British and French intelligence new plans over Libya

British and French intelligence new plans over Libya

This information was sent to me by another friend and activist. Here is the message:

I don’t know if you already know their goals but maybe it’s important to know the reason of all last movements:


“The British and French intelligence are now reporting that the Israeli zionnazi regime Netanyahu or Nazi-Zionist regime is losing much of the oil revenues in the Middle East who stole Iraq due to the military losses of the army created by Israelis ISIS / Arabia. Therefore, according to a French agent, “French Defense Minister was in Riyadh on January 4, 2015, and confirmed that Libya will be invaded in 3 months in order to ensure oil to Israel”.


Remember that both France and Israel are directed in secret by the Rothschild family. So what is really happening is an effort to avoid bankruptcy of Rothschild by stealing oil from the Middle East and the theft of gas from Ukraine. Message to the Rothschild family, you are mathematically doomed to bankruptcy and a wave of international crimes will not save you. Also: stay out of Libya. “



“MI5 says rendition of Libyan opposition leaders strengthened al-Qaida”

Abdel Hakim Belhaj

The report says Abdel Hakim Belhaj’s organisation, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, moved towards al-Qaida after he was abducted in 2004. Photograph: Marco Longari/AFP/Getty Images

Lets not forget that MI5, MI6, CIA, Mossad and the French Secret agency created these monsters that now they are asking us to feel sorry for them. They are the ones who trained, financed them to topple Qaddafi since the late 70’s. It seems the Guardian thinks or believes or hopes who ever lived in those times are dead or have Dementia, that is the only explanation I can give for them for writing this article.

A secret UK-Libyan rendition programme in which two Libyan opposition leaders were kidnapped and flown to Tripoli along with their families had the effect of strengthening al-Qaida, according to an assessment by the UK security service, MI5.  ****(Ok, now I have to feel sorry for the two Libyan (opposition leaders – really? opposition leaders since when?) because they were kidnapped? Please is MI5 kidding? or what? Belhaj and Al Saadi were known fanatic terrorists from the late 70’s with connections to terrorist groups. Libya was happy as long as they stayed outside Libya and that is why both of them have English passports… no kidnapping or torture had anything to do with it that they were affiliates of Al Qaeda and MI5, CIA, Mossad and most of the secrete agencies knew of them.)

Sami al-Saadi

Sami al-Saadi is considering whether to sue the British government after he and his family were ‘rendered’ in an operation between MI6 and Gaddafi’s intelligence services Public Domain


Prior to their kidnap, Abdel Hakim Belhaj and Sami al-Saadi had ensured that their organisation, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), focused on the overthrow of Colonel Gaddafi,*****(just by that it’s a cause for treason, by the way do you know what LIFG stands for? Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, so it was not only to overthrow Qaddafi, but to bring the Caliphate in Libya since 1976 so please MI5 & MI6 stop BULL-SHITING PEOPLE over the handing over and the excuse that while they were in jail the group with new leaders in decided to go nearer to Al Qaeda.)  the classified assessment says. Once handed over to the Gaddafi regime, their places at the head of the LIFG were taken by others who wanted to bring the group closer to al-Qaida.

The two men were seized in Thailand and Hong Kong in March 2004 with the assistance of the UK’s intelligence service MI6, and were “rendered” to Tripoli along with Belhaj’s pregnant wife and Saadi’s wife and four children, the youngest a girl aged six. ****(Let MI5 & MI6 explain why these people have English passports?)

In an assessment made 11 months later, MI5 concluded that the capture of the pair had cast the group “into a state of disarray”, adding: “While these senior-ranking members have always jealously guarded the independence of the LIFG, providing it with a clear command structure and set goals, the group is now coming under pressure from outside influences. ***(Hog wash and that is being polite.)

“In particular, reporting indicates that members including Abu Laith al-Libi and Abdallah al-Ghaffar may be pushing the group towards a more pan-Islamic agenda inspired by AQ [al-Qaida].” ****(they are also your creation and the brother of Libi – Anas al Libi  was charged with the same crimes as his brother or is he one and the same? Either way both are dead and dead people don’t tell tales, one was killed by a drone and the other was kidnapped by the SAS and taken to the USA and conveniently died undergoing an operation prior to his court date. I mean all Secret agencies & western media must think we are morons.)

Two years after MI5 made this assessment, Libi announced the LIFG had formally joined forces with al-Qaida. He became a leading member of the merged organisation and is believed to have orchestrated a series of suicide bomb attacks across Afghanistan, including one in 2007 that killed 23 people at Bagram airfield north of Kabul during a visit by then US vice-president Dick Cheney. Libi was killed in a drone strike the following year.

The classified MI5 intelligence assessment was among hundreds of highly sensitive Libyan and British files that were discovered in official buildings that had been abandoned during the 2011 revolution that led to the overthrow and death of Muammar Gaddafi. ****(Is that why NATO bombed the Intelligence building? So no Secrets would come out to the Light? MI5 & 6 must kill all Libyans because no secret is kept once we decide to open our mouths….that is when you belong to the tribes and if till now your asses are saved you owe it to the tribal leaders.)

The end of his 42-year dictatorship was hastened by Nato air strikes, and was followed by a period of brief and heady optimism. At a rally in Benghazi in the east of the country in September 2011, the British prime minister, David Cameron, and the French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, addressed enormous crowds waving their countries’ flags. “It’s great to be here in free Benghazi and in free Libya,” Cameron told them. ***(I would suggest to Cameron to come to see the free Libya now and live for a few days not weeks without his security and lets see whether he will rejoice about the “free Libya”)

But Libya’s new leadership was already struggling to impose its authority on the country. And since then, the country has descended into violence and economic instability, with rival militias shelling residential areas and destroying infrastructure in their fight for supremacy.

Fears that Islamist militants would fill the yawning power vacuum appeared to be realised on Tuesday when gunmen claiming allegiance to Islamic State said that they were responsible for an attack on a Tripoli hotel in which at least five guards and five foreigners were killed.

The papers that were recovered during the revolution show that Britain’s intelligence agencies engaged in a series of joint operations with Gaddafi’s government and that some of the information extracted from victims of rendition was used as evidence during control-order and deportation proceedings in UK courts.

They also show that in 2006, Libyan intelligence agents were invited to operate on British soil, where they worked alongside MI5 and allegedly intimidated a number of Gaddafi opponents who had been granted asylum in the UK.

Another of the recovered documents is a letter that Tony Blair wrote to Gaddafi in April 2007, and whose existence publicly emerged last week. Addressed “Dear Mu’ammar”, Blair expressed his regret that the British government had failed in its attempts to have a number of Gaddafi’s opponents deported from the UK, and thanked the dictator for his intelligence agencies’ “excellent co-operation” with their British counterparts.

The classified MI5 document was prepared in advance of a five-day visit to Tripoli by senior agency staff in February 2005. Marked “UK/Libya Eyes Only – Secret”, it explains that members of the LIFG had been permitted to settle in the UK in the 1990s. This was at a time when Gaddafi, whom the group was plotting to overthrow, was considered to be an enemy of Britain.

The document adds that MI5 reassessed the LIFG’s UK-based members following the change in the group’s leadership that resulted from the detention of Belhaj and Saadi.

“We are actively investigating key individuals in the UK and are seeking to disrupt their activities,” the document says. This action was part of a new strategy “for countering the threat from the LIFG to the UK and its allies” – allies which, by 2005, included the Libyan dictatorship.

Accompanying the document was a list of questions that MI5 wanted Libyan interrogators to put to Belhaj and Saadi. A total of more than 1,600 questions were sent from the UK to Tripoli, in four batches, with MI6 at one point thanking the Libyan intelligence agents for “kindly agreeing” to pass the questions to their “interview team”.

Belhaj and Saadi both say they were beaten, whipped, subjected to electric shocks, deprived of sleep and threatened while being held at Tajoura prison outside Tripoli. ****(so these 2 individuals decided to do the same for 6 million civilians, they have done worse than what allegedly they say they went through, they have killed thousands, burned, kidnapped, rapped men and women, tortured over 100 thousand POW with Guantanamo style torture, I would say they got even in the first 6 months after the illegal war ended in 2011 but no they are still making us suffer after 4 years and you want us to FEEL SORRY FOR YOUR CREATION?)

They say they were also interrogated by British intelligence officers, and Belhaj says he made it clear, by sign language, that he was being tortured. ****(Checking the man he seems to be in one piece with no broken bones, he is not limping and surely his sex life has not stopped with his alleged torture, while the people who he tortures do not come out ALIVE, but in body bags and sometimes cut into pieces so that the relatives can not bury them. He is the worst of the worst torturer’s ever encountered)

After one of these encounters, he says, he agreed to sign a statement about his associates in the UK to avoid being subjected to a form of torture called the Honda, which involved being locked in a box-like structure whose ceiling and walls could be shrunk. ****(Just show’s what kind of man he is!!! to betray his comrades! this guy would betray his own father after rapping him if that would get him something in return this is your Frankenstein enjoy it.)

The discovery of the documents that exposed the existence of the UK-Libyan rendition operations had caused widespread dismay in Westminster, ***(It was not the dismay but that they got caught and revealed what a nice bunch of ‘democratic’ British people are;) even before the emergence of the latest report, which makes clear that one consequence of these operations was that the terrorist organisation that posed the greatest threat to the UK at that time was strengthened.

A criminal investigation into the affair was opened in January 2012 after Dominic Grieve, the then attorney general, wrote to the Metropolitan police commissioner, Bernard Hogan-Howe. After a three-year investigation codenamed Operation Lydd, detectives handed their report to the Crown Prosecution Service last month.

Jack Straw, who was foreign secretary at the time, is among the people who have been questioned by police. His office says he was interviewed as a witness.

The rendition operations also led to damages claims being brought by Saadi – who received £2.2m in compensation from the British government – and by Belhaj. Belhaj is claiming damages on behalf of himself and his wife. She was four-and-a-half months pregnant when the couple were kidnapped, and Belhaj says she was taped, head to foot, to a stretcher for the 17-hour flight to Tripoli, before being jailed for several months.

Belhaj says he would settle his claim for just £3, as long as he and his wife also receive an apology. With the CPS currently considering the police file, this is unlikely to happen.

So to conclude, we HAVE TO FEEL sorry for these two Frankenstein terrorists which are your creation to topple the Jamahirya since the late 70’s and you are trying to justify what they have done to Libya and to its civilians because they were kidnapped but not killed or raped or broken because if they were broken we wouldn’t have this article which is trying to portray them as innocent victims that they took the wrong turn and joined al-Qaida forgetting that LIFG is worse than Al-Qaeda, forgetting that you and the USA sent Belhaj with suitcases of money at the border of Turkey-Syria together with other jihadists to fight against Assad a legitimate government, trying to erase what Belhaj has done in Tripoli since 2012 and onwards and portray him as a new politician and a leader erasing his past as a CIA/MI5/MOSAD  FINANCED TERRORIST. Thank you England, thank you Guardian for services rendered in destroying a nation which was no security threat to your country or to Europe for that matter. So please do not complain for the immigrants that come your way or in the rest of Europe because you and your allies caused it.


Radio interview by Susan Lindauer LIBYA ON FIRE with me.

Radio interview by Susan Lindauer LIBYA ON FIRE with me.

First of all I would like to  thank Susan Lindauer and the Covert Report for taking the time to interview me. Also I would like to apologize to all my readers that I have deceived them for over 4 years impersonating myself as a man. When I started blogging I did not believe that my blog and my Facebook page Stop the War in Libya we Demand it, would have such an impact, never in my wildest dreams did I believe I would keep the blog up for so long. Everything I have told you about me is true the only white LIE that I said was that I was a man.

How Much More Proof Do You Need So That You Will Wake Up? ” ISIS operative confesses to receiving funding through US”

How Much More Proof Do You Need So That You Will Wake Up?

” ISIS operative confesses to receiving funding through US”

Isis Who is giving them the armors and ammunition?

Isis Who is giving them the armors and ammunition?

An alleged commander of ISIS, ****(always alleged even when it’s confirmed. Wow! these journalists are real lapdogs to the war lords of the USA Lobbies) Yousaf al Salafi, has admitted to Pakistani police to receiving funds from the United States, according to a major Pakistani Newspaper. Al Salafi and two associates were arrested in Lahore, Pakistan on January 22, according to AFP.

During investigations, Yousaf al Salafi revealed that he was getting funding – routed through America – to run the organization in Pakistan and recruit young people to fight in Syria,” a source close to the investigations revealed ToUrdu-language Daily Express on condition of anonymity, according to its sister English newspaper The Express Tribune. The newspaper also said Al Salafi was arrested last year sometime in December, but that the capture was kept quiet for security reasons.

Sources also report that Al Salafi also confessed to recruiting jihadists to send them to Syria and was receiving about $600 per person. ****(Wondering where your tax dollars go?)He also admitted that he had been working with an accomplice, who was the Imam of a mosque. ****(Wondering how much is the Imam collecting, I doubt he would do it for only $600?)A source told Reuters last week that Al-Salafi is a Pakistani-Syrian who came to Pakistan via Turkey five months ago and that he had established an ISIS cell in Pakistan.

“The US has been condemning ISIS activities but unfortunately has not been able to stop funding of these organizations, which is being routed through the US. The US had to dispel the impression that it is financing the group for its own interests and that is why it launched offensive operations against the organization in Iraq but not in Syria,” a source said. However, it was not made clear where exactly the funds came from within the US.****(How stupid does the journalist think his readers are?

“Yes that is true as this issue was raised several times in the local media and even in the diplomatic corridors between US and Pakistan and there was media reporters here suggesting that hundreds of recruits have been exported to strain from Pakistan,” a security source in Pakistan told Sputnik news agency.

The sources who spoke to the Express Tribune also revealed that the awkward revelations had been revealed to US Secretary of State John Kerry on his recent trip to Islamabad. “The matter was also taken up with CENTCOM [US Central Command] chief, General Lloyd Austin, during his visit to Islamabad earlier this month,” a source said.

In recent months, Pakistani media has been discussing the amount of influence ISIS has in Pakistan. They have cited several incidents in the cities of Lahore and Multan where ISIS flags and graffiti have been seen. However Pakistani authorities have indicated that local militants would oppose ISIS, according to IHS Jane’s defense review.

In response to large-scale advances made by ISIS Terrorists in June 2014 in both Iraq and Syria, the US and other coalition countries began a large-scale air campaign over the region. The US and the UK have sent non-operation soldiers to Iraq, as well as Special Forces.

According to Pentagon documents seen by the Associated Press on Tuesday, President Obama will ask for a $38 billion increase for the core budget of the Defense Department. Of this $5.3 billion will go towards training and equipping the Iraqi armed forces and the moderate opposition in Syria in the ongoing fight against ISIS. ****(Again either he thinks we are stupid or too lethargic that our brain will not put the pieces together. The funding is for Isis and not for the Iraqi armed forces. Financing the opposition in Syria means financing ISIS the same way they financed it in Libya.)


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The dire consequences of meddling in Libya

The dire consequences of meddling in Libya

by: Con Coughlin


Libya has come a long way – and not at all for the good – since David Cameron proclaimed that the successful campaign to overthrow Colonel Muammar Gaddafi in 2011 ***(that was not a successful campaign if you consider that NATO which includes Britain bombed 60.000 sorties in Libya for 8 whole months which was more than what was used in the WWII combined. As for the overthrow I would not call it that I would call it BRUTAL COLD MURDER, that is exactly what they are preparing for the President of Syria. Makes me wonder where the tables turned around what would the West do if one of their psychopaths leaders was brutally murdered? Surely the American idiotic empire would nuke the country who dared to do such an atrocious act, while we the Libyans cannot complain to the UN (because its even worse than NATO) or to anyone for that matter, the same goes for Syria. We have to swallow our pride and dignity accept stoically what is done to us and move on as nothing really happened. How ironic is this? Everywhere I look or research the analysts say that in 2011 we had a civil war – a civil war to begin it has to have 2 different political poles and you must have the country divided which this was not the case. We had a handful of CIA agents plus snipers and expatriates who wanted to invade Libya and murder in cold blood the president of the country that is a FACT not fiction what Cameron, Obama, Sarkozy, UN and NATO did was an ILLEGAL WAR – MASKED AS HUMANITARIAN INTERVENTION and now we see how successful this campaign is)  provided the perfect template for undertaking future military interventions.

After all the political controversy engendered by Britain’s previous military involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq, Downing Street prided itself on the fact that its Libyan campaign objectives were accomplished without the need for any boots on the ground and, more importantly, without incurring a single British combat casualty.


Matthew Vandyke American national


Matthew Vandyke

Matthew Vandyke


these are some of the pictures that USA,UK & French troops on the ground in Libya

these are some of the pictures that USA,UK & French troops on the ground in Libya

 In this March 24, 2011, file photo U.S. Army Gen. Carter Ham, the top U.S.

In this March 24, 2011, file photo U.S. Army Gen. Carter Ham, the top U.S.

Also in this picture are some foreigners just saying that there were no foreign troops on the ground... one  picture 1000 words

Also in this picture are some foreigners just saying that there were no foreign troops on the ground… one picture 1000 words 




****(that is a blatant LIE, all English/Americans/French/Dutch/Qatari/Saudi Arabia/Turkey/UAE/Kuwait soldiers and private armies had their families sign a gag order never to say that they were killed in Libya and I have to say yes we did kill quite a few and a lot more imprisoned, we had Sarkozy and Co.(Dutch/Americans and Brits) running up and down to free their bunch.)


For a few months after Gaddafi’s demise, Mr Cameron basked in the warm afterglow of his first personal experience of military conflict, even making triumphant visits to Tripoli and Benghazi, where he was greeted by cheering crowds ****(I wouldn’t say cheering crowds but paid with over a thousand dinars crowd). Indeed, the belief among senior ministers that Libya constituted a great foreign policy success persisted long after the country had descended ****(they did not persisted they were protected by the European and American Secret AGENTS that is how they stayed into power) into chaos, with lawless bands of Islamist militias roaming the country, killing and kidnapping their opponents with impunity. In 2013, when I accompanied William Hague, the then Foreign Secretary, on a visit to Mali, where Libya-based Islamist groups were threatening to overrun the country, I was subjected to several lectures by his entourage on the merits of the Coalition’s Libyan adventure. ****( and this is what your coalition left behind)


I think this picture say's it all

I think this picture say’s it all

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victims of the coalition who decided to protect the civilians! REALLY?

victims of the coalition who decided to protect the civilians! REALLY?













These days Libya is so demonstrably a basket case that, with the general election campaign now well under way, I very much doubt we will be hearing any more idle boasts from Tory politicians about their hollow achievements in the country. On the contrary, I suspect they will be doing everything in their power to gloss over the issue, preferring to concentrate on more certain vote-winning issues, such as the strength of the economy, than their meddling in what has now become North Africa’s most troubled region.

Prior to the 2011 campaign, Libya was producing 1.6 billion barrels per day of its “light sweet” variety of crude oil, with significant quantities being sold to British refineries. Total daily output now stands at around 350,000 barrels, none of which is finding its way on to the export market and is barely sufficient to keep Libya’s own refineries operating – those, that is, whose oil tanks have not been set ablaze by rogue rockets fired by Islamist militias.

For while the Libyan economy is in freefall, the far greater concern remains the endemic state of lawlessness that has made the country a virtual no-go zone for Westerners, and indeed many Libyans. By conservative estimates there are around 100 ***(250) different Libyan militias operating in the country – though the actual figure could be three times that number – with more than 125,000 Libyans bearing arms. Assassinations and kidnappings have become so routine throughout the country that in 2013 the Libyan charged with investigating the assassinations was himself assassinated.

The security situation is further complicated by the growing involvement of other regional powers in the conflict, with Egypt’s new military hard man, General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, sending Egyptian warplanes to bomb anti-government rebels, and Turkey ***(USA, UK & QATAR) openly backing Libya’s Muslim Brotherhood organisation – one of the many factions that are competing for power. The growing confidence of Islamist groups in Libya, furthermore, has resulted in the inevitable link-up with Islamic State fighters operating in Syria and Iraq, with the result that Western intelligence officials are now genuinely concerned that, ****(I doubt they are concerned the journalist has to explain why the Western intelligence is financing and training these terrorists, lets not forget that McCain has a camp in the United States where the terrorists ISIS were being trained, lets also not forget that the pentagon has given the go ahead in training these jihadists in Syria, so please explain to me this controversy? Maybe the Western intelligence are worried that it will be found out again like with the Benghazigate scandal you know the one where the ambassador was murdered and he was an arms dealer between the USA – LIBYA – TURKEY FINAL DESTINATION SYRIA)  with large numbers of jihadists travelling to North Africa, it is only a question of time before Libyan-trained terrorists turn their attentions to Europe, and launch a campaign of violence on the streets of Britain and other European cities. ****(My dear Journalist we in Libya do not have Libyan-trained terrorists what we do have are mercenaries that your country brought into our country, we have no desire to kill anyone in Europe or in America other than Cameron, Hague, Obama, Sarkozy, Clinton, Erdogan, the Prince of Qatar and the late king of Saudi Arabia. It’s a wishful thinking, maybe if all Libyans concentrate with his mind on every single person named above, maybe they will die who knows God works in a mysterious ways. BUT THE ONES THAT YOUR COUNTRY HAS TRAINED IT WOULD BE AN IRONY IF THEY CAME TO YOUR COUNTRY AND CAUSE CHAOS THE SAME WAY THEY HAVE CAUSED IN LIBYA, SYRIA, IRAQ, AFGHANISTAN, PAKISTAN AND YEMEN)

If that happens, then Mr Cameron and his supporters really will have some explaining to do. Certainly, the fact that the latest round of UN-sponsored peace talks in Geneva yesterday broke up without agreement does not bode well for Libya’s immediate future.

Several grave miscalculations on the part of the Coalition and its allies have created this miserable state of affairs. Whitehall’s ill-judged support for the so-called Arab Spring meant that Britain demanded Gaddafi’s overthrow without any consideration for the likely consequences his removal would have for Libya’s future. Another factor was the Government’s refusal to commit ground troops which, while keeping British casualties to a minimum, meant that Britain and its allies were unable to influence Libya’s post-conflict reconstruction phase in a positive, pro-Western direction. ****(What you do not understand dear Journalist who the f@@k gave the right to the coalition to invade Libya, who ever told you we were dissatisfied with our government? Who ever told you we wanted to follow the pro-Western direction, the only thing we wanted is to become like Dubai well that is what the younger generation wanted and its understandable when all our youngsters had everything, everything was provided for them so they wanted a new toy, to look like Dubai, to have an underground (metro) to have trains, to have private jets, to have concerts, nightclubs and alcohol that is all they wanted, they did not want your culture, your sex slave trafficking, your NO RESPECT FOR OTHER HUMAN BEINGS, your no respect for older people or family values and you have no respect for our tribal customs)


The Coalition’s insistence, moreover, on sticking with its “no boots on the ground” mantra has significant implications for the current military campaign being undertaken against Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria. Bombing Isil positions from 20,000ft, as RAF Tornado GR4 warplanes are doing on a regular basis, represents little more than a token gesture, and has only succeeded in halting Isil’s advance further south in Iraq, rather than forcing it to relinquish the large swathes of territory it seized last summer. And, as delegates arriving in London for tomorrow’s summit on Isil will discover, so long as Britain and its allies lack the political will to deploy ground troops, there is little prospect of ending Isil’s murderous reign of terror in Syria and Iraq. ****(Are you that naive? All these terrorist groups are paid by your taxes, these terrorists are the cheap labour army for the Western countries like yours and America so they do not put boots on the ground and have their asses kicked to hell like it was done in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan…. what better way to invade  MIDDLE EASTERN countries with cheap labour army which is not western so NO ONE CAN CLAIM THAT THE WEST DID THIS!!!! If they used their own army there would be many body bags which the western government could not explain to its people the why they were killed when the Middle east is not a security risk but the only thing the West wants is to steal all of our RESOURCES. But the plan has backfired into your face people are waking up and are understanding the manipulation all of you journalists are doing in the name of freedom and democracy…. which it should be told in the name of slavery and dictatorship. Your colonies one by one is waking up and demanding that you leave their country pay damages which will bankrupt the west… that is what you are fighting for, to keep your comfortable houses, jobs etc, but once its gone from your hands and become poor like the African states and expect the UN to feed you with expired food cans, you will expect Brad and Jolie to come and hold your children’s hands when they will be sold for sex slaves to the elitists or to NEW WORLD ORDER which is Israel then maybe then you will understand how evil you were with the rest of the world.)