‘Bought Journalism': German bestseller reveals CIA pay Western media for spin & bias

‘Bought Journalism': German bestseller reveals CIA pay Western media for spin & bias



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Syria was knocked offline in 2012

Syria was knocked offline in 2012

Editors note: this small article was sent to me by Lady Khamis proving to me once again that the truth eventually will come out, having the Internet which keeps no secret hidden for very long everything comes out if you know where to look. When I was growing up my Historian teachers would say to find the truth about any war you have to wait till the dust settles down and then you will have two sides who will write the event. The winner who will write it the way they want it and the victims aka the losers will write it from their point of view with what they lived or know at the time. So we never got it accurately. It took me years and a lot of research from all parties to understand our World History. Now days the Historians have no excuse the Internet is full of information from all sides, every little thing that the Elite may think its secure it will be leaked into the internet we have to thank the hackers, You tube, Twitter and generally every single one of us who takes the time out of our heavy schedule to find out the Truth. As knowing the TRUTH will set you free. 

The media now days are paid in full to manipulate you and distort every single time by the Elite. Starting from the gossip to the political views, they even stage in their sets when they are not winning to show you a different image that they are winning only then comes the internet and makes a mockery of them. We have seen it several times from BBC, CNN, FOX AL ARABIA, ALZAJEERA etc.

From unfiltered news:

When all of Syria was knocked offline in 2012, not long after the dawn of the country’s civil war, both sides pointed their finger at each other. They should have pointed the finger at the U.S. government, according to former National Security Administration contractor Edward J. Snowden, who gave an extensive interview with James Bamford published Wednesday in Wired magazine.

Snowden, who was recently granted a three-year residency by the Russian government, said an elite NSA hacking unit was attempting to install malware on a central Syrian router to monitor the nation’s Internet activity but accidentally rendered it unusable, putting almost all of the Middle Eastern country in the dark.

“If we get caught, we can always point the finger at Israel,” he said someone at the NSA joked.

The intelligence agency, realizing its mistake, sought to put the country back online but was only able to do so to the extent that it could cover its tracks, not bring the Internet back. Instead, the State Department pointed fingers. “We condemn this latest assault on the Syrian people’s ability to express themselves and communicate with each other,” then-State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland told a press conference days after the shutdown was reported in November 2012.

Snowden also told Wired that he’d love to return home to the U.S. if the Espionage Act charge (which prevents him from discussing his motivation to leak documents to the Guardian and Washington Post) is dropped.

An Open Letter to a Zionist Apologist at the BBC

An Open Letter to a Zionist Apologist at the BBC.

GCHQ can legally snoop on British use of Google, Facebook and web-based email without specific warrants

http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-27887639Classed as “external communications”, such activity can be covered by a broad warrant and intercepted without extra clearance, spy boss Charles Farr said.The policy was revealed as part of a legal battle with campaign group Privacy International (PI).PI labelled the policy “patronising”.It is the first time the UK has commented on how its legal framework allows the mass interception of communications, as outlined by US whistleblower Edward Snowden in his leaks about global government surveillance.The former National Security Agency contractor revealed extensive details of internet and phone snooping and has since fled the US and sought temporary asylum in Russia.Charles Farr, director general of the Office for Security and Counter-Terrorism, told PI that Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and web searches on Google – as well as webmail services such as Hotmail and Yahoo – were classified as “external communications”, which meant they could be…View original 246 more words

via GCHQ can legally snoop on British use of Google, Facebook and web-based email without specific warrants.

Three al-Jazeera journalists could be jailed for up to 15 years

Three al-Jazeera journalists could be jailed for up to 15 years


Al-Jazeera journalists on trial

Journalists Peter Greste (left) and Mohamed Baher stand in the defendants’ cage during their trial for allegedly supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and doctoring footage. ***(serves them right) Photograph: Khaled Desouki/AFP/Getty Images

****Editors note of LASPM: I am so happy that someone in this Universe took action and Jail these arrogant Al-Jazzera journalists. All journalists who work in this rag tag of newspaper have BLOOD IN THEIR HANDS and for all the money of the world I would not work for them. They are the ones who caused the chaos in Libya and when they finished with us they run off to Syria, Egypt and now to Ukraine. So if one country has the balls to jail them I am for it a 100%. Way to Go Egypt.

Prosecutors sought the highest possible jail terms for three al-Jazeera English journalists on trial in Egypt, after accusing them, in their closing statements on Thursday, of making “a devilish pact” with the ousted Muslim Brotherhood.

Mohamed Fahmy, Peter Greste and Baher Mohamed now face prison sentences worth 15, seven and 15 years, after being held since December on charges of smearing Egypt’s reputation, aiding the Brotherhood, and doctoring footage.

In the trial’s 11th session, the prosecution finally closed its case, claiming that the three journalists had collected material from the Muslim Brotherhood and edited it to imply that Egypt was engaged in a civil war. ****(doesn’t that remind you of Libya the so-called demonstration in Benghazi and that the Jamahirya government was killing innocent people? Which now Jalil the 1st betrayer came out on national t.v Arabia saying that all was a BIG LIE! Which channel was first in Feb 2011 in Benghazi? yes you guessed it Al Jazeera, copying old videos from other countries with trouble and saying it was Benghazi, while the Youtube in Libya was SHUTDOWN FOR OVER FIVE YEARS. Also al Ciajeera built-in DOHA Qatar the GREEN SQUARE manipulating the Libyan nation that they had lost to the REBELS AND NATO. They came out later and admitted it. They had the audacity to say that the Jamhirya army was rapping Libyan women when it was the Qatari army and Journalist who did the rapes. So I am not surprised if they (Al Ciajeera)doctored any footage in Egypt.)The lead prosecutor, Mohamed Barakat, said al-Jazeera’s reports on sexual assaults and street protests were among those aimed at smearing Egypt’s reputation in the outside world.

“Freedom of expression does not mean the freedom to lie and spread false information,” said Barakat.

The prosecution did not specify which raw footage or news packages had been doctored. In previous sessions, its evidence has included footage of horses taken from Sky News Arabia, a BBC documentary about Somalia and a press conference from Kenya. It also included dozens of raw videos of al-Jazeera interviews with figures from all sides of Egypt’s spectrum – including the Muslim Brotherhood, the group that led Egypt until last July, but which has since been banned.

Al-Jazeera and, particularly, its Arabic wing is hated by pro-government Egyptians *****(not only the Egyptians, The Libyans have kicked their butt out of Tripoli, Syria the same, Palestine) for its perceived bias in favour of the Brotherhood and for giving a voice to its supporters.  ****(giving support to criminals is not right)

But in his defence on Thursday, Fahmy’s lawyer, Khaled Abou Bakr, stressed that it was a reporter’s job to interview activists of all political stripes – and to prosecute them for doing so was essentially to place journalism itself on trial.

“This is not a trial of these defendants alone – this is a trial of all journalists,” said Abou Bakr. ****(sorry Mr. Bakr, but this is not Journalism and the journalists that you defend are scums…. because of them or their colleagues real reporters in Libya were killed by NATO BOMBING or by the rebel scums for talking the TRUTH!) 

“If you go and film someone saying: ‘Down with the president,’ that doesn’t mean that you agree with it.” ***(true! but its how you portray it, and if you only ask the MB and not the rest of the Egyptians well my friend you are being bias)

Shouting from the defendants’ cage during a recess, Fahmy himself said that his trial was an affront to any journalist working in Egypt. “If we’re in jail because we called [Egypt's 2013 regime change] a coup, why aren’t CNN and the BBC in the cage?” he said. “Why isn’t every journalist in the cage?”  ****(several reasons to why CNN AND BBC and every prestitute media journalists are not in jail yet but very soon it will be also their turn. For the time being you are the first caught red-handed.)

In a detailed defence, Abou Bakr said the prosecution’s case was severely flawed because its key witnesses had admitted in court that they were not qualified to judge whether the journalists had endangered Egypt – contradicting the central claims of the written testimonies they had supplied in the run-up to the trial.

Abou Bakr also highlighted a string of procedural flaws in the prosecution’s case, ranging from the failure to allow defence lawyers access to all the prosecution’s evidence; an inability to pinpoint any specific video that proved the accusations; and the uncertainty about which of the defendants’ equipment belonged to whom.

Following a brief speech by Greste and Mohamed’s lawyer, Yusri Sayed Sami, who repeated many of Abou Bakr’s points, the trial was adjourned until 16 June – when the lawyers of several students indicted alongside the three journalists will be allowed to make their defence.

This raises the prospect of a verdict by the end of June, which was welcomed by Greste’s younger brother, Mike, who has flown from Greste’s home in Australia to attend the trial. “With any luck we’re on the home straight, and with two more sessions we could be finished,” said the younger Greste at the end of Thursday’s proceedings. “But it’s the judge that needs to be convinced of their innocence.”

A fourth al-Jazeera journalist, Abdullah Elshamy, has been under arrest without charge in a separate case since August. To raise awareness for his case, Elshamy has been on hunger strike for more than 130 days. As punishment, he was recently moved to solitary confinement.

He and his three colleagues are among 16 journalists jailed in Egypt, according to the US-based Committee to Protect Journalists.

*****(This article was written from the Guardian, but I have to say something about the US-based Committee to Protect Journalists were were you when NATO BOMBED THE Libyan TV STATION WITH Journalists in it who were killed on the spot, where were they when NATO & USA forced Most Satellites to close down the Libyan Jamahiryia broadcast? so that we could not have a voice and say the truth? Only Syria stood by our side and gave us one of their channels.

Where were you when al Ciajeera built the Green square of Tripoli in Doha Qatar to manipulate the International community and the Libyans is that real JOURNALISM? Why didn’t you protect us then? WELL DONE EGYPT next should be REUTERS, BBC, CNN, FOX, FRANCE 24, SKY NEWS ARABIC AND AL ARABYA.)