The ten countries that “hate” the United States

The ten countries that “hate” the United States

The ‘exporting democracy’ applying U.S. President Barack Obama, following in the footsteps of his predecessors, has caused the people of various countries adamantly disapprove of Washington politics.

Both the Obama Administration, like the image of the country in general, suffers from severe fluctuations both in the same U.S. territory, and in the international arena. While, despite the revelations of Edward Snowden , most U.S. allies still at his side, in the world there are several countries that “hate” Washington, the newspaper reported ‘ 24/7 Wall St ‘ .

1. Palestinian Territories Index disapproval of U.S. policies: 80% Four out of five Palestinians disapproved of U.S. policy, which is the worst perception of U.S. worldwide. The cause of this situation is the U.S. support for Israel in the framework of its conflict with Palestine . In addition, Hamas, the organization that governs the territory of the Gaza Strip since 2007, is considered by the U.S. and the EU as a “terrorist organization.”

2. Pakistan Index disapproval of U.S. policies: 73% Relations with Pakistan have been strained since 2001, when after the terrorist attacks of 11-S Washington became Pakistan in the field of search operations leader Al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden and the war in Afghanistan against the Taliban, who then ruled the neighboring country. Already in 2009, 59% of the Pakistani people saw the U.S. as a bully and a larger than itself Al Qaeda threat. Latest Gallup polls reveal that this trend continues.

3. Lebanon Index disapproval of U.S. policies: 71% Like many countries disapprove of the American line, the Lebanon has a long history of conflict with Israel, which explains that Lebanese criticize Washington.

4. Yemen index disapproval of U.S. policies: 69% Over 100 Yemeni nationals held in Guantánamo have been in recent years. Relations between the two countries are so tense that the U.S. State Department advised its citizens to avoid travel to Yemen due to the extremely high security threat level.

5. Iraq Index disapproval of U.S. policies: 67% The long history of conflict between the U.S. and Iraq -from the 1991 Gulf War until the Iraq War (2003 – 2011) – which killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, including civilians, has contributed significantly to the negative reviews about Washington. For U.S. citizens “Travel the country is extremely dangerous due to civil unrest and the threat of kidnappings and terrorist attacks.”

6. Egypt index disapproval of U.S. policies: 57% A list of countries “not recommended for travel”, the U.S. State Department has also added to Egypt, “because of the instability and violence across the country.”

7. Slovenia Index disapproval of U.S. policies: 57% Although the U.S. State Department states that the two countries have a strong relationship, more than half of the citizens of Slovenia criticize Washington’s policies. It is noteworthy that among the nations with the highest disapproval ratings of U.S., Slovenia is one who is a member of NATO .

8. Iran Index disapproval of U.S. policies: 56% Tehran has long been at odds with Washington, and more recently by the Iranian nuclear program. The two countries have no diplomatic relations since 1980. Additionally, political analysts have established that the EU sanctions and the U.S., which caused some of the economic problems of the country and had serious consequences for much of the population, led to more resentment towards the U.S.

9. Tunisia Index disapproval of U.S. policies: 54% Although the U.S. provided $ 400 million in financial aid to “establish democracy” in the country since 2011, more than half of the population disapproves of Washington politics. The animosity toward the North American country in Tunisia culminated in the sacking of the U.S. Embassy in the capital in 2012. Recent polls confirm the same trend among Tunisians .

10 . Libya Index disapproval of U.S. policies: 94% The U.S. regrets that the people of Libya to go unpunished by the destruction and genocide against Great Jamahiriya more than 240,000 dead, 2 million exiles and over 30,000 political prisoners and denounced to have disappeared over 220 tons of gold and more than 280 billion dollars from the coffers of the Libyan people.

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BY LADY KHAMIS  (‘The Girl Who Loves Khamis’)

   “Think of this book as your primer on war propaganda, deliberate media deception, hidden political and personal agendas, and finally, on what a set of politically powerful and well-connected people will do to a country when they have access to military power and the will to use it”.

  So writes editor Cynthia McKinney at the start of this must-read, gripping collection of chapters by different authors, showing the world that the illegal war on Libya in 2011 was a war on civilians – the very people the West claimed to be protecting. A set-up like the Iraq war – but far less publicised.

  Just like the Israeli-led false flag ‘Operation Trojan’ project of 1986 that led Libya to be bombed then in an attempt to murder its leader, Muammar Qadhafi, so the latter was again framed in 2011.

  America’s real aims, she continues, were to ‘clean up’ the old pro-Soviet regimes of Iraq, Libya and Syria. To attack and destroy the SEVEN countries of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Iran. And The Project For The New American Century – as desired by Wolfowitz, Cheney, and Rumsfeld etc. – to destabilise the Middle East and turn it upside down.

  McKinney has been told that the US keeps mercenary forces at an offshore base near the Libya-Tunisia border – which are carrying out joint operations with al-Qaeda in Eastern Libya. And that US forces operate in Tripoli under the protection of al-Qaeda’s Abdulhakim Belhadj – where they control the shipping terminal and Mitiga Airport.

  My own opinion is that America deliberately brought al-Qaeda to power in Libya – and is seeking to do the same in Syria – under the usual covert plot of publicly pretending to do otherwise. (Think CIA and their ‘war on drugs’). This will best continue America-‘israel’ plans for chaos across the Islamic world.

  The chapter by Wayne Madsen poignantly describes the scene at the house of Qadhafi’s son, Saif al-Arab, hours after the latter was murdered here by a US warplane, along with a friend and three of Qadhafi’s grandchildren on 30th April 2011. No evidence of it being a ‘military compound’ was ever found. It was an attempt to kill Qadhafi himself – who had just left the building to tend to some animals just 500 feet away. Indeed, the book shows a photo of a traumatised gazelle wandering amongst the rubble. (McKinney later describes the scene too and the “shredded” children).

  Madsen also writes how Bernard-Henri Levy, the Jewish French ‘philosopher’ (?!) was forging links with the rebels in Benghazi and then travelling to ‘israel’. Rebel support for ‘israel’ was a key demand in return for more support from Nato.

  One of Nato’s first targets in Tripoli was the Office Of Investigation Of Corruption. The real reason several Qadhafi ministers defected to the rebels is because they were being investigated by the Libyan Government for fraud. (This was covered up by the Western media). The documents on corruption were backed up – but are now “in a safe location”.

  Belhadj was issued with a false Libyan passport – showing him with a beard. Such a photo was not permitted by Qadhafi’s government.

  Many rebels are al-Qaeda fighters released from Guantanamo Bay – armed with weapons not found in Libya’s stockpiles. Many weapons used by the rebels in 2011 came from a CIA-connected subsidiary. One rifle, used as standard by the rebels, only uses Nato standard rounds. This weapon was never used by the Libyan Army – which relied on Soviet weaponry. Rebels also used US-made machine-guns – again chambered for Nato rounds. (This proves Nato and Western media claims that the rebels only used weapons captured from Qadhafi forces were lies).

  Rebels agreed to allow ‘israel’ to have a 30-year lease for a military base in East Libya – that will be used against the Egyptian military should there be any future ‘problems’.

  Uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt were used to pretend Libya was a state rebelling too, but Madsen reminds us that an American diplomat was operating as a CIA agent in Libya in 2010 – forging links with a rebel ‘sleeper-cell’.

  Madsen also claims that it has long been believed that Qadhafi’s former head of Libyan Intelligence, Musa Kusa, was a double agent for the CIA.

  Shortly after the rebels seized Benghazi, they plundered Libya of its money. They emptied the entire Central Bank’s cash vault in the city – even hiring a professional safecracker from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to open the safe. The rebels now had 900 million Libyan dinars – stealing it from the Libyan people.

  The next chapter contains the true scale of suffering, terror and death Nato unleashed on civilians in Tripoli, Zlitan etc. A testimony from one doctor is so harrowing that I defy any normal person to read it without feeling tears of anger. Children so frightened that they even contemplated suicide. And the other real scandal is of the media’s silence, its cover-up, and the way the people could not tell the world what was happening - and that many did not even know why they were being targeted just to get rid of their leader.

  The chapter “Nato Bombs The Great Man-Made River”, by Mark Metcalfe, tells the fascinating story of “the eighth wonder of the world”; how Qadhafi installed clean water for all the Libyan people – a project now derailed after Nato targeted the civilian population by bombing the pipe-making plant at Brega – murdering six security guards. 

  The segment “Black Genocide In Libya”, by T-West, describes how the targeting of black people by the rebels in Libya was a deliberate fomenting of ethnic strife by Nato - in order to break up the country. With a Euro-centric central bank that ties into the stock exchange and America and European corporate banking headquarters in Qatar, and a small group of puppets of the more Arab-centric Eastern Libya controlling the oil.

  The rebels have foisted the old monarchy’s flag and anthem on Libya – symbols that represent the British-ruled Libya of that time – so as to create a federal system that revives total European manipulation, with the Arab monarchies of Qatar, UAE, and Saudi Arabia underneath this.

  A Libyan Army jet stolen by rebels was mistakenly shot down over Benghazi – by the rebels themselves – but the media used the situation to pretend the jet was Qadhafi attacking civilians.

  Western journalists reported how Libyan Army jet pilots were disobeying Qadhafi and missing targets so as to avoid civilians. But, in fact, the pilots had been ordered to drop bombs harmlessly in order to avoid casualties and act as a warning to rebels – (who were systematically attacking army and police posts). Qadhafi was not going to be baited into the mass-bloodshed the West wanted from him – so the West made it up anyway.

  Controlled by Jews – the Sephardim wing of France and the Ashkenazim wing of the US – they influenced the output of Reuters, the Associated Press etc.  20% of the rebellion believed the lie that Qadhafi himself was a Jew!

  But T-West’s chapter ultimately shows us what a traitor Obama has been to all black people – the very people who voted him into power believing he was an icon for their cause.

  Stephen Lendman’s piece then excellently sets out the legal case for trying Nato for the war crimes of “daily civilian terror bombings to break their morale, cause panic, weaken their resistance, and inflict mass casualties of punishment” to “conquer, colonise, occupy, and plunder another vassal state”, with “humanitarian intervention” as “mere subterfuge”.

  The next segment is by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya and is an exploration of the magnificent plans that Qadhafi had for the future – such as ridding the government of corruption, the Wealth Redistribution Fund for all Libyans, the United States Of Africa, and the South Atlantic Treaty Organisation (Sato) – to protect Africa and Latin America from Nato.

  The West was horrified – and feared other populations would demand more fairness too.

  Saif al-Islam put Mahmoud Jibril into the position of a virtual Prime Minister – controlled by the US and the EU. Jibril would open up Libya to foreign corporations to plunder, and privatisation and poverty in Libya.

  Jibril met with Levy to discuss deposing Qadhafi – who was investigating Jibril for corruption. Jibril believed the Libyan people were not fit to govern themselves and that the ‘elite’ should always control the wealth of any nation. Jibril later fled to Cairo to meet the rebel ‘council’ leaders of both Libya and Syria.

  Italy’s Prime Minister Berlusconi even admitted that Nato’s bombings were not conducted as a result of a revolt against Qadhafi – but were intended to cause a revolt against Qadhafi…

  Another chapter by Nazemroaya explains the West and Israeli plots of reconfiguring the Middle East – by using wars as ‘creative destruction’ –deliberately targeting countries to create or exploit any religious differences or racial and ethno-linguistic tensions etc. Internal violence to bring countries to their knees and implement the doctrine of divide, rule and conquer.

  This supports the Zionist’s ‘Yinon Plan’ – partitioning individual countries – both in North Africa, as well as around ‘israel’ – into smaller and weaker states. Iraq was the primary target (and we see it today falling into the pre-planned Sunni, Shi’a, and Kurdish entities)…

  The break-up of Libya, Egypt, Lebanon and Syria are also part of the Plan (and we are already seeing at this moment how the created chaos has now taken hold in all four).  The primary aim being to ensure that ‘israel’ has regional superiority. For the West, it continues the latter’s global empiric ambitions. Divided, exploited, colonised and dysfunctional societies – too weak to fight back against their oppressors and their puppet clients.

   Other targets and victims of these same plots are Iran, Turkey, Somalia, Pakistan and Sudan (Sudan has, of course, already been divided into two warring separate countries).

  After America invaded Iraq, Ariel Sharon told them to next attack Syria, Libya and Iran (and Tony Blair recently called Sharon ‘a man of peace’)!

  The assassination of Rafik Hariri in Lebanon was used as part of the ‘israeli’ Plan to destabilise Syria. (I personally believe that Hariri’s death – and that of many innocent bystanders in the same massive car bombing – was a Mossad/CIA operation – designed to frame Assad’s Syria).

  Nazemroaya continues that there are unknown snipers targeting Syrian civilians and army – to cause chaos and internal fighting. Christians are targeted by unknown groups. Most likely, the attacks include a coalition of US, French, Israeli, Jordanian, Turkish, Saudi, and Gulf Arab forces -working with some Syrians on the inside.

  This is part of a reign of terror that they are trying to spread in Syria – as they did in Libya.

  A Christian exodus is being planned for the Middle East, he concludes. An Islamic world free of Christians and Jews – who the Muslims have historically peacefully co-existed with – is the desired outcome. This would replenish the Christian population of the EU – and be used to support a new Crusade. The precursor to The Clash Of Civilisations…

  Dr. Christof Lehman’s chapter is next and he explains that the US uses al-Qaeda as either an enemy or an ally – depending on what role suits its agenda at the time.

  He also explains the evil hold that France has over Africa. Removing leaders like Qadhafi and Gbagbo (Ivory Coast) because they dared to plan to get rid of the African franc currency. This is because the African franc is one of the biggest sources of income for France. Worse still, France not only controls the value of it, but also has absolute control over no less than EIGHT African countries’ economies…Shockingly, 85% of all foreign exchange reserves of these eight states are 100% under the control of the French treasury!

  Qadhafi lobbied to help the people of these eight countries to free themselves from France’s enslavement and impoverishment of them.

France viewed him as the obstacle to even more French colonial expansion in North Africa.

  My favourite chapter is by an outstanding journalist, Keith Harmon Snow – whose knowledge and passion for the subject of Africa and the West’s utter hypocrisy in dealing with it is breathtaking.

  He, like other parts of the book, exposes the media’s manipulation of the facts of the situation in Libya in 2011: “Real facts are hidden behind these facades created through well-planned and coordinated psychological operations, like the one that played out in the media over the invasion of Libya. What the capitalist system seeks to hide are the Western mafias and their elite kingpins who are perpetuating the shock doctrines of disaster capitalism. This is what happened in Libya”.

  Snow deliciously debunks the myths of the West’s propaganda against Qadhafi’s “Green Book” philosophy: “No wonder the elites ruining the world don’t want you to read the Green Book, they might be prone to the arising of dangerous thoughts such as these that criticise the system of oppression that now threatens all life on planet Earth”.

  Snow is referring to Qadhafi exposing how Western ‘democracy’ is, in fact, based on propaganda, monopolisation and manipulation etc. for the benefit of only the rich elites.

  Snow acknowledges the repression practiced by Qadhafi’s government in Libya – but reminds us that it was only because Libya faced a constant barrage of coups, dirty tricks, undermining, infiltration and assassination – by Western powers and their agents. And that Qadhafi benefited the Libyan people far more than the Western regimes have done for their own populations: “The faults of the Libyan regime pale in comparison to the faults of foreign regimes in the countries that persecuted Libya”, as Western governments enslave and repress their people while serving private elites for corporate profit.

  But Snow’s piece mainly explores the wars in Africa – secretly waged by ‘israel’ and the West - that have led to the loss of many millions of lives.

  He reminds us that ‘israel’ trained Idi Amin – before Britain brought him to power by force in Uganda. (Later, he turned on ‘israel’ and so the West turned on him). Under the current dictator, Yoweri Museveni, Uganda was used as a base for the 1996 invasion of what is now DR Congo. It has also been used for the ‘israel’ and Nato invasion of Sudan (now Sudan and South Sudan) – a war that was, and still is today, primarily caused and maintained by ‘israel’, America, Canada, France and Britain.

  Israel’s shipment of tanks for the horror of the war crimes in Darfur – via Uganda – was helped by America – and utterly covered up by the Western media. (Has anyone ever told George Clooney about this)?!

  In 2011, Qadhafi was interviewed and demonised by ‘journalist’ Christiane Amanpour – but she was, in fact, a (Zionist) covert agent for the US State Department. She had also covered up the US’s involvement in DR Congo and Rwanda. US ‘Special Forces’ were on the ground shelling refugee camps and slaughtering innocent people – as part of the fuelling of the Tutsi and Hutu genocide wars that served the West’s interests (while at home, Western leaders pretend to bleat about “Responsibility to Protect” these “tragedies” from happening again)…

  Ethiopia’s leader, Meles Zenawi, has been conducting genocide against his own people for years, but as a puppet of the West, the latter says nothing. Ethiopia provides a base for covert Western military operations against Somalia, Sudan and even Syria.

  African mercenaries – trained by America since 2004/2009 – in Mauritania, Chad, Niger and Nigeria were used as death squads to invade Libya in 2011 (under the guise of being ‘freedom fighters’ from Libya itself).

  Snow asks why is Qadhafi a notorious household name in the West, when genuine despots such as the following are not? “Daniel Arap Moi, Gen. Gnassingbe Eyadema, Paul Biya, Gen. Ibrahim Babangida, Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo, Lt. Jerry John Rawlings, and Omar Bongo”. (Add Museveni, Zenawi and Paul Kagame too).

  Why is it never said that it is the Western wars of annihilation that go on in Somalia – involving Ugandan troops trained by US ‘Special Forces’ – as well as Darfur, Rwanda, DR Congo, Sudan and Central Africa etc?

  While Qadhafi undoubtedly aided many noble liberation movements, Snow also raises interesting questions about some of the people Qadhafi himself armed and his reasons for doing so – but that is a whole other book!

  The final chapter is a transcript of Qadhafi’s speech to the General Assembly of the United Nations on September 23rd 2009.

  It is chilling reading – as, retrospectively, its context is forever coloured by the events that subsequently occurred.

  Qadhafi speaks of wars that benefit only the few; military interventions of aggression and hostile acts by those with Power Of Veto. He calls the UN Security Council the “Terror Council” – for its treatment of the Third World – using terror, intimidation and sanctions to serve its own interests: “Wars of aggression waged against us by superpowers”, “that have violated the sovereignty of independent states. It has led to war crimes and genocide…in violation of the Charter of the United Nations”.

  He speaks of Africa “colonised, isolated and persecuted, and its rights usurped. Its people enslaved and treated like animals and its territory colonised and placed under trusteeship”. “How can we feel safe”? “Can we trust the Security Council or not”?

  Conversely, he calls Barack Obama a “son of Africa” and “our son”. But did he envisage really that Libya would be attacked? And, if so, that it would not be Obama who would be the one to do it?

  Completely deluded (?) about Obama’s true evil nature (“I am very good at killing people”, Obama informed us in 2013), Qadhafi calls Obama’s election win “a wonderful thing”, that Obama will be “a temporary relief for the next four or eight years”. “We would be content if Obama could remain President of the US forever”, he unwittingly (?) extols…

  Even worse, he says Obama “spoke truly when he said that democracy cannot be imposed from the outside”.

  Yes, this statement is true but not Obama’s belief in it!

  I wish that I could force every Westerner to read this magnificent book – then maybe the real revolution will begin…

  I will end my review with the final line of Qadhafi’s speech:

  “We should live in peace – always”.

Lady Khamis (‘thegirlwholoveskhamis’)




According to a UN report on Tuesday that were being smuggled anti-aircraft missiles that carry on the shoulder from Libya to Chad, Mali, Tunisia, Lebanon, and possibly the Central African Republic and that attempts were being sent to Syrian opposition groups.

She said an independent panel of experts monitoring the sanctions imposed by the United Nations, including the ban on arms since the beginning of the uprising in 2011, it became clear that the weapons known as Mobile Air Defense System found in Mali and Tunisia, “was part of the arsenals of terrorist groups.”

Experts said in its final report submitted to the Security Council of the UN that despite the efforts of Libya and other countries to limit the portable air defense weapon system in Libya and reliable sources indicate Committee that thousands of these weapons are still available in controlled by a large group of players from non-State “arsenals.

The report said, “Libya has been in the past three years, the largest source of illegal weapons. 

The UN experts said that Libya has become a key source of weapons for Syrian opposition groups because of “public sympathy with the Syrian opposition ..”.

The report adds that the Commission sources said that Syria “will itself become a source of proliferation of weapons to countries like Iraq and Iran.”

The committee said the weapons found on board the ship, “the goodness of God 2″ confiscated by the Lebanese authorities in 2012 “to show that there were attempts to divert missiles mobile air defense system to the Syrian opposition in Libya.”

It is noteworthy that the Libyan government is struggling to control militias who aided in the overthrow of former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, and now challenging the state’s authority. And it can not control its borders, to try to rebuild the army, which analysts say is representative of the militias that toppled Gaddafi in that season battles during the uprising in Libya for eight months.

Source: Reuters



Spreading Antisemitism: The Highest Moral Duty For Mankind

Mahatma Gandhi appealed to the entire world Jewish community to commit mass sucide. otherwise, Gandhi believed that with the Jew’s thirst for immorality, money and war they would end up destroying the whole of humanity.


Spreading Antisemitism: The Highest Moral Duty For Mankind.

Road to World War III The Road to WW3 Arabic

Road to World War III The Road to WW3 Arabic


by: NitzssH

Transcript of the video

why did the United States attack Libya Iraq

Afghanistan and Yemen wire US operatives helping to destabilize Syria
him why is the united states government so intent on taking down our and
despite the fact that Iran is not attacked any country
since 1790 8 in what’s next
what are we headed for when you look at the current trajectory that were on
it doesn’t make any sense at all if you evaluated based on what we’re taught
and it doesn’t make any sense if you base your worldview on the propaganda
that the mainstream media tries to pass off as news
but it makes perfect sense once you know the real motive the powers that be
in order to understand those motives the first to take a look
history the 1945
Bretton Woods Agreement establish the dollar as the world’s reserve currency
which meant the international commodities were priced in dollars
the agreement which give the United States a distinct financial advantage
but maybe the condition but those dollars would remain redeemable for gold
at a consistent rate of thirty five dollars per ounce domestic comments not
print very much money with this is on the honor system that the Federal
Reserve refuse to allow any audits
or supervision at spring present the years leading up to nineteen seventy
expenditures in the Vietnam war made it clear to many countries that the US is
pretty far more money than it had in gold
and in response they begin to ask for the gold back
there’s a core set of a rapid decline in the value of the dollar
the situation climax in 1971
but France attempted to withdraw its cold Nixon refused
% Uh on August 15 to meet the following an uncertain
I have directed the Secretary of the Treasury to take the actions necessary
the defending the dollar against the speculators on
I have directed secretary Conley to suspend temporarily the convertibility
the dollar in the gold or other reserve asset
accept an amount and conditions determined to be in the interests the
monetary stability
and in the best interest of the United States United
this is obviously not a temporary suspension as he claimed a rather
permit the fall for the rest of the world would entrust the United States
with their gold
it was outright theft in 1973 the president nixon asking face I’ll
Saudi Arabia took said only US dollars as payment for oil
to invest any excess profits in US Treasury bonds
notes bills in return big sin offered military protection
society will fields the same offer was extended into the world’s key
oil-producing countries
by 1975 every member of OPEC
agreed to only sell their oil in US dollars active within a dollar of gold
behind it foreign oil% uh instantly forced every will importing country in
the world
start maintaining a constant supply the Federal Reserve paper
% Uh and in order to get that paper we have to send a real physical goods
to America this was the birth the petro dollar
the paper when our everything America needed came in
in the United States got very very rich as a result it was the largest financial
in recorded history% uh
the arms race at the cold war
the game of poker military expenditures for the chips
the US had in the supply James
with the petro dollar under its belt he was able to raise the stakes higher
and higher now spinning every other country on the planet until eventually
US military expenditure surpassed that of all the nations in the world combined
% Uh Soviet Union never had a chance
% Uh collapse the communist bloc 1991
remove the last counter-balance to american military might the United
States was now on
undisputed superpower with the right with many hold
that this would mark the beginning of a new era peace and stability
unfortunately there were those in high places
who had other ideas the within that same year
the US invaded Iraq the first call work
and after crushing the Iraqi military destroying their infrastructure
including water purification plants and hospitals crippling sanctions were
imposed to prevent in that infrastructure
from being rebuilt the sanctions which were initiated by Bush Senior
it sustained throughout the entire clinton administration Bassett for over
a decade
were estimated to have killed over 500,000 children
the Clinton administration was the bully where these figures
% Uh we have heard a half million jobs
the Nets who work with children the Bible
he rushing the hit
you know is a price worth it I think this is a very hard choice
price we think priced work this on break
what exactly was it it was worth killing five hundred thousand kids warns
the in November 2000 Iraq begin selling its oil exclusively in Euros
this is a direct attack on the dollar in on US financial dominance thing
and it wasn’t gonna be tolerated in response US government with the
assistance that the mainstream media
begin to build up a massive propaganda campaign claiming that Iraq had weapons
of mass destruction
was planning to use the in 2003 the US invaded
want to control the country will sales were immediately switch back to dollars
this is particularly notable due to the fact that switching back to the dollar
metal 15 to 20 percent loss in revenue do the euro’s higher value
it doesn’t make any sense at all unless you take the measure dollar
into account I’m so I came back to see him a few weeks later
on and by that time we were bombing in Afghanistan is there was still going to
war with Iraq and you know it’s worse than that
he said he reached over and just picked up these papers I just
should I just got this down from upstairs mister coroner’s office today
and he said
miss a memo describes how we’re gonna take out in seven countries
in five years starting with Iraq and Syria Lebanon
Libya Somalia Sudan vision of erase your Amazon
let’s take a look at the events the past decade see if you see a pattern
do in Libya Qaddafi was in the process of organizing a block African countries
to create a coal-based currency called the diner
it was the intended to use to replace the dollar now region% uh
US and NATO forces some destabilize and toppled Libyan government 2011
meter taking control the region US armed rebels
execute a good of in cold blood immediately set up the Libyan central
the Marine has been actively campaigning the pool while sales of for the dollar
for some time now
the news recently secured agreements to begin training as well
in exchange for gold in response the US government with mainstream media
has been attempting to build international support for military
on the pretext to preventing Iran from building a nuclear weapon the meantime
establish sanctions which US officials openly admit her came to causing a
the green economy Syria is Iran’s closest ally
they’re bound by mutual defense agreements with countries currently in
the process have been destabilized
covert assistance from 8 am to russia and China have worn the United States
not to get involved
the white house has made statements within the past month indicating that
they’re considering the military intervention
should be clear that military intervention in Syria and Iran
isn’t being considered it’s a foregone conclusion just as it was in Iraq
and love you the US’s actively working to create the context which gives in the
diplomatic cover
the do what they already have plans the motive for these invasions in covert
actions becomes clear when we look at them and therefore context
connect the dots those who control the United States understand that even if a
few countries begin to sell their oil in another currency
bill set off a chain reaction the dollar will collapse
they understand that there’s absolutely nothing else holding up the value of the
at this point so does the rest of the world the rather than accepting the fact
that the dollar’s nearing the end of its life span
the powers that be have made a calculated gamble they’ve decided to use
the brute force
and the US military crush each and every resistance state
in the Middle East Africa that in itself would be bad enough food push you need
to understand
is that this is not going to end with Iran China and Russia
stated publicly and I’m no uncertain terms but they will not tolerate an
attack on Iran or Syria
haran is one other key allies won the last independent oil producers in the
and they understand that if Iran falls they will have no way to escape the
without going to war and yet the United States is pushing forward
despite the warnings what we are witnessing here
it’s a trajectory that restraint the unthinkable
to trajectory that was mapped out years ago pool awareness
the human consequences the guy who was it puts on this course
welcome a psychopath is willing to intentionally set of the global conflict
that will lead to millions and S just to protect the value
a paper currency they obviously the president
the decision to invade Libya Syria and Iran
mean long before Obama enters into the national spotlight yeah he’s carrying
out his duty just like published in receipt and
so who is it that pulls the strings% uh
often the best answer questions like this found by asking another question
keep O’Neil prove innocence obviously those who have the power to print the
dollar and then there
have the most to lose if the dollar bombs since 1913
powers been held by the Federal Reserve Federal Reserve is a private entity
combined glamour to the most powerful banks in the world
the dominant role as banks for the ones who pull strings
did them
this is just a game your life analyze those you love them
art is a Ponzi under chessboard and like a spoiled four year old who tips the
board on the floor
when I start to lose the powers that be are willing to start world war three min
keep control the global financial system remember that
these wars extend an accelerated remember that when your son
your neighbor’s son comes back home in a flag-draped coffin
remember that when in point the finger at the new boogeyman in the Mad Men were
running the show
will take this as far as you allow them to it
to how much time do we have left this question and you’re constantly
this the wrong question asking how much time we have left
passive posh the additive a prisoner
movies waiting to be taken out two additional shot in the back and% uh
what are our chances can we change course I’m
also the wrong question the odds don’t matter anymore you understand what we’re
the Navajo responsibility to do everything in your power
alter the course that were on with regard to the odds its only stop basing
your involvement in the chances of success
the success actually becomes possible% uh
to strip to kill the gun power financial leads to bring these criminal cartels to
work for nothing less than a revolution government
is not going to save us the government is completely infiltrated
corrupt to the core looking them for solution at this point
is on early nineteen there are three stages a revolution
their sequential stage 1 is already underway
stage 1 is the ideological resistance
in this stage we have been actively work to wake up as many people as possible
about what is happening
and the direction we’re headed. all revolutions originate from a shift in
the mindset of the population
and no other meaningful resistance possible without it
success in this stage in the game can be measured by the contagion have ideas
when idea reaches critical mass begins to spread on its own and seats and all
levels of society
in order to achieve that contagion we need more people in this fight
would be more people speaking out on making videos writing articles
getting this information on the national and international stage
and especially need to reach the police and military
stage 2 this civil disobedience also known as non-violent resistance in this
you put your money where your mouth is or more accurately you withhold your
and Europeans in the government and you everything in your power to bring the
years the stain
20 practice in mass this method alone is often enough to bring everything to his
home however he failed the stage stage during
is inevitable stage during is direct physical resistance
direct physical resistance is the last resort they should be avoided in the
late as long as possible
it should only be imposed after all their options having thoroughly
there are those who talk time claimed they will resist when the time comes
with those who fail to realize if you were inactive during the first two
stages and save your efforts
the last resistance that you of alien
with the Nazis removing door-to-door driving people out of their homes in
that wasn’t on the bike back physically but the lack of ideological resistance
civil disobedience leading up to that moment even an armed uprising would
likely fail at that point on
an armed uprising can only succeed the people in establishing had to do
active resistance an active resistance is only possible
after their minds have broken free mainstream propaganda
if you wanna fight Manny it now or never
you’re not going to get another chance mistakes are far higher
but they were not to Germany