Dr al-Ja’afari: “saudi arabia and zionism are the roots of terrorism, extremism, and the culture of hate in this world.”

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Dr. al-Ja’afari (translation by Reme Sakr):

“The Saudi representative spoke about my country in an embarassing and unacceptable manner. Therefore, I wish to respond to the political ignorance and incitement that was spoken by him against my country.

It seems as though he has forgotten that the article being discussed is the Arab-israeli conflict, and Palestine. And by changing the direction of the discussion, he has just served israel and her protectors, whether he knows it or not.

saudi arabia and zionism are the roots of terrorism, extremism, and the culture of hate in this world.

The culture of ISIS and their cutting of heads comes from the ignorance of wahabiism and takfiriism produced by the sauds.

The politics of saudi arabia has planted a culture of sectarian killings in the region, and it will pay the price for these political mistakes.

However, regarding his threats against my country, and…

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Ed-note (Sabba) – “Christian Taliban? Ukraine nationalist craves jihad against Russia”

The title is misleading. It should have been the Christian zionists instead of Taliban craving Milkhemet Mitzvah against Christian Russians. But then again, the term Christian zionist is an oxymoron. If we are Christians, as followers of Jesus, recognizing him as THE Messiah, we can not be zionists. And so we ask: are these really Christians or are they rather wolves in sheep’s clothing?

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Soldiers indicted for looting during Gaza war

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In first indictments since summer conflict, 3 accused of stealing NIS 2,420 from Palestinians’ homes in neighborhood of Shejaiya

ed note–The indictment is nothing more than a farce and done to create the illusion that Israel is a ‘nation of laws’ and does not tolerate theft and that indeed–as she is constantly telling the world, that her military is the ‘worlds most moral’ army. The fact is that these soldiers were sanctioned to take the personal property of the Palestinians for the simple reason that their Judaic religion expressly permits them to do so, as outlined in several passages of the Torah–

–When the Lord your God brings you into the land he swore to your fathers, to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, he will give you a land with large, flourishing cities you did not build, houses filled with all kinds of good things you did not earn, wells you…

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The disaster that Judaism won’t survive

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Both internationally and in Israel itself the distinction between the state’s Jewish character and its democratic regime is growing more acute.

ed note–a fascinating read, for several reasons–

1. It highlights what we here at TUT have been saying for sometime–that there is panic within the Judaic community over the violent, racist antics amongst the more rabid members of the pack–i.e. Netanyahu & co–that all the various manifestations of these particular members are tearing the mask of what the real nature of Judaism is.

2. The words that the author used in describing how Judaism is ‘being shaped’–a ‘violent ethnic identity, a Spartan religion of a nation of masters, an atavistic, nationalist entity, which instead of conducting a dialogue with modernity is choosing to divest itself of liberal traits it had already internalized, including some that were always ingrained in it’–This is not how Judaism is ‘being shaped’, but rather what Judaism IS…

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