recognize.

Israel also used depleted-uranium and white phosphorus shells in the besieged region during their previous assaults.

This comes as Israel continues to pound the Gaza Strip for the sixth straight day. The latest Israeli airstrikes have killed at least 32 Palestinians in the besieged territory.

Palestinian sources say Israeli fighter jets have hit nearly 200 targets over the past 24 hours.

At least 167 people have lost their lives and more than 1100 others injured in Gaza since Tuesday when the Israeli attacks began.

People have held a funeral in Gaza for the Palestinians who have been killed in Israeli attacks on the coastal enclave. The participants in the funeral condemned the US support for Israel.



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Al-Qaeda virtually in control of Libya: Lawrence Freeman

Al-Qaeda virtually in control of Libya: Lawrence Freeman



Press TV has conducted an interview with Lawrence Freeman of the Executive Intelligence Review, Baltimore, about the violence and instability that overwhelms Libya after the NATO intervention to topple Muammar Gaddafi left the country in ruins.

The following is an approximate transcript of the interview.

Press TV: Muammar Gaddafi was toppled, but why is there still no sign of calm in the country?

Freeman: The destruction of the nation of Libya is designed to carry out policy of chaos and death across northern Africa.

Al-Qaeda now is virtually in control of the country and we’ve created a monster that is out of control except if you recognize that that’s the intention.

Press TV: Many say that the deteriorating situation in Libya, what we’re seeing now, is actually a legacy of NATO forces. What do you think?

Freeman: We know that the Syrian operation is a continuation of the Libyan operation, which is a policy that was put forth by Tony Blair and the British to destroy this area of the world.

And if we go ahead with the regime change policy in Syria as the British are advocating, then you will see more death and destruction and possibly war with Russia. This is a very, very dangerous policy that is being pursued by the West at this time.

Press TV: The way you’re relating the intervention into Libya by NATO to the Syrian crisis. What you’re saying is we might perhaps see NATO forces be stationed in Syria. Am I correct?

Freeman: Whether it is actually NATO forces or not, the policy right now is to remove the president.

And we’ve been working with al-Nusra, which is a well known al-Qaeda operation and in fact its credible intelligence that one of the operations that was being run out of Benghazi, that led to the attack against our ambassador there, was shipping arms into Syria for support of the al-Qaeda insurgents.

So this is very much a continuation of the Libya policy. Whether there is troops on the ground or not we could see massive chaos throughout the entire Middle East and Persian Gulf region and most dangerously a direct military conflict with Russia. And that’s what some of the wiser people in our military defense institutions now are actually opposing President Obama on escalating the policy for war in Syria.

Press TV: Let’s talk about the integrity of Libya. How close are we to seeing the country being divided into federal states?

Freeman: The country right now has absolutely been destroyed. Once you passed this law that forbade anyone to work with Gaddafi and his government for 40 years, you have various militias in various parts of the county doing exactly what they want: intimidating officials, assassinations and bombings. So, you don’t have a country anymore. And essentially this is the closest thing a country run by al-Qaeda, which the US supported. This is a US, Tony Blair, British creation. So we don’t really have a sovereign country anymore, we’re looking at the destruction of a nation and control by al-Qaeda and al-Qaeda-related forces. It’s quite dangerous and quite disturbing.



source: www.presstv.ir

Ben Affleck could be hanged for war crimes: US intelligence expert

Ben Affleck could be hanged for war crimes: US intelligence expert


Ben Afflek, Oscar winning director of Argo

Ben Afflek, Oscar winning director of Argo

Is Argo “just a movie?” Or is it a disguised intelligence operation – maybe even a war crime?

Kevin Barrett (PRESS TV),- These questions may soon be answered in court. Well-known French lawyer Isabelle Coutant-Peyre has met with Iranian officials planning a lawsuit against the makers and distributors of the controversial film. 

Mohammad Lesani, General Secretary of Monday’s Hoax of Hollywood conference in Tehran, announced, “Argo is made by three film-producing companies in Hollywood…the Islamic Republic of Iran is going to sue all those who have been active in the anti-Iran domain, including directors and producers.”

If the makers of Argo are deposed under oath, they may be forced to reveal that their film — like the fictitious film-within-the-film — is a covert operation disguised as a movie. One of America’s leading experts on covert operations believes that Argo is the propaganda project of an intelligence agency or agencies, and that its purpose is to convince the American people to go along with Israel’s plan to drag America into a war on Iran.

That expert, Barbara Honegger, was a Special Assistant to the President as well as White House Policy Analyst (1981-83), and worked for over a decade as Senior Military Affairs Journalist with the Naval Postgraduate School, the premiere science, technology and national security affairs graduate research university of the US Department of Defense. The author of October Surprise, she is one of America’s leading experts on ultra-secretive covert operations or “black ops.”

In a radio interview Tuesday on the Kevin Barrett Show, Honegger stated that filmmaker Ben Affleck might one day be hanged for war crimes and treason – not only for Argo, which she said is designed to pave the road to war on Iran, but also for his role in the 2001 film Pearl Harbor, an earlier intelligence operation designed to pave the road to the 9/11 “New Pearl Harbor.” According to Honegger, Affleck – like his character in Argo – appears to be a covert operator posing as a filmmaker.

At the 2001 Golden Raspberry Awards, Pearl Harbor was nominated for six awards: Worst Picture, Worst Director, Worst Actor (Ben Affleck), Worst Screenplay, Worst Screen Couple, and Worst Remake or Sequel. This pathetic excuse for a movie cost over USD150 million. Whoever invested that USD150 million was not interested in making money – or even making a movie. Pearl Harbor had only one purpose: To spread the “Pearl Harbor” meme in the public mind in preparation for 9/11. In a sense, Pearl Harbor was like Argo’s fictional science fiction film-within-a-film: It was a fake movie, but a real intelligence operation.

Donald Rumsfeld, like Affleck and the makers of Pearl Harbor, spent 2000 and 2001 hyping the “Pearl Harbor” meme in preparation for 9/11. According to Swiss researcher TH Meyer, Rumsfeld gave away hundreds if not thousands of copies of Roberta Wohlstetter’s book Pearl Harbor, ‘Warning and Decision.’ (Roberta Wohlstetter was the wife of neocon godfather and rabid Zionist Albert Wohlstetter, Paul Wolfowitz’s mentor, named in his obiturary “The world’s most influential unknown figure of the past half-century.”)

Rumsfeld’s (and Affleck’s) Pearl Harbor propaganda campaign set the stage for the chorus of “Pearl Harbor, Pearl Harbor, Pearl Harbor” on September 11th, 2001. On Air Force One, as Bush flew from Florida to Nebraska, the event was already being framed as a new Pearl Harbor. Henry Kissinger quickly echoed the Pearl Harbor comparison. Zbigniew Brezezinski pronounced, “It (9/11) is more murderous even than Pearl Harbor, and the psychological impact is the same.” On the evening of September 11th, 2001, George W. Bush reportedly confided to his diary, “The Pearl Harbor of the 21st century took place today.”

In Argo, the fake film (and real covert operation) is a CIA project, and Affleck plays a CIA agent. But were the Pearl Harbor and Argo movies covert operations by the CIA or by the Israeli Mossad?

Barbara Honegger, who has been studying intelligence agencies and their covert operations for three decades, said that both films “appear to have made by the CIA – or worse.” I asked what she meant by “or worse.” Honegger suggested that the criminal, drug-smuggling, 9/11-complicit “Bush crime family” wing of the CIA may have been working with the Israeli Mossad in all three co-productions: The movies Pearl Harbor and Argo, and the 9/11 covert operation itself.

Honegger voiced her hopes that the Argo covert operation will “blow up in Ben Affleck’s face.” How?

According to Honegger, Argo has stimulated US public interest in the 1979 Iranian hostage crisis – and that as a result, the story of the 1980 “October Surprise” that overthrew US president Jimmy Carter in a CIA coup d’état is being picked up by the mainstream media. She pointed to a March 5th Christian Science Monitor story reporting the testimony of then-Iranian-president Bani-Sadr, who has repeatedly confirmed that George H.W. Bush and William Casey made a deal with top Iranian leaders to keep the US hostages locked up long enough to ensure the defeat of then-US-president Jimmy Carter.

Honegger stated that the Bush-linked criminal wing of the CIA, in some cases together with the Israeli Mossad, perpetrated several of the worst crimes in recent history, including the JFK assassination and the 9/11 false-flag event. She said that the same forces, led by extremist Likud elements in Israel, are planning to launch a war on Iran, via a false-flag attack against a US ship in the Persian Gulf, by this summer. According to Honegger, the exposure of the 1980 October Surprise can help prevent such a war.

Will Ben Affleck, and other covert operators working to launch a criminal war of aggression against Iran, ever be brought to justice? Iran’s lawsuit against the makers of Argo is a good place to start.

Dr. Kevin Barrett via PRESS TV

Dr. Kevin Barrett, a Ph.D. Arabist-Islamologist, is one of America’s best-known critics of the War on Terror. Dr. Barrett has appeared many times on Fox, CNN, PBS and other broadcast outlets, and has inspired feature stories and op-eds in the New York Times, the Christian Science Monitor, the Chicago Tribune, and other leading publications. Dr. Barrett has taught at colleges and universities in San Francisco, Paris, and Wisconsin, where he ran for Congress in 2008. He is the co-founder of the Muslim-Christian-Jewish Alliance, and author of the books Truth Jihad: My Epic Struggle Against the 9/11 Big Lie (2007) and Questioning the War on Terror: A Primer for Obama Voters (2009). His website is http://www.truthjihad.com. Dr. Kevin Barret has been contributing to nsnbc international since March 2013.

The Saudi war on Islam, A Zionist war on humanity

The Saudi war on Islam, A Zionist war on humanity



This photo obtained by the Islamic Heritage Research Foundation shows demolition of the holy sites at the Masjid al-Haram in Mecca.

Dr. Kevin Barrett,- According to recent reports, the last remaining historic sections of the Masjid al-Haram in Mecca have been demolished. The Masjid al-Haram is the mosque housing the Ka’aba, toward which all Muslims turn to pray.

According to the London Independent, the Saudis have even ripped down the column marking the spot where the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) began his miraculous “night journey” to al-Quds (Jerusalem) and to the heavens. There are reports that the Saudi religious police actually celebrated the destruction!

The location in al-Quds Jerusalem) associated with the “night journey” is commemorated by the al-Aqsa mosque and its Dome of the Rock. That site, too, is threatened. Abdulazeem Salhab, chairman of the Islamic Waqf council in occupied al-Quds (Jerusalem), said earlier this year that Israeli excavations beneath the site, which are undermining its foundations, continue despite protests from around the world.

Why are the Saudis and the Israelis working together to destroy the two monuments associated with the “night journey”?

The Israeli Zionists have obvious motives. First, they want to erase the Islamic heritage of Palestine, which has been a Muslim country and an Islamically-administered holy land for almost 1,300 years. The Zionists, who massacred and expelled the Muslim, Christian, and even many Jewish Palestinians in 1948, are systematically uprooting and destroying Palestine’s history and heritage to clear the ground for their racist settler colony.

But the Masjid al-Aqsa, with its Dome on the Rock, is not just any historic building. It is the greatest and incomparably most important Islamic architectural monument in the world. For although Muslims pray in the direction of the Ka’aba in Mecca, and make pilgrimage to that city, it is the Masjid al-Aqsa in Jerusalem that symbolizes Islam’s status as the culmination of prophecy – the one true universal faith of mankind, incorporating and superseding earlier prophetic revelations whose followers must be protected under the Islamic dispensation.

The Masjid al-Aqsa, built on the site from which the Prophet Muhammad (SAAS) ascended through the heavens, symbolizes Islam’s spirituality and universality. During his night journey, the Prophet met earlier prophets including Moses and Jesus. The Dome on the Rock, like the story of the “night journey,” symbolizes Islam’s status as a universal faith that honors the earlier prophets and protects their followers. It is this symbolism of religious tolerance and unity under the one true God that is apparently unacceptable to both Zionists and Wahhabis.

The Zionists have been scheming to destroy the Masjid al-Aqsa, and build a simulacrum of an ancient Hebrew temple in which to conduct blood sacrifices, ever since they launched their invasion of Palestine a century ago. Though Zionists claim to worship the same God as Christians and Muslims, a high proportion of Zionists are atheists; most of the rest seem to believe that God is a mere tribal idol of the Zionist people rather than the universal creator and impartial dispenser of justice. (Their whole claim to Palestine is based on an alleged 3,000-year-old divine real estate deed!) To such Zionists, Islam’s tolerance and universality are anathema. No wonder they hate the Masjid al-Aqsa and everything it symbolizes.

The Saudi Wahabis, for their part, despise tolerance, universality and spirituality almost as much as the Zionists do. The “takfiri” Wahhabis condemn all non-Muslims, and many Muslims as well, as despicable “kaffirs” whose blood can be legitimately shed. In practice, though, they not only honor and revere the worst of the non-Muslims, but go so far as to hand them the keys to the Kingdom’s vast oil wealth.

The Western usury-based banking system, dominated by the Rothschild’s – the founding family of Israel – has been propped up by Saudi oil money since 1970. That is the year that Henry Kissinger took the Rothschild Federal Reserve dollar off of the gold standard, and made it a Saudi-backed petrodollar.

In demolishing the pillar marking the spot where the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) left on the “night journey,” the Saudis are joining the Zionists in rejecting the tolerant, inclusive, spiritual, universal qualities of Islam. They are expressing a characteristically rigid and narrow-minded Wahhabi “orthodoxy” which dreams of destroying the entire history and culture of Islam – and the people who don’t see things exactly the way they do.

Is this Saudi war on Islam’s heritage engineered by the Zionists? Some claim that the Saudi royal family is actually descended from the heretical Zionist “donmeh” – the secret followers of the Zionist false prophet Shabbeti Zevi, who profess Islam in public but practice orgies and other abominations in private. If true, this would explain the behavior of Saudi princes on their notorious gambling junkets. It would explain why the Saudis are propping up the Rothschild-based New World Order. It would explain why the Saudis are assisting the Zionist takeover of Palestine. And it would explain why the Saudis, like the Zionists, are bulldozing Islam’s history and tradition – especially those parts, such as the monuments of the “Night Journey,” that symbolize Islam’s spiritual universality.

This destruction of Muslims’ heritage is part of the Zionist New World Order’s attempt to destroy everyone’s heritage. The traditional identity of the United States, for example, has been systematically undermined by the Rothschild-funded Zionist lobby, which has opened the doors to mass immigration, waged a media war against traditional American identity and morality, denatured the American currency and economy, launched a war on the American middle class, and demolished the US Constitution in a series of actions culminating in the 9/11 coup d’état.

Some believe that the two biggest obstacles in the path of the New World Order are the Islamic ummah and the American middle class. Why? Because Muslims cling tenaciously to traditional values, oppose Zionism, and loathe usury; while the American middle class is the only cohesive group on earth with enough education, economic power, and determination to remain free to potentially stop the impending global dictatorship.

The American and Islamic people ought to unite against the Zionists and their Saudi proxies, and stop the New World Order in its tracks. The chief obstacle to this united front against the New World Order, unfortunately, is the American people’s Islamophobia – the well-planned result of the psychological operation of September 11th, 2001. That is why the best way to stop the New World Order is to work to expose the truth about 9/11.

KB/HMV Dr. Kevin Barrett via PRESS TV

Dr. Kevin Barrett, a Ph.D. Arabist-Islamologist, is one of America’s best-known critics of the War on Terror. Dr. Barrett has appeared many times on Fox, CNN, PBS and other broadcast outlets, and has inspired feature stories and op-eds in the New York Times, the Christian Science Monitor, the Chicago Tribune, and other leading publications. Dr. Barrett has taught at colleges and universities in San Francisco, Paris, and Wisconsin, where he ran for Congress in 2008. He is the co-founder of the Muslim-Christian-Jewish Alliance, and author of the books Truth Jihad: My Epic Struggle Against the 9/11 Big Lie (2007) and Questioning the War on Terror: A Primer for Obama Voters (2009). His website is http://www.truthjihad.com. Dr. Kevin Barrett began contributing to nsnbc international in February 2013.

About the Author

nsnbc – In March 2013, nsnbc ínternational was started as a daily, independent, international on-line newspaper to provide high quality news, analysis and opinion from contributors throughout the world. nsnbc has a number of high-profile contributors, and has a partnership with a number of other independent media, to guaranty you the best possible coverage. nsnbc is in a permanent mode of expansion to break, what we perceive as corporate and government controlled misinformation of peoples´world wide. Starting from a personal blog in 2011, it developed into a daily newspaper in 2013,


Report of the Libyan Jamahiriya (02/02/2013): Everything is ready for the big blow to the bandits and traitors serving NATO

 Everything is ready for the big blow to the bandits and traitors serving NATO

- Tribe Social Council statement Warfala № 10: Social Board members of tribes Warfala announce to all who are on the road and have the responsibility and burden of faith in the covenant, as are all the children of our tribe , which announced a “chosen to represent [you]” Some of them, since they were arrested, tortured and dishonest treatment and denied the mercy of martyrdom and freedom healing wounded, sick and prisoners, security and the return of displaced persons and the health and safety of others …

They also mentioned above (meaning “rat varfala”) represent no one, not even themselves, because they are pawns in the hands of third parties, not the enemy, but the invention of artists that hate and hate the fact that all the hidden and exposed their hypocrisy, corrupt scum, more heinous criminal gangs who attacked Bani Walid and killed his people and shed the blood of heroes, and burned their houses and stole their property, continue to be the greatest among you, Bani Walid creatures … Walid made ​​by people who have defended and continue to defend it, and not before, cowards and scum. Acolytes owners warheads, killing the pride and dignity that are a thousand times better than you, who live in humiliation and disgrace.

- Tripoli: The streets are full of military vehicles, hundreds of mercenaries and terrorists are on high alert after the traitor who calls himself Ali Zaidan prime minister denounced a “illegal” insurrection for February 15 organized by the popular mass the eastern region.

* We report the kidnapping of Colonel Musa Abdul Salam traitor coordinator called the Interior Ministry and the institutions of civil society outside the headquarters of the National Conference – Tripoli.

* The UN headquarters in Tripoli was attacked by hand grenades thrown inside only to report injuries and material damage

* The oil crisis in Libya is alarming, gas stations are out of supply, Tobruk, Sabha, Tripoli, Sirte, etc are seen queues of citizens who are outraged by the shortage.

* Divisions in mafia Libyan National Council and the formation of loyalty to block Martyrs

* The explosion of a car bomb on a bridge in the capital of Tripoli in Qurgi. 

* Military Tribunal in Libya, sentenced to death, the son of former Libyan leader Seif al-Islam and intelligence chief Abdullah al-Senussi.

The hearing was held in secret, and the judgement was delivered behind closed doors, according to a Libyan journalist Asad Abu Gil “. The court ordered the execution of Saif al-Islam in Benghazi, Tripoli and Senussi” Two of the defendants will be executed on February 17, the second anniversary of the Libyan revolution [counter].

* Ramadan Salah Baccouche Killed in Plateau Alsakba Warfali – Tripoli Sidi Hussein hard after he was shot while driving. Maalmana funeral prayers for tomorrow at noon in Beni Walid Alsakbh Cemetery.

* Two civilians found dead , were slaughtered and were natives of the city of Derna

 * Fall rocket propelled grenades at the Mitiga air base by the residents of the market on Friday, which led to casualties among militias Abdel Raouf enemy is called Nawasi battalion and Vhlom residents accuse the Friday market to kill their children. The Prime Minister also announced the Libyan Ali Zaidan state of emergency, in Benghazi and Tripoli and a curfew was imposed due to the unprecedented lawlessness.

- Kufra: Friday brave patriots raised the Green flag of the Libyan called the headquarters of the Supreme Security Committee SUKNA

- Tobruk: Korean delegation came under fire while travelling from Benghazi to Tobruk, in the area of Umm packages. The city of Tobruk experiencing many aspects of the protest was today the closing of the oil port of Harika expression of anger as a result of the marginalization of the eastern region, said.

 * The end of the oil port of Tobruk Harika this morning.

- Egypt – Libya: Egyptian border police catch a truck that tried to smuggle a stash of arms for one. Asked the driver stated that the weapons came from Misurata, at this time still remains in the Egyptian prosecution.

* Egypt sells leaders of the Revolution on the occasion of the birth of the prophet Muhammad!

* Due to the continuing civil war in Libya and the instability The representative consultant of Libya in the Arab League, Ahmed Abdel-Salam said that the summit of Egypt – Libya has been postponed until the month of February following, which was scheduled this week in Cairo. Ahmed Abdul Salam he said, that the reason for the delay is the instability that has plagued the country for more than two years and worth mentioning that Libya is witnessing a state of chaos and lack of security and political stability …From Muammar Gaddafi was murdered at the hands of NATO forces.

- Misrata: Bandidos “rebels” who has kidnapped the city have warned that war-planes used to bomb any invasion from the east, in the direction of Brega and Ras Lanuf on 15/02/2013. 

* Sheikh Mohammed bin Othman was removed, was the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, organizer and member of the local council in Misurata.

* Yesterday a car bandits who patrol the streets face was shot, a “rebel” was seriously injured ….

- Italy – Libya: the Green flag was hoisted at the Libyan embassy in Rome amid the astonishment of NATO rebels

- Sirte: there were fierce clashes in Sirte, a congress delegation mobster tries to mediate or serve to capture tallow patriots …..

* Message Green Resistance to mercenaries and terrorists “rebels” NATO

Green flags invade the world

- The first test images Saif al-Islam Gaddafi in Zintan:

- Naji al-Hariri was killed today by six bullets penetrated his body in front of his house Alliti region of Benghazi, the employee victim with battalions of armed militias and serves as director of the office of a cousin, Gen. Omar al-Hariri .

 – Reported clashes in Ajeelat Balqguadf burning after the death of a young man from a family Brich.

 – National Oil Company is required to purchase Greek companies and Russian and Italian about 2.5 million tons of gasoline in 2013. Sources said that among the companies that won the bids for motor oil and Hellas Greek Italian oil company oil refining company Saras Itasco commercial arm of the Russian Lukoil, and Trafigura also won a share of the commercial offer.

- Misurata: Killed a prison guard Misurata after a grenade was thrown by Free Libya, which resulted in obtaining this prison to a full battalion belonging to the militia Misurata.

- Germany and the Netherlands joined Western countries whose nationals are required to immediately leave Libya, as requested by the U.S. State of its citizens not to travel to Benghazi for is an unsafe area where militias rule.

* Malta joined Britain and began to withdraw its nationals is the last of eastern Libya, including Benghazi also stopped all air Malta flights to and from Libya. It seems that there are some amazing sites west of decisions for Islamists militants Medium in U.S. Libyan after State Department confirmed that the weapons were obtained by the hijackers in Algeria Hsalo Libya. Also increased attacks against foreigners in eastern Libya following the assassination of U.S. ambassador and weeks after the Italian ambassador in Benghazi.

- Libya is no longer called “state of the masses” but “Mafia State”: “Congress” spurious born of conquest of the country by NATO which has delegated the administration of the colony to criminal gangs, renegade fundamentalist fanatics and mercenaries in the pay of the oil companies and the United Arab puppets and Qatar as Saudi land decided that the country no longer officially called Libyan Arab Jamahiriya Socialist.

 It formalize what was a sad reality since the fall of Tripoli and other Libyan cities and the treacherous murder of Gaddafi and other Libyan dignitaries the Libyan state ceased to exist as independent Arab revolutionary and anti-imperialist. Libyan was often translated as “state of the masses”. Now is not simply a state in the hands of the international Mafia.

The Arab nation will lead to new anti-imperialist revolutions to rebuild United revolutionaries like Boumedienne Algeria, Gaddafi’s Libya, South Yemen, Saddam’s Iraq and Nasser’s Egypt and also the criminal bar reactionary states in the pay of Israel and Western imperialists.

Libyans tortured by NATO criminals who call themselves “rebels”

- Trial postponed to February Baghdadi Mahmudi: The appeals court judge decided to postpone the trial of Tripoli, former Prime Minister Baghdadi Mahmudi, carp and Tervas Zhmul Amer, to 11 February.** And asked the court, was quoted as saying the Libyan news agency, the prosecution must implement previous resolutions, the urgency attached report Experience and notifying witnesses. ** And heard the judge declared the meeting of the third part of the accused, the witnesses for the prosecution and the defence for the second accused, Zhmul tent, at the request of defence attorneys and prosecutors regarding their relationship battalions provide fuel gas, the conversion of funds, and training of the armed hordes to address the plight of February in time *.

- Zliten City Tstakiz bloody morning after the assassination of Sheikh Hussein bin Rahima: He killed one of my values ​​Sheikh angle “Salam Al Asmar” in Zliten, Sheikh “compassionate Hussein bin” where a body was found near his house on the market Tuesday Zliten aisle. Sources confirmed that “bin uterine” God’s mercy murderers slaughter of the vein to vein without moving his murderers eyelids

- Sabha: People Sabha are outraged and a vigil today to condemn the killing of their children in prisons of darkness.

- Report on the Libyan army weapons “People’s Armed Forces” destroyed and stolen by NATO and its partners Al-Qaeda: This was owned by the Libyan army until 2008, destroyed all such weapons during the war for us over 40 countries? Sukhoi war-planes mention? And by the way, you can review the reports of NATO during the war cemetery, said that the number of aircraft that have been identified and did not exceed 6 aircraft.

- EU sends mission to help Libya to control its borders: EU preparations finished, send a civilian mission in Libya, to help them control their borders, which is a very difficult task for the illegal government of Libya. The EU source said that – according to the Agence France Presse – The civilian mission that decides sent from the Gaddafi regime fell at the hands of NATO, has formally approved in the coming weeks, to be sent by mid-year . The same source added that the Libyan authorities are struggling to control the land border, which extends to a distance of four hundred miles, most of them freely and desert, and crossing points used in various smuggling operations. The National Conference was “parliament” had ordered in December.

- Tajura: Clashes medium weapons and sounds “RPG – 14.5 – 23″ due to an armed clash between more than 100 cars belonging to the internal and the Marine battalion based in based Tajoura called “Marine Battalion” and the government ended commitment control illegal forces battalion headquarters.

- Benghazi : another employee of the Security Service National  Salah al-Mufti Vazri died at his home in an explosion placed on his car bomb.

* Found four car bombs for the bombing of Benghazi shortly before

* Directed to a police vehicle in Benghazi Fwyhat RPG Bakazv area led to the deaths of four people who were there and spoke to Benghazi news for one last blast Archaeological Museum sparks clashes in Benghazi and Quiche Square.

* A bomb was thrown at a police vehicle in Benghazi tonight. A police officer, the driver, was killed. His name was Wali Jamal Khalil. The incident occurred at Kish, near Fuvayhata. According to eyewitnesses, the bomb was thrown at a police car from another car. The incident occurred around 9:00 pm. The explosion was heard in the distance.

Ten days ago, the body of a police officer in Benghazi Nasser Al-Moghrabi Finno was found with a gunshot wound to the head, three days after his abduction. Another policeman was kidnapped last week.

The latest incident came three days after the attack on the Italian Consul General Guido de Sanctis.

- Bani Walid: The release of a number of children and Rafla detained in prisons in Misrata. We thank God for their safety and we ask God to release all the children of detainees in prisons in Libya militias.

- Area residents Aldjaafarh condemn the burning of their homes by terrorist beasts Gharyan: A number of people in the area Aldjaafarh resentment by burning their houses in the city of Gharyan militias criminals. A Ashraf al-Jaafari concerned that he had found his district and all its contents burned Ajaj indoors percent exceeded that place after clashes between tribes and Gharyan Aldjaafarh because of a dispute over the ownership of a parcel of land. Jaafari said he was not resident and its neighbours in the region mentioned all the contents of their homes in a conflict is not a camel, with no judgements as he said, stressing that the residents of the area were forced to leave their homes after the occurrence of this problem.

- Attempted murder Calily Farag Chief, Criminal Investigation Prairie City.

- Berlusconi admits that the Libyan Revolution was built and managed by Sarkozy for oil and gas: The former Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, has admitted that the NATO intervention in Libya was orchestrated by the then French President Nicolas Sarkozy who wanted to take a share the Libyan oil and natural gas, after he travelled to Libya and Gaddafi was embracing posters of Muammar Berlusconi.

According to a video posted by the website in Eretz Zen of You Tube channel, the discovery of large reserves of natural gas in the Mediterranean coast of Syria, Lebanon and Israel would have caused another “Arab Revolution Spring” in Syria whose overthrow artificial not only means taking control of the natural gas reserves of Syria and Lebanon – both “Lebanon and Syria are” – but also finding a route for the natural gas pipeline from Qatar to move to Europe and Turkey, while Qatar looking to Europe and Turkey offer a good deal on this natural resource while cutting the current supplier, Russia.

- Algeria – Libya: Islamists who attacked the Algerian Sahara gas site on Wednesday, killing more than a dozen people and taking many hostages before being defeated by an army assault came from Libya, said on Thursday night Algerian Interior Minister Dahou Ould Kablia.

- Women used by Al Qaeda terrorists in the city of Derna, Libya

- Al Qaeda in Libya governing alliance with traitors and mercenaries in the service of NATO issued a statement in which they agree to launch reprisal attacks in Benghazi, for the support they give  to France in its war crusade in Mali.

- The Libyans TAWERGA CAN NOT go home

Cartoon of stray dogs self-styled “rebels”


 source: libia-sos.blogspot.ch/