Former British Minister: Tony Blair insisted on the invasion of Libya after the September 11 2001 Attack

Former British Minister: Tony Blair insisted on the invasion of Libya after the September 11 2001 Attack

 Revealed by Clare Short, the former Minister of International Development in the UK, through the «1997 -2003», that Tony Blair, former British Prime Minister, and after the events of 11 September and the occupation of Afghanistan, was referring to «Libya should be the next target», and that’s Adlaúha testify in the conference organized by «Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies, Wednesday, the Qatari capital, Doha, and lasts for two days under the title «10 years since the occupation of Iraq: Implications and effects.

The ‘Short’ talk ‘Blair’ confirms «lie Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, which taken as a pretext for invasion.

She pointed out that «more than half of the British people and a decade after the invasion believes that the invasion was wrong, and that Tony Blair should be tried as a war criminal », and talked about the «deceive and mislead the big event before the invasion of the British public and members of government also».

She said: The British Foreign Office and the weeks before the invasion, told the ministers in the government that if the overthrow of the Iraqi regime members of the Iraqi government will retain
their positions to maintain the stability and reconstruction process will be quick and hard Iraqi state institutions, and this did not happen a whole.

She added that the invasion behind the tragedies and sectarian division and economic devastation, 
what is imposed on everyone face the challenges to keep Iraq and its progress, especially as the Arab region is going through a historic outcome of the Arab revolutions.

For his part, Naji Sabri, Iraq’s foreign minister from «2001 – 2003», and Permanent Representative of Iraq to the International Atomic Energy Agency, which is based in Qatar, said the U.S. campaign against Libya was planned 20 years ago and specifically after the second Gulf War 1990.

He said in his paper entitled «What did Iraq to avert the threat of war?», that Iraq make an effort in thwarting U.S. efforts, but inspection committees sent by the United Nations played a role Tgs Sea and conspiratorial on Iraq, which decided to stop cooperating with the International Atomic Energy Agency nuclear in 1998.

He explained that in spite of Iraq’s attempts to re-work of the inspectors, but the United States has
worked and lobbied actively for a resolution of the Security Council 2002 authorizing waging aggression, and after failing, Britain has a single step military invasion, in violation of international conventions.

Said Hans von Sponeck, the United Nations Coordinator for Humanitarian Affairs in Iraq «1989 – 2000»
The international resolutions taken against Iraq was a way to step up against the Iraqi people,
because it was open and obvious and intolerable interpretation, according to the interpretation of each state.

He added that more than $ 5 billion was withheld from Iraq and the Iraqi people, even though it was for humanitarian purposes.

The team confirmed the corner and former commander of the Republican Guard Second, Raad Hamdani,
who lives in Qatar, weakness forces the Iraqi military before the invasion as a result of the second Gulf War and the continuing U.S. air strikes since 1990, and the economic blockade which has impeded the development of system Iraqi weapons and military industry in Iraq.

He continued: «Despite the request processing army for the war but it was not adequately equipped to believe the Iraqi leadership that the war will not because of international opposition positions, and they have will be limited.

After the invasion, said «Hamdani» «Iraqi army did not have the ability to stop the advance of the enemy, was the main goal delayed not only»



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  2. There can be no question the United Nations actively engaged in War Crimes against Iraq and her people. Kofi Annan should join Tony Blair and George Bush in the dock at the International Criminal Court— Alas, international law is enforced selectively by powerful governments against those they choose to attack. “Do as we say, not as we do” — applies to all United Nations policies.

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