Why Was Gaddafi Overthrown?

Why Was Gaddafi Overthrown?


This chaos in Libya was deliberate. It was deliberate because Libya was a stable African society in North Africa, where the leader of Libya wanted to use the resources of Libya for the reconstruction of Africa—the water resources, the oil resources, the financial resources, and the intelligence of the Libyan people.

PAUL JAY, SENIOR EDITOR, TRNN: Welcome back to The Real News Network. I’m Paul Jay in Baltimore.
March 19 will be the third anniversary of the NATO intervention into Libya.

Looking back, what were NATO’s objectives?

What Libya did they hope to find after the overthrow of Gaddafi?

And what in fact is today’s Libya?

Now joining us from Syracuse University is Professor Horace Campbell. He teaches African-American studies there and political science. He’s written extensively on African-American politics. And his new book is called Global NATO and the Catastrophic Failure in Libya.
Thank you very much for joining us, Horace.

HORACE CAMPBELL, PROF. AFRICAN-AMERICAN STUDIES AND POLITICAL SCIENCE, SYRACUSE UNIV.: Thank you for inviting me to discuss the failures of the U.S. foreign policy in Africa and the failure of NATO in Africa.
NOOR: So it was only a day or two ago, Navy SEAL sailors boarded a Libyan-North Korean boat carrying oil coming from a rebel-held oil port in Libya. This was, I guess, to send a message that the central government, so-called, of what is recognized by the United States, and nobody else should be selling oil. But it’s a reflection of what chaos there is in Libya. ****(what is not said by the US is that although the captured the ship they didn’t find the OIL ON BOARD)
Give us a sense now of what’s going on in Libya, and then we’ll kind of dig further back into why this all came about.
CAMPBELL: This chaos in Libya was deliberate. It was deliberate because Libya was a stable African society in North Africa, where the leader of Libya wanted to use the resources of Libya for the reconstruction of Africa—the water resources, the oil resources, the financial resources, and the intelligence of the Libyan people.
NATO intervened in spite of the differences between different sections of NATO, between France and the United States, between France and Germany, and the competition between Italy and France. Despite these differences, they came together after France precipitated this massive invasion to destroy Libyan society in 2011.
But that destruction has only created a great problem for Western capitalist forces in Africa.
JAY: I don’t quite understand why the West simply wanted to destroy Libyan society. Gaddafi’s regime was playing footsie with the IMF, with the World Bank. His sons were knocking the gavel at the stock exchange. In fact, one of his sons was visiting American military manufacturers, negotiating arms deals just before the invasion. They were doing oil and gas deals. There’s reports from the World Bank praising his reforms and privatization of the Libyan banking system. I mean, he cooperated with Bush–Cheney in many ways. He had made a big reconciliation with the Americans. I don’t understand, on the face of it, why they wanted to overthrow him. Obviously they did, but I don’t think that explains it.
CAMPBELL: That is all very true. But you’re missing one factor: that every political leader seeks political legitimacy. And in the case of Libya, the legitimacy of the leader had come from his presenting himself as someone who was part of the African Union and wanted to build an African Monetary Fund, an African Central Bank, and a African common currency. And that was a danger to not only the euro, because Sarkozy said, we’re going to fight to save the euro, but it would present a threat to the dollar. Moreover, the Libyan leadership had moved to take over the Arab banking corporation in Bahrain, and the Libyan leadership had over $200 billion in foreign reserves.
So, yes, you’re correct. They were playing footsie with the West. But that same leadership was also capable of nationalist pressures inside of Libya and inside of Africa so they could have nationalized oil companies in the midst of this global capitalist crisis. And the West did not want any surprises, where Libya would want to call on Africans to turn away from the dollar as the reserve currency and to use African resources, such as gold, as a new currency for all of Africa.
JAY: But, Horace, what evidence is there that they were really concerned about this? I know Gaddafi talked about it, but, I mean, he himself was up to the eyeballs in the World Bank. ****(see what I mean they are always mis-informed) And, you know, rhetoric is one thing, but the reality of the Libyan economy was becoming totally assimilated into global capitalism. ****(that is what the West told the rebels and they believed it. These rebels where living abroad and had no connection with the reality of Libya) It seems to me more that there was a problem is that he was also playing footsie with the Russians—
CAMPBELL: No, no, no, no, no.
JAY: —and there was more that he was caught in these inter-imperialist contradictions. I mean, you can’t tell me Libya had the power to change the currency of Africa.
CAMPBELL: They did, because Libya have $200 billion in reserves, and if Libya got five or six other African countries with massive reserves to create a common currency for Africa, which is one of the mandates of the African Union, that’s a threat to Western Europe and North America.
Moreover, the Chinese had become the dominant force in infrastructure development within Libya. There were over 36,000 Chinese involved in railway, road, water, agriculture, and other forms.
So there’s no question that Libya had the financial wherewithal to determine their own independence.
And I think one of the things that the media is missing, even those who call themselves the left, is the role thatGoldman Sachs andtheir dalliance trying to use the resources of Libya toshore up thederivatives market and thefact that they wereso involved in Libya prior to intervention.
JAY: Yeah. Well, talk a bit about that. Why was Gaddafi so involved with Goldman Sachs?
CAMPBELL: Well, that is the point. The point was that Gaddafi wanted to please the Western forces. Gaddafi’s son had studied in the London School of Economics. Gaddafi had been open to talking to this group from Boston that was going there. And all of these forces were trying to ingratiate themselves with Gaddafi, so that Gaddafi would completely be in the pockets of the West.
But he was unpredictable, and that was the problem between them and Gaddafi.
JAY: Yeah, I agree with that part. He was unpredictable. But he was very much playing ball. He was very close to the new rising Rothschild. He was playing ball with the commodity brokers. I mean, he was using the Libyan sovereign wealth fund like a private investment thing, ***(that’s absolute BS they don’t mention that with Golden Sachs we had taken them to court for misusing the funds and loosing billions which of course GS would have to return back to Libya as they court was on the side of Libya) just to—really playing with every speculator in Europe and America.
But I agree with you: he was unpredictable, and he was playing ball too much with the Chinese and with the Russians, ****(well we may played ball with China and Russia but these two countries never sanctioned us plus being deprived of any goods(from medicine, food, to everything plus a no fly zone which meant that every Libyan person had to drive to the borders of Tunis or Egypt so that they could go to Europe or anywhere else. Imagine if you need immediate attention health wise and you had to drive 700 km to reach the border wait there for over six to seven hours and then to drive to the nearest airport to conclude if someone wanted to travel to England for example he needed to be on the road for 48 hours that was one of the things we had to endure through out the embargo that the US did to Libya) from America and Europe for over ten years what did the west expect that we would lay down and die? It was the west who lost on contracts with Libya while Russia and China where wiser. For the West’s stupid decision in putting sanctions to us we made new friends and for that FUKUS destroyed everything we built.)  and that he wasn’t becoming a reliable ally in Northern Africa. That—I think that much is for sure.
But there was a lot of differences in the West about what should be done and what the objectives were.
CAMPBELL: The differences in the West stems from the fact that there is a rivalry between the European Union and the United States over the reserve currency. The entire Western world is in the midst of a global capitalist crisis since 2007, 2008, and it’s imperative that they use the military to keep forces in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Europe in line behind the dollar as the currency of world trade.
So in the case of Libya, Libya had the wherewithal to be playing around with the Europeans, playing around with the Chinese, and playing around with the United States of America.
JAY: But, Horace, the Chinese have—first of all, they own several trillion U.S. dollars, and I think they’ve made it very clear for at least for this historical period they are not going to challenge the U.S. dollar ****(you think, they will use it at one point or other.) as a reserve currency. Far from it. They rely on the Americans to manage this whole global system.
CAMPBELL: They rely on the United States to manage the global system, but no country in the world is happy with the United States devaluing the dollar by printing dollars, what they call quantitative easing.
JAY: Yeah, this is true.
CAMPBELL: [incompr.] $65 billion dollars every month. If the United States of America is putting $65 billion every month on the world market, nobody wants to keep their reserves in dollars. So the Chinese, the Brazilians, everybody’s looking for the exit from the dollar, because the capitalist prices means that the dollar is worthless, because if anyone can have a printing press to print dollars, then other currencies are worthless.
JAY: Okay. Then why is everybody buying American dollars? I mean, they’re getting people to buy T-bills with practically zero percent interest.
CAMPBELL: Because the American military makes it, the American dollar, a force in world politics. What backs up the American dollar today is not gold, but the U.S. military.
JAY: Yeah, but I agree with that. But all these other governments and elites rely on that.
CAMPBELL: The elites in Latin America and Africa are seeking ways to exit this, in Latin America, Venezuela, Cuba, Ecuador, and all these countries are seeking an exit from the dollar. They’re trying to create a common currency in Latin America. In the Asian countries, they’ve created alternatives. In Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand they have created alternatives. The reality for the world is we’re living in a dangerous moment because of this capitalist crisis where the United States military is shoring up the printing of dollars and this condition in the world where the United States have unlimited access to the resources of the world.
JAY: And you think is what triggered the Libyan intervention.
CAMPBELL: This is one of the factors in the Libyan intervention. Initially the United States government was hesitant because this was a plot by the French to go into Libya. And at the outset, the secretary of defense Robert Gates and Mullen said before the Congress, do you have evidence that Libya was about to destroy their people. And the military in the United States, the United States Africa Command was originally opposed to going into Libya. But the pressures of Goldman Sachs, along with those people called the humanitarian hawks—Samantha Powers, Susan Rice, and Hillary Clinton—[incompr.] the American public and the media to go along with France and Britain for the destruction of Libya in 2011. And the people of Africa are still living with this destruction, where over 50,000 people in Africa have been killed, 40,000 people, black-skinned from Tawergha, have been thrown out of where they live. And so we have to see that initially the United States military was opposed, but later on, the media, along with Clinton, Rice, and Powers, were able to build up the psychological warfare and propaganda within this society against the United States people to portray Gaddafi as this terrible leader, when, as you said, he was in league with the Western banking and financial institutions.
JAY: Alright. Thanks very much for joining us, Horace.
CAMPBELL: Thank you very much.
JAY: And thank you for joining us on The Real News Network.

source: therealnews.com

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Billions Stolen From Libya By Rothschilds

Libya Foreign reserves plundered stolen

via Billions Stolen From Libya By Rothschilds.

The Libyan Coup And the Truth Behind the So Called «Revolutions»

The Libyan Coup And the Truth Behind the So Called «Revolutions»

By Alexander Light

As you’ve probably noticed, I was pretty «vocal» regarding the coup taking place in Libya. Since I started expressing my opinion, I’ve received a lot of positive feedback from you. Most of my readers know what is really happening behind the closed curtains, but I was surprised to see that there are still people who don’t understand what a coup is and what’s the purpose behind it. 

Today I will tell you about my first hand experience with a Western-coup. And like all coups, it also received the name of «people’s revolution.»

I didn’t live in Libya under  Muammar Gaddafi, but I lived in Romania under Nicolae Ceausescu.

I. Wars Vs. Coups

Before going any further, please allow me to tell you what the purpose of a coup is.

The human species, unfortunately, has a very bloody history. There was always a war taking place somewhere on our planet. From our distant history, to the modern times, mankind never knew peace. The main purpose of a war is to gain wealth. Long time ago, it was an easy scheme, and Julius Caesar said it best: «veni, vidi, vici» — «I came, I saw, I conquered». Once the war was over, the winner took over the lands and wealth of the defeated.

But things are more complicated in modern times. Wars are not so simple anymore. Weapons are very expensive, the human loss is not easily tolerated by modern society, the motives for an invasion/war must be good (see Pearl Harbor or 9/11), keeping an army abroad is very expensive (for example, the budget for keeping the US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan in 2010 only, reached $663.8 billions — Wikipedia), not to mention the destruction caused to an invaded country and the social distress.

A more simple and effective solution is for the «conqueror» to place in power a corrupted leader controlled by him. This way, the conqueror controls the entire country and all its wealth, without expenses, destruction or distress.

But things get complicated when the leader of a country is a dictator or an incorruptible patriot. And here is where coups work their black magic.

II. Examples of Coups

A good example is Venezuela’s president, Hugo Chavez, who in 1999 won the elections for the first time. His opponent was Carlos Perez, a former Venezuelan president, a pro-American and corrupted leader who gave the wealth of his country for personal materialistic gains. He lived and died as a wealthy man in Miami, USA.

Hugo Chavez is an incorruptible patriot, therefore inconvenient to the Western powers who are desperately trying to remove him from power. Chavez speaks of numerous failed assassination attempts (Washington Post). The Bush administration also planned for a coup to take place in 2002, but fortunately it failed because Chavez is very loved by his people.

1. Democracy Now: «CIA Documents Show Bush Knew of 2002 Coup in Venezuela»
2. The Guardian (UK): «Venezuela coup linked to Bush team»
3. Project Censored: «Bush Administration Behind Failed Military Coup in Venezuela»
4. Venezuela: Chavez accuses US of assassination plot

Steve Kangas wrote:

«CIA operations follow the same recurring script. First, American business interests abroad are threatened by a popular or democratically elected leader. The people support their leader because he intends to conduct land reform, strengthen unions, redistribute wealth, nationalize foreign-owned industry, and regulate business to protect workers, consumers and the environment. So, on behalf of American business, and often with their help, the CIA mobilizes the opposition. First it identifies right-wing groups within the country (usually the military), and offers them a deal: “We’ll put you in power if you maintain a favorable business climate for us.”

The Agency then hires, trains and works with them to overthrow the existing government (usually a democracy). It uses every trick in the book: propaganda, stuffed ballot boxes, purchased elections, extortion, blackmail, sexual intrigue, false stories about opponents in the local media, infiltration and disruption of opposing political parties, kidnapping, beating, torture, intimidation, economic sabotage, death squads and even assassination. These efforts culminate in a military coup, which installs a right-wing dictator.

The CIA trains the dictator’s security apparatus to crack down on the traditional enemies of big business, using interrogation, torture and murder. The victims are said to be “communists,” but almost always they are just peasants, liberals, moderates, labor union leaders, political opponents and advocates of free speech and democracy. Widespread human rights abuses follow.»

Examples include:

 - the coup to overthrow the democratically elected leader Mohammed Mossadegh in Iran;
- the ouster of democratically elected Jacob Arbenz in Guatemala;
- one coup per year (between 1957-1973) in Laos;
- the installation of the murderous “Papa Doc” Duvalier in Haiti;
- the assassination of Rafael Trujillo in the Dominican Republic;
- the overthrow of Jose Velasco in Ecuador;
- the assassination of the democratically elected Patrice Lumumba in the Congo (later Zaire);
- the overthrow of the democratically elected Juan Bosch in the Dominican Republic;
- the overthrow of the democratically elected government of Joao Goulart in Brazil;
- the overthrow of the democratically elected Sukarno government in Indonesia;
- a military coup in Greece designed to install the “reign of the colonels” (when the Greek ambassador complained about CIA plans for Cyprus, Johnson told him: “F**k your parliament and your constitution”);
- the overthrow of the popular Prince Sahounek in Cambodia;
- the overthrow of Juan Torres in Bolivia;
- the overthrow and assassination of Salvador Allende in Chile;
- the assassination of archbishop Oscar Romero in El Salvador, and dozens of other incidents rarely if ever taught in American school history lessons.

As John Perkins (author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man), as a former respected member of the international banking community and National Security Agency economist, told Amy Goodman: “Basically what we were trained to do and what our job is to do is to build up the American empire. To bring—to create situations where as many resources as possible flow into this country, to our corporations, and our government….

This empire, unlike any other in the history of the world, has been built primarily through economic manipulation, through cheating, through fraud, through seducing people into our way of life, through the economic hit men.”

Perkins’ job was “deal-making”:

«It was giving loans to other countries, huge loans, much bigger than they could possibly repay. One of the conditions of the loan — let’s say a $1 billion to a country like Indonesia or Ecuador — and this country would then have to give ninety percent of that loan back to a U.S. company, or U.S. companies, to build the infrastructure — a Halliburton or a Bechtel. These were big ones. Those companies would then go in and build an electrical system or ports or highways, and these would basically serve just a few of the very wealthiest families in those countries.

The poor people in those countries would be stuck ultimately with this amazing debt that they couldn’t possibly repay. A country today like Ecuador owes over fifty percent of its national budget just to pay down its debt. And it really can’t do it. So, we literally have them over a barrel. So, when we want more oil, we go to Ecuador and say, ‘Look, you’re not able to repay your debts, therefore give our oil companies your Amazon rain forest, which are filled with oil.’

And today we’re going in and destroying Amazonian rain forests, forcing Ecuador to give them to us because they’ve accumulated all this debt. So we make this big loan, most of it comes back to the United States, the country is left with the debt plus lots of interest, and they basically become our servants, our slaves. It’s an empire. There’s no two ways about it. It’s a huge empire. It’s been extremely successful.»

III. If coups are so repaying, then why are wars still taking place?

Most of the money for these loans, according to Perkins, is provided by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (Rothischild-owned private bank), the two premier neolib loan sharking operations (it is important to note that the Straussian neocon, Paul Wolfowitz, is now president of the World Bank, thus demonstrating how closely related the neocons and traditional neolibs are).

If the loan sharks are unable to steal natural resources (oil, minerals, rainforests, water) as a condition of repaying this immense debt, “the next step is what we call the jackals.”

«Jackals are CIA-sanctioned people that come in and try to foment a coup or revolution. If that doesn’t work, they perform assassinations—or try to. In the case of Iraq, they weren’t able to get through to Saddam Hussein… His bodyguards were too good. He had doubles. They couldn’t get through to him. So the third line of defense, if the economic hit men and the jackals fail, the next line of defense is our young men and women, who are sent in to die and kill, which is what we’ve obviously done in Iraq.»

IV. My personal experience: The 1989 Romanian Coup

I was in Romania during the 1989 so called «people’s revolution» under dictator Ceausescu. In fact, it was a 100% Western coup, with the sole purpose of looting the country of its wealth!

There were hundreds of reasons for the Romanian coup to take place. First of all, Ceausescu was a communist & pro-USSR.

- Romania had no external debt + US $2.7 billions in the National Bank + around US $10 billion to receive from other countries from exports (in 1989!). The exports were rapidly increasing.

- Romania was mass-exporting cereals, wine, weapons (especially the PKM), ammunition, etc. — while keeping the imports low.

- Romania also had oil fields and all the petrol used was internaly produced.

- Romania’s gold exploitation gave a $5 billions/year profit and the country’s gold reserve was fairly big (tens of tons). The gold mines were expanding.

- All Romanians had jobs, the unemployment was 0%, all had cars, homes and savings in the National bank. Even though the communist state had major expenses (it was building roads, apartment buildings, factories, etc.), the country was getting wealthier each year.

When the coup started, Ceausescu was abroad, negotiating with some Arab countries the establishment of the first European Bank. Imagine that! Romania was about to become a world player. Fairly rich & with a solid economy.

Were the people unhappy?

Yes, but not because they were poor. The social distress had to do with the people’s liberties being restrained by Ceausescu’s Police (Militia) and Secret Services.

Also, the people had money, but there were not too many products to spend them on. Everything was limited and rationalized.

The country was prospering at high speed, but the people were paying the price. Ceausescu was a dictator and oppressor. His intentions might have been good, but the price was too high. And that’s why the coup was successful.

Even so, the Romanians never imagined that removing Ceausescu from power could mean what it actually meant. Most of them thought that his son, Nicu (who was very loved, especially in Sibiu) will step in his father’s place and offer more liberties to the people. That’s all the people ever hoped for, back then.

But the Western powers had other plans. They’ve infiltrated highly trained agents to start a war from the inside. At the same time, their «diplomats» planned a «people’s revolution.» All state’s influence was working against Ceausescu.

The secret agents working for the coup to take place were active everywhere, from those shooting civilians in the streets, to those more subtle spreading disinformation on TV and making the Army fight against the Police and the people. It was a nightmare! It is probable that not even the Army’s Chief of Staff had any clue of what was really going on.

During the coup, there was only one thing shouted everywhere: «the terrorists»! (Please, notice the pattern).

Nobody ever heard of terrorists or terrorism in Romania before, and most people had no idea what the word even meant. Who invented this word and for what purpose?

The civilians received weapons from the Army and asked to call themselves «revolutionaries.» They had been informed that the terrorists are randomly shooting down civilians and that they should respond with fire without questions. Also, they had been warned that the Police was working for Ceausescu and they will shoot them at sight.

Imagine the chaos! The people were shooting each other, while the highly trained foreign agents were conducting guerrilla strikes against the army, police and the people.

A sniper shot at my father-in-law and it was a near miss. He was going home, caring groceries. There was nothing offensive about him, just a random man, arriving home from work. I went and saw the bullet holes and marks in that building. I can only imagine what he went through, knowing that his wife and daughter were in the same building. Then, the sniper begun randomly shooting through the windows of all the apartments. The people were lying on the floor, while the windows were being shuttered apart by flying bullets.

There are thousands of buildings in Romania still baring the marks of those sad days. Thousands of innocent people had been killed or wounded during the coup.

Highly trained special troops operated in Romania. They knew exactly how the Romanian armored vehicles can be taken out with ease. They clogged the exhaust pipes in some light tank models, making the exhaust smoke flood the interior and choke the soldiers inside. Those trying to escape, had been executed outside.

They’ve also infiltrated demonstrators, offering them free alcoholic beverages. It was December and most people drank to get warm. Afterwards, the angry mob was easily controllable. They’ve led them towards governmental buildings and police stations. The drunk mob brutally murdered innocent people, without even knowing why.

Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife, were caught and executed by firing squad after a brief and shameful «trial».

Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu during their «trial»

Executed by firing squad



The judge killed himself few years later, when he finally understood that he was manipulated. Nicu Ceausescu, the dictator’s son, was arrested and convicted to prison. He died only few years later, in 1996.

Then, the Economic Hitmen have been sent to do their dirty jobs: rob Romania of its wealth.

Click to watch «The Confessions of an Economic Hitman».

22+ years later, Romania is almost economically dead. All its industry died, thousands of huge factories had been closed, millions of workers had been fired. Many of them never found work again.

All the gold mines had been closed and the gold from the treasury moved abroad. Romania received some papers in exchange, called certificates. Fare trade, isn’t it?

American and Canadian companies are taking over Romania’s gold deposits as we speak. «Rosia Montana» is one of the oldest and largest European gold mines.

Romania was banned from exporting cereals in the EU. Other European countries received this task. As a result, agriculture also died in time — except from a handful of mammoth companies which buy their GM corn from Monsanto. I’m expecting Monsanto to knock at the door from time to time and take over the operations entirely, if they haven’t already done it — covertly.

Romania has now enormous external debt (especially towards Rothschild’s International Monetary Fund) and falling deeper in debt with each passing year. The people are against taking any more loans from the IMF, they are protesting each year — but nobody minds them!

The energetic and oil national companies had been sold to Western corporations, who raise the price of energy and gas twice a year. The price for 1 gallon of gas is $8+ in Romania, while the minimum wage is $200+/month (yes, the equivalent of 25 gallons of gas).

The salaries drop periodically, instead of raising, not even keeping up with inflation.

And this is exactly what it will happen in Libya in the years to come. The country will be looted of its fortune and the people will be left to die.

The purpose of this article is to offer a closer-to-the-truth perspective to what is happening behind the scenes and to let everyone know that there is no such thing as the «people’s revolution», only well-planned coups.

NATO is a huge step towards the one world government, and it’s entirely controlled by the elites.

The Occupy Movement could be the first REAL, People’s Revolution. I only hope for it not to be hijacked from the inside, and turned against us. This is a big part of the secret services’ job — and they are really good at it!

source: za-kaddafi.ru

The Libyan Puzzle in the Scramble for Africa

The Libyan Puzzle in the Scramble for Africa

By Sam Muhho Global Research




As a new era in history has begun to dawn on humanity, new doors are being opened in both opportunities and also in the realms of potential threats and conflagrations. This reality has been noted most clearly in the developing affairs of Africa, a continent that is on the verge of transformation through both technology and evolving international interactions. In the face of potential progress driven by Africa’s lucrative natural resources and economic potential, an ominous threat looms above Africa, the threat of the neo-imperialist, globalist agenda which has scarred the face of humanity with its continual drive of global hegemony. This “globalist agenda” is a militarized corporatism in a neo-imperialist system operating from all sides of the western political spectrum and representing the corporate elite of Wall Street and London; no clearer was the nefarious nature of these interests shown than in the subversion of Libya two years ago in 2011.

Before delving into the demise of Libya, it is necessary to understand neo-imperialisms’ ambitions for Africa; its goal is the subjection of Africa into its orbit in order to serve as a critical lynchpin in the establishment of a unipolar world order (including ousting potential Chinese competition). The unipolar world order is the creating of a single center of global economic, political, and military power coupled with the control of international trade and the distribution of resources as is admittedly the agenda noted by Dr. Carroll Quigley in his Tragedy and Hope among various other publications from western corporate-financier think tanks ranging from the Council on Foreign Relations to the Brookings Institute. Russian President Vladimir Putin has also spoken of hegemonic ambitions on the part of the west to establish a unipolar order at a 2007 Munich conference.

As Libya again takes prominence again in the media with the increasing unrest even provokingmobilization of U.S. Marines from Spain to Italy, across from Libya, hinting a potential military involvement in the already decimated state, it is important to review the foundational history of the current Libyan dilemma before the “disinfo” echo chamber of the mainstream media begins a new full-throttle propaganda blitz. The increasing urgency for this review is news headlines even alleging a “new war” in Libya because of militia rivalries.

Libya has recently been ravished by increasing internal strife and ethno-tribal divisions that was the continuation of NATO’s systematic destruction of the nation-state in 2011. In  Dr. Webster Tarpley’s “Al Qaeda: Pawns of CIA Insurrection from Libya to Yemen”, it was explained that four primary factors contributed to the Libyan “revolution” in 2011 with the primary one being racist and monarchist elements among the eastern Libyan Harabi and Obeidat tribes found in the Benghazi-Darna-Tobruk corridor who had historically resented Gaddafi for toppling the western-backed King Idris which hailed from that region. This would explain why many of the protestors in eastern Libya were photographed carrying pictures of King Idris. That is not to say that all participants in the opposition were negative elements but it cannot be denied that negative elements had been pervasive as pawns of the western subversion and even culminated in the wide presence of Al Qaeda flags in Benghazieven atop the Benghazi courthouse, reflecting the prominent role of radical Islamist militias that will be discussed below. It is not to be forgotten that insurrectionary activity is not new in this region as Gaddafi had witnessed continuous waves of strife and militarized opposition, often propped up by the west for geopolitical purposes, and this was reflected during an Islamist insurgency in the 1990s, often with racial overtones. Tony Cartalucci in “Libya at Any Costdocumented the censored history of unrest in Libya driven by western interests:

1980′s: US-CIA backed National Front for the Salvation of Libya (NFSL) made multiple attempts to assassinate Qaddafi and initiate armed rebellion throughout Libya.

1990′s: Noman Benotman and the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) wage a campaign of terror against Qaddafi with Osama Bin Laden’s assistance.

1994: LIFG kills 2 German anti-terrorism agents. Qaddafi seeks arrest warrant for Osama Bin Laden in connection to the attack but is blocked by MI6 who was concurrently aiding the LIFG.

2003: Upon Qaddafi’s abandonment of WMD programs, Libya’s collaboration with MI6 & the CIA to identify and expose the LIFG networks begins, giving Western intelligence a windfall of information regarding the group. Ironically this information would give Western nations an entire army to rebuild and turn against Qaddafi in 2011.

2005: NFSL’s Ibrahim Sahad founds the National Conference of Libyan Opposition (NCLO) in London England.

2011: Early February, the London based NCLO calls for a Libyan “Day of Rage,” beginning the “February 17th revolution.”

2011: Late February, NFSL/NCLO’s Ibrahim Sahad is leading opposition rhetoric, literally in front of the White House in Washington D.C. Calls for no-fly zone in reaction to unsubstantiated accusations Qaddafi is strafing “unarmed protesters” with warplanes.

2011: Late February, Senators Lieberman and McCain and UK PM David Cameron call for providing air cover for Libyan rebels as well as providing them additional arms.

2011: Early March; it is revealed UK SAS special forces are already operating inside Libya

2011: Mid-March; UN adopts no-fly zone over Libya, including air strikes. Immediately, the mission is changed from “protecting civilians” to “ousting Qaddafi.” Egypt violates the arms embargo of UN r.1973 with Washington’s full knowledge by supplying Libyan rebels with weapons, while Al Qaeda’s ties to the rebels are admitted by everyone including the rebels themselves.

2011: Late April; Documented evidence is revealed that Libya’s rebels are conducting a barbaric campaign, employing extrajudicial killings, indiscriminate military force, child-soldiers, landmines, and torture. New York Times blames a lack of support.

2011: Late April, early May; Followed by calls to assassinate Qaddafi, ordnance crash into his son’s home killing him and 3 of Qaddafi’s grandchildren. NATO concurrently seeks a new UN resolution authorizing ground troops while aggressor states seek to release seized Libyan assets to the rebels

This tribally-based resentment that categorized much of the violence in 2011 contributed to racially-driven atrocities committed against Libyan blacks that make up a third of the Libyan population and inhabit the western regions including the Fezzan tribes of the Libyan southwest. Dr. Webster Tarpley also documented the prominent role of Al Qaeda mercenaries in the Libyan conflict whose nest in eastern Libya had been a world-leading nurturing ground for extremism according to the US Military Academy at West Point’s “Combating Terrorism Center” (CTC) 2007 reports on foreign fighters in Iraq. The key rebel city of Darna, for example, was commandeered by a rebel terrorist triumvirate featuring Abdel-Hakim al-Hasidi, formerly of the Al Qaeda-tied “Libyan Islamic Fighting Group” (LIFG), who fought against NATO forces in Afghanistan. At his side were Sufian bin-Kumu, Osama bin Laden’s former chauffeur and an inmate at Guantánamo Bay for six years, as well as al-Barrani who is also a devoted member of LIFG.

Tarpley does an excellent job in demonstrating how such figures were not atypical but were the norm in a region that was the world’s “terrorist capital” according to the CTC. It is also disturbing to note the desperate attempts at damage control by the CTC in the wake of NATO’s disastrous intervention where previously documented facts were purposefully obscured and spun to cover NATO’s illegitimacy. Tarpley also documented the role of western assets such as the Libyan National Salvation Front as well as the French-assisted defection of top-Qaddafi associate Nouri Mesmari in 2010 who would later collaborate with the west in fomenting military mutinies against Gaddafi in northeast Libya.

Being the only African nation to rank as “high” on the Human Development Index and boasting a highly developed infrastructure, Libya under Gaddafi has become the globalists’ geopolitical gateway into Africa. To the detriment of all free humanity, this gateway has been trampled down by the illegal NATO war on Libya which revolved around verified propaganda regarding Libya leader Muammar Gaddafi’s alleged atrocities, a misrepresentation of the Libyan rebels, and a complete media blackout regarding geopolitical forces at play. These claims would culminate in international myths spun around Gaddafi who was claimed to be bombing his people, hiring African mercenaries, and staging mass rapes to terrorize opposition as the official dogmas justifying NATO’s aggression.

 Integral to the narrative justifying NATO’s intervention revolved around painting Gaddafi as a brutal tyranny launching a bloody crackdown against a “peaceful” movement with a host other atrocities ranging from hiring African mercenaries, using the air force against protestors, staging mass rapes, and threatening “genocide” against Benghazi. The NATO narrative of the revolution being the noble Libyan masses rising up against Gaddafi and his mercenaries was painted most clearly in the early March 14, 2011 Reuters article titled, “Libyan jets bomb rebels, France pushes for no-fly zone.” In this typical mainstream media report, rhetorical justification is given for the “Responsibility to Protect” doctrine in sanctioning a no-fly zone in Libya based on the tired narrative of Gaddafi using air power to brutally suppress what is seen as an indigenous uprising, seeming to be heading down the pathos becoming a “tragedy for Libya.” A warning for an upcoming bloodbath against Gaddafi was sounded. Interestingly, even the “Independent” would later publish an article debunking this, pointing out the unreliability and factually-depraved basis for this propaganda among other accusations levied against Gaddafi. This baseless propaganda, already having poisoned western perception of what happened in Libya, would later be supplemented with reports involving the role of alleged mercenaries and mass rapes to whip up justification for intervention.

 In reality, such a narrative was factually bankrupt as masterfully documented by Maximillain Forte in his “Top Ten Myths in the War Against Libya” which directly nails the illegitimacy of the NATO campaign. While Gaddafi is certainly no saint and while many groups did have legitimate grievances against him, he nonetheless had a solid support base in Libya while the rebels were overall lacking legitimacy and were being driven by Islamist radicals, exiled politicians with globalist ties, and decades of ethnically-based tension. Gaddafi had invested heavily into the infrastructure and the social structure of his country, bringing the country to nearly eradicating illiteracy and also combating homelessness which had previously been a constant problem. Women rights were also championed as women in Libya were allowed to study and work where they desired as even BBC noted.

While Gaddafi had invested in infrastructure, the globalists sought to offset this by asserting their presence in Libya through both the destruction of its infrastructure and seeking to bring Libya into their economic orbit. There was a concerted effort to undermine Gaddafi’s agenda of building a united, strong, and self-sufficient African community and strengthening African multilateral institutions. Furthermore, Libya provided a gateway into Africa for the Pentagon’s “AFRICOM” to undermine and oust Chinese economic interests on the African continent which were a major challenge for western corporate interests’ access to resources and economic hegemony. Another key point was Gaddafi’s goal of creating a single, gold-based, African currency called the “gold dinar”with which he planned to trade African oil for. This would have conflicted directly with western corporate and banking interests and their international fiat monetary system upon which the IMF and their “casino economy” is built. Countries’ purchasing power would be determined by the amount of gold they had as opposed to fiat paper currency that made no substantial backing.

 Regarding the specific claims of Gaddafi’s atrocities as parroted by the mainstream media, Forte gives many insights that help dismantle the myths behind the “humanitarian” war. For example, the claims of air strikes by Gaddafi are noted to have been a fabrication peddled by the BBC and Al Jazeera. The claims were completely unfounded and based on fake claims. U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and Admiral Mullen would admit during a Pentagon press conference that they had seen no confirmation of such reports. David Kirpatrick of the New York Times would be cited by Forte as admitting that, “the rebels feel no loyalty to the truth in shaping their propaganda, claiming nonexistent battlefield victories…and making vastly inflated claims about his [Gaddafi’s] behavior”.

 The claims of African mercenaries, integral to portraying Gaddafi as being on one side against Libya as a whole, were perhaps the most atrocious and racist of the myths, sprung from the rebels’ own tribal animosities towards indigenous Africans in Libya and migrant African workers that were common throughout the country. Human Rights Watch would claim that it found no evidence at all of African mercenaries in eastern Libya where the rebellion and fighting were centered and even noted that Gaddafi had attempted to end discrimination against these people, contradicting, as Forte noted, the rabid claims made throughout the mainstream press including Time MagazineThe Telegraph, Al Jazeera and Al ArabiyaThe Los Angeles Times also found no evidence of such mercenaries with the New York Times even pointing out the “racist overtones” involved in the conflict and the disinformation they helped spread. Amnesty International would later confirm that “mercenaries” put on display by the rebels had been undocumented African migrant workers and noted things like rampant discrimination and disproportionate detention of black Libyans in Az-Zawiya. Mainstream media and Al Jazeera would attempt to cover its crimes by pointing out, though briefly, the reality that Africans in Libya were being subjected to lootings, abduction, and killing by the rebels. All of this, of course, in light of the fact that Africans were an integral part of Libyan society, making up 33% of the population. A severe crime never to be forgotten is the ethnic cleansing of the beautiful black Libyan town of Tawargha, previously inhabited by 35,000 people, expelled by racist militants calling themselves,the brigade for purging slaves, black skin.”Another crime was the systemic slaughter of blacks in western Libya by the eastern rebels advancing on Tripoli (see here as well).

Another hysteria peddled by the media revolved around Gaddafi’s alleged planning of mass rapes, often blamed on nonexistent “mercenaries, which was then used by the media to help garner sympathy to the rebels. The source for these claims, also adequately exposed by Forte, began with Al Jazeera, a propaganda outlet for the Wall Street-London backed Qatari regime, claiming that Gaddafi had distributed Viagra to his troops and ordered them to use rape against those who opposed him. These claims were then redistributed throughout the media and found their way to the International Criminal Court (ICC). The chief prosecutor, Luis Moreno-Ocampo would later fraudulently claim that Gaddafi had ordered the rape of hundreds of women and that Gaddafi had personally ordered Viagra to be distributed. U.S. ambassador Susan Rice and Hillary Clinton would also make these allegations (see Forte’s article).

In reality, a UN rights inquiry in Libya headed by Cherif Bassiouni would find these claims a baseless “mass hysteria.” Bassiouni told of a woman to “claimed to have sent out over 70,000 questionnaires and received 60,000 responses, of which 259 reported sexual abuse.” Bassiouni would ask to see these questionnaires, but never receive them, casting doubt on the narrative. It was pointed out that it seems improbable that 70,000 questionnaires were sent out in March considering the fact that the postal service wasn’t working. Bassiouni whose team would uncover only 4 cases of sexual abuse in their study. The boxes of Viagra that Gaddafi supposedly distributed were found fully intact right next to burnt-out tanks, indicating staged propaganda (Forte). Further confirming this is Amnesty International and who further shamed the imperialist establishment and thoroughly shattered this lie. According to the “Independent”, “Donatella Rovera, senior crisis response adviser for Amnesty, who was in Libya for three months after the start of the uprising, says that “we have not found any evidence or a single victim of rape or a doctor who knew about somebody being raped”.

The most disingenuous claim peddled by the media to justify the Libyan war was the “save Benghazi” crusade. While it is true that Gaddafi had employed “overblown” rhetoric threatening to fight from house to house and “squash the cockroaches”, the media emphasizing these claims admits the radical-extremists nature of the hordes fighting among the rebels. The same media would also disregard Gaddafi’s “overblown” rhetoric when it was convenient to do so but attached to the Benghazi narrative as it seemingly gave justification for NATO to intervene. There is no evidence that Gaddafi had genocide planned as he only made the charges to the armed groups causing upheaval in the east of the country and even offered them amnesty and an open passage into Egypt across the border to avoid bloodshed. Professor Alan J. Kuperman exposed the propaganda talking-points of this argument, citing as evidence for the fact that Gaddafi had no genocide planned the reality that he did not perpetuate it in areas that he had captured fully or partially from the rebels including Zawiya, Mistrata, and Ajdabiya.

 The very actions of NATO itself would discredit the “Responsibility to Protect” doctrine employed to justify NATO’s intervention as NATO would be directly responsible for the deaths of countless civilians. NATO would gun down civilians in the central square of Zawiya and “taking a fairly liberal definition of command and control” facilities by targeting a residential district, killing some of Gaddafi’s family members and three of his grandchildren. NATO was also responsible for targeting Libya’s state television, killing three civilian journalists and earning condemnation by international journalist federations (see Forte’s article).

 NATO oversaw the death of 1,500 refugees fleeing Libya by sea, mostly sub-Saharan Africans, the same people who were baselessly demonized as mercenaries. NATO would ignore their distress calls even though refugees would make contact with vessels belonging to NATO members. NATO also would launch numerous unjustifiable strikes against Libya furthering the damage toll. Above all, NATO was giving cover to rebels who were perpetuating verifiable genocide against cities, such as Sirte, with NATO backing and airstrikes to order, cutting off electricity, food, and water and using bombardment against civilians. Under this blueprint of destruction, scores of people would die in multiples of what was happening initially in Benghazi against armed rebel gangs which Gaddafi was fighting making a mockery out of the pre-text used to justify their globalist, faux-humanitarian war in the first place (Forte).

NATO and the globalist war on Libya was one bankrupt of any moral grounding or political justification. It was a war born of compromised interests that sought not the liberation of an oppressed people but rather the pillages of Libya which would later serve as a gateway into the heart of Africa. While the globalists attempt to sell their wars as moral and for the betterment of the world, they are at heart driven only by a desire to spread hegemony and consolidate control, with the ultimate goal being global hegemony. Any attempt to invoke a moral cover should be shunned in light of the barrage of fake atrocities attributed to Gaddafi and complementing crimes by NATO, best captured in the lies regarding Gaddafi massacring his people, hiring mercenaries, and staging mass rapes among other echo chamber distortions. Only when we tear down the media’s curtain of deception can we better understand the events at play and position ourselves intellectually to combat globalist imperialism which seeks to subvert us all.

NATO's work

NATO’s work

Before and Now

Before and Now


Matthew Vandyke

Matthew Vandyke say’s that his a journalist but in reality he was fighting with rebels its said that he has connections with CIA


Matthew Vandyke the journalist really?! So now we can say that the ratverments had paid Mercenaries and not the Qaddafi regime





Global Public Alert – (Unite Yourself Together) HILLARY & BERNARD The Jew and Libya



Following the recent events in Libya, Hillary Clinton http://times247.com/articles/clinton-confounded-by-libya-s-violence. ****(SORRY THE LINK CANNOT BE FOUND)

was quoted saying “how can this happen in a country we help liberate (colonize), in a city [Benghazi] we helped save from destruction?”***(really what destruction? when you finance the Al Qaida Muslim brotherhood, L.IF.G and the mercenaries of black ops CIA/MOSSAD/MI6/DGSE)

I guess that the American Foreign Secretary should address this question to Bernard-Henri Levy – the architect behind that interventionist war.

Apparently, a few months ago, at a convention organised by the notoriously right wing French Zionist Council of Jewish Organizations (CRIF), Bernard-Henri Levy announced:

“it is as a Jew“ that I “participated in the political adventure in Libya”, no kidding. “I would not have done it if I had not been Jewish,” added the immoral interventionist.

I guess that after more than a decade of Zio-centric global conflicts causing carnage and destruction to tens of millions of people around the world, we are too used to seeing a Zionist at the centre of every man-made disaster.

I have made myself a rule. Whenever I hear a person speak in the name of ‘Jewish values’ or ‘as a Jew’, I immediately seek cover. I suggest you do the same…

Bernard-Henri Lévy v. Abdel al-Bari Atwan on Libya intervention

The Poison of Bernard Henry Levy

Nothing against the normal jewish people….but people your religion has been hijacked by a group of criminals posing as peacekeepers…...be warned…
*- original source: http://youtu.be/9nPTZYSuCu0

Libya S.O.S.: BERNARD-HENRI LÉVY or BHL French members of the Israeli lobby [I]

BERNARD-HENRI LÉVY or BHL, French members of the Israeli lobby [I]

WHO IS Bernard Henry Levi?

Bernard-Henri Levy: Turning to Syria

REUPLOAD: Zionist Conspiracy on Libya (Sarkozy, Bernard Henri Levy, Klarsfeld (siehe Beschreibung))

Bernard Henry LEVY, le chef spirituel, commandant, philosophe des rebelles libyens.

Non, vous ne rêvez pas, c’est bien BHL…
Mais sur quel monde vit-on ???

Who is Gog and Magog?

ماشاء الله عليهم ….مسلمين …..لعنة الله على من ولاهم ..لوكانو يحمون المدنيين لدافعو عنهم فى العراق وفى فلسطين
لاكن طالما هناك جردان على وجه الارض فالنصرلهم لامحاله..

هذا الخائن الجالس بجانب اليهودى ليفى هو حسن الدروعى من سكان مدينة سرت, تخرج من جامعة التحدى وخرج على حساب المجتمع لأكمال دراسته فى فرنسا وكان يرافق شباب سرت فى فرنسا, وبعد عدم تحصله على أمين أتحاد الطلبة فى فرنسا قبل شهور من هذه الفورة اللعينة وما أن جاءت الفورة كان هو من أوائل الكلاب اللي خانت وباعت وباع أهله فى سرت وذهب مع برنارد ليفى ليفنى الغازى وكان يشتغل كمترجم له. وبعد طرد السفير الليبى من فرنسا, قام جرذان الشرق بتقسيم مقاعد السفارة الليبية هناك ولم يتحصل هذا العميل حتى وظيفة عشاش على باب السفارة استخدموه وقعد كلب لان هذا مصير اللي يبيع هله وناسه وبلاده واللي مافيه خير لاهله مافيه خير لحد, وبعد ذلك لكى يزيد من اهتمام مجلس النذاله به قام بربط جرذان سرت بالناتو كـ عبدالسلام بالحاج وأخوته”على وعبدالله” وعجاج سكر وأبناء زرقون ومزاريط سرت اليهود وبعض كلاب القاعدة كـ على العمارى والصفرانى وعلى الكيوى وأبناء حريبة. والكلب مخلوف الناصري
ولقد تبرأ منه أهله منذ بداية الأحداث وأتصل خاله وأبوه بالدكتور حمزة التهامى وكان أخوته يجاهدون فى الجبهات. وتم هدر دمه من قبيلته.
فى المقعد الأمامىالخائن المقبور عبدالفتاح يونس والعميل مصطفى الزاقزلى. والحساب ماعادش بعيد لكل خاين فرخ حرام باع بلده


Conspiracy on Libya! {with Bernard Levi}

Conspiracy on Libya المؤامرة على ليبي {with Bernard Levi}

Bernard Levy said that it was him who convince Sarkozy to begin preparing for a war against Libya!
He repeatedly visited Benghazi and arranged for the rebels to meet in Paris to discuss the future shape of Libya.
Levy has a habit of turning up in every major trouble spot in the world! He has been directly involved in major trouble spots and in contact with the main players in these countries.

This behavior is unusual for a person who sees himself as an intellectual rather than a troublemaker.
In this video we will explore Bernard Henri Levy’s interventions through images showing his presence and involvement in the trouble spots.

Isn’t it surprising that countries like Bosnia and Sudan where he was active are now partitioned and its people divided?
Doesn’t this prove that the intent is to divide Libya between east and west?
We will also explore the special relation Levy has with the Zionist state of Israel and we will also look at Nicola Sarkosy’s Jewish roots.
Don’t forget and this in Bernard Henry Levy crimes series:

Libya Whos behind Sarkozy?
Many talk about that Sarkozy is going to be prosecuted but what about the man behind Sarkozy? Will he be allowed to run free and help terrorists in Algeria and Syria?

ثوار الناتو ينقسمون حول المبادرة الإفريقية ويدلون بتصريحات متناقضة
الاحد 3 تموز (يوليو) 2011

أدلى ثوار الناتو يوم السبت بتصريحات متضاربة حول موقفهم من المبادرة الإفريقية لحل الأزمة الليبية، فقد نقلت وكالة أنباء ارويترز عن ممثل المجلس الانتقامي في باريس قوله إن المجلس يقبل المبادرة الإفريقية ويفسرها على أنها تلبي معظم شروطه التفاوضية..

بعد ساعات من إذاعة هذا التصريح ظهر المتحدث باسم المجلس في بنغازي على القنوات الفضائية ليلعن أن المجلس لا يقبل المبادرة، وذهب ابعد من ذك حين قال إن الافارقة غير مؤهلين لطرح أي مبادرة..
التصريحات المتضادة تعكس عمق الهوة بين ما يسمى المعارضة الليبية، وهي هوة تتسع يوما بعد آخر، خاصة مع تكشف حقائق جديدة في وسائل الإعلام العالمي عن لجوء بعض المعارضين إلى التفاوض سرا مع طرابلس دون إشعار زملائهم، وهو ما زرع بذور الشك والريبة في نفوس بعضهم تجاه البعض الآخر..
وسبق لما يسمى الجبهة الوطنية لإنقاذ ليبيا أن بعثت برسالة إلى عبد الجليل تؤكد له فيها إجبارية المرور بها قبل الإدلاء بأي تصريح آخذة عليه تعدد الناطقين باسم المجلس وعدم التنسيق فيما بينهم..
ويذهب عدد من المراقبين إلى القول إن أيام المجلس باتت معدودة خاصة وأن الحلف الأطلسي بدأ ينفض يديه من اللعبة بعد ثلاثة أشهر لم يتحقق فيها شيئ على الأرض..
ويقول دبلوماسيون غربيون إن المعارضة الليبية خدعتهم حين قالت لهم إن لديها رجالا في الدائرة الضيقة حول القائد، وأنهم سيتحركون بمجرد سقوط أول صاروخ على طرابلس، وهو تأكد زيفه لاحقا إذ أفضت العمليات الجوية إلى نتائج عكسية وزادت من اللحمة الوطنية حول القائد الذي ينظر إليه الليبيون على أنه رمز وطني وقائد من النوع النادر جدا..

الدليل الموريتاني

ها ها ها ها هادي اخرتها.

Libyan Egaغرفة اسود الراية الخضراء
زيدو كبرو وخودو ساتر …. الفلوس رح تنتهي … ودعاية عصر الحرية رح تبان وتشديق الديمقراطية سراب تحلمو بيه.

لو في 1 من المليون من المليار من المية في انسان ايقول لا الله الا الله وأن محمد رسول الله وقف بجنب اليهود والنصري وساندهم ولو بكلمة يقول انا انسان مايدير لداروه ناس العار والفضائح.

لا حول ولا قوة الا بالله وحسبي الله ونعم الوكيل.
اللهم لا تاخدنا بما فعل السفها بينا.

Redstar Leroye >> Global Public Alert – (Unite Yourself Together)

Bernard Henry LEVY is now Libyan !!
He was naturalized Libyan by the Rebels of Misrata to thank him for his collaboration and commitment in influencing Nicolas SARKOZY to trigger off the military intervention in Libya.
Bernard Henry LEVY es…See More
Bernard Henry LEVY est libyen.

Il a été naturalisé libyen par les rebelles de Misrata pour le remercier de sa collaboration et de son engagement d’avoir fais influence sur Nicolas SARKOZY pour qu’il intervienne en Libye.


WARNING !!! The World Jewish Mafia is preparing to occupy the second country and kill hundreds of thousands of Libyans !!!

Jewish arrogance will never cease to harass the world, especially Muslims!

I am convinced that soon we will want in Egypt to return hundreds of thousands of Jews, because …
… 3-4 thousand years before the Egyptian Pharaoh cast them out (now in Egypt Zionist puppet military junta – is seeking civilian puppets!)

In Libya, thousands of mysterious Jews want to return and obtain redress for that mysteriously been banned!?
1) Is there evidence that the Jews were expelled to Libya … or are you going alone?
2) Is there evidence of just how much are these Jews?
3) Are there any Jewish evidence that he or his relatives have property in Libya?
4) Is there ever expelled or left the Jews of Libya?
5) The Jewish community will give you the compensations (hundreds of billions)

****(Libyan Jews in the 70′s left Libya on their own accord there was no order or law telling Libyan Jews to live the country)

Do all the Libyan people for murder, destruction of NATO and its terrorists and will return the full amount + redress robbed Libyan sovereign Jewish assets in monetary institutions (the reasons are – World Jewish Mafia (lobby) plan, perform and continue – genocide, ethnic cleansing, terrorism, colonization with the usual Jewish settlements and privatization of resources !!!

Throughout the genocide and destruction in Libya’s sovereign began with a lie - “thousands of peaceful protesters bombarded the Libyan aviation”, this historical lie constantly announced in the Zionist “media” (CNN, SKY, BBC, FOX, FRANCE 24, AL JAZEERA .. ….) and Zionist organizations such as false – “Human Rights Watch” and “Amnesty International” and “ICC” and all these parasitic and terrorist organizations and the media are owned or funded by the Jewish lobby !!! ….

… But someone must pay “bill” and “someone” must be judged on historical trial for genocide and ethnic cleansing, destruction and robbery of a peaceful, prosperous and beautiful country – Libya !?!

Required Libyan people should seek (and to take) hundreds of billions of redress from the Jewish community because -
1) just as the Jewish community planning, orchestration and ignite war in Libya, which all begin with false reports and propaganda in the Jewish media (CNN, SKY , BBC, FOX, FRANCE 24, AL JAZEERA ……)!
2) Just as the Jews caused the war and that Sarkozy parasite – Bernard Levy!
3) That the Jews in the Jewish monetary authorities arrested, Eastern and plundered billions of Libyan assets that are owned by the Libyan people!
4) That the Jewish lobby done and continues to do so – pressure on governments, politicians and all organizations working on behalf of the Board of rats and rats!
5) Just Jewish drone missile commit terrorist attacks against the Libyan people (not to wonder what these pilots and their conscience to carry out this genocide – read “Talmud” and you’ll understand why)
6) On the Jews and the Jewish lobby ran illegal TVsovereign in Libya (Benghazi) without the permission of the legitimate government and the Libyan people and deliberately drowned broadcast Libyan state television!? This means that the insurgency (with Libyan nationality) fought and killed the Libyan brothers and sisters, because they lied that the Libyan army carried out mass killings and rapes and that most cities were “liberated” by the “revolutionaries” and that there waiting for them with open hearts!
7) The Jewish lobby and Jewish politicians exert pressure in the U.S. to steal Libyan assets and to support the extermination, robbery and destruction of the Libyan people, sovereignty, infrastructure and state!
8) The Jewish Lobby performed worldwide pressure on governments and politicians to support a false and illegal resolutions in Libya (the UN) and talk shit about Gaddafi … “” Mode “”!
9) Jewish terrorist organization – Mossad arms and helped al-Qaeda (CIA + Mossad + M6) and the Libyan terrorists to kill, torture, kidnapping, rape and threaten Libyans!
10) The World Jewish Mafia war on fire in order not to violate Jewish world monetary monopoly of Gaddafi’s plans to establish an African Monetary Fund IMF and expelling terrorist! World Jewish Mafia and Jewish lobby (same) support the ethnic cleansing of blacks in Libya and genocide against the entire Libyan people to be able to reduce the population of the Libyans on behalf of Jewish settlers (with the lie that lived in Libya or relatives the Jews “expelled” from Libya …… usual lies and dirt of the Zionists), because Libya has everything that a nation wants – energy, water … everything needed to create a second Jewish state – second Palestine!
11) false Jewish organizations – owned by Jews and financed by Jews set fire to maintain and continue to backfire through the lies, manipulations and false reports to all their impertinence with the Libyan army accused of crimes against humanity and pass when the crimes of terrorists NATO – as “crimes committed by the Libyan army and militia … Gaddafi (” mode “)! We carcasses Libyans killed by NATO and its terrorists are transferred to the victims of Gaddafi …” mode “!? Jewish question organization or organizations created and funded by the Jewish mafia is as follows - “Amnesty International” and “Human Rights Watch” (most popular) – owned by Jewish terrorist financing George Soros and the so-called – “ICC”!
12) huge pressure from world Jewish Mafia – UN and Council of “security” vote “resolution” of the final decision – Libyan Q and of course – a change of the constitution and the UN Charter, international law and the Geneva Convention!!

According to this amendment (if done) from now on, foreign governments can be elected and appointed government, politicians and political systems in foreign “sovereign” countries! reason for this latest perversion of the Council of “security” and when the UN appointed government of Libya (rejected by the Libyan people) and which”Government is composed of foreigners, Jews lied that lived in Libya, a proven leader of a terrorist organization, Libyan traitors and former employees of the Libyan government (or through bribery or threats) and Libyan criminals!

As the United Nations with all its arrogance under pressure from Jewish Mafia gave full permission of the false “Libyan government to” kill, kidnapping, raping, torturing, and executing each threatens a Libyan terrorist government rejects al-Qaeda, NATO, foreigners, criminals and Libyan Jewish Mafia !!!

Indeed, who knows tricks and impudence of those Jewish communities (followers of the Talmud)! An example is the criminal acquisition of double, triple + citizenship through pressure from the Jewish Mafia and use their weapons – the “anti-Semitism!” For Israeli passports everyone knows! Jewslove to pretend always the most “tortured”, “most disadvantaged”, “most persecuted” ….. A “poor”!

They love to come to foreign countries and finds that it is their relatives who lived there before 50 … 100 or 200 years ago and immediately scream that his heirs and want passports for them, their children,their cousins … and their pets (often redress from the State for the fictional “repression” than their relatives)! In this way many Jews have several passport! It is possible that soon Jewish scientist to discover that Jews come from the planet Mars and claim ownership of Mars and Martians reparations that have driven them from “their home” place!!!!!

Democracy ?

Zionist European Union, USA, Israel and their false “media and organizations” – just not allowed to use such a word “democracy” “freedom,” “human rights and freedoms”, “free media” and “freedom of political orientation ” !!!

Example of what happens in Bulgaria! – Scenarios conducted by the World Jewish mafia is the same! Example of what happens in my country Bulgaria after the introduction of “democracy”!

Suddenly there were thousands of Jews claiming to be expelled after World War II came to power by the communist government?

Actually that’s a lie! Indeed, the communist government made nationalization, but Jews no one pursued them, just some decide to leave voluntarily by selling their properties in Bulgarian families and other property Bulgarian government gave compensation to Jewish owners – how fair is it not already know. …

But something has happened more than 60 years!

During this time these properties were repaired and maintained by the Bulgarian families and they are grown for 2-3 generations of Bulgarian families! (By this logic, the Jews can claim compensation from the Egyptian people that thousands of years ago Jewish slaves worked on the pyramids andthey had not been provided then the care deserved!)

Under pressure from the World Jewish Mafia “Bulgarian” puppet government Bulgarian families expelled from their homes and give them the mysterious Jewish heirs – repaired and maintained by Bulgarian citizens decades, “Bulgarian” Court even does not respect the documents presented by the Bulgarians, that these properties were bought with money from their moms and dads (or grandparents) and those Jewish heirs can not claim for restitution!This “little problem” was solved by a puppet “Bulgarian Parliament” by law for mandatory restitution to Jewish heirs who earn a “victim” and that their relatives in the past have received less money under threat!

So one way or another, all Jews were given their property and Bulgarian families hit the street on which they were given some junk – pieces of paper (called – compensatory vouchers) that not only were tens of times less value than those taken Jews of their property, but subsequently deliberately devalued by the Jewish mafia, which of course already had all the financial institutions in Bulgaria!

So far, this Bulgarian families litigate in Bulgarian and European courts without any result, of course! By the way thanks to the Jewish Mafia and many state properties and agricultural lands were “returned” to the Jews - not even own or produce documents and evidence to claim ownership of …

… were spent again they or their relatives in the past – “victims of repression” by … Ahhh “poor” – the communist regime !!!

WARNING !!! - UN and Council of “security” (the weapon of the Zionists) started a new Jewish occupation of the next sovereign state and its people -Libya!

Of course, again accompanied with genocide, destruction,humiliation and systematic extermination of the Libyan people(make them kill each – other and separate NATO and al-Qaeda (Mossad) further helps to reduce the population of the Libyan population!

Suddenly, that “someone “in the past been banished 37,000 Jews and mysterious” was taken away “their property” !?! Of course these “harassment” and mysterious Jews “had become”has 200,000,000 !?!

This means that hundreds of thousands of Libyans will be destroyed and hundreds of thousands of Libyan families will be displaced and their homes will be seized by the Jewish dirt (a fictitious reason that these were their homes and taken from the Libyans)! separate Jewish army and paid terrorists would deliberately kill and harass Libyan people for the simple treason to reduce this population, while others migrate !!!

Certainly hundreds of billions that are owned by the Libyan people and arrested (robbed) of Jewish monetary institutions will be forfeited in favor of the new Jewish state – Libya’s Jewish! …

… These dirty and sneaky Jews always pretend to be violated most of the planet and the world suffers most because of them! And now brazenly reclaim some mysterious “Jewish property” in Libya … !?

Jews want something from Libya?

OK – then we must speak the truth (without by passing) – Libya’s Jews ask

1) restoration of property destroyed by a Libyan terrorist Zionist Alliance!
2) redress from the Jewish community for complicity in genocide in Libya (UN Jewish pressure, “media” fake organizations “human rights” Jewish terrorism (by Mossad) and many leading Jewish evil lies, illegal war, genocide, ethnic cleansing of blacks, robbery Libyan sovereign assets of Jewish financial institutions ….!
3) Complete recovery of stolen Jewish institutions Libyan assets!
4) Court for the Jewish people made war in Libya – the instigators of war, the Jewish “media” false Jewish organizations (to know), Jewish agents (such as Bernard Levy), Jewish lobbies – like McCain and other parasites and the global war mongers!

After the war in Libya, no longer to ask stupid questions – why people hate Jews …
Perhaps it is true that all wars are for Jews !?!

(If a Jew is insulted … I recommend him to address his countrymen to criticism)


The Truth about Israel – Zionism & Oil

<<|| — with Syarif Hidayat, Blanca Lembo, Elena A. Stamenkov, Kareltje Van de Tuin, Miralem Campara, Metin Gülbahar, Funda Kansu, Sabyasachi Chatterjee, Rictv Newsagency Rictvagencia Noticias, Konstantin Scheglikov, Wilmer Enrique Agüero, Christof Lehmann, John Reed, Omar Sharif, Anthony F. Angelic, Ana Martinovic, Hassan Omar, Williams Ribeiro de Farias, Niakoi Niakakav, Carline Seiser, Ironsides xx, Jazira Chuibekova, Caty Cat, Che Bavaria, Marco Cataldi, Christella Bernardene Krebs, Md Sadiq, Ana Tsivdari, Ursula Riches, Salome Davidson, Hans Cany, Tatjana Dimitrijevic, Wissem Typhoon and Dejan Malićanin.


 source: aljamahiria.algaddafi.org

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