Whistle blower reveals secret U.S. program to recruit, train, and provide visas to ‘terrorists’

Whistle blower reveals secret U.S. program to recruit, train, and provide visas to ‘terrorists’


IF YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW how sausages are made, don’t start reading Visas for Al Qaeda: CIA Handouts That Rocked the Worldby Michael Springmann. The sausages in this case: the string of too-easily-swallowed accounts of bloody events in the “global war on terror,” served up daily with relish by the mainstream media. In reality these sausages are filled with tainted meat that’s making everyone sick.

Springmann is a brave whistle blower living in Washington, D.C. He’s written an accessible book, safe to digest, highlighting details of the corruption of the American Empire (and its accomplices, including Canada) as he experienced them from the inside during his years with the U.S. State Department.

While he served as a visa officer in the U.S. consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, for instance, he was obliged under threat of dismissal to issuevisas to persons hired clandestinely by the CIA to become trained-in-the-USA terrorists. Most of these psychopathic thugs were clearly and legally unqualified to be issued visas. There is every reason to believe the “Visas for Terrorists” program remains fully operative today. It takes a lot of expendable terrorists to run a global terrorism op.

Springmann places his experiences both within the context of the historical roots of the U.S. Empire and within its current ongoing global destabilization project.

“This tale,” the author states near the beginning, “is a sordid sketch of backstabbing, disloyalty, double crosses, faithlessness, falsity, perfidy, sellouts, treachery, and betrayal.”

And that only covers the bureaucratic aspect. Even more sobering is his sketch of human rights violations: torture, assassinations, massacres including bombings of markets, invasions and occupations of countries, destabilization of nations and regions.

Then there’s the financial side: widespread criminality, resource theft, bribery, diversion of funds, illicit drug dealing and more.

Not to mention the flouting of international laws. This dimension includes gross infringements on national sovereignty, the casual violation of treaties and ho-hum everyday general lawlessness, risking even the threat of nuclear annihilation.

All this before taking into account the moral dimension, in which trashing the Ten Commandments is just an opening trifle.

“My story shows how things really work,” Springmann writes, correctly. In the book’s 250 pages he names names, dates, times and places – presumably opening himself up to lawsuits, should there be anything here that the individuals named deem libelous. They might think twice, however, since Springmann is a lawyer by profession and knows his way around the Empire’s capital – as well as some of its outlying ramparts such as Stuttgart, New Delhi and especially Jeddah.

Stinging in itself, Springmann’s book also can be read as an authenticating companion to Michel Chossudovsky’s Towards a World War III Scenario (2012) and The Globalization of War: America’s “Long War” Against Humanity (2015). Along the way, both authors deal, to one extent or another, with the ideological, hubristic and increasingly bellicose role of the Harper government as handmaiden to the American Empire, including military involvements in Libya, Serbia and the Ukraine. Springmann necessarily refers very little to Canada, but to read his account of the cowardly and unnecessary rain of death inflicted on Libya, for instance, is to be obliged as a Canadian to think of Harper’s enthusiasm and pride in having this country share in the slaughter and destabilization carried out under the Orwellian “responsibility to protect” notion.

Springmann quotes Maximilian C. Forte who notes that before the attack Libya enjoyed the highest Human Development Index (a UN measurement of well-being) in all Africa. “After Western military forces destroyed the country the Index only records the steep collapse of all indicators of well-being. More Libyans were killed with intervention than without. It was about control, about militarizing Africa,” Forte argues.

What Springmann brings uniquely to the table is his firsthand knowledge of precisely how the USA recruits terrorists (no quotation marks needed), sends them to the USA for training and then deploys them to carry out murders, torture, bombings and more. The bloody mayhem carried out by these thousands of paid mercenaries – ostensibly beheading-habituated “jihadists” fighting against democracy, decency and the USA and its “allies – is planned, organized and funded by none other than the same USA and its allies. It’s a global false flag operation – the largest by far in history.

As Springmann on page 65 writes of the “Visas for Terrorists Program:”

This was not an ad hoc operation, conceived and carried out in response to a specific foreign policy issue. Rather, it was another of too many CIA efforts to destroy governments, countries, and politicians disfavored by the American “establishment” in its “bipartisan” approach to matters abroad. Whether it was opposing the imaginary evils of communism, the fictitious malevolence of Islam, or the invented wickedness of Iran, America and its intelligence services, brave defenders of “The City Upon A Hill,” sought out and created fear and loathing of peoples and countries essentially engaged in efforts to better their lives and improve their political world. Along the way, Agency-sponsored murders, war crimes, and human rights violations proved to be good business. Jobs for the Clandestine Service (people who recruit and run spies), sales of weapons and aircraft, as well as the myriad items needed to control banks, countries and peoples all provided income for and benefits to American companies.

That the American Empire has been able to carry out such a massive illegal program for so long is the saddest of commentaries on how deep the rot is, how effective the secrecy, how complicit the media.

As to the span of dangerous widespread deception, Springmann notes that Rahul Bedi wrote in Jane’s Defence Weekly on September 14, 2001 that beginning in 1980 “thousands [of mujahideen] were … brought to America and made competent in terrorism by Green Berets and SEALS at US government East Coast facilities, trained in guerilla warfare and armed with sophisticated weapons.”

The point is made repeatedly that Al Qaeda and now ISIS/ISIL/the Islamic State are essentially “Made in USA” entities, brought into being and organized for the Empire’s purposes. Among the elements that make possible such a vast fraud are deception, compartmentalization and secrecy. Springmann quotes attorney Pat Frascogna, “a man with FOIA expertise,” about secrecy and its purpose:

Thus whether it be learning the dirty and unethical business practices of a company or the secrets of our government, the same deployment of denials and feigning ignorance about what is really going on are the all-too-common methods used to keep the truth from the light of day.

Langley recruited the Arab-Afghans so clandestinely that the terrorists didn’t know they had been recruited. They thought that they had found a battlefield on their own, or through the Internet or through Twitter or through television…

Frascogna’s observation intersects with Springmann’s on-the-job experiences as a visa officer in Jeddah starting in 1987. Springmann was repeatedly overruled when he turned down disqualified applicants for U.S. visas. He writes:

As I later learned to my dismay, the visa applicants were recruits for the war in Afghanistan against the Soviet Union’s armed forces. Further, as time went by, the fighters, trained in the United States, went on to other battlefields: Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, and Syria. They worked with the American intelligence services and the State Department to destabilize governments the United States opposed. While it’s no secret, most knowledgeable people still refuse to talk about this agenda.

As Springmann learned, “the average percentage of intelligence officers to real diplomats at a given Foreign Service post is about one in three. My experience in Jeddah, Stuttgart, and New Delhi might place it higher—at least 50 percent, if not more.” According to the Anti-CIA Club of Diplomats: Spooks in U.S. Foreign Service [sic], a twelve-page, 1983 Canadian publication (see namebase.org), the percentage is 60 percent.

“At Jeddah,” Springmann writes, “to the best of my knowledge, out of some twenty US citizens assigned to the consulate, only three people, including myself, worked for the Department of State. The rest were CIA or NSA officials or their spouses.” Elsewhere Springmann suggests that essentially the CIA runs the State Department, and that this is true of many other U.S. government departments and agencies as well. It seems that it’s almost impossible to over-estimate the reach of the CIA’s tentacles or the overweening treason of its nonstop black ops and unconstitutional operations domestically.

Springmann toward the end of the book refers to the beginnings of the CIA. It’s interesting for this reviewer to think that he was 13 years of age in 1947 when U.S. president Harry Truman agreed with the National Security Council (NSC) to secretly create the CIA and NSA. I remember that in my teenage years a few of my peers said there “was something” called “the CIA.” This was around the time a few people also said there “was something” called “the Mafia.” The consensus was that both ideas were very far-fetched.

In 1948 Truman approved yet another NSC initiative, providing for “propaganda, economic warfare; preventive direct action, including sabotage, antisabotage, demolition and evacuation measures; subversion against hostile states, including assistance to underground resistance movements, guerillas, and refugee liberation groups, and support of indigenous anti-Communist elements in threatened countries of the free world.” That’s a tabula rasa if there ever was one: a license for lawlessness.

The CIA’s twisted hits have just kept coming. It’s worth noting that Truman didn’t single-handedly initiate this monstrosity. The dark recesses of the Deep State, as Peter Dale Scott calls it, are where the demonic entity was spawned. Ever since, Frankenstein’s monster has been a harmless schoolboy by comparison.

To read of the rape of Libya with active Canadian military complicity makes for difficult reading. The lies are piled as high as the bodies, and these two categories are insuperably paired.

Equally sordid, especially in light of Stephen Harper’s enthusiasm for expanding the war on Russia (the economic sanctions and the diplomatic exclusion of Russia from the G8 are forms of warfare, not to mention decades of covert* military incursion by the West onto the territory of the former USSR and now the Russian Federation, as described in Visas for Al Qaeda) is to read some of the history of the Ukraine. “The West’s” meddling in the Ukraine has a long illicit pedigree. As Springmann writes:

It seems that the CIA had problems [in the immediate post World War II period] distinguishing between underground groups and above-ground armies. Langley used Marshall Plan money to support a guerrilla force in the Ukraine, called “Nightingale.” Originally established in 1941 by Nazi Germany’s occupation forces, and working on their behalf, “Nightingale” and its terrorist arm (made up of ultranationalist Ukrainians as well as Nazi collaborators) murdered thousands of Jews, Soviet Union supporters, and Poles.

Even relatively recently, since the so-called Orange revolution in the Ukraine made events there eminently newsworthy, I can’t remember seeing in the mainstream media a single substantial article dealing with the historical relationships between the Ukraine and Russia going back to World War II, nor such an article laying out the history of the involvement –overt or covert – of “the West” in the Ukraine.

Instead, we see the surreal ahistorical likes of the top headline in The New York Times International Weekly for June 13-14, “Russia is Sowing Disunity,” by Peter Baker and Steven Erlanger. They report breathlessly in the lead paragraph: “Moscow is leveraging its economic power, financing European political parties and movements, and spreading alternative accounts of the Ukraine conflict, according the American and European officials.

True to the narrative of “the West” as a pitiful giant facing a powerful and expansionist Russia, the writers posit that the “consensus against Russian aggression” is “fragile.

The drift of this NYT yarn, typical of Western propaganda across the board, is that there remains in effect a behemoth “Soviet empire” surreptitiously shipping “Moscow gold” to dupes in “green movements” and so on. Even a former American national intelligence officer on Russia, Fiona Hill, now at the Brookings Institution, told the writers: “The question is how much hard evidence does anyone have?

Maybe this NYT propaganda, like its clones across the mainstream media, is not ahistorical after all. The story comes across rather as an historical relic of the Cold War – found in a time capsule in a fallout shelter – that the NYT editors decided to publish as a prank. A sausage.

* Military action by “the West” has not always been covert. Springmann notes that American and Japanese soldiers were dispatched to Russia in 1917 to squelch the fledgling Russian revolution. The soldiers were part of what was called the Allied Expeditionary Force. Winston Churchill for his part said: “We must strangle the Bolshevik baby in its crib.” Springmann might have noted that Canadian soldiers were part of the AEF.

As I was saying on my previous article: One-Eyed Terror Leader’s Government Connections

As I was saying on my previous article: One-Eyed Terror Leader’s Government Connections

A picture shows a road sign indicating Tiguentourine near In Amenas on a road leading to a gas complex where Islamist gunmen had taken hostages in the desert in Algeria's deep south on January 19, 2013. Islamist gunmen killed seven foreign hostages in Algeria before being gunned down by special forces in a final assault on a remote desert gas complex, state television said. The 11 heavily armed men from a group known as "Signatories in Blood" had been holed up at the In Amenas complex since they took hundreds of workers hostage in a dawn attack. AFP PHOTO/FAROUK BATICHE        (Photo credit should read FAROUK BATICHE/AFP/Getty Images)

As I was saying the Western Internet newspapers tend to forget what they write, here is an article about Belmokhtar which was written 01.23.134:45 AM ET by the Daily Beast….

Jihadist behind the desert attack that left scores dead may have once worked as an Algerian informant, U.S. intelligence officials believe. By Eli Lake and Jamie Dettmer

The Jihadist mastermind of last week’s deadly raid on a natural gas facility in the Sahara Desert may once have worked as an agent for Algeria’s secretive internal security agency (Département du Renseignement et de la Sécurité or DRS), according to current and former U.S. intelligence officers.

The jihadist leader Mokhtar Belmokhtar made a name for himself as far back as the 1990s as a successful smuggler earning him the nickname in some circles as “Marlboro Man” for his exploits as a cigarette smuggler. Last year, Belmokhtar broke away from al Qaeda’s North Africa affiliate after being passed over for promotion, and formed a new group called the “Signed in Blood” battalion. On Monday in a video posted to the Internet, he claimed responsibility for the assault on the gas facility.

“There have been persistent questions going back to the 1990s about the ultimate allegiance of many of the emirs of the Algerian jihad movement,” said John Schindler, a former National Security Agency (NSA) counterintelligence officer whose specialty is Algeria’s jihadist insurgency. “Algerian defectors have named several emirs as [Algerian security] agents in the past including Belmokhtar.” And, Schindler said, “it was widely believed in U.S. counterintelligence circles that he was an … agent.”

While his current status is difficult to assess, Schindler stressed that he didn’t believe Belmokhtar was acting on behalf of the Algerian security agency in the hostage-taking this month. But Schindler did point out that Belmokhtar managed to maneuver for years in Algeria as a smuggler and militant without being caught, and often eluded authorities at the last-minute.

A senior U.S. intelligence officer said Belmokhtar was never a formal agent of the DRS but that he worked in a position similar to a confidential informant for a big city police force. “His cooperation with DRS had to do with the particular politics of the Islamist insurgency during its early stages and ceased once their interests no longer aligned,” this officer said.

A European intelligence officer, who declined to be named, says the politics of the region has at times been highly complex with “temporary marriages of convenience” and shifting divisions and alliances forming around trafficking deals that cross over ideological lines. “There’s a lot of money to be made from smuggling and elements in the intelligence services in the region have also had their fingers in the pie.”

The CIA and the Algerian embassy in Washington Tuesday declined to comment for this article. Another U.S. intelligence officer, though, told The Daily Beast that North Africa terrorism analysts have long suspected a connection between Belmokhtar and the Algerian DRS, but that definitive proof was hard to come by. “For the most part this is a black box and we don’t have definitive proof,” said the officer, who requested anonymity. ****Lets  not forget that the Algerian DRS works together with the French DGSE which the DGSE works together with the CIA, Mi6 and Mossad)

Belmokhtar managed to maneuver for years in Algeria as a smuggler and militant without being caught and often eluded authorities at the last minute

The suspicion about Belmokhtar, however, has been shared in the past between U.S. government agencies, documents show. A 2009 cable disclosed by Wikileaks from the U.S. embassy in Bamako, Mali—the war-torn country that borders Algeria and is currently a safe haven for Belmokhtar’s group—recounts the suspicions of a prominent Tuareg leader named Ag Ghalla about Belmokhtar (his name is spelled Moctar bel Moctar in the cable).

The cable dated March 18, 2009 recounts how Ag Ghalla, who was assigned to a Malian consulate in Tamanrasset, Algeria said he asked Algerian interlocutors on several occasions: “Isn’t he working for you?”

The cable, which was sent to the State Department and shared with the CIA and U.S. Africa Command, went on to say “Ag Ghalla professed to be as confused as everyone else regarding the Algerian government’s reticence to go after bel Moctar’s camps in northern Mali. He said he could only conclude that bel Moctar was receiving support from certain quarters of the Algerian government, and then cited bel Moctar’s legendary reputation for last-minute escapes and uncanny knack for never being at the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, a senior fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and a specialist on al Qaeda, said he did not know if Belmokhtar had indeed at one point been an Algerian government agent. But he did say, “You have a number of jihadi figures who have approached intelligence agencies about serving as double agents, not because they wanted to betray the jihadi cause but rather because they thought they could play the agencies and get more information about their thinking about the jihadis.” Other intelligence sources remain skeptical also that Belmokhtar would have been betraying the jihadi cause.

Suspicions about Belmokhtar are emerging as hostages and their families from more than a dozen countries recounted to their local media stories of survival and death in the desert. Meanwhile, Canadian authorities were left scrambling in the wake of claims by the Algerian Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal that two Canadians were among the 29 militants killed at the remote In Amenas natural gas facility 60 miles from the Libyan border.

This image from video provided by the SITE Intel Group made available Thursday Jan. 17, 2013, purports to show militant militia leader Moktar Belmoktar. Algerian officials scrambled Thursday Jan. 17, 2013 for a way to end an armed standoff deep in the Sahara desert with Islamic militants who have taken dozens of foreigners hostage, turning to tribal Algerian Tuareg leaders for talks and contemplating an international force. The group claiming responsibility — called Katibat Moulathamine or the Masked Brigade — says it has captured 41 foreigners, including seven Americans, in the surprise attack Wednesday on the Ain Amenas gas plant. Algerian Interior Minister Daho Ould Kabila said the roughly 20 well armed gunmen were from Algeria itself, operating under orders from Moktar Belmoktar, al-Qaida's strongman in the Sahara.  (AP Photo/SITE Intel Group) THE ASSOCIATED PRESS HAS NO WAY OF INDEPENDENTLY VERIFYING THE CONTENT, LOCATION OR DATE OF THIS PICTURE. MANDATORY CREDIT: SITE Intel Group

Mokhtar Belmokhtar. (SITE Intel Group, via AP)

The Algerian premier said one of them, who used the Moroccan name of ‘Chedad’, coordinated the attack. He says the Canadians were of Arab descent, prompting terrorism experts to speculate whether either or both were Algerian by birth. Several Al Qaeda-linked Canadian citizens in the past have originated from Algeria.

Canada’s Foreign Minister John Baird told Canadian television that the country’s intelligence service is trying to identify “these alleged Canadians.” Other Canadian officials cautioned that the passports found on the dead militants could be forged. However, several hostage survivors have reported that one of their captors spoke with a strong North American accent.

In April 2012, the head of Canada’s spy agency said they had tracked 60 Canadians who had traveled to the Gulf, Pakistan, or Afghanistan to join Al Qaeda or similar terrorist groups.

A handful of Canadians of Arab descent have been publicly implicated in Al Qaeda activities or imprisoned for terrorism. They include Faker Ben Abdelazziz Boussora a 49-year-old who was born in Tunis and has a $5 million U.S. bounty on his head. His nom de guerre is Abu Yusif al-Tunisi. Along with a Montreal companion, Abderraouf Jdey, he was identified on a 2002 videotape found in the Afghanistan home of the late Al Qaeda military chief Mohammed Atef, pledging to die as a martyr, or shaheed.

Another is Kuwaiti-born Amro Badr Abou el-Maati, who has been described as “Canada’s most wanted terrorist,” and Ahmed Ressam, nicknamed the “Millennium Bomber,” who was born in Algeria in May 1967 and was convicted for attempting to bomb Los Angeles International airport on New Year’s Eve 1999. Ressam is serving a 37-year sentence.

Other Canadians linked to Al Qaeda include the Khadr family. The father, Ahmed Said Khadr, has been alleged to have been a close associate of Osama Bin Laden, and his son Omar pled guilty to killing a U.S. soldier in Afghanistan and conspiring with Al Qaeda. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have alleged “the entire family is affiliated with al Qaeda and has participated in some form or another with these criminal extremist elements.”

Four years ago, a Canadian, Momin Khawaja, was jailed for 10 years for his role in a fertilizer bomb plot in Britain. The 33-year-old made several trips from his home in Ottawa to the U.K. He said he was seeking a wife.

Sources from Belmokhtar’s group told London-based Arabic newspaper Asharq Alawsat that despite losing all the militants in the attack—three were captured alive—they consider the raid “successful by all standards.” In the video Belmokhtar released on Monday (Jan 21), he said the assailants were ready to die. “They pledged before God to achieve victory and restore pride or attain martyrdom and paradise.”


Militant says 500-pound U.S. bombs missed one-eyed terrorist leader with a history of dodging death(That Can Only Happen if the CIA Warned Him)

Militant says 500-pound U.S. bombs missed one-eyed terrorist leader with a history of dodging death (That Can Only Happen if the CIA Warned Him its been done Before)

by: Sarah El Deeb And Lolita C. Baldor, The Associated Press |


Handout An undated grab from a video obtained by ANI Mauritanian news agency reportedly shows former Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb emir Mokhtar Belmokhtar.


CAIRO • The U.S military says it launched weekend airstrikes targeting and likely killing an al-Qaida-linked militant leader in eastern Libya charged with leading the attack on a gas plant in Algeria in 2013 that killed at least 35 hostages.

An Islamist with ties to Libyan militants, however, said the airstrikes missed Mokhtar Belmokhtar.****(We know for a fact that the US MILITARY does not miss…. I am convinced that he was warned by the Rogue CIA/MOSSAD to leave the premisses as its going to be hit. Lets not forget Bin Laden the bogey man is dead we have to resurrect another bogey man what better than this psychopath… although we do have enough psychopaths in Libya which you could pick from let me name you a few:Bady, Belhaj who wants to lead Libya to the 21st Century democratically by killing all Libyan who oppose him, there is his good friend Sadi another nut case for hire don’t be fooled all these psychopaths are hired by CIA/MI5/6/MOSSAD to terrorize all Arab nations and Europe till Europe declares war to all Arab nations that is their goal.)

Instead, the missiles killed four members of a Libyan extremist group that the U.S. has linked to the Sept. 11, 2012, attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi. ***(Instead of putting Hillary and her crew in Jail for the MURDER OF CHRIS STEVENS AND THREE SPECIAL FORCES which there is proof about it, the US still goes on with the lie that the Libyan extremist did it…. not that I feel sorry for the extremist being dead but we have to put the facts: Stevens death was an inside job, we know it and so does the US foreign policy know it…. We know for a fact that the extremists who are installed in Libya are FINANCED, TRAINED BY THE USA AND ISRAEL these terrorists are under their payroll and lapdogs to bring Libya to its knees…. proof is also that Belmokhtar was warned it isn’t the first time.)

U.S. officials said they are still assessing the results of the Saturday strike, but Pentagon spokesman Col. Steve Warren said the military believes the strike was successful and hit the target. Neither U.S. officials nor the Libyan government provided proof of Belmokhtar’s death, which likely requires a DNA test or an announcement by Belmokhtar’s group that he was killed.

“I can confirm that the target of last night’s counterterrorism strike in Libya was Mokhtar Belmokhtar,” Warren said Sunday.

AP Photo / Anis Belghoul

AP Photo / Anis Belghoul FILE – In this Jan. 21, 2013 file photo, Algerian firemen carry a coffin containing the body of a person killed during the gas facility hostage situation at the morgue in Ain Amenas, Algeria. The U.S. said the military launched an airstrike Saturday, June 13, 2015, targeting an al-Qaida leader in eastern Libya who has been charged with leading the attack on a gas plant in Algeria in 2013 that killed 35 hostages, including three Americans.

“Belmokhtar has a long history of leading terrorist activities as a member of (al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb), is the operational leader of the al-Qaida-associated al-Murabitun organization in northwest Africa and maintains his personal allegiance to al-Qaida.”

A U.S. official said two F-15 fighter jets launched multiple 500-pound bombs in the attack. The official was not authorized to discuss the details of the attack publicly so spoke on condition of anonymity. Authorities say no U.S. personnel were on the ground for the assault.

But this isn’t the first time authorities have claimed to have killed Belmokhtar, a militant believed to be 43 who reportedly lost his eye in combat and fought in Afghanistan. He was one of a number of Islamist fighters who have battled Algeria’s government since the 1990s, later joining al-Qaida.

An al-Qaeda letter obtained by The Associated Press suggests Belmoktar pocketed about US$1-million for the release of Canadian diplomat Robert Fowler in Niger four years ago. **** and the United States wants us to believe that he is not under the payroll? We know for a fact that neither America or Canada negotiate with terrorists…. What is wrong with this picture?)

The letter was sent by al-Qaeda’s North African branch to Belmoktar, who split from the group to conduct his own operations, including the Fowler kidnapping in December 2008.

Fowler, the highest-ranking UN official in Niger, and his colleague Louis Guay, were kidnapped and held for four months before being released in April 2009.

The letter said that a plan to force concessions in the U.S.-led war in Afghanistan was stymied when Belmoktar struck his own deal for about $1-million for both men.  ****As it has been proven that Bin Laden was USA proxy man so is Belmoktar… with all the Intel, spooks, special forces, snipers, NSA and other Secret agencies the US wants us to believe that they could not kill this man???????? If they are so incompetent then they should sent Rambo or Iron Man to do the job…


InterpolInterpol has issued an international arrest warrant for Moktar Belmoktar in connection with the kidnapping of Canadian diplomat Robert Fowler and his colleague Louis Guay in December 2008.


Belmokhtar is also known as Belaouer the One Eyed, Abou al-Abbes and Mister Marlboro, the last name a play on the fact he’s accused of smuggling contraband cigarettes through the Sahara and the Sahel.

The U.S. filed terrorism charges in 2013 against Belmokhtar in connection with the Algeria attack. Officials have said they believe he remained a threat to U.S. and Western interests. Belmokhtar had just split off from al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb to start his own franchise.

The Libyan government in a statement Sunday said that the strike targeting Belmokhtar came after consultation with the U.S. so that America could take action against a terror leader there.

Belmokhtar unleashed a reign of terror years ago, in furtherance of his self-proclaimed goal of waging bloody jihad against the West

One government official in Libya said an airstrike in the northeastern coastal city of Ajdabiya hit a group of Islamic militants also believed linked to al-Qaida and that it killed five and wounded more. He said the group that was wounded later fought the Libyan military that guarded the hospital there, leading to a hourslong battle. He spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to reporters. The official couldn’t confirm that was the same strike that killed Belmokhtar.

The Islamist, who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisals in restive Libya, told The Associated Press early Monday that Belmokhtar wasn’t at the site of the U.S. airstrike. He said the strike killed four Ansar Shariah members in Ajdabiya, some 850 kilometres east of the Libyan capital, Tripoli.

American officials have linked Ansar Shariah to the Sept. 11, 2012, attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi. ****Who by the way, were under the American embassy payroll to protect the US Consulate in Benghazi together with another brigade called 17 February…. so again I ask what is wrong with this picture????

The charges filed against Belmokhtar by federal law enforcement officials in Manhattan included conspiring to support al-Qaida and use of a weapon of mass destruction. Additional charges of conspiring to take hostages and discharging a firearm in furtherance of a crime of violence carry the death penalty.

At the time, U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said in a release that Belmokhtar “unleashed a reign of terror years ago, in furtherance of his self-proclaimed goal of waging bloody jihad against the West.”

Authorities also offered a $5 million reward for information leading to the arrest of Belmokhtar. ****So why don’t they ask the GNC in Tripoli to give them the information? Or one of the leaders of Daesh or better yet why don’t the ask Belmokhtar’s buddy Abdulhakim Belhaj he knows were he is hiding actually he has his mobile number on speed dial… oh! yes I forgot they can not involve another notorious Terrorist like Belhaj as he must be installed as the new LEADER OF LIBYA…. and showing such connections would put in jeopardy the UN, USA AND THE EUROPEAN UNION for being in cohorts with a the most wanted and hated man in the planet. Even a young Libyan boy could tell them were he is hiding but in reality they do not want to capture him as he is an asset for them in North Africa…. Please do not be fooled by the media and American foreign policy…

The International Terrorism

The International Terrorism

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

A  wave of international terrorism is stalking the world. It is led by a horde of mujahideen mercenaries: human flotsam, like the 1920s “rootless” veterans of World War I, cast upon the world in the wake of the 1980s Afghan war. This is the worst terrorism yet; it is much worse than that of the 1970s. It is coordinated from the capital of a former U.S. ally, London; worse yet, it was created with complicity of former U.S. Vice President (and, later, President) George Bush. It threatens you, and your family: perhaps directly, perhaps indirectly. We must mobilize to fight it, and to defeat it.

Therefore, the special problem which must be addressed  on the international terrorism, is that, since persons such as Vice President George Bush, Oliver North, and numerous other U.S. and British officials, among others, were involved in helping to create it, there is a corresponding, high-level tendency, among certain authorities, to conceal key facts. The fact that the terrorism occurs, can not be hidden—not usually; what is covered up, is the fact that terrorism has a “mother,” and also, occasionally, an “uncle.”

As in the 1989 myth, that Deutsche Bank’s Alfred Herrhausen had been murdered by the (actually non-existent) Baader-Meinhof gang: Then, during the 1970s and 1980s, as now, official agencies preferred to evade the fact, that there were certain very influential agencies behind terrorist actions. Now, as then, few official intelligence and law-enforcement agencies, so far, have found the political courage to address the roots of the problem. Today, the fear, among relevant intelligence and law-enforcement agencies, of exposing a Thatcher government, or a “power-broker” such as George Bush, leaves it to private agencies, to fill the gap.

Directly to the point: As we have said, the heart of the international terrorism is a legion of trained terrorists, formerly known as the mujahideen veterans of the 1980s Afghan war, which Vice President Bush and the British Thatcher government played a leading part in creating, arming, and deploying. Once the Soviet forces had retreated from Afghanistan, the Anglo-American-sponsored mujahideen, together with their massive drug- and arms-trafficking apparatus, were dumped on the world, a legion of “special forces”-trained mercenaries, for hire.

Today, that legion of mercenaries is a keystone-element within a new international terrorism, which reaches westward across Eurasia, from Japan, coordinated through a nest of terrorist-group command-centers in London, into the Americas, from Canada down to the tip of South America. 

In this present, first, report, we concentrate upon the keystone role of the mujahideen veterans of the Thatcher-Bush Afghan war. We show how these mujahideen are functionally integrated with every London-coordinated group operating currently in, and out of South Asia. In the coming, second part of our report, will focus upon the principal London-coordinated terrorist networks currently operating in the Americas. This latter element features another leftover from the days of former Vice President Bush’s so-called “Iran-Contra” drug-and-weapons rampage. In the second report, the key is a London-based Revolutionary Communist Party and its ally, the London-directed, Fidel Castro-led terrorist army known as The Forum of São Paulo.

‘Ethnicity': the key to terrorism

In the following sections of this first report, we present some methods to aid the professional and laymen, alike, in mapping and tracking this terrorist menace. Tracking the terrorists by that method, shows that 1990s South Asia terrorism is linked to the terrorism of earlier decades through the network of international drug- and weapons-trafficking connections which is pivotted upon a triad of Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge, the Sri Lanka “Tigers” (LTTE), and sundry facets of the Pakistan-centered Afghan veterans’ mujahideen. This drug- and weapons-trafficking triad, is a keystone for armed irregular-warfare activities among a large assortment of so-called “ethnic minorities,” all coordinated presently from London, which have been manipulated by British intelligence, continuously, over a period of between 150 and more than 200 years to date. That is the core of what we present, in this issue, as the South Asia component of the present wave of international terrorism.

The South Asia accumulation of so-called “ethnic and religious minorities,” is centered along the southern political borders of China (and, extending into Tibet and Sinkiang), from northern Laos, westward, through Kashmir and Pakistan, into Algeria’s anti-Islamic Salvation Front GIA terrorism, and beyond. The connections are not limited to that westward band of “ethnic and religious minorities,” but that band represents the hard core of the phenomenon.

London’s strategic use of “ethnicity” and religious sects, is not limited to South Asia. The activation of these long-standing assets, is key to all British long-term strategy in the Americas, Eurasia, and Africa, during the past 20 years. It is the basis for the British monarchy’s genocide campaign against Rwanda and Burundi, and London’s current efforts to bring about the total destruction of Nigeria and Sudan. It is also an integral component of London’s strategic orientation toward the intended dissolution of Canada, of the United States, and of every presently existing nation of Central and South America. Ethnicity, whether in the foreign-directed insurgency within Mexico’s federal state of Chiapas, Africa, and Eurasia, or the ongoing destruction of Australia, is the theme of the new, massive wave of international terrorism which London offices are directing today.

Look at British geopolitical strategy for Eurasia, and the way in which London’s South Asia terrorism operations are deployed in support of that Eurasian strategy.

First, for the benefit of those who are unfamiliar with the key facts, “Britain” or “British,” as used here, does not mean institutions of self-government representing the population of the United Kingdom. England under King Henry VII was an emerging modern nation-state, modelled upon King Louis XI’s success in creating the first modern nation-state in France; with the accession of James I to the English throne, in 1603, England ceased to be a nation, and became instead a virtual mere plantation, a virtual colony of an international, Anglo-Dutch financial oligarchy, which, today, controls the marketing of the largest portion of those raw materials on which the world’s population depends for its existence. “British,” as used in this report, signifies a collection of several thousand either very rich, or otherwise powerful persons, from many nations, who herd around those British and Dutch monarchies, used, as were Venetian doges of old, as rallying-places for coming together to exert their global, imperial power.

Think of Royal Dutch Shell, ITT, Rio Tinto Zinc, or global British press-empires of Lord Beaverbrook’s heirs, such as Rupert Murdoch or the Clinton-haters of the Canada-based Hollinger Corporation. Think of the network of British-controlled intelligence organizations, radiating from the Chatham House for which the treasonous Sir Henry A. Kissinger has worked the past 45 years, or the fascistic swamp-creatures of Mont Pelerin Society conservatives, such as the U.S. Heritage Foundation and Prof. Milton Friedman’s acolytes. It is those agencies, like Hollywood “body-snatchers from outer space,” who employ the British Isles as their breeding place. That typifies the functional meaning of the term “British Empire” in the strategist’s, or anti-terrorist specialist’s lexicon.

That use of the term “empire,” references the example of the control still exerted by the rotting Byzantine Empire even during the process of its dismemberment, during the centuries prior to Venice’s “Fourth Crusade” creation, the Latin Kingdom. That British imperialism, formerly the world’s leading maritime power, is still the world’s leading financial imperium. Still, today, through its far-flung intelligence network, and through its corrupting cultural influence upon former colonies, and even the United States itself, London, together with Oxford and Cambridge, exerts a malignant Byzantine quality of influence over the destiny of the planet as a whole.

A Paris boulevard publication, the famous Paris Match, recently described the British population as “half-wits.[1] The mouth of Lord William Rees-Mogg, Newt Gingrich booster, former London Times editor, and U.S. President Clinton’s most tenaciously hateful enemy, has become the world’s largest open sewer-pipe of demented ravings on a large array of topics. Rees-Mogg, for years the official “Josef Goebbels” of the British oligarchical mob, echoes the Yahoo-like intellectual qualities which are presently characteristic of the leading British families whom he has so long represented.[2] Nonetheless, whether allegedly half-witted, plausibly demented, or not, those decaying oligarchical relics are still very dangerous. It is that monstrously decadent, but still very poisonous British, Byzantine-like, imperial influence, which is the guiding hand behind the deployment of the new terrorist wave we are considering here. It is the current strategic doctrine of that Byzantine agency, which must be understood, to define and to defeat the international terrorist threat.

When the British (as we have defined them here) speak of their strategy, their foreign policy, the two most indicative code-words are “geopolitics” and “balance-of-power.” “Balance of power” is the favorite gutterance in Sir Henry A. Kissinger’s obiter dicta. “Balance of power” is the term former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher uttered during a relevant recent broom-stop in South Asia. Current British balance-of-power doctrine for Eurasia as a whole, is summed up as follows.

The crux of world strategy today, is the prospect of cooperation among nations grouped around Moscow, Delhi, and Beijing, for the purpose of fostering the general economic renaissance of Eurasia. This economic boom is sought through a network of large-scale infrastructural projects which link the potential technological powerhouses of a revived European economy to the great concentrations of the world’s population on the coasts of the Pacific and Indian oceans. This network of infrastructure development is termed, in policy shorthand, “the Eurasia Land-bridge.”

The idea of creating such a railway-corridor-based land-bridge, was first put afoot during the 1890s, by such notable figures as France’s Gabriel Hanotaux, Germany’s Wilhelm von Siemens, and Russia’s Count Sergei Witte.[3] To prevent this, Britain, then led by the Prince of Wales who became King Edward VII, launched a series of ventures which put the partners of the mid-1890s—France, Germany, and Russia—at one another’s throats; the result was known as World War I.[4]

In 1933, out of fear that Weimar Germany might enter into economic cooperation with the Soviet Union, British interests, including the Prescott Bush who was the father of U.S. President George Bush, put Nazi Adolf Hitler into power in Germany, and aided Hitler into 1938, to ensure that a devastating war erupted to ruin both Germany and Russia once and for all.[5]

During October-November 1989, the government of British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher responded to the crumbling of the “Wall” between eastern and western Europe, by declaring virtual war on Germany. The screeching Mrs. Thatcher’s expressed fear, was that a reunified German economy, would turn its development potential eastward. “Fourth Reich!” Thatcher’s minions shrieked! Thatcher acted with her lackey’s, President George Bush’s, support, to prevent the economic reconstruction of former East Germany. To the same purpose, Mrs. Thatcher’s Britain, supported by President Bush, launched the effort to turn the former Soviet Union into an economic wasteland, a raw-materials-exporting, “Third World” region, which could never again become a part of a Eurasian challenge to London’s imperial interests.

So, since October-November 1989, London’s greatest fear has continued to be, that continental western Europe might enter into a Eurasian economic development program, from the Atlantic, to the Pacific and Indian oceans. Since the defeat of Mrs. Thatcher’s stooge, President George Bush, in November 1992, London’s fear has been that the United States might support a policy of Eurasian economic-development cooperation among nations grouped around Germany, Russia, and China. Now, since the election of France’s President Jacques Chirac, the British oligarchy has reacted like a school of sharks in a feeding frenzy, with threats against the Presidents of both the United States and France, and with accelerated efforts to drown the world in the new wave of mujahideen-centered international terrorism.

What Baroness Thatcher’s “balance of power” utterance signifies for all Asia, is the following. Britain is currently committed, by ongoing actions, to the disintegration of Pakistan, India, and China. The mechanisms currently in play to this effect are centered around the intent to utilize a London-orchestrated balance-of-power conflict between India and Pakistan, over Kashmir issues, as a lever for prompting the degree of balance-of-power conflict between Delhi and Beijing wanted to foster the crumbling of China’s Tibet and Sinkiang regions. The internal dynamic of this overall game, is London’s deployment of its terrorist-linked “ethnic” assets, to foster the internal dismemberment of both India and Pakistan, while employing the same “ethnicity games” to catalyze the conflict among India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and China. The mujahideen veterans are the key to the quality of effectiveness of the sundry, interlinked “ethnic” assets which London offices are deploying.

London’s target: the nation-state

“Gentlemen: I must inform you, that our unsinkable ship, the Titanic, is sinking. While you were gambling in the ship’s Mont Pelerin casino, the owners boarded all the ship’s available lifeboats, and have departed. I suggest you make your arrangements accordingly, and quickly.”

The exact date this “Titanicwill sink is uncertain. It could be next week, a few weeks downwind, or months ahead. The only outcome which is certain, is that it will go under soon. The ship in question is the world’s present monetary and financial system. The “owners,” by which one signifies the international financier oligarchical families, have, in point of fact, already taken to the lifeboats: They have left the doomed stock markets of the world, taking flight in their investments in precious metals, strategic minerals, fossil fuel resources, and shrinking world food supplies. Governments might stabilize the situation, by putting the Federal Reserve System and other central banking systems into government-controlled receivership; if governments lack the courage to do that, the whole system, monetary systems, financial institutions, and the negotiability of money itself, will simply disintegrate, and that at a time not far distant.

The kernel of the international oligarchy agrees with that picture of the present world financial situation. They have expressed their agreement, as did London’s Sir Jimmy Goldsmith some time past, by taking to the lifeboats, getting off the British economic ship before it sank. The fact that the world as it has existed for all this past century, is now about to go out of existence, contributes a significant margin of added energy of desperation to every leading potential and actual crisis throughout the world. That consideration is key to the hysteria expressed by the antic Lord William Rees-Mogg, and to the vast scale and intensity with which the new wave of international terrorism is being deployed.

The question posed implicitly to every member of the Anglo-Dutch-led international financial oligarchy, is whether the oligarchy itself is going to survive, or not. Will the oligarchy outlive the obliteration of its own present, worldwide monetary and financial system? Clearly, in running out of speculation in financial paper, into physical possession of the most vital raw materials, the oligarchy has shown its determination to outlive the general extermination of money, banks, and stock markets. One might ask, therefore: What more does the oligarchy have to fear than that? The answer to that question is: the modern form of nation-state republic; to understand the oligarchy’s fear on that account, one need but conjure up the name of U.S. Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton.

Could a nation-state outlive the collapse of a worldwide monetary and financial system? The brilliantly successful revival of what appeared to be a hopelessly bankrupt, March 1789 U.S.A., under the leadership of President George Washington and his Treasury Secretary, Hamilton, is living historical proof that a nation-state following the same anti-British principles as did Washington and Hamilton, could survive quite nicely. To bring this about today, several principled measures are indispensable:

  1. Put the old bankrupt monetary and financial systems into receivership, and reorganization in bankruptcy, by the relevant national government.

  2. Create immediately a new supplementary issue of national currency, in the form of negotiable currency-notes of the public treasury, and put those notes into circulation through selective measures of lending for capital improvements in physical production and basic economic infrastructure.

  3. Create a national bank, as both an agency of deposit for the national government, and as a primary lender of government issues of currency-note credit for productive investment.

  4. Use the power of the state to launch a range of productive and infrastructural investments sufficient to bring about rapid expansion of productive employment up to a prescribed “full employment” level.

  5. Enter into protectionist forms of tariff and trade agreements, both to protect national productive investments (and employment), and to foster an expansion of mutually beneficial hard-commodity trade among nations.

The enactment of such emergency measures by a strategically decisive aggregation of nation-states, means an end to the power of that pack of parasites which has ruled the modern world too long, the Anglo-Dutch-centered international financier oligarchy. Such measures are the only means by which existing nation-states could survive a collapse of the severity now in progress. Governments which would, ordinarily, lack the political courage to undertake such reform measures, are being challenged by the kind of onrushing collapse which would tend to impel even the most timorous regime into bold recovery measures. Hence, the oligarchy is at the extremes of hysteria, in its determination to destroy existing nation-states, especially the United States of America, before the point is reached that such recovery measures might be forced onto the table for immediate action.

That hysteria is key to the way in which London-centered forces are pushing for Quebec separatism now: to use that as the first of a series of chain-reaction developments intended to bring about the weakening, and de-centralizing, and early dissolution of the U.S.A.—among other existing nation-states. That is why London’s terrorist and other assets are being used in the effort to destroy the present governments of Sudan, Kenya, and Nigeria, as London has already unleashed its genocide against Rwanda and Burundi. This is the consideration underlying the unleashing of ethnicity-accented international terrorism within South Asia and the border-areas of China.

[1] Sabine Cayrol, “Nous n’avons même pas à leur repondre. Une semaine à Londres et on a compris: ils sont vraiment ‘crazy,’ ” Paris Match, cited in the Daily Telegraph, Sept. 1, 1995.

[2] Scott Thompson, “His British Lordship Spills the Beans,” EIR, Feb. 17, 1995, pp. 37-40.

[3] Dana S. Scanlon, “The Defeat of Hanotaux and the Coming of the Entente Cordiale with London,” EIR, March 24, 1995. William Jones, “A Continental League for Eurasian Development,” EIR, March 24, 1995.

[4] Webster G. Tarpley, “London Sets the Stage for a New Triple Entente,” and “King Edward VII: Evil Demiurge of the Triple Entente and World War I,” EIR, March 24, 1995.

[5] Webster Griffin Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin, George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography (Washington, D.C.: Executive Intelligence Review, 1992), pp. 26-44.

The Masonic Origins of the Muslim Brotherhood and Wahabis

The Masonic Origins of the Muslim Brotherhood and Wahabis

by ArabianAlanis

from YouTube Website


The Masonic origins of the Islamists movements, and their true goal to undermine Islam and fight for Western Zionist Powers such as Britain and the United States of America.

The Muslim Brotherhood has acted as a clever technique to recruit agent-provocateurs for the Illuminati. The lowest ranks may sincerely believe they are defending Islam, and confronting “Western imperialism”. However, these various terrorist groups, through representing different factions, are part of a single network serving the same Illuminati cause.

When we explore the political and financial connections of the terrorists, we find that these are not merely wayward fanatics, operating in isolation, but that their channels penetrate to the upper reaches of power, in the British and American governments, and outward into the nether regions of the occult and criminal underworlds

The real Muslim Brothers are those whose hands are never dirtied with the business of killing and burning.

The Muslim Brotherhood are the secretive bankers and financiers who stand behind the curtain, the members of the old Arab, Turkish, or Persian families whose genealogy places them in the oligarchical elite, with smooth business and intelligence associations to the European Black Nobility and, especially, to the British oligarchy

And the Muslim Brotherhood is money.

 Together, the Brotherhood probably controls several tens of billions of dollars in immediate liquid assets, and controls billions more in day-to-day business operations in everything from oil trade and banking to drug-running, illegal arms merchandising, and gold and diamond smuggling.

 By allying with the Muslim Brotherhood, the Anglo-Americans are not merely buying into a terrorists-for-hire racket; they are partners in a powerful and worldwide financial empire that extends from numbered Swiss bank accounts to offshore havens in Dubai, Kuwait and Hong Kong.